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NASA's Thermal Camera Turns Galapagos Volcano Into an Eruption from Hell

21 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

After 33 years without a peep, the highest volcano in the Galapagos began belching hot magma in May. The eruption was pretty badass on its own, but a new NASA photo, digitally altered to look as if rivers of black lava are streaming down a red mountainside, makes it look like it occurred in an otherworldly hell. Read more...

Bricasso Made From Legos Prints Lego Art

  You don’t have to be a fan of Lego to appreciate the awesomeness of the Bricasso. It’s an aptly-named printer that prints Lego mosaic art, and the coolest part

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explains his No. 1 management principle

Since becoming CEO in 2009, Jeff Weiner has led LinkedIn to become a network of 364 million registered users with offices in 30 countries and a market cap of $26 billion. Weiner's leadership style has earned him the trust of founder and chairman Reid Hoffman, his team, and LinkedIn investors. Show More Summary

Having My Mind Changed About Bitcoin: How Dr. Shapiro Did It

As I walked around TechCrunch Disrupt NYC recently, I was bombarded with messaging, product demos and pitches. Until I met a young lady who didn't know I was a tech journo. She had one goal, after I announced that "Bitcoin isn't my thing." To change my mind. Show More Summary

This Yoga Studio Wants to Make “Yoga with Cats” a Thing

NORTH CAROLINA, United States (SND) — A yoga studio in Asheville, North Carolina wants to keep the ancient art of stretching and meditation from getting too stale, and they’re doing it with cats. The Little Volcano yoga studio will host their first “Yoga with Cats” session July 12th, and all proceeds will go directly to the local Brother […]

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Receives Lost City Part 2 Update

Following the release of the initial Lost City content update in Plants vs. Zombies 2, EA Mobile released (and showed off) the second half of the update, entitled Lost City Part 2. This new update includes 16 additional tower defense...Show More Summary

Read Write Web — Q2 Summary — 2015

Summary Q2 was a relatively quiet, yet has seen quite a bit of progress.  Some work is being done on the EU INSPIRE directive and ESWC took place in Slovenia with some interesting demos.  One that caught the eye was QueryVOWL, a visual query language, for linked data. Show More Summary

Why Social Media Stunts Rarely Work Out

We’ve all seen the flash-in-the-pan-style social media stunts put on by large companies. They’re usually either attempts at guerrilla marketing or clever, calculated tactics designed to capture the interest of a fickle and powerful market. Take,...Show More Summary

Microsoft's Latest Quest Into Digital Worlds May One Day Help Robots See

6 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Microsoft really wants to blur the line between the digital and real worlds. While HoloLens can stick humans in a bizarro universe filled with holograms and Minecraft blocks, a new program could eventually help robots and self-driving cars better “see” their surroundings. Read more...

Hands-On Video Preview of CivMiner, From the Makers of CivCrafter

AppSpy has a hands-on video preview of CivMiner, another hyper-addictive clicker game from Naquatic, the makers of CivCrafter. The post Hands-On Video Preview of CivMiner, From the Makers of CivCrafter appeared first on Slide to Play. The post Hands-On Video Preview of CivMiner, From the Makers of CivCrafter is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Lonnie Plays ‘Arrow’

Arrow is a barebones game of directing an arrow around obstacles. To see if its worth the memory it takes up on your iOS device, check out Lonnie’s gameplay video above. The post Lonnie Plays ‘Arrow’ appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Arrow » The post Lonnie Plays ‘Arrow’ is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

You Can Now Play the Bible Game Nintendo Didn’t Want on the Super Nintendo

Time to put the animals to rest. Credit: Piko Interactive There’s a funny rumor about Super 3-D Noah’s Ark, a retro, family-friendly first-person biblical adventure that was just rereleased on Steam, as well as as a replica cartridge, for its 20th anniversary. Show More Summary

The top 10 most viewed YouTube coming-out videos of all time will bring you to tears

Coming out as gay can feel like an isolating experience — but YouTube users are proving it doesn't have to be. The YouTube coming-out video has become its own mini-genre in the past few years. Actress Ellen Page,  Olympian Tom Daley,...Show More Summary

Piloteer Video Review: Fun Failure

Ragdoll physics game Piloteer is all about learning to fly with a jetpack — an activity humankind was never meant to undertake. PC Magazine says it’s a fun undertaking, even if it’s painful-looking at times (humans should not bend that...Show More Summary

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Video Review – Solid, but Not Surprising

AppSpy has a video review of LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham. The game allegedly contains the same levels of fun and humor you’d expect from a LEGO game, but the formula is wearing a bit thin. The post LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Video Review...Show More Summary

Lonnie Plays ‘Noscope Flappy’ and ‘DLC Simulator’

If you ever thought Flappy Bird was too easy and wished for distractions, you’ll want to check out Noscope Flappy. That’s just what our favorite YouTuber did, along with an insane sniping game. Check it out above. The post Lonnie Plays...Show More Summary

Here's why that leaked video of Nintendo's next video game system is totally fake

People really, really like to create fake video game leaks. It's bizarre, but it's the truth – there are apparently lots of folks out there with lots of extra time to try and fool the millions of rabid game fans worldwide. Imagine our surprise when the video above popped up overnight, purporting to be a "leak" of Nintendo's next game console. Show More Summary

Everything You Need To Know About Hulk Hogan vs Gawker

Since late 2012, the 62-year-old ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan has been trying to convince various courts that he has been emotionally distressed, and his privacy grossly invaded, by Gawker's publication of a 101-second excerpt of a sex tape depicting himself and his friend's wife, Heather Clem, in flagrante delicto. Show More Summary

This Prototype Holographic Heads-Up Display Is What Google Glass Should've Been

Google Glass may be dead for the moment, but researchers from the UK’s National Physical Laboratory and manufacturer Colour Holographic, say they’ve developed an alternative device that could that would let people see holographic digital...Show More Summary

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