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100 incredible movies that everyone needs to see before they die

There is an overwhelming amount of media to consume in 2016. You can catch up on the latest episodes of a network TV show, go to the theater to watch a multi-million dollar blockbuster, log in to Netflix to binge on the latest original...Show More Summary

Try Not to Smile While This Blind YouTuber Takes a Delightful Rollercoaster Ride

22 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

For the past four years, Tommy Edison has vlogged his experience as a blind man in a world full of people who can see. Some of these videos are revelatory, like when he explains how the blind use money, or what his dreams are like. Today he decided to find out what riding a rollercoaster feels like. Read more...

If the future of virtual reality looks like this, we’re all doomed

Our dystopian, tech-dominated future is always said to be an ad-invested hell where we're all slaves to our devices. But what would that actually look like? This video shows you, and it's really not pretty. Hyper-Reality is a digital...Show More Summary

Watch Samsung’s rollable OLED smartphone display unfold before your eyes

For years, Samsung  has teased fans with flexible and foldable smartphones and tablets, but the company is yet to released any commercial product that people can prod and poke and buy. Sure, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 both have “edge”...Show More Summary

Watch AMC’s ‘Preacher’ pilot free on YouTube

The summer TV lineup has become increasingly watchable over the past few years. Even with Game of Thrones ending in a few weeks, there will still be plenty of worthwhile television to keep up with, perhaps most notably AMC's new supernatural...Show More Summary

How to take super-secret sneaky selfies

Selfies may be getting a bad rap these days, but we show you how to take a #sneakyselfie without getting judged! Did you know that selfie sticks are illegal to carry at Disney World? It's true: The Mouse House will confiscate any selfie sticks they find. Show More Summary

Microsoft will reportedly introduce new Xbox streaming devices next month

Microsoft is expected to announce some exciting new updates for Xbox at E3 next month. Now, according to a new report from the Sams Report, Microsoft is working on two new Xbox devices which the company will show off at E3 in June. The first device, which will be a Chromecast-like device will reportedly allow users to […]

Mirrored Footage of Giant Soap Bubbles Is Better Than an Acid Trip

The same soap bubbles that fascinated you as a toddler can be just as engaging when you’re all grown up. They just need to be super-sized, filmed in glorious 4K, and then manipulated in post-production with a mirror effect that turns them into undulating alien-like blobs. Cue up some Led Zeppelin and let your mind go to mush during your lunch break. Read more...

Watch ‘Chewbacca mom’ take James Corden to work and freak out meeting J.J. Abrams

Unless you’ve been disconnected from the Internet this past weekend – and who does that, am I right? – you’ve probably seen and shared the hilarious Chewbacca mom video on Facebook. The clip shows a Texas woman trying out a Chewbacca mask and enjoying every minute of it. Show More Summary

This massive multiplayer Bop It is a childhood dream come true

Bop It has returned, and it's more addictive (and difficult) than ever. A group of inventors called the PSI Makers showed off a massive, multiplayer Bop It at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, last weekend. Kids were lining up...Show More Summary

China wants to battle traffic jams with this crazy futuristic bus

Traffic congestion is a problem that many cities across the globe continue to struggle with. And while some cities have come up with their own ways to deal with congestion, whether it be a push for public transportation or constructing...Show More Summary

This 3D printer makes pancakes that look like Steve Wozniak and R2-D2

The new breakfast of champions might just be 3D-printed. A contraption called the PancakeBot pours batter onto a griddle using 3D printing technology with incredible precision. Users can print flapjacks featuring various designs andShow More Summary

Chinese cities might start using 'straddling buses' that carry 1,400 people at a time

If you start seeing long worm-like vehicles swallowing up cars on Chinese highways, don't be alarmed. The country is just solving its massive traffic problem. These odd-looking vehicles are known as "straddling buses." They're essentially oversized trains that have been hollowed out to allow cars to pass through — sort of like a mobile tunnel. Show More Summary

These three dumb examples prove that copyright is broken

If you've spent a significant amount of time on the internet, you've probably heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the badly-thought-out piece of legislation that governs using stuff on the internet. That it's broken...Show More Summary

3 awesome Netflix hacks that need to be real

About two times a year, Netflix holds an internal hackathon where employees are encouraged to come up with creative ideas and explore new technologies, both in software and hardware, that tend to fall outside of their day-to-day job description. Show More Summary

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