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Hackaday Links: March 1, 2015

The somewhat regular Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic was a few days ago in San Francisco. Here’s the video to prove it. Highlights include [James Whong] from Moooshimeter, the two-input multimeter, [Mark Garrison] from Saleae,Show More Summary

A Tribute to Action Women in Movies (Video Compilation)

61 movies, 61 badass ladies. 1 video. [ClaraDarko] The post A Tribute to Action Women in Movies (Video Compilation) appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

NBC Universal Tries to Censor TorrentFreak’s News About Leaked Films

In an attempt to make it harder for people to find pirated copies of its movies, NBC Universal has tried to remove several TorrentFreak articles from Google's search results. Apparently, talking about piracy is already enough for websites to be hit by takedown requests. Show More Summary

'Atomic Alert': A Scare-Infomercial at the Dawn of Mutually-Assured Destruction

There's something extra-ominous in this combination of Leave It to Beaver 1950s schmuckery and nuclear terror. At this point, in pre-mutually assured destruction 1951, the world didn't even quite get it. Nuclear submarines were still some years off, as were ICBMs, missiles in Cuba, and the Dead Hand. Show More Summary

Time Lapse: Alpine

Remarkable time-lapse film highlights the beautiful landscapes of the Italian and Swiss Alps. Video courtesy of Martin Heck and Timestorm Films. Like them on Facebook. See more of their work on Vimeo. Click HERE to see the video in stunning 4K resolution.

Biocomputer Music: Musical Mold Prepares To Perform

A fungus is to duet with a piano at an upcoming arts festival. The Physarum polycephalum mold responds to music in what the pianist calls a creative way. It’s the work of Professor Eduardo Miranda, who specialises in the crossover between...Show More Summary

Facebook has launched its first TV ads (FB)

Facebook has launched its first TV ads to promote its non-profit initiative, which aims to offer affordable or free internet access within developing countries that are currently not online. The ad campaign, which also extends to outdoor and Facebook ads, launched in Australia and Canada this week, according to AdNews. Show More Summary

I Don't Know What This Is, But It's So Cool You Should Watch It

Video: I don’t know what Italian animators Salvatore Murgia and Dario Imbrogno mean by this: “OTTO is a video created with the intention to talk in a metaphorical and abstract way about the natural circle of events, which often switches the rules of the characters involved.” But I know you should watch it because it’s great. More »      

Good fences make good neighbors

This is really a very simple idea, but a hard one for a lot of people to grasp, probably due to the way our culture mystifies personal relationships. In the classic romance, the Other is only thought to really love you if they can anticipate your every need. Show More Summary

?These Are the Best Deep Field Shots of the Universe Ever

Today, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced that it has captured the most detailed deep field images of the universe ever achieved. Twenty new galaxies were caught during the exposure, and previously observed galaxies were...Show More Summary

Out Now: 'Overkill 3', 'Age of Sparta', 'Heavenstrike Rivals', 'Prison Life RPG', 'Striker Arena', 'Flop Rocket', 'Roid Rampage', 'Echo Dawn' and More

It has turned out to be a pretty darn busy night of new game releases, as I'm literally finishing up this list as all these games are arriving in the US App Store. They just kept on coming. Besides the big-name titles like Age of Sparta from Gameloft, Heavenstrike Rivals from Square Enix, and Overkill

Square Enix and Mediatonic's 'Heavenstrike Rivals' Launches Worldwide

Square Enix and developer Mediatonic announced Heavenstrike Rivals [] a few months ago, putting the game in soft launch. Well, that has ended and the game is at last available worldwide starting today, just ahead of the busy Thursday launch period for most of the world. This game from the prolific RPG publisher and the

This River Tidal Bore Makes People Surf For 15 Minutes Non-stop

This is the mascaret at the port of Saint-Pardon de Vayres, near the city of Bordeaux, a tidal bore that produces waves for 15 minutes of continuous surfing. One second the river is completely quiet, the next the waves break in, taking dozens of surfers with them. More »      

China Cracks Down on 'Western Values' in Textbooks, but Embraces Hollywood's 'Captain America'

HOLLYWOOD -- The Federalist Papers may be out, but "Captain America" is in. China's top education authorities have recently launched a campaign to curb the teaching of "Western values" in universities through primary texts that promote individual liberty, rule of law, an independent civil society and distrust of political authority. Show More Summary

Face Hacking: Transforming Our Future Visages With Digital Makeup

In a studio on a quiet street in the Shibuya prefecture of Tokyo, Nobumichi Asai is hacking human faces. By combining design, motion tracking, and projection mapping, Asai is pushing the limits of human appearance with his digital makeup. Show More Summary

This clever furniture can assemble itself

Imagine a world where you’d never have to try to decode one of those Ikea or Argos self-assembly instruction sheets ever again. (“Is this diagram upside down?”) Where furniture doesn’t need you to make it because it can be shipped flat and then pull itself together. Show More Summary

The craft of screen graphics and movie user interfaces – interview with Andrew Booth of BLIND LTD

At the intersection of art and technology, the ever-increasing importance of screen graphics in feature film reflects the expanding arc of human-computer interaction in our everyday lives and the pervasive presence of glass screens around us. Show More Summary

Retrowave: What Happens When Tron Mates With Back to the Future [Video]

Here’s an awesome retro-style animation that mashes the Tron universe with Back to the future. I just love seeing the Delorean Time Machine all aglow with neon lights. It’s beautiful! [Florian Renner | Via GT] Check out this wicked cool...Show More Summary

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