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Zenefits was fined $62,500 by Tennessee, the first state to announce a settlement

Zenefits CEO David Sacks has entered one of the most critical stages of his efforts to turn his troubled startup around: settling the fines from states who want to penalize the company for selling insurance without a license. On Monday,...Show More Summary

Brazil captured 12 ISIS sympathizers days before the Olympics, with some help from major tech companies

Brazil has now captured 12 ISIS sympathizers accused of trying to mount attacks on the Olympic Games slated to begin on August 5 in Rio de Janeiro. The suspects were apprehended in an operation that not only involved assistance fromShow More Summary

There's a really simple trick to play 'Pokémon GO' horizontally on your iPhone

The ridiculously popular "Pokémon GO" has one especially strange requirement of its users: You can't flip your phone horizontally. Well, technically speaking, you can flip your phone horizontally while playing — but you can't actually play the game with your phone in landscape mode (horizontally). Show More Summary

Here's everything we know about Google's driverless cars (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google has been working on its driverless car project since 2009. Having driven more than 1.7 million miles in autonomous mode, Google's driverless cars are arguably some of the most advanced compared to the many others in the driverless car race. Here's everything we know about the Google driverless car project. Show More Summary

A DNC staffer mocked a report saying it was bad at cybersecurity — and then his email was leaked by hackers

Among the nearly 20,000 emails published on Wikileaks following the massive hack of the Democratic National Committee is one that, quite ironically, mocks a BuzzFeed News report critical of the DNC and RNC's cybersecurity practices. "The...Show More Summary

Visit MetaWorld – the virtual world that exists after you leave

MetaWorld is a VR setting designed for hanging out with other people – or playing chess, hot-air ballooning and meditating. Chris Baraniuk steps inside

We just got another peek at what the ultra secretive Magic Leap headset can do

Magic Leap has unveiled another brief demo of its forthcoming augmented reality technology, this time showcasing how online shopping might work on the device. As  noted by Road to VR, Magic Leap CMO Brian Wallace introduced the 70-second video at an Alibaba-sponsored event in China last week. Show More Summary

Xbox One drops to $249, now half of its launch-day price

Microsoft clears out "bulky" older consoles ahead of redesigned Xbox One S.

This is what downtown Seattle looks like as Amazon builds an insane spherical greenhouse for employees

Office ping-pong tables and beanbag chairs are nice, but massive spherical greenhouses are even cooler. As reported by The New York Times, Amazon is building three plant-filled orbs — which all connect to form one giant structure — for...Show More Summary

This startup wants to help you speed through airport security lines

Not having to wait in long lines makes all the difference when it comes to quickly navigating your way through the airport. That's where Clear comes in. Clear is a company that's using biometric scanning technology to help customers speed through security at the airport. Show More Summary

Here's more evidence that giving people unconditional free money actually works

Chalk up another win for basic income. A new study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics found that giving poor people in Kenya unconditional free money raised their short-term well-being and led to greater spending on food...Show More Summary

The wisdom of crowds of doctors

House’s success rate might not be as high if he listened to his team.

Sir Martin Sorrell, James Murdoch, Ann Lewnes, and more— check out IGNITION's incredible lineup

Business Insider’s flagship conference, IGNITION, is in its seventh year running, bringing you conversations with the best and brightest minds in digital. This year we've lined up an amazing list of speakers that includes founders of...Show More Summary

Inside the cavernous warehouse where a bunch of ex-Googlers are building self-driving trucks (Goog)

Right this very second, there is at least one Otto truck barreling down the highway with a driver sitting behind its wheel but touching absolutely nothing. The truck is driving itself. "We try to have our four trucks out 24/7," Lior Ron, Otto's cofounder grins. Show More Summary

Astronauts prepare for Mars mission at the bottom of the sea

An international crew of astronauts dove to the Aquarius Reef Base to try out technologies for future journeys to Mars

Extradition ruling in Lauri Love hacking case set for September

US officials want Love to face charges of hacking NASA, the FBI, and the US Army.

A Harvard geneticist thinks this unlikely food might end the GMO wars once and for all

The next genetically modified food you eat probably won't be a GMO. At least not in the conventional sense of the term. It'll probably be made using CRISPR, a new technique that lets scientists precisely tweak the DNA of produce so that...Show More Summary

With the Yahoo deal, Verizon will pass Google and Facebook to become the biggest web network (YHOO, VZ)

You might not think of Verizon as a web powerhouse, but with the purchase of Yahoo, it has the potential to own the biggest audience of online users in the United States. This chart from Statista shows ComScore's June 2016 measurements of visitors to the most popular networks of web properties in the United States. Show More Summary

Former Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn says he'd be 'excited' if he were a Yahoo employee right now (YHOO, VZN)

In 2012, Ross Levinsohn was Yahoo's interim CEO and in the running to take on the job permanently, having run its sales organization for a number of years. Yahoo gave the job to former Googler Marissa Mayer, who on Monday announced the...Show More Summary

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