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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 26th, 2016

Hey, it's HighScalability time: The Pixar render farm in 1995 is half of an iPhone (@BenedictEvans) If you like this sort of Stuff then please support me on Patreon. 33.0%: of all retail goods sold online in the US are sold on Amazon;...Show More Summary

Apple's "boring" new iPhone 7 is going to be SO much better than any Android phone...

This past Monday we shared a video that showed a performance test pitting Samsung's brand new Galaxy Note 7 against Apple's year-old iPhone 6s. Instead of relying on benchmark testing to compare the two phones, this particular test used a different method intended to compare their performance during real-world usage. Show More Summary

New on Netflix: Every movie and TV show being added in September

It's always difficult to cope with the end of summer, but as the temperature drops and the days get shorter, at least we'll have a wide selection of new shows and movies to watch on Netflix. The streaming service revealed its September...Show More Summary

Watch Ellie Goulding’s brand new music video for the upcoming ‘Bridget Jones’ movie

There’s a third Bridget Jones movie coming out this year, and you'll probably see it as soon as it comes out, whether you’re a fan of the character, or because someone will drag you with them in a cinema this September. But until then you’ll probably hear Ellie Goulding’s brand new Still Falling For You single everywhere. Show More Summary

HTC's A9 15-day update pledge goes out the window

Travel back to October 2015, when the HTC A9 was shiny and new. Amid the controversy about the price and availability — too much and too little — or how it was just a copy of the iPhone that was just a copy of the HTC M9, there was a small glowing nugget of sunshine. Show More Summary

BotBeat: This week’s top bot stories

14 hours agoTechnology : Venture Beat

VentureBeat’s Bots Channel tracks all the important and interesting news related to the exploding field of bots and messaging. Each week we select the top stories and present them in in our free weekly newsletter, BotBeat. We include news stories by VentureBeat staff, guest articles from leading figures in the bots community and a good number of posts […]

Apple has patched the Pegasus malware, but here's what you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Pegasus malware and how Apple responded. Rene Ritchie has been covering Apple and the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editor-in-chief of iMore, executive editor for Mobile Nations,...Show More Summary

Actors Playing Presidents, From FDR to Obama

17 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Of all the movie presidents—not fictional presidents like Morgan Freeman’s President Tom Beck in Deep Impact, but rather, actors’ portrayals of real presidents—which one did his best? To help you decide, Candice Drouet put together a quick video showing actors playing presidents, including Robin Williams as Dwight D. Show More Summary

A Refrigerator Cooled by Rubber Bands

21 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

Ever noticed that a rubber band gets warmer when it’s stretched? The bands also get cooler when allowed to snap back to relaxed length? [Ben Krasnow] noticed, and he built a rubber band cooled refrigerator to demonstrate the concept....Show More Summary

Making Stop Motion Animation Looks Really Hard

21 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

I mean, the animator in the gif above changes his shirt at least four times before he’s able to make the Ninja Monkey doll walk, like, a couple of steps. That’s a lot of time spent animating the most basic of motions lasting just seconds. Show More Summary

Productivity and inclusion—Office 365 accessibility update

Accessibility enhancements releasing this quarter to Office 365 customers bring us closer to our goals of ensuring that people with disabilities can communicate, consume and create content on any device and that everyone can easily create content that is accessible for all people. Show More Summary

The Next Phase of Wearable Tech: Tattoos

This video introduces DuoSkin, a new piece of wearable tech co-developed by MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research. It’s a fantastic idea: a paint-on temporary tattoo whose circuitry makes it an on-skin interface with three practical applications. Show More Summary

This Guy's Gadget-Packed Batman Costume Earned Him a Guinness World Record

By now, there’s a Guinness World Record for just about any random accomplishment you can think of, including “most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit” which is currently held by Ireland’s Julian Checkley who managed to cram 23 different contraptions into his impressive Batsuit. Read more...

Watching Ice Cream Melt Up Close Will Make You Want Ice Cream Real Bad

Time-lapse footage has the power to turn mundane things into the most fascinating video you’ve ever seen. Aside from making sure you don’t step in it, you’d probably barely notice ice cream melting on the sidewalk. But when the hours...Show More Summary

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