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Oracle considered buying Peter Thiel's Palantir last year — and an ex-Disney exec set up the meeting (ORCL)

Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder, chief technology officer, and largest shareholder, met with Palantir chairman Peter Thiel for lunch in 2016 to talk about Oracle buying Thiel's company, Bloomberg reported. Details about the secret meeting...Show More Summary

Diabetes management platform Glooko raises $35 million

Glooko, a startup selling data management healthcare service on top of a device-agnostic platform to make it easier for doctors to remotely monitor patients, has pulled in $35 million Series C funding. It had previously raised $20 million, bringing the total up to $55 million. Show More Summary

Salesforce's newest 'Einstein' AI tools can tell when people are mad in texts and emails (CRM, TWTR)

Watch out, human. The robots can detect your fear. And anger. And any other sentiment that you might share with a corporation while on social media. At the TrailheaDX developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday, Salesforce announced...Show More Summary

How Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and tennis superstar Serena Williams met and fell in love

The last six months have been huge for Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian.  The tennis superstar and the Reddit cofounder, respectively, found out they were expecting a child and got engaged — all since December.  But things weren't always perfect. Show More Summary

Google will let anyone try some of its experimental apps from its new 'Area 120' division (GOOG)

Google is going public with its internal startup incubator, Area 120. Area 120, which is named after Google's famous "20%" rule that lets employees spend part of their week working on personal projects, is designed to let Googlers turn ideas into experimental products. Show More Summary

A historically black college just opened a campus at Google headquarters — here's what it's like inside

Howard University, one of the nation's largest historically black colleges, is granting 25 to 30 students the chance to spend their summer as Googlers. For three months starting this summer, rising juniors and seniors will take classes...Show More Summary

This futuristic NASA ship could reach the edge of the solar system

It took the Voyager 1 spacecraft over three decades to leave the solar system (and scientists still aren’t sure when it did). We need a new method of propulsion that will transport spacecraft faster than ever before. NASA is one of a...Show More Summary

A Canadian VC firm is paying entrepreneurs to relocate and become citizens

Ray Sharma loves Toronto, and he's willing to bet entrepreneurs around the world will love it, too. Sharma is the CEO and cofounder of Extreme Venture Partners, a Canadian VC firm that recently assembled a fund for paying startup founders...Show More Summary

This robot-made pizza in Silicon Valley should terrify Domino's and Pizza Hut

Robots could kill off huge swaths of jobs in the future — but at least they come bearing pizza. Founded in 2015, Zume Pizza uses robotics and artificial intelligence to make pizza more quickly. The startup has expanded its delivery area...Show More Summary

A new version of Steve Jobs' iconic black turtleneck costs $270 (AAPL)

Steve Jobs was known for a lot of things, including inventing the iPhone and leading Apple. But during the later years of his life, he was also known for wearing the same outfit nearly every single day. You can see it in the video of the iPhone's launch. Show More Summary

Amazon's Echo intercom feature is part of a strategy to get you to buy more Echo devices (AMZN)

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. As Amazon starts to ship its new Echo Show smart speaker, the company is turning the devices and others in the Echo...Show More Summary

Scientists have discovered the hottest planet in the universe

Scientists have found one of the craziest exoplanets yet. It's a huge gas giant not unlike our Solar System's own Jupiter, but it travels around its star in just 1.5 days, with a surface hotter than most stars. The planet orbits a blazing star called KELT-9, which is some 650 light-years away. Show More Summary

ISIS is weaponising consumer drones and we can’t stop them – yet

The terrorist group is already strapping grenades to drones as it fights to retain the Iraqi city of Mosul, but what happens if airborne terror comes to the West?

Modified maize that kills with RNA is given go-ahead in the US

Monanto's SmartStax Pro, which kills a specific insect pest using RNA interference, has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Planets in other star systems fit a puzzling pattern

Data from the Kepler space telescope show that exoplanets tend to be similar in size to their neighbours and regularly spaced, no matter the size of their star

Earth might be maxing out its best protection against a major pollutant

Isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 11,135 feet above sea level, two silent machines perched on the upper north face of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano print out a number every hour. That figure — a measure of carbon dioxide concentrations...Show More Summary

Here's when you can start legally buying marijuana in Nevada

Sales of recreational marijuana kick off in Nevada on Saturday, July 1, and the state is expecting on onslaught of tourists coming to sample the local merchandise. But visitors might have tough times finding the drug in stores. Anyone...Show More Summary

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