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Everything we know about the iPhone 8's battery life (AAPL)

The upcoming iPhone 8 is arguably Apple's most hotly anticipated device for several years — and one of the biggest unknowns about the device is how long the battery life will last. While we won't know for sure until Apple releases the...Show More Summary

CEO of robot company says his creepy headless machines could soon roam the streets

Marc Raibert lives in the uncanny valley — and he thinks you should, too. Raibert, founder and CEO of the robotics company Boston Dynamics, gave an April 25 TED talk in which he outlined the many uses his robots could have in the near future. Imagine Spot, a robot dog, moseying up to your front door to deliver a package. Show More Summary

Uber just unveiled its ambitious flying taxi plan — but it will have a lot of competition (GOOGL)

Uber just revealed new details about its flying taxi project. At a Tuesday conference in Dallas, Uber revealed it will demo the futuristic transport system in 2020 with the help of partners like Embraer and Aurora Flight Sciences. It's...Show More Summary

We just got our first glimpse of Uber's vision for flying taxis

Uber will partner with Aurora Flight Sciences on its ambitious flying taxi project, Aurora first announced in a press release Tuesday. Aurora Flight Sciences is an aviation and aeronautics research company specializing in the design of unmanned aircrafts. Show More Summary

Silicon Valley needs to stop talking about flying cars (GOOGL)

Flying cars are all the rage now in Silicon Valley. The latest broke cover this week — it's produced by a Larry-Page-backed startup, modestly called "Kitty Hawk." (The Wright brothers are so stoked!) There's just one problem: it isn't really a flying car. Show More Summary

Apple has delayed the release of 'Carpool Karaoke' on Apple Music (AAPL)

Apple's first original video series has hit a road bump. Reuters is reporting that the launch of "Carpool Karaoke" — a video series that features high-profile celebrities doing karaoke in a car — has been delayed. The Californian tech...Show More Summary

A bureaucratic mistake has revealed Apple’s secret team of self-driving car experts (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)

A secret team of NASA veterans and robotics experts recruited by Apple to lead its self-driving car project has had its cover blown by what appears to be a simple bureaucratic snafu. An Apple filing obtained by Business Insider on Friday...Show More Summary

The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone, but it's also extremely fragile

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is mighty tempting with its gorgeous design. However, with beauty comes compromise, at least when it comes to the Galaxy S8's durability. Two YouTube channels, Square Trade and JerryRigEverything, perform durability...Show More Summary

London delivery startup Doddle is closing most of its stores after burning through tens of millions of pounds

London delivery startup Doddle is closing most of its high street stores after burning through tens of millions of pounds in investment funding. The company is laying off more than 100 people as it pivots its business model. In 2015Show More Summary

A British tech unicorn is trying to cure Alzheimer's and ALS with artificial intelligence

There is no cure for Alzheimer's, even though it's one of the most common diseases in older people. It takes a lot of time and money to produce even the most everyday medicines, let alone a cure for something like Alzheimer's. According...Show More Summary

The 24-year-old 'Italian Mark Zuckerberg' has inspired a movie — and the Italian press is tearing it apart

Over the past few years, the Italian press has made the young entrepreneur Matteo Achilli a celebrity. This hype has culminated in a feature film, "The Startup," that, ironically, has turned the Italian media against the 24 year old. Achilli...Show More Summary

10 gut-wrenching pleas from astronauts to save planet Earth

Floating hundreds of miles above Earth, astronauts have an unparalleled and beautiful view of the planet. But that view also lets them look down on the devastating effects of climate change, wildfires, war, pollution, and other troubling...Show More Summary

How Apple makes sure the Apple Watch doesn't harm your skin (AAPL)

An unusual video published by Apple on Thursday looks into a funny practice at Apple: it makes fake human sweat so it can test its products in real-world conditions, like when things get a little icky.  "We use fake human sweat," Art Fong, green chemistry program manager at Apple, says in the video. Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg needs glasses but doesn't wear them - that's why it will be difficult to persuade people that AR smart glasses are the future (FB)

Mark Zuckerberg does not wear glasses. In the mid-2000s he had bad eyesight, and he needed glasses to see, as this old video from CBS News shows. But since then he has rarely appeared in public wearing spectacles. Presumably, he wears contact lenses. Show More Summary

The startup CEO accused of scandalously firing employees admits: 'I can be hard edged'

Orion Hindawi, the CEO of Tanium, has just posted an open letter after news stories broke this week that accused him of a litany of bad behavior. In one story, employees alleged that he had fired some people before their stock options...Show More Summary

A top Silicon Valley dealmaker is predicting a big year for tech M&A

In light of the current state of the global economy, capital market conditions and political climate, many are wondering what lies ahead for this year’s technology M&A market. In the U.S., we are closely watching the Trump administration as it pursues its agenda to tighten immigration and the U.S. Show More Summary

Windows 10 will throttle background apps to save your laptop battery (MSFT)

Microsoft has come up with a clever fix to help preserve your laptop battery — reducing power to apps that are running in the background. The company shipped its latest preview build of Windows 10 on Tuesday, and this comes with a new power throttling feature. Show More Summary

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