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'Apple can’t afford failures': Steve Milunovich on the future of Apple and the post-Jony Ive era

Back in October, on Apple's earnings call, CEO Tim Cook gave a terse, unhappy answer to this question from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich: "Does Apple today have a grand strategy for what you want to do?" Cook rarely describes what Apple will do in the future. Show More Summary

How pedophiles could be better diagnosed — and possibly treated — using virtual reality

Virtual reality is most closely associated with video games. That's with good reason: The major headsets from Facebook (Oculus Rift), HTC (Vive), and Sony (PlayStation VR) are primarily intended for use with video games. But VR is being...Show More Summary

A Japanese town wants to create a spa-themed amusement park — and it looks amazing

  Beppu City, Japan is already known for their hot spring spas. In a new video, its mayor has declared that, if the video receives one million views, they will build a spa-amusement park, or a 'Spamusement' park. That video just passed two million, so start saving up your vacation time. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

Apple's massive pyramid of dirt has disappeared (AAPL)

Apple's new $5 billion campus is almost completed, as depicted in a new drone video by photographer Matthew Roberts released on Tuesday. There is only one crane left working on the building. And Apple's legendary mountain of dirt has...Show More Summary

Forget watching movies — soon you might be participating in them

Ted Schilowitz is 20th Century Fox's futurist. He's the guy who's looking to merge technology and storytelling like never before. He's already had some major successes. Schilowitz pioneered the Sundance Martian VR experience, which put...Show More Summary

NASA is about to fly extremely close to Saturn’s rings — here’s what it will see

  NASA's Cassini spacecraft is about to fly closer to Saturn's rings than it has since 2004. But it's not just the rings that NASA hopes to study.  Video courtesy of NASA Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

DeepMind has hired AI safety experts to protect us from dangerous machines

DeepMind has made a number of hires as part of an effort to mitigate the chance of its artificial intelligence developing into something dangerous, according to LinkedIn and other sources. The London-based AI lab, which was acquiredShow More Summary

Halderman: The presidential election was 'probably not' hacked — but the votes should be checked

A well-respected security professor says that he thinks the US election was "probably not" hacked — but that the only way to check is to urgently audit the results. J. Alex Halderman, a professor at the University of Michigan and expert...Show More Summary

All of the new iPhones next year could be capable of wireless charging (AAPL)

The iPhone launching in 2017, possibly called the iPhone 8, will include wireless charging, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in an "Apple Insight" note distributed to investors. "All 2017 new iPhone models will likely support...Show More Summary

Lego spent 50 days making a life-size Ford Mustang replica out of 194,900 bricks

The guys at Legoland Florida Resort made a life-size car completely from Lego. The veteran master builders made a Ford Mustang 1964½ V8 Coupe that is 15 feet long, six feet wide, and four feet tall. The whole project took the team 1,200 hours to complete and the car was made from 194,900 Lego bricks. Produced by Leon Siciliano Join the conversation about this story »

Tesla reveals how your self-driving car sees the road

Tesla announced earlier this year that all of its cars currently in production will come with full self-driving hardware. The primary goal here is safety, with Tesla stating that its hardware will be "at a safety level substantiallyShow More Summary

American kids are clamoring for this fascinating hatching toy that is sold out everywhere — and prices are skyrocketing

This holiday season, Hatchimals are becoming the gift every kid in America wants. Now, retailers including Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us are scrambling to keep the toys in stock.  Hatchimals are small, robotic critters, created by Canadian toy maker Spin Master. Show More Summary

Elon Musk's plan to blanket Earth in high-speed internet may face a big threat: China

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and a Mars colonization evangelist, may face a big snag in his dream to bathe the globe in high-speed internet: the Chinese military. On November 15, SpaceX asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to launch 4,425 internet-providing satellites. Show More Summary

NASA released a stunning time-lapse of Saturn that shows the planet for 44-hours straight

Last April, NASA's Cassini spacecraft stared at Saturn for almost 44 hours straight. This time-lapse condenses those 44-hours into less than 2 minutes. Enjoy! Video courtesy of NASA Follow Tech Insider:   On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

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