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Space Origami Could Pack Big Structures into Tiny Satellites

Oxford Space Systems is developing materials for deployable structures that can fold without damage or creasing.

The surprising first thing ever sold online

It's that time of year again: when Americans start flinging open their physical and digital wallets to take advantage of huge sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, people spent a stunning $2.68 billion online on Cyber Monday...Show More Summary

Are "Meat Sweats" Real?

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

I will admit, I have never even heard of “the meat sweats” until I saw them mentioned on that one Progressive commercial. It’s a little-studied struggle that apparently strikes carnivores after a gratuitously meaty meal. Is it a legit scientific phenomenon, and if so, what happens to your body? Read more...

Fail of the Week: Dave Jones and the Case of the Terrible Tablet

Nothing spices up a quiet afternoon like the righteous indignance of an upset engineer, especially if that engineer is none other than [Dave Jones], on his EEVblog YouTube Channel. This week [Dave] has good reason to be upset. A viewer sent him what looked to be a nondescript 2010 era tablet from a company called Esinomed. Show More Summary

Here's What It Takes To Actually Make A Thanksgiving Dinner From Scratch

Video: If you’ve been anywhere on the internet over the past month, you’ll have seen Americans talking about Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard. There are so many dishes and only one kitchen to cook it all in, so many guests to serve and only so much time to prepare everything. Show More Summary

Raspberry Pi has launched an insanely small and cheap new computer

Budget computer company Raspberry Pi has launched a crazily cheap and small new computer. Pictured above, it's called the Raspberry Pi Zero, and it costs just $5 (£3.30). It boasts some pretty impressive specs, despite its price-point. Show More Summary

Microsoft rolls out a basic phone that's big on selfies

Microsoft today introduced the Nokia 230, a successor to the Nokia 130 from last year. In similar fashion to its predecessor, this new handset is geared toward developing markets as well, featuring a straightforward interface and an affordable $55 price tag. Show More Summary

Here's the mistake everyone makes when deep-frying turkeys

Deep-fried turkey is delicious but dangerous. Each year plenty of Americans whip out the turkey fryer and before Thanksgiving is over cause an estimated $15 million in property damage. That's because turkey fryers require a lot of hot oil to work — about three gallons of cooking oil should do the trick for a standard 30 quart frying pot. Show More Summary

Three Thanksgiving Recipes from Watson, the Computer that Won Jeopardy

The best part about Thanksgiving is going home to all of the delicious food that's been cooked for you by a computer.

Turntable Sequencer Keeps the Techno Beat

We’ve got to admit, we don’t have any idea what to call this hack. Artist [Graham Dunning] refers to it somewhat dryly as the “Mechanical Techno method”, but that doesn’t quite do it justice. We’re thinking “Turntable-sequencer-synthesizer-beat-box-dub-stepper thingy. Show More Summary

Thanksgiving marketing hits the Web, awkwardly

4 days agoTechnology : Post Tech

“Oh my gosh, so many people seem to have a gluten tolerance these days,” Martha Stewart said Wednesday to 4,000 viewers on her Facebook livestream, as she mixed crust in a food processor for what she called a lovely last-minute Thanksgiving pie. It was not just a moment for Stewart to dote on her favorite cooking tools, like a mahogany cylinder she […]

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin rips Elon Musk’s rocket company

Jeff Bezos' rocket company Blue Origins is hitting back at Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX. Before we get to what Blue Origin is saying about SpaceX, a quick recap. On Tuesday morning, Blue Origin hit an important milestone for it flew...Show More Summary

Apple's Christmas advert stars Stevie Wonder and Andra Daye (AAPL)

Apple's Christmas advert this year stars Stevie Wonder and Andra Daye. The spot, which is 1:30 long, starts with a Mac using VoiceOver before moving on to show scenes of a family together, complete with their Apple Watches.  "From our...Show More Summary

Here's what we'd like to see in the iPad Pro 2 (AAPL)

The iPad Pro is a good first generation device. The hardware is good, the software can cope, and the accessories are above average (even if they take five weeks to arrive). Overall, the reviews were positive, with praise coming from everyone who tried the device, even if it can't replace your laptop just yet. Show More Summary

Apple releases new 'Someday at Christmas' ad starring Stevie Wonder and Andra Day

Apple has posted a new video to its YouTube channel celebrating the upcoming Christmas holiday. The 90-second spot features Stevie Wonder and Andra Day singing the 1967 holiday song "Someday at Christmas," using a MacBook Pro and GarageBand to record. Show More Summary

The Macintosh TV: The worst of both worlds

While the newly revised Apple TV may be making headlines this month, the original box previewed in 2006 wasn't Apple's first major foray into television. For that, we need to take a trip to 1993. Hardware Clad in a ever-rare-for-the-1990s black case and matching accessories, the Macintosh TV was a LC520 with a few tricks up its sleeve. Show More Summary

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