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A year later, the CEO of 2016's hottest tech IPO explains why he's not concerned about the stock price (TWLO)

It's been a wild ride for Twilio, the $2.4 billion cloud communications company behind 2016's hottest tech IPO. After debuting in June 2016 at $15 per share, Twilio's stock soared to a peak of $70.96 by September. By Halloween, Twilio was down to less than half that. Show More Summary

Intel to make Thunderbolt 3 royalty-free in bid to spur adoption

And the company has promised that it'll put Thunderbolt 3 controllers into its processors.

An Uber rival has snagged $100M from a tech heavyweight to conquer the Brazilian market

Japan's SoftBank Group agreed to invest $100 million in Brazilian ride-hailing app 99, the startup said on Wednesday, capping off a fund-raising round totaling more than $200 million. The investment turns up the heat on Uber, which had been touting its success in Latin American markets. Show More Summary

The company behind the butter and coffee craze plans to open a café in NYC — Here's what it's like

Coffee with butter isn't a typical morning beverage. But it's become a craze among biohackers and those looking to add extra energy to their day. Championed by Dave Asprey, author of "The Bulletproof Diet," the aptly named "Bulletproof...Show More Summary

Facebook and Google dominate web traffic, but not the same kind

This won’t be a shock to anyone who works in publishing, but Google is no longer the referral king. While the search giant is still very important to publishers, Facebook now edges it out in when it comes pointing web users to news articles...Show More Summary

This field of sea stars is actually a death trap that scientists never saw coming

A team of scientists were observing a field of brittle sea stars off Jarvis Island when they saw something they never expected: one of the brittle stars snatched a squid right out of the water. A member of the team described the scene as a "once in a lifetime" event. Video courtesy of NOAA. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

A bunch of cycling enthusiasts just helped Peloton raise $325 million — betting it could be 'the Apple of fitness'

Peloton, the indoor fitness company, has raised $325 million from investors including Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments, Kleiner Perkins and Comcast NBCUniversal. The deal, which is likely to be the last financing round before the company goes public, was put together by a number of cycling enthusiasts. Show More Summary

Take a look inside the vibrant headquarters of $67 billion Adobe, where employees can hit the gym and learn to cook for free

You'd expect Adobe to have a pretty snazzy office. After all, the global software company that sells creative multimedia products specializes in visuals. Well, recently, Adobe gave Business Insider a peek into their San Jose, California, headquarters. Show More Summary

If a nuclear bomb explodes nearby, here's why you should never, ever get in a car

Nuclear blasts create fallout, which can harm you with large doses of radiation. Cars offer little protection from fallout. A surer way to survive in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion is to go indoors, stay put, and listen to theShow More Summary

The bizarre 'Flintstones House' in a wealthy San Francisco suburb has finally found a buyer

A unique house situated in the affluent town of Hillsborough, California, has finally found a buyer. Known by Bay Area locals as the "Flintstones House" for its kooky attributes, the house was originally listed for $4.2 million in 2015. Show More Summary

Facebook is testing a change that will make news an even bigger part of your feed (FB)

Facebook received sharp criticism last year after it was reported that the company allegedly suppressed stories from conservative media outlets in its Trending news section. Now Facebook is testing a redesign that places Trending, which shows links to top news stories, front and center at the top of the News Feed on mobile phones. Show More Summary

A new report slams Tesla working conditions, claims employees suffer twice as many serious injuries (TSLA)

Tesla is continuing to come under fire for injury rates at its flagship plant in Fremont, California, but the electric carmaker says factory conditions are improving. Worksafe, a California-based worker advocacy group, released a report...Show More Summary

Price of Bitcoin breaks records at $2,400

Price of Bitcoin has doubled in 2017, and other currencies have jumped even more.

What it's like to use the world's first 8K monitor

Dell recently released the world's first consumer-targeted 8K monitor, and we've been wondering what it's like.  4K TVs and monitors already offer incredible sharpness and detail. We've only recently begun to appreciate them, now that...Show More Summary

Things 3 is an $8 productivity app that's worth every penny

For those who like to stay organized, there are plenty of free apps out there that will get the job done. But while those apps — including Apple's own native apps, like Calendar, Notes, and Reminders — are adequate, shelling out for a third-party app is often worth it. Enter Things 3, an $8 app that's essentially the ultimate task manager. Show More Summary

It’s amazing how much taller people are now than they were 100 years ago

People in most of the world have gotten significantly taller over the last century. A network of health scientists known as the Non-Communicable Diseases Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC), published a study in the journal eLife in 2016 that analyzed height changes around the world. Show More Summary

Tesla's Model 3 is critical to its future as an autopilot leader (TSLA)

In the world of autonomous driving vehicles, data is king. And to collect the necessary amount of data needed to improve its driver assistance systems, Tesla will need cars on the road. A successful rollout of its Model 3 will be critical...Show More Summary

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen threw an exclusive party on one of his superyachts during the Cannes Film Festival

For years, Microsoft cofounder, billionaire, and philanthropist Paul Allen has hosted a star-studded party during the Cannes Film Festival. Though the party usually takes place on his 414-foot superyacht "Octopus," Allen switched itShow More Summary

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