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The miraculous reasons woodpeckers can slam their faces into trees all day and never get brain damage

Right now, over 200 species of woodpeckers around the world are slamming their faces into the side of a tree without a second thought of what this kind of behavior will do to their brains. While this action would be entirely unnatural and extremely dangerous for humans, head banging is a crucial skill woodpeckers use to get food and make shelter. Show More Summary

Here's everything we know about Microsoft's virtual reality headset HoloLens (MSFT)

HoloLens is a big deal for Microsoft, a company that is struggling to retain relevancy with consumers after it missed out on the smartphone and tablet boom. Rather than doubling down on mobile, Microsoft has decided to look into theShow More Summary

17 tech toys and gadgets from the 90s that we want back

The '90s was a decade that was famously rough for the tech industry as a whole. But it did bring us tons of gadgets and innovative gadgets. In honor of that nostalgic feeling, we're taking a look back at our favorite gadgets from the 1990s, the decade when the World Wide Web first started to change our lives. Show More Summary

Twitter Moments has been hailed as its 'most important feature ever' — but advertisers are saying 'wait and see' (TWTR)

Last week Twitter unveiled Moments, a new feature that makes it easier to find the biggest stories and best tweets shared on the platform on any given day. Wired described Moments as "Twitter's most important feature ever," referring...Show More Summary

Astronauts just shot one of their first videos in ultra-high definition, and it's mesmerizing

What do you do when NASA asks you to push the boundaries of human spaceflight by spending more time on board the International Space Station than anyone before you — 365 consecutive days to be exact? You make green, exploding space balls:...Show More Summary

LinkedIn is giving its employees 'unlimited' vacation plus 17 paid holidays

LinkedIn will soon adopt a new vacation policy with no minimum or maximum vacation days. Everyone just works vacation time out with their own manager. LinkedIn is also turning July 4 into an extra-long holiday break. All told, the company...Show More Summary

Meet early Macintosh marketer Joanna Hoffman, who was not afraid to stand up to Steve Jobs (AAPL)

If you're vaguely familiar with Apple and its history, you've probably heard a few familiar names, such as Steve Wozniak, Jony Ive, John Sculley, and of course the man himself, Steve Jobs. But the new film about Jobs' life debuting this Friday focuses on another key character in Jobs' life that helped shape the Mac: Joanna Hoffman. Show More Summary

Three UK companies are working on a device that can ‘freeze’ drones if they enter a restricted area

Three UK firms are working on a device that can "freeze" a consumer drone in mid-air making the owner believe it is unresponsive, the BBC reports. The Anti-UAV Defence System (Auds) is being developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems,...Show More Summary

FIFA 16 YouTube stars with millions of subscribers have been hacked by a cyber gang

A group of FIFA video gamers that show off their skills in YouTube videos have been attacked by a cyber gang, according to the BBC. The hackers are reported to have stolen millions of FIFA coins, the lucrative in-game currency, and deleted valuable players from teams that have been carefully crafted by the FIFA gamers. Show More Summary

Microsoft's new Surface Book gets 'about 3 hours' of battery life away from its keyboard

The Microsoft Surface Book only gets "about three hours" of battery life when away from its keyboard dock, according to a video from TechCrunch.  In response to a question about battery life, a Microsoft employee explained that "three...Show More Summary

Twitter explains how it's going to hook new users instead of driving them away

If you've tried Twitter before, it may be time to try it again. The last three major Twitter product updates have all focused on making Twitter better for the new, casual user, said Kevin Weil, the social network's head of product, at the Code/Mobile conference on Wednesday. Show More Summary

These two tech companies engineered next-level connectivity for your vehicle

Technology has gotten so advanced, we now expect any technology with a screen to be as fast and sophisticated as our smartphones. That's particularly true in your vehicle. You can't look at your phone, but when you're driving, you still want to be able to control your navigation, music, and cell phone quickly, with hands-free technology. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio says one startup would've vastly improved life for his mom

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) says that one high-profile "gig-economy" startup would've vastly improved life for one of the most important people in his life: his mother. In a speech in front of an audience of tech industry workers at...Show More Summary

One of the most successful business apps in the world is splitting into three

Atlassian JIRA is going through some big changes, the company announced today, splitting into three separate products. Over the past 13 years, Atlassian's JIRA has gone from a simple bug tracking tool for programmers to the project-tracking software of choice for over 35,000 companies across industries and global borders. Show More Summary

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