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Google's self-driving car hit a bus, but it's also learned to dodge streakers and people chasing ducks (GOOG, GOOGL)

It was a "tough day" for Google's self-driving car director Chris Urmson when his prototype vehicle collided with a bus last month while cruising along at 2mph in Mountain View, California. The slow-motion accident, after all, involved...Show More Summary

A brain-wave-reading device designed to improve sleep did wonderful and terrifying things to my dreams

The last week has been extremely unusual, to say the least. My dreams have been more colorful, detailed, vivid, and realistic than at any other time I can remember. This means my recent dream of a romantic getaway in the hills was almost...Show More Summary

An AI expert says Google's Go-playing program is missing 1 key feature of human intelligence

For the first time in history, a computer program is poised to beat one of the world's best human players at the 2,500-year-old game of Go — widely considered one of the most difficult games ever invented. AlphaGo, a software program...Show More Summary

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here's the tech news you need to know to end your week. 1. Apple's next iPhone launch will happen on March 21. The company has sent out invites to its spring event, where it is expected to launch the "iPhone SE." 2. Google wants to make its Fiber service 1,000 times faster than it is today. Show More Summary

Prepare yourself — the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset will be expensive

Virtual reality is expensive, y'all. Facebook's Oculus Rift? That'll be $600, please. HTC and Valve's Vive? That'll be $800, please. This stuff is, in fairness, the bleeding edge of high-end virtual reality. So after dropping north of five hundred big ones on just the headset, you'll need a bleeding edge gaming PC to power it. Show More Summary

The one-two punch that could hurt Netflix internationally (NFLX)

Netflix’s massive international expansion is driving subscriber growth, but there is a one-two punch that could hurt it in the short term, according to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The crux of the issue is that being aShow More Summary

A top computer scientist told us the games that artificial intelligence can't win

Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence team is making history. Its AlphaGo program is up 2-0 on Lee Sedol, one of the top Go players alive. This is the first time a computer has beat a human champion without a handicap.  While there...Show More Summary

Microsoft just joined Facebook and fired a huge shot at Cisco

Microsoft on Wednesday made waves in the tech industry when it announced that it is giving away for free some software it designed for its own internal use called Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC). And this news can't...Show More Summary

The first uterus transplant in the US has failed

The first uterus transplant in the US, which was performed in late February by doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, has failed, doctors say. The New York Times reports that the 26-year-old woman who received the transplant, who wished to...Show More Summary

You can now watch the video of Google's self-driving car slowly hitting a city bus (GOOG)

In late February, Google disclosed that one of its self-driving cars hit a city bus in the company's hometown of Mountain View, California. It was the first accident that Google truly had to blame on its autonomous car software. TheShow More Summary

This incredible glitch makes your iPhone work faster (AAPl)

There's a harmless glitch in iOS that turns off the animation effects when you open and close your apps, which makes your iPhone feel like it's running a lot faster. This glitch was first discovered by Reddit user vista980622, but we...Show More Summary

Here's how much smarter Google search results have become using artificial intelligence (GOOG)

Google has a special way to improve the quality of search results: artificial intelligence (AI.) The company uses a type of AI known as machine learning to figure out what its users really want to search for. Machine learning is where a computer gradually teaches itself how to perform a task. Show More Summary

Here's how much computing power Google DeepMind needed to beat Lee Sedol at Go (GOOG)

Google DeepMind may have made history by beating the world champion of Chinese board game Go on Wednesday but it needed an awful lot of computing power to do it. The London startup, which was acquired by Google for approximately £400...Show More Summary

A 56-year-old man filmed a conversation with his 18-year-old self, and it's going viral

In 1977, when he was 18 years old, Peter "Stoney" Emshwiller filmed half of an interview with himself. Now, at age 56, he finally faced his younger self's questions Watch his sizzle reel here, and check out his website. Story and editing by Ben Nigh Follow INSIDER on Facebook Follow INSIDER on YouTube Join the conversation about this story »

VIDEO: CEO of failed tech unicorn Powa Technologies delays bonuses and cancels Christmas party

A video has been posted on YouTube of the CEO of Powa Technologies telling staff that their bonuses will be delayed and the Christmas party has been cancelled. Powa went into bankruptcy last month. The clip, uploaded by an account called "Powa Leaks", appears to be an internal video to staff prepared by CEO and founder Dan Wagner. Show More Summary

Bill Gates says there's one problem even his massive wealth can't solve (MSFT)

Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and richest man in the world Bill Gates says that despite his extreme wealth, there's one problem that he just doesn't know how to solve. Gates shared his thoughts today during a live "Ask Me Anything," or "AMA," session on Reddit, where users could ask him questions directly. Show More Summary

Apple could be making a giant iPhone (AAPL)

We might see a brand new iPhone with a 5.8-inch screen in 2018, according to a note in DigiTimes found by The Motley Fool. That's bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus, which is the biggest iPhone currently available (with a 5.5-inch screen). The...Show More Summary

Hidden cellphones in the rainforest are exposing illegal logging practices

The World Wildlife Foundation illustrates the problem vividly: 48 football fields worth of rainforest are destroyed every minute. It's startling, but Topher White might have a partial solution. White is the CEO of Rainforest Connection,...Show More Summary

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