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China has pulled off a 'profound' feat of teleportation that may help it 'dominate the way the world works'

A new Chinese experiment shows quantum teleportation works between the ground and space. The experiment was performed using a quantum research satellite, called Micius, which China launched in 2016. At 870 miles (1,400 kilometers), it's...Show More Summary

Elon Musk says he got government approval for an underground Hyperloop — here's the footage of the first major Hyperloop test

Elon Musk recently announced that he had received approval to build an underground Hyperloop, connecting New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. In 2016, just outside of Las Vegas, NV, Hyperloop One conducted the first propulsion test of their Hyperloop technology. Show More Summary

Con artists took me for a ride. Here’s how to protect yourself

As a psychologist who's peered into the minds of psychopathic cheats and fallen victim to con artists, here's what to look out for, says Marc Swogger

Anti-drone radio wave startup SkySafe secures $11.5M from Andreessen

Drones are a threat to both military and public safety, whether flown by a terrorist or just a reckless pilot. SkySafe’s radio wave technology can detect and stop rogue drones from entering unauthorized areas like military bases, stadiums, prisons, and airports. Show More Summary

15 high-paying jobs that everyone wants but hardly anyone gets

It goes without saying that high-paying jobs are popular among job-seekers, but some jobs are more competitive than others. According to Glassdoor senior data analyst Jyotsna Jayaraman, competition is high for jobs when there are more...Show More Summary

Fans of Sephora, Boxed, BP, and Snap Kitchen can't get enough of their mobile apps — here's why

At we know how much work goes into creating a great app. Which is why we think it’s nothing short of tragic that one week after download, 67% of new app users are no longer opening the app or have even deleted it. A goodShow More Summary

The FBI just took down AlphaBay, an online black market for drugs that was 10 times bigger than Silk Road

The biggest black market on the so-called "dark net," AlphaBay, has been taken down by authorities, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Thursday.  AlphaBay connected drug vendors with people seeking drugs like fentanyl and heroin,...Show More Summary

Giant deep-sea worms may live to be 1000 years old or more

Escarpia laminata lives on the sea floor, where food is plentiful and predators are absent – a perfect environment for longevity

Elon Musk says he just got 'verbal government approval' to build Hyperloop between New York and DC (TSLA)

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk said his latest venture, The Boring Company, just got "verbal government approval" to build a Hyperloop connecting New York City with Washington DC. Musk didn't clarify who exactly gave the company verbal approval and whether or not it came from different state representatives. Show More Summary

Bioterrorism experts are worried that drug-resistant plague could be used as a weapon

When two cases of plague popped up in New Mexico in June, they served as a reminder that the black death — yes, the plague — is still around. The infection affects a handful of people in the US every year and between a few hundred and a few thousand annually around the world. Show More Summary

This is what Buzz Aldrin was thinking when he left the moon

As the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has described what it was like to take his historic first steps. But what was he thinking when he left? When Business Insider asked this question, he started singing a song: "'Oh man, I wanna go home,'" he sang. Show More Summary

9 of the most successful people share their reading habits

Most successful people credit reading, in some capacity, as a factor in their success. A young Elon Musk read for 10 hours each day before growing up to become Tesla CEO. These days, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates reads a new book every week. Here's how some of their peers incorporate reading into their own lives. Show More Summary

The co-creator of 'Crash Bandicoot' explains why video games are crucial to Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious 10-year master plan (FB)

Over the next decade, Mark Zuckerberg wants virtual reality to permeate every facet of our lives — replacing the TV, the PC, and maybe even the smartphone as the primary way we interact with the digital world. In the meantime, we have...Show More Summary

It looks like Nintendo's making a miniature, inexpensive version of the original Nintendo 64 console

Nintendo's got a new console in the Nintendo Switch, which launched back in March. It is, for all intents and purposes, Nintendo's main product, but one of its classics — the Nintendo 64 — may be getting a miniaturized re-release. In...Show More Summary

These are the longest-living life-forms on Earth

What is the true longest-living life-form? Tortoises, whales, and trees are all likely to be the winners. However, some microscopic species are the answer for this. They have been alive since before humans even existed — that's more than 200,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Freshdesk owner Freshworks acquires Joe Hukum as it plans a move into chatbots

After raising $55 million last year to build its business beyond its existing help desk services, today Freshworks (the parent company of Freshdesk) has made an acquisition to help it fill out that strategy. The company has acquired Joe Hukum, a startup out of India that offers a platform for businesses to build their own chatbots. Show More Summary

OnePlus has fixed a terrifying bug that made some of their newest smartphones reboot when you tried to call 911

Smartphone maker OnePlus has began rolling out an update containing a fix for a very serious glitch on Thursday. On Tuesday, a OnePlus 5 owner complained on Reddit that his phone would reboot when he tried to call 911 to report a building...Show More Summary

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