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A Tinder user was caught allegedly scamming women out of $26,000 for fake cancer treatments

Tinder users, beware: A man in New York City has been indicted for supposedly scamming two women out of $26,000 after he met them on Tinder. 35-year-old Brandon Kiehm allegedly lied to the women on the dating app that he needed the money for his sister’s cancer treatments, according to a statement by District Attorney Cyrus R. Show More Summary

Megaupload's Dotcom gets money and Mercedes back, involved in political scandal

Kim Dotcom, the colorful head of the file-sharing website Megaupload, will now have some of his assets returned to him following a seizure of his personal and corporate assets in February. According to a report on the New Zealand-based...Show More Summary

Weekend Ar(t)s: Bands that will convince you to stay after SXSW interactive

During the weekend, even Ars takes an occasional break from discussing the potential of Gigabit connectivity or what browsers the feds are employing. Weekend Ar(t)s is a chance for various Ars staffers to share what they're watching/listening/reading or otherwise consuming this week. Show More Summary

THE APPLE INVESTOR: Here's What We Know About Apple's TV (AAPL)

The Apple Investor is a daily report from SAI. Sign up here to receive it by email. AAPL Losing Ground Markets worked their way up to the flat line, but have not been able to extend the move into higher ground. Shares of AAPL are working their way up as well, however still in the red after this week's gains. Show More Summary

Apple's TV Will Be "The Biggest Thing In Consumer Electronics Since The Smartphone" -- Munster (AAPL)

Apple analyst Gene Munster was on Bloomberg Radio with Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt yesterday. He added more details about what he expects from Apple's forthcoming TV, which he (and we) expect will be announced in the fall. Apple's TV "is...Show More Summary

The Real Story On Facebook's IPO Filing -- The SAICast Returns! (YHOO)

After an extended break, the SAIcast is back. Nicholas and I breakdown the big moves from Yahoo's new CEO Scott Thompson, the Facebook IPO, and we briefly touch on what we think of Amazon. We also explain where the SAIcast has been. We hope you enjoy it! If you have an comments email Show More Summary

Why Zite Decided To Make Its iPad App For The iPhone Instead Of An Android Tablet

It's a big week for the personalized news reader market. First, Flipboard released an iPhone app. Then Google released its reader, Currents. And now, bringing up the rear is Zite with its own iPhone app. Zite was previously iPad-only. Show More Summary

SAICast: Zite CEO Says Personal News Readers Are A 'Google-Sized Opportunity'

Just like you, Zite gets smarter over time. The iPad app that personalizes content on your tablet into magazine form, knows what you like and what you don't, and today it becomes available on the iPhone. Zite CEO Mark Johnson came to...Show More Summary

SAICast: In 45 Minutes We Solve What Yahoo's Board Couldn't In 93 Days (YHOO)

Eric Jackson, Founder and Managing Member of Ironfire Capital, joined Nicholas and Jay at Business Insider's studio, to dissect the numerous perspective deals surrounding Yahoo. Once the darling of Silicon Valley and a symbol of America's...Show More Summary

YAHOO'S FATE: The World's Best PE Reporter Takes The SAIcast Inside Deal Talks (YHOO)

Dan Primack of Fortune Magazine and the daily "Term Sheet" note, stopped by Business Insider to sit down with Nicholas and Jay to talk all things tech. How will the Yahoo deal eventually go down? Is Living Social in a good position to...Show More Summary

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