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There's a selfie fatality in the new 'Mortal Kombat'

When impaling your enemy simply isn't enough humiliation, the latest "Mortal Kombat" adds insult to injury with a selfie-based fatality. Next week, "Mortal Kombat X" arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Some folks have gotten their...Show More Summary

Peter Thiel: Asperger’s can be a big advantage in Silicon Valley

Peter Thiel — the PayPal founder, Facebook investor, and bestselling author — hates groupthink. He avoids hiring MBAs, since he says they tend to be  "high extrovert/low conviction people," a combination of traits that " leads towards...Show More Summary

Can you tell which of these is a video game?

  Because we can't. Would you just look at that? One of the images above comes from upcoming racing game "Project Cars," while the other comes from Motor Trend's video of a real life McClaren P1 supercar. There's an incredible video comparison of the two that Sploid spotted on YouTube, which we've dropped below. Show More Summary

Peter Thiel says tech innovation is outpacing everything else for one very simple reason

Peter Thiel is worth a reported $2.2 billion. He made his money in software, mainly through founding PayPal and investing in Facebook. Notably, he hasn't done much business in the physical world — only in the virtual space. There's a reason for that. Show More Summary

Stanford researchers developed a battery that could charge your smartphone in just one minute

Researchers at Stanford University in the US have created a new aluminium battery that charges smartphones to full capacity in one minute. Scientists say the technology could one day replace many of the batteries used in devices today, according to a media release. Show More Summary

As Bill Gates promised, Microsoft will soon have its own Apple Pay alternative (MSFT)

Microsoft is getting closer to having its own competitor to Apple Pay. Last month, it showed off a "tap to pay" feature baked into Windows 10 phones during a conference for Windows hardware makers in China, the WinHEC conference. With...Show More Summary

Watching homeless people read mean tweet about themselves will leave you in stunned silence

"I'll never understand why homeless people smell of piss when you can literally piss anywhere." That awful tweet was one of the handful read by people living with homelessness for a campaign created by "Humans for Humans." The heartbreaking video is a play on Jimmy Fallon's popular bit where he has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Show More Summary

A college math professor brilliantly pranked his students and won the internet

A college math and computer science professor at Biola University in California had the best April Fools' Day prank of 2015. The YouTube video, which is going viral on Reddit, shows professor Matthew Weathers giving a lecture to his class with a projector. Show More Summary

The NYPD has reassigned an officer whose angry tirade against an Uber driver went viral

After a New York Police Department officer   was recorded screaming at an Uber driver in New York City's West Village during a traffic stop on Monday, the NYPD has reassigned him. Patrick Cherry, previously a detective in the NYPD'sShow More Summary

They can't all be unicorns: Once-hyped cloud startup Nebula goes out of business

Nebula, a once-hot startup co-founded in 2011 by an ex-NASA CTO and funded to the tune of $38.5 million by some of Silicon Valley's foremost venture capitalists, has gone out of business. They can't all be unicorns. Hold tight, because...Show More Summary

The NYPD is investigating an officer after he was recorded screaming at an Uber driver

An officer from the New York Police Department was recorded berating an Uber driver in New York City's West Village in a video that's now gone viral. On Monday afternoon, an officer pulled an unnamed Uber driver over for a traffic violation...Show More Summary

The first viable product made with 'wonder material' graphene is about to hit stores

Graphene is arguably the most remarkable material ever discovered, and after years of experiments and research, scientists have finally created what they're calling the first commercially viable graphene product: a light bulb. Manchester...Show More Summary

Must-watch video of a guy performing tricks on a human-sized hamster wheel

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hamster? Zhou Ben Long uses his wheel to perform on the streets and at different kinds of events. This was filmed in Taipei, Taiwan over the span of 2 days Video courtesy of Kuma Films. Music "jackLNDN" by Aerterna. Show More Summary

The crazy orbital mechanics you need to rendezvous with the International Space Station

Imagine being chased by a 925,000 pound machine traveling at 17,500 miles per hour. That's what's happens when astronauts dock with the International Space Station. Surprisingly though, the process can take a lot longer than you'd think. Show More Summary

Beautiful drone video of epic trip across South America

22-year-olds Adam Humphrey and Tom Montefiore shot this incredible video over 5 weeks while backpacking through South America. Using a drone, DSLR, slider, tripod, and GoPro, they were able to capture fascinating footage of Torres del Paine National Park, the Galapagos islands a nd more. Show More Summary

Researchers at McGill say Facebook is polluted with fake 'Likes' (FB)

A research team from McGill University's computer science school has published a paper that demonstrates a way of creating as many fake "Likes" on Facebook as you want without using a botnet or an army of spammers. The team says, inShow More Summary

Google fires back at the Wall Street Journal over White House meetings: 'Really, Rupert?'

Google just fired off a feisty blog post refuting a recent Wall Street journal piece about the company's ties to the White House. Google basically said that yes, some former and current Google employees have visited the White House quite a lot in recent years. Show More Summary

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