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'This is not TV': A growing number of advertisers feel duped by YouTube (GOOGL)

Google created Google Preferred as a way for advertisers to run ads in the top content on YouTube. But advertisers have found lots of problematic content in the Preferred lineup. As more ad buyers dig into what's really for sale through...Show More Summary

Here's why videos of a woman tapping a hairbrush and Margot Robbie spreading Vegemite on toast have become internet sensations

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a tingling sensation that occurs when some people hear soft sounds, such as whispered voices or the poof of a bag of chips opening.  Awareness of the sensation was initially limited to a small group, but in recent years, it's entered the mainstream. Major brands are tapping into that awareness. Show More Summary

Apple says the reports that Animoji doesn't require iPhone X are false (AAPL)

Some reports have said that a banner feature for iPhone X called Animoji doesn't require the phone's new front-facing depth camera. This would suggest that Animoji could be ported to older iPhones. However, Apple says that Animoji uses...Show More Summary

OnePlus inadvertently left a Qualcomm app accessible on its phones that might let intruders in

A number of OnePlus users reported on the company's official forums that the firm has inadvertently left an app accessible on its phones that could potentially let intruders in, as first reported by Engadget. The app lets users gainShow More Summary

This $40,000 super-skinny home can fit inside a parking space

Helsinki-based design firm Casagrande Laboratory has created a super-skinny home that costs $40,000. The architects hope to build the homes, called Tikkus, on former parking spaces. The home are part of a larger trend of cities adding...Show More Summary

Parents are furious after an Amazon ad 'kills Christmas' by implying Santa isn't real (AMZN)

An advertisement running in the UK shows a parent hiding Amazon packages from his children. People online are accusing Amazon of showing that parents, not Santa, get gifts for children. Amazon said that the presents "are just a few extra...Show More Summary

Russia has serious ambitions for military robotics

Russia's military is now a leader in the weaponized robotics. It has a number of unmanned ground and air projects under consideration and is adopting some of them. Russian officials are also contemplating the use of weaponized artificial...Show More Summary

The iPhone X is actually more durable than the iPhone 8

The iPhone X looks like it wants to break. After all, the common perception is that the prettier the device, the more fragile it is. Indeed, the iPhone X is a gorgeous device clad in glass. But the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are also clad in glass. Show More Summary

A self-driving bus in Las Vegas got in a crash on its very first day

A self-driving shuttle bus in Las Vegas got in an accident on its very first day of operation. The incident was due to "human error" after a truck failed to stop and backed into the bus. On Wednesday, to much fanfare, a self-driving electric shuttle bus launched in Las Vegas. Show More Summary

Hot rock under Antarctica may be melting some of its ice sheets from the bottom-up

Antarctica is warming faster than most places on Earth, causing surface melt. Melt water below the continent's thick ice sheets lubricates their movement toward the ocean. A new study backs up the idea that a hot plume of rock in the...Show More Summary

YouTube is reportedly pointing kids to thousands of disturbing, violent, and inappropriate videos (GOOGL)

YouTube hosts thousands of disturbing videos featuring promotional images from popular children's characters, according to recent analysis. Some of the videos are targeted at children on YouTube. Many of the videos tap into popular keywords. YouTube...Show More Summary

I interviewed Sophia, the artificially intelligent robot that said it wanted to 'destroy humans'

Sophia, an artificially intelligent robot, answered some open-ended questions in an interview with Business Insider. Some of its answers were pretty good! But many were flawed. Nonetheless, its responses were flexible enough to indicate...Show More Summary

Snapchat has created a brand new ad category

3D World Lenses, like the dancing hotdog, have further cemented Snapchat’s position as the leader in augmented reality, as far as marketers are concerned. Not only do they take digital branded experiences to another level, but they also...Show More Summary

A Twitter employee reportedly shut down Trump's account on their last day — here are 5 other times employees have gone rogue

• US President Donald Trump's Twitter account went down for several minutes Thursday night. • Twitter released a statement blaming the disruption on a departing employee. • Plenty of people have quit their jobs in wild ways or devoted...Show More Summary

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