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ITV exec Kevin Lygo on Vice's Shane Smith: 'I'm trying not to use the word odious'

ITV director of television Kevin Lygo was withering in his verdict on of a speech made by Vice Media chief executive Shane Smith on Wednesday. At the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Smith used the prestigious annual MacTaggart...Show More Summary

A Russian billionaire has a crazy plan to send these tiny, laser-powered spacecraft to a newly discovered planet that might harbor life

Back in April, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner pledged $100 million toward a crazy plan to visit another star system. The mission — Breakthrough Starshot — aims to get this done by propelling teeny, tiny spaceships to 20% the speed of...Show More Summary

The YouTuber behind the 'African Drug Lord' pranks reveals his secrets – and a disturbing truth about our online privacy.

If you haven't watched the hilarious "African Drug Lord" videos on YouTube, you should check it out – just be aware the videos contain profanities. In his videos, YouTuber "VirtuallyVain" scares the hell out of video gamers by pretending...Show More Summary

A man playing Pokémon Go while driving reportedly hit 2 women, killing one of them

A Japanese man who was playing Pokémon Go while driving reportedly hit two women on Tuesday night, killing one of them. The news was reported by Japanese-language news outlets ANN and NHK, and we saw it on Kotaku. 39-year-old Keiji Gooh, the driver, has reportedly been arrested over the incident, which took place in the city Tokushima at 7.25PM. Show More Summary

Check out Alrobot, a gun-toting remote-controlled tank built to fight ISIS

Although the US Marine Corps may have unveiled their futuristic Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) recently, another unlikely source may have beaten them in the race to develop an automated combat-centric vehicle. According to the...Show More Summary

A computer program is turning New York into a beautiful oil painting

A team from University of Freiburg have developed and released an open source code that refers to a video manipulation technique called "neural style transfer." It is a computer code that extracts the visual style of an image and applies it to video. Show More Summary

There's a problem with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that makes it unusable (AAPL)

Some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are reporting that the touchscreens on their phones aren't registering their fingers' touch anymore, according to tech teardown and repair site iFixit. The issue seems to coincide with a flickering...Show More Summary

Matthew McConaughey has a YouTube channel that no one is watching

You wouldn't think it would be possible for someone like Matthew McConaughey to go unnoticed anywhere, but the "True Detective" and "Interstellar" actor has been posting videos on YouTube for a year and isn't getting many views. McConaughey...Show More Summary

There may be a third iPhone model next year with a better screen (AAPL)

A report from Japanese news site Nikkei (via MacRumors) claims that Apple will unveil a third iPhone model with a 5.5-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) display with curved side edges. It was first reported by Reuters back in January...Show More Summary

This new video all but confirms the new PlayStation 4 is real

There's a new, slimmer PlayStation 4 game console.  Sony hasn't announced it, or even acknowledged that it exists. That said, at least one person in the United Kingdom already has one. Wait, what? Really! Over the weekend, British classifieds...Show More Summary

New York Times boss: Jeremy Clarkson is 'deeply objectionable' — but the BBC was mad to let him leave

The BBC was nuts to let former "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson leave, according to the British broadcaster's former director general. Mark Thompson, now chief executive of the New York Times Company, said the BBC could "ill afford"...Show More Summary

This is the Reddit post that caused a legal battle with Atlantic Records over the 'Suicide Squad' soundtrack

Reddit is currently in the middle of a legal fight with Atlantic Records over a leaked track from the soundtrack to the movie "Suicide Squad" that surfaced on the site. Atlantic Records discovered that the track "Heathens" by TwentyShow More Summary

The CEO of a $3.6 billion company shares his best advice for new college grads

When you're a recent grad, everyone wants to throw advice your way. But when the CEO of a big-time company shares a few pearls of wisdom, you'll probably want to listen. Bracken Darrell, the CEO of Logitech, a technology accessoriesShow More Summary

'Rich Kids of Instagram' star denies her billionaire lifestyle is fake after she was caught renting a bedroom via flatshare site SpareRoom

Russian socialite Julia Stakhiva is a rising social media star who recently appeared on British reality TV show "The Rich Kids of Instagram." But she just made her Instagram account private after a wave of online abuse, following a column...Show More Summary

An MIT company has developed a new battery that could double your smartphone's battery life

A company that was spun out from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new type of battery that it says can last twice as long as normal smartphone or laptop batteries. The MIT news office published a summary of the battery, which uses thin lithium-metal foil instead of graphite to extend the capacity of the battery. Show More Summary

Here are some of the biggest fan projects that Nintendo has shut down

With a huge stable of iconic, beloved characters, Nintendo has some of the most passionate fans around. The latest game in the "The Legend of Zelda" series generated astronomical levels of social media buzz, dwarfing the new "Call of...Show More Summary

This robot can make sushi in a matter of seconds

As robots get more advanced, they will likely take over many jobs in the future — including those of sushi chefs. For a sneak peak at this impending automation, look no further than a new creation from robotics manufacturer Kawasaki....Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg: CEOs need to take risks, but shouldn't have to do 'big, crazy things' (FB)

A good CEO should take risks, but shouldn't have to do "big, crazy things" too often, according to Mark Zuckerberg.  The Facebook CEO offered this management advice in two parts in an interview with Y Combinator president Sam Altman.  When...Show More Summary

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