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A startup founder explained how VCs came knocking after he did a deal with Apple (AAPL)

Parkopedia, a London tech firm that helps people find parking spaces, immediately caught the eye of several investors last year after it signed a potentially-lucrative deal with Apple. Eugene Tsyrklevich, the CEO and founder and 10-year-old...Show More Summary

Confirmed: Magic Leap acquires 3D division of Dacuda in Zurich

Magic Leap, the augmented reality startup that has raised $1.4 billion in funding but has yet to release a product, has made an acquisition to expand its work in computer vision and deep learning, and to build out its operations into Europe. The company has acquired the 3D division of Dacuda, a computer vision startup based out of Zurich. Show More Summary

Here's why Snap is playing it safe with investors

Snapchat executives hit the road on Friday to lure investors into what could be the biggest tech-sector stock offering in years. The schedule of meetings will take them to London on Monday, and New York on Tuesday, and eventually across the US. Show More Summary

I will never go on vacation without Snap's Spectacles, the sunglasses that record what you see

When my gadget-loving boyfriend wore Google Glass in public for the first time, the thing I remember most is the stares. People squinted across trains and sidewalks at the utterly uncool head-mounted display built in the shape of eyeglasses. So...Show More Summary

Netflix's best food show is back — here's why you should be watching 'Chef's Table' (NFLX)

One of the best Netflix original series is one of the least-known: It's called "Chef's Table," and it's incredible.  "Chef's Table" comes from David Gelb, the director behind the gorgeous and inspiring 2012 sushi documentary, "Jiro Dreams...Show More Summary

SpaceX just delayed a historic rocket launch due to a familiar glitch

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was poised for a debut flight on Saturday from a NASA launchpad idled since the end of the space shuttle program nearly six years ago. However, a devices that has caused SpaceX headaches and delays both in 2015 and 2014 — called a thrust vector control (TVC) — spurred mission managers to delay just seconds before liftoff. Show More Summary

Op-ed: Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto is a political trainwreck

He says that Facebook is developing AI to create a global democracy—kind of.

Google helped build an app that designs you a personalized dress based on your lifestyle (GOOG, GOOGL, HM-B)

With help from Google, a new app is blending the world of a custom fashion and personal data. Called Coded Couture, the app was built by Ivyrevel — an online fashion house backed by H&M — in partnership with Google. Coded Couture's first...Show More Summary

The top 12 rumors we're hearing about Apple's next iPhone (AAPL)

Even die-hard iPhone fans have to admit that the AMOLED displays on other phones, particularly those from Samsung, look better than the LCD screens on iPhones. But if the rumors are true, iPhone fans may no longer need to make that admission, as Apple is reportedly looking to use a form of OLED display on the next iPhone. Show More Summary

eHarmony is gearing up for a battle to win back millennials from Tinder and Bumble

Grant Langston has learned a lot over his 16-year tenure at eHarmony, the popular dating site launched in 2000. But only in his six months as the company's new CEO has an important lesson become clear: Love conquers all — except when...Show More Summary

An early investor in Twitter, Slack and Tumblr explains the power of 'goosebumps' (TEAM)

For the last 11 years or so, Spark Capital has found success by investing in some of the hottest consumer technology startups around: Yahoo's Tumblr, Facebook's Oculus, Twitter, and Warby Parker are all Spark investments. Now, says Spark...Show More Summary

Here's why cats sleep so much

Cat owners know that their feline friends sleep a lot. Some estimate that cats sleep anywhere between 12 and 16 hours a day. Abigail Tucker, author of "The Lion in the Living Room," explains why that might be. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

BILL GATES: A new kind of terrorism could wipe out 30 million people in less than a year — and we are not prepared

The following op-ed was exclusively provided to Business Insider to coincide with a speech Bill Gates is giving for the Munich Security Conference. The following is an abridged version of his remarks. When I decided 20 years ago to make...Show More Summary

This glass fits around your nose so you can smell wine as you drink it

Designer James Piatt has created a glass that's designed for people to smell their wine while drinking. The 'Wine Glass Mask' glass claims to trap the wine's aromas in like a scuba mask. It has two small air holes on each side of the...Show More Summary

PewDiePie taught YouTube a valuable lesson (GOOG, GOOGL, DIS)

YouTube made a big bet in the fall of 2015: Viewers would pay a monthly fee in order to strip adds from the platform's videos and gain access to original shows starring some of the site's biggest personalities. The idea was to leverage...Show More Summary

Connecting us all: How satellites remade the world

From cold wars to hot junk, a new book about satellites shows how thousands of satellites extend humans' reach in every possible way

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