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Podcast: Silk Road goes, iOS 7 woes and MVNOs

Who needs talk of TWTR's IPO when you've got the crazy Silk Road saga, iOS 7 troubles and Target launching an MVNO?

GigaOM Show: Twitter IP-Oh yes, it’s on! Stop bashing Ballmer, and suckiest of the suck

In a move surprising no one, Twitter is going public. In a move surprising many, we defend Microsoft's CEO. And will you move to protect net neutrality?

Podcast: Hands-on with Apple's two new iPhone models

Tuesday was a big day! Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5s and 5c and our Jason Snell, Dan Moren, and Lex Friedman were there! In this edition of the Macworld podcast, they join me in person in our San Francisco studios to talk the new phones. Show More Summary

the show: 79 “She Got Dull and Boring” iPhone Podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for everythingiCafe: The Show episode 79 – “She Got Dull and Boring”. Plenty as happened since our last podcast and we have crammed in plenty into this week’s podcast. Marianne and Chris talk about iOS 7, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Show More Summary

Podcast: Breaking down the Steve Jobs movie

It’s the first ever version of the Macworld Movie Club on this special edition of the Macworld Podcast, as we discuss the movie Jobs. Joining me in this roundtable review of the new Steve Jobs biopic that arrived in theaters Friday are...Show More Summary

the show: 78 – “Palapas” iPhone and iPad Podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for The Show: 78 – “Palapas”. In this week’s podcast, we talk all about expectations for next week’s big WWDC event. The move to flat design and thoughts on hardware being announced at the event. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes, grab our RSS feed, listen now or download directly. We broadcast our [...]Show More Summary

the show: 77 – “Meatatarian” iPhone and iPad Podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for The Show: 77 – “Meatatarian”. We talk about the latest iPhone 5S rumors, along with our thoughts on Apple’s plan this year for the iPad. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes, grab our RSS feed, listen now or download directly. We broadcast our iPad and iPhone podcast live each week.  Follow [...]Show More Summary

the show: 76 – “The Real Housewives of Smartphones” iPad and iPhone Podcast

Join your hosts Marianne Schultz and myself for The Show: 76 – “The Real Housewives of Smartphones”. We talk about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event and Phil Schiller’s comments leading up to the event. Also on the show is an in-depth discussion about the iPhone 5S and thoughts on whether Apple will do enough to entice those with an [...]Show More Summary

Apple analyst Gene Munster says Apple HDTV with new remote coming in 2013, again

Speaking with Bloomberg today about Apple’s upcoming earnings call, Piper Jaffray’s Apple analyst Gene Munster said his most recent checks with suppliers in Asia and industry sources indicate Apple is moving to release a full-fledged television this year with a new remote. This is of course not the first time the analyst has predicted Apple will release [...]

Walter Isaacson reflects on The Genius of Steve Jobs in Smithsonian Magazine cover feature

Author of the Steve Jobs biography Walter Isaacson has penned an exclusive piece for the upcoming September issue of Smithsonian Magazine titled, “How Steve Jobs’ Love of Simplicity Fueled A Design Revolution”. For the piece, Isaacson reflects on tapes of Jobs speaking at an Aspen Design Conference in the early 80s, which Isaacson also made [...]

Listen to Jony Ive’s interview on the future of Apple [audio]

We reported yesterday on The Telegraph’s interview with Apple design guru Jonathan Ive and the video of Ive being officially knighted at Buckingham Palace following being granted knighthood last December for his work in design and enterprise at Apple. Last night at the Queen’s Jubilee celebration of the arts, the BBC’s James Naughtie had the [...]

NPR reports on aftermath of Pegatron explosions

With Apple currently allowing the Fair Labor Association to inspect the working conditions of its supply chains abroad, a new report from NPR profiles 25 of the 59 workers injured in an explosion at an Pegatron iPad factory in Shanghai, China last December (audio here - MP3). The explosion was attributed to a build-up of aluminium particles, [...]

Munster on Apple’s mythical HDTV set: “It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone”

Pictured above: An Apple television concept render by Guilherme Schasiepen. Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster stands out as arguably the most outspoken proponent of an Apple-branded HD TV television set, the mythical iTV. With all eyes now on Apple’s iPad 3 unveiling next Wednesday, we’re also keeping our fingers crossed for a much-needed Apple [...]

iBallz and Lid case for iPad review

iBallz, despite a funny name,offer some serious protection. Coupled with the newly-introduced Lid case, they could possibly be the most secure protection your iPad will ever enjoy short of being locked up in a vault. All around one of the best and most novel case designs out there, iBallz offers both superior drop protection and unflagging ability as a conversation starter.

Get the ‘Inside Apple’ Audiobook for free on Audible

. For those who want to listen to the Adam Lashinsky book, Inside Apple, Audible has a special 14 day trial free membership where you can download a free book.  We profiled the same offer for the Steve Jobs Bio.  The book is then playable on the web or iOS devices. Bonus: The book is [...]

Apple’s founding contract sells for $1.35 million at Sotheby’s auction

On April Foolsday in 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne signed the founding contract for Apple Computer.  Eleven days later, Ron Wayne  decided to sell his 10% of the company for $800, which is now worth $3.9 billion.  The founding contract that made history was originally expected to sell for $150,000, but today sold [...]

Apple’s iCloud built using SproutCore framework

Apple’s new iCloud Web apps are built using the same SproutCore Javascript engine that was used throughout MobileMe.  If the favicon above doesn’t prove it, looking at the underlying code below seems to offer undeniable evidence.  SproutCore describes itself as an open-source framework for building blazingly fast, innovative user experiences on the web. Here’s a [...]

Amnesia descends upon Mac gamers October 8th

Section: Mac Software, Games It’s very rare that we ever post press releases in their entirety here at Appletell. But this one is just so disturbing, so unsettling, that none of us here are willing to spend enough time in to edit it down. Show More Summary

How to record CD quality audio with your iPad

Section: iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, iPad, iDevice Apps, iDevice Accessories, Features, How-To, Originals Apple’s iPad camera connection kit is finally available in stores and it’s useful for more than just importing photos. With it, you can connect some keyboards and some audio devices such as headsets. Show More Summary

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