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Is it a Mad Max video game without Furiosa?

September game lacks ties to Fury Road, particularly car-driving, gun-toting women.

Meet Jack & Jack — the massively Vine-famous teen heartthrobs with millions of devoted fans

More and more social media celebrities are striving to break into the mainstream — some more successfully than others. But two best friends who found success online have seamlessly turned their Vine fame into a chart-topping music career — even though they're not signed to a record label and most people over the age of 22 have never heard of them. Show More Summary

The new Mad Max game isn’t Fury Road, but it has its moments

Preview: Come for the crunchy car combat, tolerate the walking around on foot.

Use this trick to see a map of everywhere Facebook knows you and your friends have been

We've already seen a nifty trick for viewing a map of everywhere Google knows you've been, but what about Facebook? Well thanks to a clever Google Chrome extension discovered by The Next Web, you can now explore your own map of every...Show More Summary

Mary Meeker's stunning 2015 presentation on the state of the web

Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers puts together a massive presentation about the state of the web. In the report, she usually nails the biggest trends happening in digital as well as identifying the most important up-and-coming startups. Show More Summary

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers spent the weekend on Instagram and Vine trying to 'summon a demon' named Charlie

"Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board." If you ever went to camp or had a slumber party, you might be familiar with that chant; the one that urban legend swears will levitate a body off the ground if the party-goers just focus hard enough. Show More Summary

Why Elon Musk sets nearly impossible goals for SpaceX employees

Elon Musk operates his businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla, with a tireless, sometimes extreme intensity. At his first company, software maker Zip2, Musk eventually learned that he shouldn't manage people under the assumption that...Show More Summary

Apple design head Jony Ive has DOUBLE the patents of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is usually thought of as the greatest inventor ever, bringing the automatic telegraph, the phonograph, and alkaline battery into the world. His Menlo Park, New Jersey, lab was so productive that he promised "a minor invention every ten days and a big thing every six months or so." All together, he had 2,332 patents to his name. Show More Summary

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is feuding with a top GOP operative on Twitter

It's a rocky road to get to the White House.  A top spokesman for the national Republican Party attacked a 2016 candidate for offering supporters free ice cream on Tuesday. The Ben & Jerry's ice cream brand eventually got involved in the spat on Twitter.  When Sen. Show More Summary

Everything we know about the new Apple TV everyone expects to be announced in June (AAPL)

It's been three whole years since Apple rolled out its last Apple TV. That was 2012, and consumers have been patiently waiting for the next iteration to hit the market, hopefully with some new features. That time might be here. Fresh...Show More Summary

The smartphone business is booming and Samsung is being left behind in the dust (AAPL)

The global smartphone business is booming, growing almost 20% year-on-year, according to new data from Gartner — but Samsung's sales are flagging hard. The South Korean smartphone company remains the single largest smartphone vendor in the world, selling a little over 81 million units in Q1 of 2015. Show More Summary

Star Wars ‘Battle Pods’ Go to Public — for up to $98,000 Each

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. said it will sell its newest Star Wars game developed for arcade use for individuals beginning in June.

Nintendo’s first true online shooter—Splatoon—is a hot, painted mess

Review: Nice twists on team-shooter format, but Nintendo slips on a few online puddles.

APPLY NOW: Business Insider is hiring video interns

Business Insider is hiring video interns to join our growing news team. The role includes conceptualizing and editing videos across a range of subjects, including breaking and viral news, with a focus on science and technology. It also involves editing video for multiple mediums, from Facebook to Snapchat to YouTube, in addition to our website. Show More Summary

Research shows that hackers can use this everyday cellphone sensor to track your movements — and it's not GPS

A newly-released academic paper suggests that even without tapping into a GPS hackers can learn your movements through your cellphone with shocking accuracy, according to the Daily Dot. These findings come from Chinese researchers who...Show More Summary

Airware Launches Commercial Drone Fund

Airware makes a flexible drone operating system. But it needs to bundle up with industry-specific hardware and software makers to sell a whole commercial drone package to big construction, oil, and insurance companies. So today, Airware...Show More Summary

Dell Ventures and Intel Capital Invest $45 Million in DocuSign

Just weeks after closing funding from growth investors at a $3 billion valuation, DocuSign raised an additional $45 million from the venture arms of Dell and Intel at the same valuation.

Oculus acquired a UK startup to help it transform physical spaces into virtual worlds

Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus has acquired a company that scans real-world environments and turns them into interactive virtual reality spaces, The Verge reports. Surreal Vision is a UK company that reconstructs physical spaces as virtual worlds. Show More Summary

The top 10 liberal arts colleges where alumni have both brains and beauty

Which liberal arts colleges have the most eligible students and alumni in the US? Hinge, a popular dating app that introduces users to friends of friends, says it knows. The dating app displays profiles of single people in your city....Show More Summary

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