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Troubled startup Zenefits might have lost its biggest customer — another startup

Fast-growing, but troubled startup Zenefits may have more issues under its hood than the sudden resignation of its outspoken founder CEO, the problems with its culture, missed internal revenue targets, and potentially huge problems with...Show More Summary

Vector Networks, and Alternative to Paths

Evan Wallace Before I co-founded Figma my background was in game development, not in design. I remember being very surprised when I first encountered modern vector editing tools. Many of the interactions felt broken. Why couldn’t you...Show More Summary

Constant Innovation and Useless Ducks

[Mike]’s hacks aren’t breathtaking in their complexity, but they got a good chuckle out of us. [Mike], the CEO of The Useless Duck Company, lives in a hub of innovation somewhere in Canada, where he comes up with useful gadgets suchShow More Summary

The only way to get out of Amazon's terms of service is a zombie apocalypse (AMZN)

Only the fall of civilization from a widespread zombie attack will release you from Amazon’s terms of service for one of its new products. The company just released a game engine called Lumberyard that gives developers a bunch of free...Show More Summary

New 'Jack B. Nimble' Dev Log Videos Show Some Upcoming New Features

It seems crazy that the release of Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] was well over a year ago, back in September of 2014. This plucky little runner combined the simplistic running and jumping of a typical runner but added in an extra dimension with the ability to crack a whip mid-jump, making it feel like the

After his company took a $2 billion haircut in one day, Tableau CFO explains why he's not changing course (DATA)

On Thursday, the darling of the big data enterprise software world, Tableau Software, shared some painfully disappointing news that sent its shares tumbling. It expected a soft 2016 in both revenue and profits and the stock price got murdered. Show More Summary

Giving WiFi To An Apple Newton

The Apple Newton gets a bad rap, partly because of the bad handwriting recognition of the first version of the firmware, and mostly because Steve Jobs hated it. Those who know of the Newton love the Newton; it has an exceptionally well-designed...Show More Summary

Why Do We Need Technology?

The only way to report on something as powerful as technology is to take a critical look at its relationship with the end user and everyone else.

This video separates the hype from the reality of genetically modified foods

The debate over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, is full of hype and misinformation. But a YouTube video made by the channel Piffle does an excellent job of explaining what a GMO is, and breaking down the science behind it. Humans have been breeding plants to have desirable traits for thousands of years. Show More Summary

Cheer on This 3D-Printed Stop-Motion Baby As it Runs All Over the World

Until today, there really wasn’t a good reason for any sane human to buy a consumer 3D printer. But thanks to animator Eran Amir, the tech has a raison d’etre: So that everyone can 3D print tiny baby sculptures and use them to shoot hilarious timelapse videos of an albino infant sprinting around the world. It should have been so obvious all along. Read more...

Candidates, Lies and the Internet

"The Internet and technology are incredibly important," Carly Fiorina said in response to an audience member on a snowy Friday in New Hampshire. Of course it is, but what would Fiorina do as president to ensure that Internet access is more affordable? That's when Fiorina fishtailed into a ditch. Show More Summary

Drone Racing Is Starting to Look More Exciting Than a Top Gun Dogfight

Racing drones still isn’t considered as challenging as other vehicular sports given the pilots aren’t actually inside the vehicles they’re controlling. But watching the first-person footage of this drone absolutely tearing through a packed warehouse, you can’t argue there isn’t a ton of skill required. Read more...

Retrotechtacular: Cut All the Cables in this Speedy Teleco Switch Upgrade

In this short but intense classic of corporate cinematography, we get to watch as the Pacific Bell central office in Glendale, California is converted to electronic switching in a 47-second frenzy of cable cutting in 1984. In the 1970s...Show More Summary

The first trailer for Netflix's 'Fuller House' is here — and it's full of memories

The Tanners  (and Kimmy)  are almost back.   Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber stopped by "Ellen" today to talk about reuniting for the upcoming "Full House" spin-off, and they showed the trailer for Netflix's "Fuller...Show More Summary

ICYMI: Robot news round-up, 3D hand scanner and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: iRobot sold its line of military robots to a US-based firm to focus on Roomba and a new chameleon robot changes color to blend in; a student built a 3D scanner with cameras and Raspberry Pi that is much...Show More Summary

Is Social Media Making Us Dumb?

It’s 2016, and Skynet doesn’t need to send Terminators to wipe us out. A new gaming app ought to do the trick. I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed, made starving and hysterical by Kim and Amber posting a selfie. The over-the-top tomfoolery of the current election in the U.S. Show More Summary

In Just 0.887 Seconds Another Machine Has Already Shattered the Rubik's Cube World Record

In early February, Jay Flatland and Paul Rose’s Rubik’s Cube-solving machine set a new world record with an astonishing time of just 0.9 seconds. But just two days before that happened, a new contender, Adam Beer’s Sub1, managed to solve a cube in just 0.887 seconds. Read more...

The Apple TV is going to get easier to use after Apple added voice dictation (AAPL)

Apple has released iOS 9.2 beta 3 for the Apple TV, which includes a much simpler way to control the device.  Inputting text on the TV was a struggle before as each character had to be selected via the remote. Now, however, Siri does...Show More Summary

Where Did Your Egg Come From?

Every industry has a few bad eggs. For the egg industry, it was DeCoster Egg Farms. In 2010, DeCoster was harboring foul cages full of sick hens. Those hens laid 550 million eggs tainted with a toxic strain of Salmonella enteritidis, which in turn ended up on grocery store shelves. Show More Summary

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