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Making of Maps: Ground Truth glue

The final post in our Making of Maps series shows you how Ground Truth brings all the pieces of Google Maps together. Catch up on posts 1, 2, & 3 for more info! — Ed.Henman Hill or Murray Mound? For years, British tennis fans have argued over the proper name for this hill near Wimbledon. Show More Summary

Making of Maps: Perspective from the ground

Our third post in the Making of Maps series focuses on two individuals who have made significant contributions to their community’s information on Google Maps. Note: this interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. — Ed.Google...Show More Summary

Inline Facts Next to Google Search Results

Google now shows a list of facts next to some Wikipedia results. Knowledge Graph data extracted from Wikipedia is now placed below the snippets. For example, when searching for [duchy of Amalfi], Google shows some information about Amalfi, a town in the province of Salerno and the former capital of the Duchy of Amalfi. Show More Summary

Google Knowledge Graph Shows Forms of Government

Do you want to learn more about the forms of government from various countries? Search Google for "government of [country]" and Google will show if the country is a constitutional monarchy, constitutional republic, federal republic,Show More Summary

Google Account Settings Lite

Google's account settings page has a simplified version for old browsers. You can find it at: The page shows some links that let you edit your profile, change your password, change password recovery options, manage account information, change email addresses and manage connected accounts. Show More Summary

Gmail, Powered by Google

For some reason, Gmail shows a new message at the bottom of the page: "powered by Google". This was already used by the Google Apps version of Gmail, so it's not clear if the new attribution is placed by mistake in the standard Gmail. Show More Summary

Windows Free

Little by little, Microsoft's operating system becomes free. Android's dominance forced Microsoft to make Windows Phone free. Chromebooks' popularity forced Microsoft to remove the Windows license for low-cost computers. Windows is now...Show More Summary

Through the Google lens: search trends August 29 - September 4

This week search had three weddings, one real-life funeral, another on social media (we’ll explain later) and a 20th anniversary. Sounds like a packed week to us!Heaven is a funny place“I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action... Show More Summary

YouTube's Experiment for Related Searches

YouTube tests a new search interface that includes results for related searches. For example, when searching for [ibm ad], YouTube shows a few results for my query, then 3 lists of search results for [ibm smarter planet], [ibm ad india], [intel ad] and some other results for my query. Show More Summary

HTTPS-Only YouTube

I'm not sure if this is really new, but I remember that YouTube only redirected logged-in users to the HTTPS site. Now YouTube redirects everyone to the HTTPS site. I visited YouTube's homepage, a random YouTube channel and a video in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and YouTube quickly redirected to the corresponding SSL URL. Show More Summary

Google Removes Private Search Option

Speaking of advanced search features, here's a screenshot from April 2013 that shows Google's search filter menu. Only 4 out of the 9 features are still available: "visited pages", "not yet visited pages", "reading level" and "verbatim". Show More Summary

Android Wear, moving forward like clockwork

Earlier this year, we launched Android Wear, bringing Android to wearables. Since then, the first watches powered by Android Wear, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, have gone on sale, developers have already built thousands of apps...Show More Summary

Google Blog Search Redirects to the Google Homepage

Eventually most of the advanced search features offered by Google will disappear. Most specialized search engines, most search operators, most filters. They aren't used by many people and Google now focuses on other ways to provide answers.Google...Show More Summary

Google Updates Site Search Box

The experimental Google site search box spotted last week is now a regular Google feature. Google announced that the improved search box within search results is more prominent and brings autocomplete, as well as integration with the site's search features. Show More Summary

Making of Maps: The cornerstones

This is the second post in our Making of Maps series. Here you’ll get a glimpse of the information we use to build Google Maps from authoritative sources and our own mapping tools. —Ed. With Google Maps by your side, you have a co-pilot...Show More Summary

Art, Copy & Code: EA Sports “Madden GIFERATOR”

Bring on the heart-pounding highs and the gut-wrenching lows; the crazy rituals and the bitter rivalries. Football season is back!Whether you're a "12th Man" or wearing a cheesehead, chances are you’ll be watching the game with smartphone in hand. Show More Summary

Making of Maps: Reaching a milestone

The is the first in a series of posts taking you behind the scenes of how Google makes its Maps. —Ed. When you head out your door, you’ve got directions in your pocket—whether you’re driving to your aunt’s place in the mountains, cycling to a new biergarten or taking the train downtown. Show More Summary

Making of Maps: Reaching a milestone

The is the first of several posts taking you behind the scenes of how Google makes its Maps. Stay tuned to the Lat Long blog over the next few days for the rest of the series. —Ed. When you head out your door, you’ve got directions in...Show More Summary

Introducing Google for Work (the artist formerly known as Enterprise)

Work is where you spend a lot of your time. So we’ve always believed that it should be meaningful—not a daily grind, done in isolation on an old desktop in a sea of cubicles. Even more, we believe that technology should make work better. Show More Summary

Redesigned YouTube Buttons

YouTube's experimental layout with simpler buttons is rolling out to everyone. The like and dislike buttons have merged with the number of likes and dislikes, YouTube no longer uses tabs, "add to" opens a drop-down menu and there's a "more" menu for features like "report", "transcript" and "statistics".

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