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How the incredible opening shot of the new sci-fi thriller 'Life' was made

Director Daniel Espinosa gets ambitious right from the start of his sci-fi thriller "Life," in theaters Friday. He delivers a single continuous shot in an opening scene that lasts for over five minutes and shows the crew of the International...Show More Summary

The director of the mind-blowing new sci-fi thriller 'Life' explains how he pulled it off

Perhaps it's because he refuses to live in LA or he tends to liken the way he makes movies to the classics he grew up on, but when Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa was given the chance to direct the sci-fi thriller "Life," he didn't see a blockbuster. Show More Summary

NASA will soon launch cube-shaped robots to spy on astronauts

Astronauts locked inside the International Space Station (ISS) are about to get some new robotic friends: three autonomous cubes that will float around and record their every move. The free-flying robots are called Astrobees, and they...Show More Summary

This app lets you instantly turn your DVD collection into your own personal Netflix for $2 per title

If, like me, your DVD collection is languishing unwatched because you don’t have a DVD player or a disc drive on your laptop, Walmart’s Vudu has a solution. On Thursday, Vudu announced that its app will now let you create your own personal...Show More Summary

A 'Star Wars' fan spliced together the end of 'Rogue One' with the beginning of 'A New Hope'

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With the final moments of the latest "Star Wars" movie, "Rogue One," taking place just before the events of the first movie in the original trilogy, "A New Hope," someone was going to splice the...Show More Summary

You might be drinking water from the last Ice Age, and 16 other striking facts about Earth's life-giving liquid

Water, water everywhere — but less 0.5% of Earth's reserves are drinkable. That's just one shocking fact that Neil deGrasse Tyson and five experts dropped at the 2015 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at the American Museum of Natural History. The event focused on the surprising origins, scarcity, and value of the precious liquid. Show More Summary

Adidas built a pop-up store that uses high-tech sensors and lasers to build you custom clothes

Adidas is testing out a new way to attract customers and keep up with trends. The German athletic-wear company has launched a pop-up store in Berlin that will scan your body, design you a custom sweater, knit it for you in the store,...Show More Summary

This 8-second video reveals our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is set to announce the new Galaxy S8 at its March 29 event, but it looks like someone's already got their hands on a working unit a little early. The short video was posted on Slashleaks' YouTube channel, and it shows some of...Show More Summary

This robot that grows animal feed is 400% more productive than a human farmer

In recent years, many small American farms have been struggling due to low commodity prices. As a way to cut down on expenses, some farm owners automate their labor, which helps them harvest crops and raise animals more efficiently. A California-based...Show More Summary

YouTube is going to fix the setting which blocked LGBTQ videos on its restricted mode (GOOG)

YouTube has said "sorry" for blocking LGBTQ videos through its Restricted Mode setting, and is working on a fix. "We understand that this has been confusing and upsetting, and many of you have raised concerns about Restricted Mode and your content being unfairly impacted. Show More Summary

Tracks from the new Gorillaz album leaked online because someone found them on Vimeo and guessed the password

Four songs from the new Gorillaz album leaked online on Monday night after fans of the band managed to crack the password on a Vimeo account related to the band. A tracklist for the new Gorillaz album began to emerge after several songs...Show More Summary

Two of DeepMind's cofounders are setting up a new investment network to back 'deep tech' startups across Europe (GOOG)

Two of DeepMind's three cofounders are quietly forming a network of angel investors to back European startups, The Sunday Times reports. CEO Demis Hassabis and head of applied artificial intelligence Mustafa Suleyman, who sold theirShow More Summary

Turns out Bluetooth is named after an old Scandinavian king who died over 1,000 years ago

Bluetooth.  It's been around for 20 years. We see the name and iconic logo on virtually every device we own — Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, even Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes.  As is the case with most product names we encounter every day, we often take for granted that they are just called what they are called. Show More Summary

Everything you need to know about the Google lawsuit that could derail Uber's future (GOOG, GOOGL)

The first self-driving car prototypes are already navigating the roads in a few cities. But the real action is about to take place in the courtroom. Google and Uber, the two giants at the forefront of developing the technology, are vying...Show More Summary

Critics are throwing daggers at Netflix's 'hammy' and 'uninspired' new show 'Iron Fist' (NFLX)

Netflix's fourth Marvel series, "Iron Fist," was arguably the streaming company's most highly anticipated of the "Defenders" franchise. With such high expectations for the show, critics weighed in with their great disappointment. The...Show More Summary

Google is moving into to a new office in Berlin (GOOG)

BERLIN — Google is planning to move to a new office in Berlin, according to multiple local German-language news reports. The reports from Heise Online and RBB, which came out last November but did not get picked up outside Germany, indicate...Show More Summary

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