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Look at me with your Special Animatronic Eyes

Animatronics for movies is often about making something that works and is reliable in the short term. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to last forever. [Corporate Sellout]  shows us the minimalist approach to building animatronics with this pair of special eyes. Show More Summary

World of Warcraft as an Oldschool NES Game [Video]

What if World of Warcraft was released on the NES? A video by Youtuber Rkade Soup. [Rkade Soup] The post World of Warcraft as an Oldschool NES Game [Video] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

This bug will freeze your iPhone if you’re dumb enough to try

Given enough determination or pure luck, a device user will always find ways to freeze a gadget’s software. That’s exactly what happened with an iPhone user who discovered a way of freezing iOS by pressing a combination of menu options. Show More Summary

Why highways should isolate self-driving cars in special smart lanes

GUEST: The race is on. Tech giants like Google, Tesla and most car makers — from Toyota to Ford and Volvo — are betting billions to get intelligent self-driving cars on the road as soon as possible. Earlier this month, Apple became the 30th company to be granted permission to test autonomous vehicles on California by the […]

Why a delayed iPhone 8 launch would make sense

For the last seven or eight years, Apple has followed a boring and predictable pattern. Every fall, a series of Apple execs are wheeled on stage in California to explain why the old iPhone is toast, the new iPhone is here, and you have...Show More Summary

Grand Theft Auto V vs. Google Earth reveals Rockstar’s attention to detail

Rockstar’s game are often called “open-world crime simulators,” but you could just as easily call Grand Theft Auto V “virtual tourism.” A new video compares a few of the locales in GTA V’s Californian facsimile to the real world using the Google Earth app, and the results reveal a game setting that feels close to […]

A NES Style version of Zelda Breath of the Wild [Video + Demo]

From Micropig Gaming: I’m working hard on the next version of Breath of the NES, my Zelda fangame ???? Now including a ton of graphical improvements and gameplay improvements! If you prefer a classic NES style look, though all of the visual...Show More Summary

Amazing Sailor Moon Figure Skating Routine [Video]

An amazing Sailor Moon figure skating routine by two-time world champion Russian skater Evgenia Medvedeva. Filmed at the World Team Trophy 2017 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. [1tvDance] The post Amazing Sailor Moon Figure Skating Routine [Video] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

MrMobile's Top Notch Tech

Not every gadget that arrives at the MrMobile studio gets the full-review treatment … and not all of it fits into our short-and-sweet Facebook videos either. So every once in a while I do a roundup of my favorite random tech from the fringes. Show More Summary

Adam Savage Walks Incognito as Chewbacca (Wearing C-3PO) at Silicon Valley Comic Con

For this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam goes incognito in one of his favorite cosplays–Chewbacca! This upgraded Chewie is a bit different than the Wookiee costume he wore a few years back, with a new bandolier, bowcaster, and mask. Show More Summary

MU ORIGIN - [Sponsor] Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update to MU Origin

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, MU Origin from Webzen. The latest update for the Korean Developer’s MMORPG MU Origin has added some exciting new content to the epic real-time adventure. Ever fancied teaming up with up to 100 other players for a massive PvP battle? Well you’re in luck then. Show More Summary

The YouTube Kids app is now available on even more screens!

Love using the YouTube Kids app on your phone and tablet? Well, we’re excited to announce that now you can enjoy your favorite videos on select smart TVs too!Since launching just over two years ago, the YouTube Kids app has become the...Show More Summary

How Cyclops Became The Most Hated Marvel Character (And a Really, Really Lousy Lover)

As one of the original Uncanny X-Men back in 1963, Cyclops had a ton of potential. He’s always been a key member of the mutant squad, and his eyes can basically punch things, so you’d think that would warrant a little more respect around the Marvel Universe. Show More Summary

CEO of robot company says his creepy headless machines could soon roam the streets

Marc Raibert lives in the uncanny valley — and he thinks you should, too. Raibert, founder and CEO of the robotics company Boston Dynamics, gave an April 25 TED talk in which he outlined the many uses his robots could have in the near future. Imagine Spot, a robot dog, moseying up to your front door to deliver a package. Show More Summary

Uber just unveiled its ambitious flying taxi plan — but it will have a lot of competition (GOOGL)

Uber just revealed new details about its flying taxi project. At a Tuesday conference in Dallas, Uber revealed it will demo the futuristic transport system in 2020 with the help of partners like Embraer and Aurora Flight Sciences. It's...Show More Summary

Around the Globe on World Create Day

Last weekend was great for science and technology. While thousands of people took to the streets to protest anti-intellectualism, a few members of the Hackaday community dug their heels in, turned on the soldering iron, and actually did something about it. Show More Summary

We just got our first glimpse of Uber's vision for flying taxis

Uber will partner with Aurora Flight Sciences on its ambitious flying taxi project, Aurora first announced in a press release Tuesday. Aurora Flight Sciences is an aviation and aeronautics research company specializing in the design of unmanned aircrafts. Show More Summary

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