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$5.7 billion Atlassian just bought its first company since going public and it fills a big hole (TEAM)

Atlassian, the $5.7 billion business software company that also snuck in its much-anticipated IPO at the tail end of 2015, just bought the tiny startup StatusPage in its first acquisition since going public. Atlassian notably has a pretty...Show More Summary

Carrier ad blocking company Shine is making a surprising pivot into ... ad tech

Shine, the Israel-based company that has been antagonizing the advertising industry with technology it claims to be the "nuclear weapon" option to block mobile ads at a network level, is making a surprising pivot. It's chartering out...Show More Summary

The EU is hitting Google with a new antitrust charge over search ads (GOOG)

The EU Commission has announced it is issuing a new charge against Google over the way it displays a certain kind of ad, and has accused the search giant of stifling choice and innovation. European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager held a press conference on Thursday in which she announced the new charge. Show More Summary

NASA just spotted a massive hole growing on the surface of the sun

A NASA spacecraft just spotted a giant hole creeping over the surface of the sun. It sounds like the recipe for a doomsday blockbuster — the sun slowly gets consumed by blackness, throwing our planet into a cold, dark frenzy. But actually,...Show More Summary

The cofounder of LoveFilm is quietly building a music startup with someone who works for Apple

Serial entrepreneur and investor Saul Klein is quietly building a music startup called Platoon with someone that has worked with Apple for over a decade. The well-connected South African cofounded LoveFilm (acquired by Amazon for £200...Show More Summary

A Google-backed startup that makes personalised children's books has laid off a bunch of staff

London publishing startup Lost My Name has laid off over 10% of its workforce less than two months after raising a €4 million (£3.3 million) funding round. The company — founded in 2012 by Asi Sharabi and Tal Oron — creates customised books based around a child's name. Show More Summary

'Pokémon GO' started as one big April Fool's joke at Google

Before it was a massively addicting game consuming all of our free time, "Pokémon GO" was just a fun April Fool's joke at Google. Google released a video in 2014 inviting people to use Google Maps to catch Pokémon for April Fool's day, Bloomberg first reported. Show More Summary

People are going nuts over these Pokémon songs thanks to the popularity of 'Pokémon Go'

The reign of " Pokémon Go" seems to know no bounds. People are using the app, in which users search for virtual  Pokémon in their real-life physical environments, more than other popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. And now their...Show More Summary

11 things everyone is going to love about Apple's iOS 10

Apple just gave everyone the opportunity to try out its public beta of iOS 10, and it's a big update to its mobile operating system. There are plenty of new features, some weird quirks, and bugs here or there (it is beta after all). But...Show More Summary

This video shows Chris Evans' former 'Big Breakfast' colleagues discussing his flashing

Chris Evans' biographer David Jones wrote about the former "Top Gear" presenter's habit of stripping off his clothes in The Daily Mail this weekend. Sources in the TV industry pointed Business Insider to this video (below) which shows...Show More Summary

Google DeepMind: How, why, and where it's working with the NHS

DeepMind is an artificial intelligence lab in London that creates what are known as general purpose self-learning algorithms. The company, acquired by Google in 2014 for a reported £400 million, is best-known for creating software "agents"...Show More Summary

You don’t need to wander into traffic to play the new hit 'Pokémon' game

The great thing about the new " Pokémon Go" game for iPhone and Android is that it encourages players to explore the real world in their quest to "catch 'em all." But that also has the potential to place players in harm's way: Just on...Show More Summary

Thousands of sites hidden underground could be silently poisoning our atmosphere

From John D. Rockefeller to the Beverly Hillbillies, Americans have been drilling oil for over a century. All that drilling has left millions of abandoned wells pockmarking the land across the country. Wells of course contribute to climate...Show More Summary

How the fastest spacecraft ever reached 165,000 miles per hour

When it pulled into orbit around Jupiter late on July 4, the Juno spacecraft didn't just make history for beating a series of tricky scientific challenges. It also secured a Guinness World Record. Not bad for a Monday night! Reaching Jupiter and getting into the giant planet's orbit required some complicated physics. Show More Summary

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