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Enable Data Compression Proxy in Chrome for Desktop

Chrome's data compression proxy is only available for Android and iOS, but Jerzy G?owacki figured out a way to bring this feature to the desktop. Just install this extension and it enables the proxy. You can check the savings by visiting chrome://net-internals/#bandwidth and disable it by clicking the button from the toolbar. Show More Summary

Search by Size in Gmail

Now you no longer need to remember search operators to filter Gmail results by size. Gmail's advanced search added a new option that lets you restrict results to messages larger or smaller than the specified size. Just click the arrow...Show More Summary

Thank you, and welcome to the new Google Maps

Over the coming weeks, the new Google Maps will make its way onto desktops around the world. Many of you have been previewing it since its debut last May, and thanks to your helpful feedback we’re ready to make the new Maps even more widely available. Show More Summary

Exploring new cities for Google Fiber

Over the last few years, gigabit Internet has moved from idea to reality, with dozens of communities (PDF) working hard to build networks with speeds 100 times faster than what most of us live with today. People are hungrier than ever for faster Internet, and as a result, cities across America are making speed a priority. Show More Summary

Google Capital: investing in growth-stage companies

Ever since our founders began working out of a garage in Menlo Park, we’ve thought about what it takes for entrepreneurs to build the companies they dream of. Sometimes this means bringing great startups to Google—but other times, it means we go to them. Show More Summary

Google+ Easter Egg for Valentine's Day

Google+ has a special Easter Egg for Valentine's Day. Mr. Jingles, the Google+ mascot, transformed into a heart. You can find the animation in the Google+ notification box: in Google+ for desktop, Google+ mobile apps and most Google services. Here's the animation that's displayed when you click the icon. This is the "retina" double-sized version:

Google's Timer is Back

Remember the timer feature that was available for a few days last year and then quickly removed by Google? It's back now: it only works in the desktop Google search interface and it now has a full screen option.Here are some examples...Show More Summary

Definite Articles in Google Translate

This is pretty useful. When you translate a noun, Google Translate now shows the proper definite article. For example, when you translate "person" into Portuguese, Google displays multiple translations: "a pessoa", "o homem", "a mulher" and more. Google actually translates "the person". When there are too many translations, Google collapses the list. { Thanks, Camilo. }

My Location in the New Google Maps

The new Google Maps for desktop brings back the "show my location" feature. Just click the button next to zoom in/out and Google Maps will show your location. You'll probably see a dialog that asks for your permission to send your location...Show More Summary

Forget Cupid, all you need is Google Maps this Valentine’s Day

Are you in a last minute scramble to plan a lovely evening for your Valentine? Hop to it! Reservations are going quick because according to Zagat’s 2014 Valentine’s survey, 42% of respondents will be hitting the town to celebrate the day of love. Show More Summary

Kicking off the 2014 Google Science Fair: It’s your turn to change the world

What if you could turn one of your passions into something that could change the world? That's just what thousands of teens have done since the first Google Science Fair in 2011. These students have tackled some of today’s greatest challenges,...Show More Summary

Solve for X 2014: Celebrating and accelerating moonshot pioneers

Last week, Solve for X gathered 60 entrepreneurs and scientists from around the world to discuss 18 moonshot proposals—world-changing projects that work to address a huge problem, suggest a radical solution and use some form of breakthrough technology to make it work. Show More Summary

Google Search Debug Info

Sometimes Google's files reveal internal information. Here's some debug info for Google Search: it looks like many search features are actually server-side plugins and Google measures the time taken to load them. There are plugins for...Show More Summary

YouTube Tests New Mobile Site UI

YouTube tests a new interface of the mobile site. It's closer to the mobile app UI, it shows the description and the number of likes and dislikes, a red "subscribe" button and action buttons are placed below the video. There are other changes: the new YouTube logo, the "hamburger" menu, bigger thumbnails, new font, gray background. { Thanks, Nedas. }

Chromebox, now for simpler and better meetings

The best meetings are face-to-face—we can brainstorm openly, collaborate closely and make faster decisions. But these days, we often connect with each other from far-flung locations, coordinating time zones and dialing into conference calls from our phones. Show More Summary

Art, made with code: calling all future interactive artists

In between creating masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel and “Madonna and Child,” Michelangelo dissected cadavers in the hopes of understanding how the human body worked so he could paint it accurately. He’s not the only one: there has long been a connection between science and art. Show More Summary

It’s time to Doodle 4 Google! How would you make the world a better place?

Before there was an airplane, there were doodles of flying machines, and before there was a submarine, there were doodles of underwater sea explorers. Ideas big and small, practical and playful, thought-provoking and smile-inducing, have started out as doodles. Show More Summary

Supporting computer science education with the 2014 RISE Awards

"We need more kids falling in love with science and math.” That's what Larry Page said at last year's I/O, and it's a feeling shared by all of us. We want to inspire young people around the world not just to use technology, but to create it. Show More Summary

Minimizing Unreproducible Bugs

by Anthony Vallone Unreproducible bugs are the bane of my existence. Far too often, I find a bug, report it, and hear back that it’s not a bug because it can’t be reproduced. Of course, the bug is still there, waiting to prey on its next victim. Show More Summary

Shedding some light on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requests

We believe the public deserves to know the full extent to which governments request user information from Google. That’s why for the past four years we’ve shared and continuously expanded and updated information about government requests for user information in our Transparency Report.Until now, the U.S. Show More Summary

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