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The top 10 most viewed YouTube coming-out videos of all time will bring you to tears

Coming out as gay can feel like an isolating experience — but YouTube users are proving it doesn't have to be. The YouTube coming-out video has become its own mini-genre in the past few years. Actress Ellen Page,  Olympian Tom Daley,...Show More Summary

Here's why that leaked video of Nintendo's next video game system is totally fake

People really, really like to create fake video game leaks. It's bizarre, but it's the truth – there are apparently lots of folks out there with lots of extra time to try and fool the millions of rabid game fans worldwide. Imagine our surprise when the video above popped up overnight, purporting to be a "leak" of Nintendo's next game console. Show More Summary

This is how little kids react these days when you show them a Walkman

July 1 is the anniversary of the Walkman, the handheld cassette tape player that first went on sale in 1979 and then dominated the music industry for decades. Today, it's been largely replaced, first by the iPod and now by smartphones. Show More Summary

A new app from rapper Tyler, the Creator is redefining communication between artists and fans

Tyler, the Creator is primarily known as a musician, having sold half a million records in his career, including his newest, "Cherry Bomb." But Tyler, real name Tyler Okonma, is not content to just rap or produce his own beats. He also...Show More Summary

How to watch tonight's rare close encounter of the two brightest planets in the night sky

There's a celestial event happening tonight that will be so bright even observers in dense, luminous cities, including New York City, will get to see it, so long as the skies remain clear of clouds. The two brightest planets in the night sky — Venus and Jupiter — will appear to pass extremely close to one another on the evening of June 30. Show More Summary

Take a tour of Google’s secretive data centers where all your photos and emails are stored (GOOG)

Every time you use a Google product, you’re connecting to one of its data centers located around the world. Google has been notoriously secretive about it, but recently it’s been sharing some photos and videos of its state-of-the-art data centers. Show More Summary

These are the three DJs Apple hired to revolutionize the way we listen to radio

Can Apple make radio cool again? The iPhone maker is betting it can with Beats 1, the brand new radio station it hopes millions of people around the world will want to listen to every day. It's free to listen to, even if you don't pay the $10 per month for Apple's streaming music service. Show More Summary

SpaceX's 'reusable rocket' just exploded to bits — but the company says it's going to push forward anyway

Despite SpaceX's failure on Sunday morning, the company says it wants to stay on track for manned space flights. On Sunday, SpaceX cargo flight CRS-7 exploded over Florida. The rocket was carrying food, water, equipment and researchShow More Summary

Tesla's battery swapping plan is a mere shadow of the promise it once showed (TSLA)

In 2013, Elon Musk showed off Tesla's battery swapping technology, which can remove and replace the drained battery pack of a Model S with a fully charged one in just 90 seconds. Two years later, it looks like Tesla's battery swapping plan isn't quite working out. Show More Summary

A homeless 'bum blogger' is blowing up on YouTube — but some people think he's a phony

In May, Eugene Yakut joined YouTube to show the world what it's like to live on the streets in Moscow, Russia — now over 28,000 people around the world are watching videos from the " bum blogger." But some are speculating that the clean-shaven budding video star isn't homeless at all. Show More Summary

This tough-guy exec ran Motorola for Google and almost got poached by Apple. Now he's in charge of saving Dropbox

After Dropbox raised $350 million at a $10 billion valuation early last year, the file storage company pulled an audacious move: it hired Dennis Woodside, an 11-year Google veteran who was most recently Motorola’s CEO, as its first-ever chief operating officer. Show More Summary

The world's most famous doll is now a YouTube star — and her channel looks surprisingly familiar

Since the first doll was produced in 1959, Barbie has been a doctor, a lawyer, and even an astronaut — now she's adding "vlogger" to her career list.  Last week, Mattel posted Barbie's first vlog to the doll's YouTube channel, the Daily...Show More Summary

Ev Williams explains the internet in this hilarious old video, which he calls his first 'internet product'

Before Evan Williams founded Blogger (which he sold to Google), Twitter (which is now public and worth more than $20 billion), and most recently Medium, he was just a young college kid obsessed with the internet. Business Insider found an old video on Williams' Ev Head blog where he's explaining just how the internet finally came of age. Show More Summary

A man strapped a GoPro on his head and ran inside a burning building to save a dog

When Spencer Butler bought his GoPro camera, he probably wasn't expecting to use it to capture himself running inside a burning building to save a puppy.  But that's exactly what happened in Rapid City, South Dakota when Butler and his friend Brad spotted a burning apartment building, the Toronto Sun reports. Show More Summary

A startup that sells $1 razors is now worth $615 million thanks to campaigns like, 'Our blades are f---ing great!'

Dollar Shave Club, with its slogan "Our Blades Are F---ing Great," just got valued at $615 million. The Los Angeles-based startup launched three years ago with an idea to steal market share from razor powerhouse, Gillette. CEO Michael Dubin promised a better price point: for $1 a month, Dollar Shave Club sends you a high quality razor. Show More Summary

How a startup founded outside a sandwich shop started making GIFs for Lady Gaga and Pharrell

If you've been to a company party in the last few years, the odds are good that you've seen one of the Bosco's photo booths.  It's a white box, elevated a few feet off the ground, where party-goers can pose for four photos in rapid succession, which then get turned into an animated GIF. Show More Summary

21 epically amazing photos of Saturn

Saturn flaunts the most majestic planetary rings in the solar system, b ut that's not the only thing that makes this beautiful gas giant unique. It's also the farthest planet from Earth that we can see with the naked eye. From 746 million...Show More Summary

The awesome moment a pilot realizes in mid-air that a cat jumped onto his plane

It's a good thing cats have nine lives.  A glider flight at an aviation school in Kourou, French Guiana took an unexpected mid-air turn when the pilot noticed a cat clinging to one of the wings, 9news reports.  Uploaded Sunday by YouTube...Show More Summary

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