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Putin has touted an 'invincible' nuclear weapon that really exists — here's how it works and why it deeply worries experts

During a speech on Thursday, Russian president Vladimir Putin showed test footage of a new intercontinental ballistic missile. The nuclear weapon, called the RS-28 Sarmat or Satan 2, has been in development since 2009. Putin claimedShow More Summary

Samsung's new Galaxy S9 is the first phone with a 'dual aperture' — here's what it does

Samsung announced its new Galaxy S9 smartphones on Sunday, which come with big improvements to an already excellent camera. The new camera has the widest aperture on any smartphone camera.  The Galaxy S9 also has a mechanical aperture...Show More Summary

Samsung says its new animated emojis are absolutely not copying Apple (AAPL)

Samsung's highest-end phone, the Galaxy S9, goes on sale next month. One of its key features, "AR emoji," sounds a lot like a recently launched Apple feature called "Animoji." Samsung's head of mobile denies that it copied Apple, and...Show More Summary

The hot new trend among YouTube stars is arranging boxing matches with each other

Two of YouTube's biggest stars, Logan Paul and KSI, are arranging a boxing match with each other. Paul is keen for his father and brother to be involved in the fight too. Boxing matches can be a lucrative event for YouTube stars. IfShow More Summary

SpaceX's biggest rival has a 'genius' plan to cut its rocket launch costs more than 70%

SpaceX turned heads around the world on February 6 with the first-ever launch of Falcon Heavy. The 230-foot-tall rocket's three boosters helped push Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster into space, peeled off after running low on fuel, and then...Show More Summary

Facebook says it is willing to break up the advertising Walled Garden – but it won't go it alone

Facebook and Google are often referred to as 'walled gardens' by advertisers since they typically restrict usage of their data by advertisers to their own platforms. On Thursday Facebook said it would be willing to bend on how some of...Show More Summary

Elon Musk just shared the first images of new SpaceX satellites that could change the internet

SpaceX launched two experimental satellites on Thursday. The satellites are designed to test Starlink, a concept to bathe all of Earth in high-speed broadband internet using a fleet of 12,000 satellites. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX,...Show More Summary

Poland's central bank is reportedly funding a YouTube 'smear campaign' against cryptocurrencies

Poland's central bank accused of hiring YouTubers to "start a smear campaign" against cryptocurrencies. The Narodowy Bank Polski spent around 91,000 zloty (£19,430; $27,300) on a marketing campaign designed to attack the legitimacy of...Show More Summary

A toddler was filmed screaming for 8 hours on a flight — and the footage reveals a mounting, divisive issue for air travelers

How airlines should handle children is one of the most polarizing questions surrounding air travel. The split reaction to a YouTube video that shows a toddler disrupting passengers on an eight-hour flight illustrates how controversial...Show More Summary

A Lufthansa passenger filmed a 'demonic' child screaming for 8 hours on a flight — and people are horrified

A passenger on a 2017 Lufthansa flight from Germany to New York posted a video of a child screaming, climbing on a seat, and running through the aisles to YouTube. The video indicates the child was disruptive throughout the eight-hour...Show More Summary

Salon has every right to hijack your laptop to mine cryptocurrency while you read it

Salon is mining cryptocurrency via the web browser of any reader who refuses to turn off their adblocker. The liberal web magazine is being totally upfront about it, and readers have a choice: They can turn their adblockers off. This...Show More Summary

Melinda Gates explains how she and Bill can work together without fighting

Bill and Melinda Gates are among the most famous married couples who work together in the world. Both of them work at their charitable foundation, which they say employs 1,500 people in offices on four continents. One question they are...Show More Summary

Bill and Melinda Gates have spent billions on US education — but they are not yet satisfied with the results

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funneled billions in funding toward improving US education and raising public high school graduation rates. In Bill and Melinda's annual letter, Bill writes that schools around the country are...Show More Summary

The CEO of digital advertising's biggest trade group says most big marketers are screwed unless they completely change their business models

Big marketers are facing a crisis, according to Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Small and mid-sized brands, driven by data and digital marketing, are throttling growth for nearly every major...Show More Summary

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