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YouTube Tests New Logo

YouTube's site tests a new logo that looks just like YouTube's mobile app icon. It's smaller, instantly recognizable and more consistent. For some reason, YouTube still shows the old logo at the bottom of the page: Here's the regular YouTube interface:

Goin’ to the chapel this Valentine’s weekend

Thanks to the ease and low cost of acquiring a marriage license, Las Vegas is considered the Marriage Capital of the World. For many, Vegas weddings are a chance to be spontaneous and embrace the unexpected. This Valentine’s Day, weShow More Summary

From Altamont Pass to Mountain View: Getting more renewable energy on the grid

Technology can help us do more with less. For example, making use of natural climates has helped us make our data centers 50% more efficient than the industry average, and green building technology has helped us limit energy consumption in our offices around the world. Show More Summary

YouTube Radio

YouTube has a feature called YouTube Mix, which automatically creates a playlist with many videos related to the video that's currently playing. Now YouTube tests a new feature based on YouTube Mix: it's called YouTube Radio. "A non-stop radio station based on the current video. Show More Summary

Get 2 GB of Free Google Drive Storage

Google promotes a security feature from the account settings page: security checklist. You can protect your Google Account by reviewing your recovery information (phone, email), your recent activity (a list of devices that have accessed...Show More Summary

Take a Security Checkup on Safer Internet Day

Online security is on everyone’s mind these days. According to a recent Gallup poll, more people are worried about their online accounts being hacked than having their home broken into.Security has always been a top priority for Google. Show More Summary

New PDF Icon for Gmail and Google Drive

Gmail has recently updated the icon for PDF attachments: it no longer uses the Adobe Reader icon and it opted for a basic text icon. Here's the PDF icon used by Gmail since its release back in 2004: Google Drive also shows the new icon...Show More Summary

YouTube Autoplay, Ready for Release

I've noticed that YouTube's autoplay experiment shows up more and more often, which usually means that it's ready for release. One of the changes in the latest iteration is that the player has a "next" button, which lets you play the video from the "up next" section. Show More Summary

A remedy for your health-related questions: health info in the Knowledge Graph

Think of the last time you searched on Google for health information. Maybe you heard a news story about gluten-free diets and pulled up the Google app to ask, "What is celiac disease?" Maybe a co-worker shook your hand and later found out she had pink eye, so you looked up “pink eye” to see whether it’s contagious. Show More Summary

Today we turn 10!

For 10 years Google Maps has made it easier to navigate and explore your world. If you hopped in your DeLorean for a trip back to before 2005, you’d remember the days when we were all dependent on paper maps, print-outs, post-its and...Show More Summary

Through the Google lens: Search trends January 30 - February 5

From a shark with two left feet to a sequel that has everyone buzzing, here’s what trended on search this week.Haven’t we been here before? This past Monday, the U.S. turned to its dirt-dwelling psychic, the groundhog, to determine if it was finally time to put our snow boots back in the closet. Show More Summary

The First Annual Testing on the Toilet Awards

By Andrew Trenk The Testing on the Toilet (TotT) series was created in 2006 as a way to spread unit-testing knowledge across Google by posting flyers in bathroom stalls. It quickly became a part of Google culture and is still going strong...Show More Summary

Google RISE Awards support girls and minorities in tech—from Australia to Mexico

(Cross-posted on the Google for EDU Blog)When Aboriginals from the Torres Strait Island need support, they turn to their daughters. No, really. In a culture whose history goes back 50,000 years, 70 young girls are using technology to give their families a new way to call for help in emergencies. Show More Summary

Shooting stars and puppy ads: How the world watched the big game

From a “super brawl” to a giant lion, yesterday’s big game was filled with many notable moments. That’s true on YouTube and Google too—people watched more game-day ads and teaser videos on YouTube than ever before, YouTube hosted its first-ever halftime show, and retro throwback “the more you know” PSA became a top trending search term. Show More Summary

Download Google Earth Pro for Free

My Maps Pro is available for free and now Google Earth Pro is also free. Google Earth's business version can be downloaded from this page and you need a free license key, which is sent by email.Google Earth Pro has a lot of advancedShow More Summary

More Related Images in Google Image Search

When you select a result in Google Image Search, you can now see more related images. Google used to display 8 related images, but now there are 7 related images and a "view more" option that shows a long list of similar images. If you spot an image you like, it's now easier to find related images. Show More Summary

Through the Google lens: Search trends January 23-29

Between a spookily resilient cat, and a new bunch of ghostbusters, there was a lot of (paranormal) activity in search this week:“It’s a great day for a ball game…”People across the country are gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl,...Show More Summary

Google Earth Pro is now free

Over the last 10 years, businesses, scientists and hobbyists from all over the world have been using Google Earth Pro for everything from planning hikes to placing solar panels on rooftops. Google Earth Pro has all the easy-to-use features...Show More Summary

Google's Answers Show Date Information

Google's answers obtained from web pages now include the date when the page was last updated. Search results also include this information and it's pretty useful because a news article from 2004 would provide a different answer for "what's the most expensive car?" than an article from 2014.

YouTube's HTML5 Player, Now Default

YouTube announced that it now defaults to the HTML5 player for both and YouTube embeds. "YouTube uses HTML5 by default in Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and in beta versions of Firefox."Browsers now support features like Adaptive...Show More Summary

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