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Does mind-hack tech mean your brain needs its own legal rights?

Neurotechnology increasingly offers ways to influence and extract information from our brains. Do minds need new legal protections, wonders Jamais Cascio

New close-up photos of Saturn reveal a taste of what Cassini could see during its death spiral

These new images of Saturn may look small, drab, and grainy. But they actually show swirling storms in the clouds of the gas giant — the closest views of the planet we've ever gotten. On April 26, NASA's Cassini spacecraft began a series...Show More Summary

Read Larry Page's new letter about the current status of Alphabet, Google's parent company (GOOGL, GOOG)

Almost two years ago, Google announced it would change its name to Alphabet, which would effectively be a holding company for Google and its various businesses — YouTube, Android, etc. — as well as Google's more outlandish experiments...Show More Summary

Addicted to love? Craving comes in two forms, and both can hurt

The idea that people can be addicted to love is contentious, but a review of 64 studies found evidence for two different but harmful forms of this condition

UK loses another court case over failure to tackle air pollution

Government must unveil revised plans on 9 May and cannot wait until after the general election as it wanted to

NASA just got its closest look at Saturn yet — here's what it saw

On April 26, NASA flew its Cassini spacecraft closer to Saturn than ever before. In fact, it's the closest any spacecraft has ever come to Saturn — just 1,900 miles from the beautiful planet's cloud tops. Even more exciting, Cassini has already transmitted images of what it saw from its deepest dive yet. Show More Summary

GrubHub's stock is going crazy because it added so many new 'active diners' (GRUB)

Online food delivery service GrubHub saw a big uptick in customers during the first three months of the year, sending its shares surging more than 18% in mid-day trading on Thursday. The company said "active diners" on its app totaled 8.75 million in the first quarter of the year, up 26% from the year-ago period. Show More Summary

This adorable device might be the world’s smallest 4G smartphone — check it out

As most other smartphones get bigger, a new phone is headed in the opposite direction. Called Jelly, the tiny 4G smartphone is one of the world's smallest. Seriously, it's itsy-bitsy. Look: Jelly has a 2.45-inch display, and is about 3.6 inches tall and about 1.7 inches wide. Show More Summary

Female dragonflies fake sudden death to avoid male advances

You could almost say they are drop-dead gorgeous: when certain female dragonflies are pursued by unwanted suitors, they deter them by crashing to the ground

10 of the best jobs of 2017

What jobs are hot right now? It can be hard to tell, sometimes. After all, just because a gig is well-paying now doesn't mean it is projected to grow in future. Using the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, job siteShow More Summary

You’ve been reading 'resting b---- face' all wrong - here's what’s really going on

Let's say you're at a party and you meet someone new for the first time. For some reason, you can't shake the immediate first impression that this person is dry, unemotional, and unfriendly. This could be because of the phenomenon that...Show More Summary

Apple is working on its own Visa pre-paid debit cards — and bank executives hate it (AAPL)

Apple has held talks with Visa about making its own pre-paid debit cards, Recode reported on Thursday. The pre-paid debit cards would tie into an unannounced service that would allow iPhone users to send money to each other digitally. But...Show More Summary

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