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Marco Rubio says one startup would've vastly improved life for his mom

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) says that one high-profile "gig-economy" startup would've vastly improved life for one of the most important people in his life: his mother. In a speech in front of an audience of tech industry workers at...Show More Summary

One of the most successful business apps in the world is splitting into three

Atlassian JIRA is going through some big changes, the company announced today, splitting into three separate products. Over the past 13 years, Atlassian's JIRA has gone from a simple bug tracking tool for programmers to the project-tracking software of choice for over 35,000 companies across industries and global borders. Show More Summary

A drone above Apple’s new spaceship headquarters got this amazing spy video (AAPL)

Apple's new spaceship campus won't be finished for a little while, but we're already getting an idea of what the finished project will look like. A recently published video captured via drone shows how construction has progressed over the past month or so. Show More Summary

These are the 11 most elaborate and quirky ways fans have paid tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs (AAPL)

Steve Jobs’ unwavering commitment to quality and innovation earned him many admirers throughout the world, and when an icon like him passes away, there will naturally be a flood of memorials. Books will be written, films made — in Jobs’ case, at least three. Show More Summary

15 inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs on the fourth anniversary of his death (AAPL)

Steve Jobs passed away four years ago today. The tech visionary, who created both Apple and reimagined Pixar, shaped much of the world we find ourselves in now, certainly as far as the technology we use. Jobs' genius came from a deep...Show More Summary

A man proposed to his girlfriend using virtual reality

In the spring, we watched a man use Google Cardboard to help pop the question. Then, earlier this week, we heard about the guy who created a video game to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Now presenting: The first known virtual reality...Show More Summary

Apple just bought a startup that could make Siri more like a real person (AAPL)

Apple just acquired VocalIQ — a startup based in the United Kingdom that makes artificial intelligence software for processing natural language, The Financial Times reports. Little else is known about the deal, such as how much Apple paid for the company. Show More Summary

Jaw-dropping images give us a first glimpse of Mars' liquid water

For years, a team of NASA scientists had pondered over the enigmatic dark streaks lining the inner and outer faces of craters on the Martian surface shown below. But no longer. NASA announced the answer to the conundrum on Monday: The streaks are evidence of flowing water. Show More Summary

The ex-CEO of the company HP disastrously bought for $11 billion is now suing HP for $150 million (HPQ)

As he promised to do, Mike Lynch has filed a counter-lawsuit against HP. He's seeking at least $150 million in damages via a London court. HP called Lynch's lawsuit "laughable and desperate." The fighting between HP and Mike Lynch is the stuff of an Aaron Sorkin movie. Show More Summary

Spotify told us the top 20 songs people listen to in the shower — here they are

Spotify users like to sing along in the shower — or at least that's the implication of a fun fact shared recently by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. At a conference earlier this week, Ek revealed that there are 39,000 active playlists named "Shower." And these playlists get 550,000 streams every day (no pun intended). Show More Summary

Apple made a subtle change to the 'spinning wheel of death' in its big new Mac update — see if you can spot the difference (AAPL)

Apple's big new Mac update, El Capitan, doesn't look much different than its previous release Yosemite. However, there is at least one subtle aesthetic change you may notice — Apple has changed the so-called "spinning wheel of death," as Quartz initially pointed out. Show More Summary

15 inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs

It's coming up to four years since Steve Jobs passed away. The tech visionary, who created both Apple and reimagined Pixar, shaped much of the world we find ourselves in today, certainly as far as the technology we use. Jobs' geniusShow More Summary

The iPhone 6S just launched, but there are already rumors about how the iPhone 7 might be different (AAPL)

Apple's iPhone 6S just went on sale three days ago, but rumors about what we might see in the next model have already started to circulate. A new report claims that Apple is planning to make the iPhone 7 resistant to water. The rumor...Show More Summary

Apple's new iPhone 6S makes it even faster to unlock your phone with your fingerprint (AAPL)

One feature of Apple's new iPhone 6S which hasn't been widely mentioned is the upgraded home button. That might not seem like a big deal, but it includes a faster TouchID sensor that makes unlocking your phone even faster, AppleInsider reports. Show More Summary

Here's why you probably aren't just imagining that video games have become more and more violent over the past 10 years

If you felt like video games were getting more violent and more sexual in the past 10 years, it might not just be you. New research from the data crunchers at Dadaviz shows a trend that would outrage anti-violent-game activist Tipper Gore. Show More Summary

These 19 strange GIFs go behind-the-scenes and show how our food is actually made in factories

Have you ever wondered who folds fortune cookies? How pasta is cut? What Jelly Beans look like before they're coated? The subreddit /r/OddlySatisfying is dedicated to posting perfectly looped GIFs. Some of the best ones focus on how food — especially mass-produced snacks — is made. Show More Summary

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