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Uber's driver app now serves the hearing impaired

More often than not, most features released by Uber are designed for its customers, not drivers. Today, though, the ridesharing firm is making some changes to help a specific group of people behind the wheel: those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Show More Summary

Woman Performs Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ In Sign Language [Video]

Eminem’s hit song ‘Lose Yourself’ topped the charts and starred in a major movie, but one woman just took it to the next level. American Sign Language interpreter, Shelby Mitchusson performed the rap song on YouTube and the results are epic. The soon-to-be Internet sensation has also been known to interpret hardcore rock songs at […]

Announcing the Material Design Showcase and Awards

Posted by Rich Fulcher, Material Design Team When we first announced material design in June 2014, we shared an aspirational highlights reel that demonstrated key material principles for motion, interaction, and visual design across a range of hypothetical apps. Show More Summary

Lonnie Plays Magnetized

Magnetized is a neat li’l game in which you must keep a moving magnet on a track by touching other magnets located around the track to turn it. Watch the video above to see how it turns out when Lonnie gives it a try. More about Magnetized » The post Lonnie Plays Magnetized is from Slide To Play via YouTube.

YouTube A to Z #HappyBirthdayYouTube

Every adventure starts somewhere, and YouTube’s began on Saturday, April 23, 2005, when "Me at the Zoo" became the first video uploaded to a new site no one had ever heard of. Captured at California's San Diego Zoo, the clip is a 19-second description of what exactly makes elephants so cool. Show More Summary

A History of Android, From Cupcake to M

6 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Android was born in early November 2007. Since then, it’s grown up to be one of the most dominant operating systems in the world. But that didn’t just happen overnight. Like all of us, Android went through some awkward years and learned some hard lessons before becoming the OS it is today. Read more...

'The Talos Principle' Launches on Android, and an iOS Release Isn't Impossible

Here's a surprise: Devolver Digital and Croteam's The Talos Principle, one of the top PC games of 2014, is out now on Android. But while it appears to be an exclusive to Nvidia hardware, there may be a little hope for iOS devices to get this game someday. This first-person puzzle game has you solving

Why Did Twitter Ban Chuck C. Johnson?

On Saturday, Chuck C. Johnson invited his Twitter followers to send some money his way so that he could focus on his latest project: “taking out” the civil rights activist Deray McKesson. Johnson is a 26-year-old California man who has...Show More Summary

MIT's Robot Cheetah Can Hurdle Obstacles Now

Cheetahs are among the most badass cats, which is no small honor. Not only are they the fastest land animals in the world, they are also endowed with incredible agility and quick reflexes. Naturally, this combination of traits is too...Show More Summary

'Queen: Play the Game' is Out, Promises a Kind of Magic

One of the best rock bands in history (if not the best) has just hit the App Store (unfortunately with a pretty plain and not very Freddy Mercury-looking app icon). Queen: Play the Game [$2.99] has just dropped on the App Store like a shooting star promising its players a kind of magic unlike that

'Oraia Rift: Oracle of Oraia' is a Promising Zelda-like Game Coming in 2015

I remember spending countless hours on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my Nintendo 64, so when a developer promises a Zelda-inspired title, I sit up and listen. While most developer attempts at capturing Zelda's magic end up in disappointment or in games that maybe try too hard to copy Zelda (Oceanhorn could

'Dynamix' Review - Briefly Brilliant

This game almost completely slipped under my radar. It released last week to virtually no hype or buzz at all. I downloaded it along with a bunch of other weekly releases and nearly forgot about it entirely. Man am I glad that I decided to boot it up while cleaning my phone's storage instead of

Noodlecake is Publishing Roguelike Shoot 'em Up 'Shooting Stars' This Summer

Not long ago, we wrote about Shooting Stars, the impressive-looking shoot 'em up with roguelike elements from Bloodirony Games. We thought it looked pretty great. Well, Noodlecake Games apparently thought so, too, and have announced that they're picking the game up for publication and will be helping out with the game's development. Noodlecake says they'll

Every Action Movie Trailer Sounds Like a Thousand Computers Powering Down

Have you noticed that nearly every recent action movie trailer includes the same dramatic sound—one that can only be described as the combination of a thousand computer servers shutting down? One YouTube user has compiled clips fromShow More Summary

(VIDEO) Programmatic Audio Ads Get '100% Attention': Xaxis' Bidon

So far, the discussion of so-called "programmatic", automated digital advertising trading has centered on online display and video advertising. But what about advertising in content that no-one can see? Last month, GroupM's Xaxis programmatic...Show More Summary

'Drylands' Review - A Great RPG/Platformer that's Anything But Dry

It's one thing for a game to promise players the moon and the stars, and it's another for it to actually come close to delivering what it promised. Angry Bugs' Drylands [$2.99] has managed to both promise and deliver a great iOS game that manages to artfully blend RPG and platformer. A few weeks ago, I

'Vainglory' 1.5 Update is Out, Bringing a New Hero and Some Big Changes

Vainglory [Free], the superb mobile MOBA, has just been updated, and it has introduced a new hero and made the App Universal. The Fortress Update, as the developers are calling it, added a new hero called, surprisingly, Fortress. Fortress will be unlockable only with ICE for the first 7 days, and then you'll be able to

'Jenny LeClue - Playable Teaser' is a Rarely-Allowed Demo on the App Store

The console side of gaming has been abuzz about P.T., short for "Playable Teaser", which was a taste of the upcoming Silent Hills being headed up by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Well, that was before Konami canceled the game under mysterious circumstances and pulled said teaser. Well, P.T. may be dead, but the

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