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'Final Fantasy: Record Keeper' Updated With New Realms, Characters

DeNA’s Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [Free] has been consistently updated on a weekly basis since its release with limited time events that offered the opportunity to unlock a few characters. This week’s update doesn’t follow the same vein but instead focuses on expanding the game’s core content. As of Tuesday night, players can unlock new records in

Microsoft Word Spells the Names of Game of Thrones Characters Better Than You Can

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Microsoft Word knows more than you might expect. When Slate’s Jonathan Fischer sat down to write his review of the latest Game of Thrones season, he encountered an unexpected difficulty: It’s very hard to spell the name Daenerys. Show More Summary

'Leo's Fortune' Gets $0.99 Flash Sale on Game's First Anniversary

Leo's Fortune [$0.99] has been out for about a year now, and it's kind of crazy because it won an Apple Design Award almost immediately after release. It's felt like something of an iOS platformer institution ever since it came out. The good news is that now on the game's one-year anniversary, you can pick

'Game of Thrones Ascent' Gets 'Fire & Blood' Expansion and New Season 5 Content

Disruptor Beam's Game of Thrones Ascent [Free] had a cool thing going for it last year, where it tied in events from season 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones into its own game. Well, the good news is that they're continuing it for season 5 with new content drops, and have also launched a big

Cecily Strong Isn’t Afraid to Roast Obama

Even Cecily Strong was shocked to learn that she’ll be hosting this year’s annual White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner on Saturday. The SNL comedian first heard the news from her dad, and she didn’t believe him. She thought he was the one who had been invited. Show More Summary

Rand Paul has been taking poker lessons from the notorious 'King of Instagram' and Snapchatting it

In Rand Paul's most recent Snapchat story, the presidential hopeful shared a clip of himself taking poker lessons from famed "King of Instagram," Dan Bilzerian. Welcome to 2015! Bilzerian, who has become an internet superstar after amassing...Show More Summary

Naquatic's 'Basketball Showdown 2015' Brings 'CivCrafter'-Style Clans to Basketball

Naquatic may have ruined your life with CivCrafter [Free] and its inordinately-deep clicker gameplay, but thankfully they're here to calm things down with their next game, Basketball Showdown 2015, releasing next week on April 30th. However, there's an aspect of CivCrafter that's coming to this follow-up to one of Naquatic's most popular games, Basketball Showdown

Inspired Twitter Marketing: 3 Accounts Rocking Their 140 Characters

I don’t need to be the man who cried “obvious.” Twitter marketing is already well established as a way for online and offline businesses to promote themselves, their products, and drive website traffic. I’m not here to convince you of that. Show More Summary

People are already testing how long the Apple Watch can survive underwater (AAPL)

People all over the world are receiving their Apple Watches in the mail today, and 9to5Mac discovered that the FoneFox team in Australia has already started testing how long the watch can survive underwater. Apple officially states that...Show More Summary

Apple Watch waterproofness tested, unaffected by 15 minutes of submersion (Video)

Over in Australia, the team at FoneFox have already been putting the Apple Watch through its paces underwater. Apple claims an IPX7 water-resistance rating for its device, which means it can withstand 1 metre of submersion for 30 minutes. However, companies often conservatively state the limits of waterproofness for legal reasons. The team at FoneFox found this […]

Armagedrones Wreak Mischievous Havoc in a Toy Store [Short Film]

A pair of armagedrones, with a duo of mischievous kids at their helms, rampage through a toy store as the owner tries to catch them back. A fantastic short film by Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste. [BAD TOYS II] The post Armagedrones Wreak Mischievous Havoc in a Toy Store [Short Film] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Apple iPad Pro Release Rumors

Is Apple’s iPad Pro slated for a September release? At least one tech-based website thinks so. It is not surprising that leaked information regarding the iPad Pro is beginning to come out. The news of the device attempts...Show More Summary

Short Film Animates People's Stories About Their First Time

Video: Jonas Odell asked four different people about their first time having sex and then animated their stories in this wonderfully intimate short film. Some of the stories can get funny and familiar, other are touching and enlightening while another unfortunately is really sad. Show More Summary

Robottermilk Pancakes

With a name like that how could we possibly pass up featuring this one? Truly a hack, this pancake making robot was built in under 24 hours. [Carter Hurd], [Ryan Niemo], and [David Frank] won the 2015 Ohio State University Makethon with the project. The gantry runs on drawer sliders using belts from a RepRap. Show More Summary

YouTube turns ten today. But can it survive another ten years?

Ten years ago today, a grainy, 18-second video of a young man at the zoo was uploaded to the Internet. The cinematography was suspect at best, placing the man in the center of the frame, obscuring the two elephants behind him — which would seem to defeat the purpose of the clip. Show More Summary

Guy Uses Selfie Stick To Record Girlfriend And Mom Fighting [Watch]

“Video or it didn’t happen.” – This guy’s friends at school. Well. Nothing is private anymore. Privacy with all of the available social media and technology is an old term that used to mean something. So if this was 20 years ago. This girlfriend and his mother would have fought peacefully in the front of […]

Lonnie Plays Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is a strategic driving game about taking a stressful drive through a neighborhood in the 1970s. Lonnie is on it, with his trademark stream-of-consciousness monologue carrying us through to the end. In any case, the game looks totally bonkers and like a bunch of fun. Show More Summary

Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Invades 'Marvel Puzzle Quest', 'Marvel Contest of Champions' and 'Marvel/Zen Pinball',

It's no secret that Marvel is expecting their upcoming blockbuster movie Avengers: Age of Ultron to be a big deal, and there's no shortage of mobile game tie-ins happening to celebrate the movie's release. A brand new game, Marvel Future Fight, is already in soft-launch and will be releasing worldwide the day before the movie

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