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Did GTA 5 just receive a massive graphics downgrade?

That’s the question that YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits is trying to answer after GTA 5 players started noticing that vehicle collisions didn’t look quite right following the latest updates to the game. In order to discover the truth, “the...Show More Summary

'Gunpowder' Brings Explosive Puzzles and Whimsical Art Next Week

Gunpowder, a Wild West-themed physics puzzler with an attractive classic cartoon art style, is set to hit the App Store on March 31 for $4.99 as a new entrant in Apple’s “Pay Once and Play” category. It comes to us from indie developer Rogue Rocket Games, whose co-founders previously worked on titles like Earthworm Jim

How New 5G Networks Will Deliver Terabit-per-second Performance

The mobile industry is beginning to experiment with new 5G data technology, and the results are mind-blowing. Some early tests have achieved 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) speeds — enough to download 10 full-length feature films in under a second. Show More Summary

A CD Shattering, Seen At 170,000fps, Is Just Mesmerizing

17 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Oh Gizmo!

If you aren’t subscribed to the Slow Mo Guy’s YouTube Channel, you really should. They’re always coming out with cool videos showing what happens to stuff in super slow motion.

Noodlecake's 'Brickies' Looks Like a Rad Brick-Breaker, Check Out the New Trailer

GDC 2015 was a crazy-busy time, such that I didn't get to see much of the Noodlecake Games folks there, and Eli took the meeting with them. Thankfully, I got to see Super Stickman Golf 3, but one of the games I missed was the Ink Vial-developed Brickies, which Eli wrote about. There's plenty of

The NYPD's newest technology may end up recording conversations

The NYPD's latest anti-crime program may be more invasive than it seems. Called ShotSpotter, this technology claims to help police reduce gun violence by monitoring public streets for loud noises. The problem is: ShotSpotter may also be able to record conversations, Fusion reports. Show More Summary

Forge Powered Java EE Rapid Application Development Comes to NetBeans!

Forge has been a great tool for Rapid Application Development (RAD) with Java EE (for sake of nostalgia it is basically the descendant of the awesome seam-gen tool of the Java EE 5 era). As powerful as Forge is, one of it's drawbacks had been that it is very heavily command-line driven with many commands and sub-commands to learn. Show More Summary

This guy tricked CBS into thinking he was a completely heartbroken One Direction fan

After the news broke yesterday that Zayn Malik would be leaving wildly popular boy band One Direction, teenagers hopped on Vine to record 6-second loop videos of themselves crying over Malik's departure and the band's future. Lots of...Show More Summary

Someone hacked Tinder and got a bunch of dudes to flirt with one another

One programmer was looking to have a little fun on Tinder, so instead of using the swipe-right-and-connect dating app to meet a potential significant other, he decided to alter Tinder's API to "create a catfish machine" that got a bunch of dudes to flirt with each other when they thought they were hitting on women. Show More Summary

The most important event, ever

IIW XX, the 20th Internet Identity Workshop, comes at a critical inflection point in the history of VRM: Vendor Relationship Management, the only business movement working toward giving you both independence from the silos and walled gardens of the world; and better means for engaging with every business in the world — your way, rather […]

SNES Headphones Cry for Bluetooth Has Been Answered

A year and a half ago we ran a post about a SNES controller modified into a pair of headphones. They were certainly nice looking and creative headphones but the buttons, although present, were not functional. The title of the original...Show More Summary

‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Hits the US App Store

Well folks, after an acclaimed review, a behind-the-scenes interview with its producers, and a thorough exploration on the longevity of the game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is finally (pun intended) available on the US App Store. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the game is being released for free and is one of the most generous freemium RPGs

The 10 Best Episodes Of Top Gear, Ever

Jeremy Clarkson was fired today. It’s looking more and more likely that Top Gear won’t survive in any recognisable form, with James May sounding down on the possibility of continuing and Richard Hammond calling it “the end of an era”. With...Show More Summary

'The Trace' Review - Tracing Clues and Taking Names

One of my favorite gaming experiences back in the late 1980s was playing the fantastic Police Quest series by Sierra Entertainment. I had perhaps too much fun playing the cop and roaming the streets as an incompetent instrument of justice. So, I was quite happy that The Trace [$4.99], the new game by British award-winning games

Joining us at Outside Lands? We ranked all 70 bands by whether you should see them or not

One of the coolest things about covering technology in 2015 is that because virtually every industry has been upended by the Internet and software, just about every topic — from politics to culture to science — is also a story aboutShow More Summary

Facebook Is Ushering In the Age of Social Virtual Reality With Spherical Videos

At Facebook's annual developers conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg announced the company's first step towards social virtual realityand the future, according to Facebook, is spherical. In a video demonstration on stage, Facebook presented footage shot by a multiple camera rig towering high above a picturesque Mediterranean town. Show More Summary

Watching a CD spin so fast that it gets warped and shatters is so fun

The Slow Mo Guys spun a CD (a Spotify playlist shaped like a circle mirror, kids) so fast that it started warping and then eventually shattered into a hundred little pieces. You can see the disc spinning at 23,000 RPM and getting bent out of shape until it just gives out, all at once. So cool. Read more...

10 of the bravest moves Steve Jobs made at Apple (AAPL)

Steve Jobs was known for his bold vision, but that kind of success doesn't come without taking any risks. Jobs co-founded Apple and brought the company back to life after he briefly left, saving it from crashing. That meant making hard choices and going with decisions he wasn't sure were going to work out. Show More Summary

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