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James Corden’s spoof of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ is absolutely amazing

Beyonce surprised fans on Saturday night with the release of a new album that was accompanied by an hour-long exclusive HBO show. Lemonade certainly made an impression, and Beyonce’s album became available exclusively on Tidal... for...Show More Summary

You can now play Minecraft in virtual reality

If there's one game that everyone has been dying to see make the transition to virtual reality, it's Minecraft. With its infinite, procedural generated worlds, it could be one of the first VR games with the ability to complete immerse...Show More Summary

Ultimate iPad speed shootout pits all 12 iPad models against each other

Since the release of the original iPad back in 2010, Apple's famed tablet has taken on a number of varied form factors; it's gotten smaller (iPad Mini), unbelievably thin (iPad Air), and more recently, it's gotten a whole lot biggerShow More Summary

Hands-on with the Nextbit Robin update — a major improvement

Nextbit has addressed issues with the Robin in the latest update, and we had a look to see how they did. Nextbit released the Android 6.0.1 update for the Robin, promising better performance and battery life, improved camera response and better audio tuning for both the front speakers and through the headphone jack. Show More Summary

How to Safely Land a Helicopter When the Motor Stops

Without a set of wings, you would assume that a helicopter couldn’t safely land like a gliding plane can in the event of an engine failure. But surprisingly, using some clever physics tricks, a skilled helicopter pilot can bring their craft in for a safe landing if its motor dies. It won’t just fall out of the sky. Read more...

How Social Engagement Skyrocketed at Western Union

Western Union conjures up visions of wiring money, not viral social content, but vice president of social media Karen O’Brien would like you to take a closer look.

The Open Source Hacker’s Laptop

[Tsvetan Usunov] has been Mr. Olimex for about twenty five years now, and since then, he’s been through a lot of laptops. Remember when power connectors were soldered directly to the motherboard? [Tsvetan] does, and he’s fixed his share of laptops. Show More Summary

There’s a new Batman movie that doesn’t star Ben Affleck and this is the first trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a real eye opener for a lot of people. We published a few posts about how vast the disparity was between critics' opinions and fans' opinions on the movie, and we subsequently received a flood of...Show More Summary

An Internet Plug-In Hides Mass Killers’ Names, Photos From Websites

The Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced on Wednesday a Google Chrome plug-in available for download that hides the names and images of mass shooters and killers from websites. The initiative, called Zero Minutes...Show More Summary

Watch: Trailer Released for Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Movie

The official trailer for the feature film Snowden, based on the life story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, was released Wednesday. Directed by Oliver Stone and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley and Nicolas Cage, the...Show More Summary

A new digital stage for The Sydney Opera House

Just say the word Australia, and people immediately think of the elegant sails of the Sydney Opera House, jutting out into the water of Circular Quay. An Australian icon, this architectural wonder transcends its location. And starting...Show More Summary

China Unveils Weaponized Robot Security Guard

An autonomous robot security guard equipped with weapons and intelligent video analysis equipment has been unveiled in China. The AnBot is China’s first “intelligent security robot,” according to state newspaper People’s Daily, and was...Show More Summary

My 100 Favorite Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part Five

Hey everyone! Here's part five of my 100 favorite programming, computer and science books. If you're just joining, please see part one, part two, part three and part four. I've been collecting and researching science, math, physics, programming books since 2001 or 2002, so it's close to 15 years of book research. Show More Summary

Hysterical video explains how Bernie Sanders is actually winning

According to the latest delegate count from RealClearPolitics, Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by 752 delegates. Even taking away the superdelegates that have pledged their support to Clinton, Sanders is still losing by a significant...Show More Summary

There's a fabulous commercial for Xbox going viral on YouTube and Microsoft had nothing to do with it

A YouTube video called "Player Two" is going viral on YouTube because it is a tear-jerking, super touching story. But the story of how and why it got made is just as heart warming. Here's a clue: Microsoft had nothing to do with it,Show More Summary

Alien hunters claim Venus has buildings

Space might very well be considered the “final frontier,” but according to alien hunters, intelligent life on Venus includes cities for its inhabitants. A 20-minute Spanish-language video posted to YouTube by mundodesconocido magnifies...Show More Summary

This freshly leaked Pokemon Go beta footage makes us want to hit Route 1 immediately

9 minutes of early-game footage showcases encountering Pokemon in the wild, competing for gym control, and eggs that hatch after you walk far enough.

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