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Samsung Is Shaming The iPhone With Ads Next To Airport Power Outlets (AAPL)

The iPhone's battery is its Achilles heel, and rival Samsung is reminding travelers with new ads in airports across the country. The ads flaunt the battery life of Samsung's phones with the message: "So you have the power to be anywhere...Show More Summary

The Ice Bucket Challenge Hit The Tech CEO Crowd

The Ice Bucket Challenge has made its way from Facebook Newsfeeds to the Today Show. In the name of ALS research, the challenge has racked up $2.3 million since it began at the end of July, Time reports. That means this viral trend is raising money at nearly 50 times the ALS Association's usual pace, according to the Washington Post. Show More Summary

Incredible Video Imagines A World Without Workers

YouTube user CGPGrey makes interesting mini-documentaries, and the latest one addresses a topic we've touched on a number of times in the past: How will human labor and employment be affected as robotic technologies ramp up to become...Show More Summary

Motorola, Nokia, and Nintendo Are All Suffering From 'Last Blockbuster Syndrome'

The surest way to kill a company might be a massive success. BGR writer Tero Kuittinen calls it Last Blockbuster Syndrome : Often at the start of a massive trend shift in consumer electronics, dominant dinosaurs get one massive hit built on a nearly obsolete paradigm, and that allows them to be lulled into a comfy trip to the grave. Show More Summary

This Awesome Commercial Is The First TV Ad Made Entirely Out Of Vines

Savvy social media stars on YouTube, Instagram, and Vine have figured out how to capitalize on their huge followings by incorporating branding or ads into their creations. But now, rather than developing traditional TV ads and pushing them out to an online audience, some brands are going the other way and thinking about social first. Show More Summary

This Short Video Explains How Technology Will Completely Change The Jobs Industry

Robots, software, and automatons of any sort don't need to be perfect to steal jobs from flesh-and-blood humans — they only need to be better than them. So goes the conceit of the above video, "Humans Need Not Apply." YouTube user CGPGrey...Show More Summary

A Comcast Customer Tried To Cancel His Account, But Was Put On Hold Until Comcast Closed For The Day

It seems Comcast has a new method of dealing with customers who want out. YouTube user  Aaron Spain  uploaded a video on Monday titled " Comcast put me on hold until they closed," which was quickly picked up by Reddit. After several no-shows by Comcast's technicians to set up service in his new apartment, Spain dialed in to cancel his service. Show More Summary

Billie Whitehouse Is A 27-Year-Old 'Elon Musk Of Fashion' Who Creates Mind-Blowing Tech You Can Wear (And Wash)

Billie Whitehouse is one of seven children. Her mother is an entrepreneur who started a successful design school in Sydney, Australia with only $1,000 to her name. Two of her siblings are Olympic skiers. Not to be outdone, 27-year-old...Show More Summary

Apple Drops Two New iPad Commercials

Monday afternoon Apple released two new ads for the iPad on YouTube.  The videos themselves are almost as different as can be. They feature specific characters using their iPads to write their "verse," in theory working toward the message that the iPad is for everyone. Show More Summary

How Bionic Ears Have Changed People’s Lives

The first time Sarah Churman "heard" her own voice, she was 29 years old. She grinned, laughed, and launched into tears. "I don't want to hear myself cry," she said, covering her mouth. Soon came this observation, "my laughter sounds...Show More Summary

9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPad Air $100 off, Retina iPad mini $50 off (or more), new 13? MacBook Air $750 w/ .edu, more

Be sure to follow 9to5Toys to keep up with the best gear and deals on the web: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. Today’s can’t miss deals: iPad deals: iPad Air from $399 ($100 off) iPad mini w/ Retina...Show More Summary

Comcast Employee Admits It Will Only Issue Refunds If Customers Record Their Calls

Tim Davis, a YouTube user who usually makes videos about philosophy and religion, has discovered the one surefire way to get Comcast to refund a billing error: Record the call in which a Comcast employee made the promise of free service in the first place, and then blackmail the company into honoring its promise with the recording. Show More Summary

Microsoft Launches Three New Surface Pro 3 Ads Targeting the MacBook Air

Microsoft today launched three new ads targeting Apple's MacBook Air and comparing the notebook to its new Surface Pro 3 tablet. All three commercials emphasize the Surface Pro 3's touchscreen multitasking features and expandable hardware, with each showing how the MacBook Air lacks similar functionality. Show More Summary

Why Everyone Should Purposely Sit In The Wrong Seat On An Airplane At Least Once

A lot of people are afraid of doing things that are unconventional. This fear holds them back from achieving more. They might be too uncomfortable to ask for a raise, for example, or unwilling to start a business because they're afraid no one will use their product. Show More Summary

Here's What Two Famous Movie Critics Had To Say About Apple's Commercials In The '80s (AAPL)

Apple is famous for its commercials, which usually feature their flawless products against a white background. In fact Apple made waves with its latest commercial for showing used MacBooks with stickers on them. But we rarely see Apple ads held up to a critical lens. Show More Summary

10 YouTube Stars Who Should Be On Your Radar

YouTube stars are becoming more and more powerful. A new survey released this week by Variety asked teens to rank popular figures "in terms of approachability, authenticity and other criteria considered aspects of their overall influence."...Show More Summary

8 People Who Implanted Tech Gadgets Directly Into Their Bodies

There will come a day when most humans don't just use technology, or wear it on their heads and wrists, they inject it into their bodies to improve themselves. That's the vision of both sci-fi writers and people who call themselves "futurists." One of them, Ray Kurzweil, even has a name for it: the singularity. Show More Summary

This Crazy Video Makes 'The Matrix' Sound Like An Old Nintendo Game

You've never seen "The Matrix" like this. The action movie got a sound makeover from Phillip Raupach last year, when he submitted it to an arts competition at San Francisco State University. Raupach's video first appeared on Sploid.Show More Summary

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