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Punch Nazis in the Face in 'Kung Fury - The Game', Based on the Movie

If you play Kung Fury - The Game [Free] game, you'll get a free, ad-supported, action-brawler. It's similar to One Finger Death Punch [Free], where you tap left and right to attack enemies on either side of you, punching out Nazis, lady kung-fu warriors, and killer robots. You'd notice how the game has been made

Colorful Music Puzzler 'har•mo•ny 3' Releases This June

BorderLeap's har•mo•ny series has been kicking around for a while, with a couple of well-received entries, and har•mo•ny 2 [$3.99] in particular was the beneficiary of regular featuring by Apple. Now, BorderLeap's got a third game in the series in the works, appropriately titled har•mo•ny 3. The game is promising more vibrant colors and beautiful

Friendly Reminder: 'Portal Pinball' is Now Available and it Comes with Free Cake!

Earlier this month Zen Studios and Valve announced a partnership that was to bring a Portal-themed pinball table to the multitude of digital platforms where Zen's pinball games are available. And that includes iOS! It arrived a wee bit later than the normal weekly releases, so just consider this a friendly reminder that both a

Through the Google lens: Search trends May 22-28

From corruption charges rocking the football world to a 50-foot dinosaur, here’s a look at what everyone was searching this week:Deadly storms in TexasWidespread flooding caused by heavy rains in Texas and Oklahoma has left many dead, missing or unaccounted for, along with seriously damaged property and abandoned vehicles. Show More Summary

Split keyboard and multi-window are just a few tricks Android M has in store for tablet owners [VIDEO]

Google's announced quite a few improvements with Android M but not everything was announced on stage. In this post, we take at some of the new features tablet owners are going to fall in love with.

'Hyperburner' Hands-On Preview: Gorgeous, But I Just Crashed Again

Hyperburner was the kind of game that I was immediately taken by thanks to its promise of gorgeous worlds and quick-reaction gameplay. Developer Badpotion was gracious enough to send me a pre-release build to try out of Hyperburner, and while I think there's still some work that needs to go into this one, there's definitely

'Lara Croft: Relic Run' Review - Temple Fun

Some of you may recall a bit of controversy earlier this year over the fact that Temple Run 2 [Free] (and many similar games) didn’t let you play as a female character unless you paid for the privilege. This was brought to the attention of The Washington Post by a pretty awesome 6th grader who

'Shobon Flip' Review - There Has To Be A Twist

What is a Shobon? This was the biggest, most pressing question nagging at me while playing Shobon Flip [$0.99] by Masami Kodaira. A brief, incredibly confusing google search informed me that it has something to do with a cat character (who may be suffering from depression) that has appeared in various Mario-like platformers on the

We Try To Figure Out What You Do In 'Soccer Spirits 2' Solely By Watching The Just-Released Trailer

Sometimes you watch a game trailer, and you say to yourself, "yes, this trailer perfectly captured the essence of the game." And then you watch a trailer like the one for Soccer Spirits: Season 2, and one minute and some seconds later you are still staring at the screen absolutely dumbfounded, still trying to comprehend

Google's Project Vault is a tiny computer on a MicroSD card for sending secret messages (GOOG)

Google on Tuesday showed off what has to be one of the smallest computers ever: Project Vault. This is a full computer packed onto a micoSD card, those tiny cards typically used to add extra memory to your smartphone or digital camera. Show More Summary

Chaos Rings III Video Review: Hardcore (and Broken) JRPG Action

According to AppSpy’s review of the game, Chaos Rings III is a fun, sprawling JRPG of epic proportions — but unfortunately, it also seems to suffer from a bug that makes it crash at a specific boss, at least on certain devices. More about CHAOS RINGS ? » The post Chaos Rings III Video Review: Hardcore (and Broken) JRPG Action is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Google's new finger control technology is straight out of a science fiction movie (GOOG)

The days of swiping a finger against a glass screen might soon seem as antiquated as dialing numbers on a rotary telephone. If Google has its way you won't need to touch a screen at all anymore.  The company's lab for advanced projects...Show More Summary

7 Bacon & Meat Snacks To Try Before You Die

7 Bacon & Meat Snacks to Try Before You Die Geek Haul - Bacon Jerky, LED Bulb Speakers, & TARDIS Blanket Innori...Show More Summary

Neil deGrasse Tyson admits that the moment he fell in love with astrophysics came from an embarrassing misunderstanding

Many years ago the world-famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was just a kid in the Bronx without even the hint of a dream to study the universe. But, as he explains to Stephen Colbert, all of that changed one fateful night in Pennsylvania. Show More Summary

7 Nerdy Hamburger Knick Knacks to Kitsch up the Kitchen

7 Nerdy Hamburger Knick Knacks to Kitsch up the Kitchen Geek Haul: The Avengers, LG G4, & the Ultimate Selfie Stick HUSKK...Show More Summary

Lenovo is building a smartphone based on an iPhone hoax from 2012

Remember back in 2012 when a local Fox affiliate thought some crazy iPhone 5 concept with a built-in laser keyboard and hologram projector was real? The video featuring that iPhone concept phone has since amassed more than 69 million views on YouTube, and it looks like at least a few of those views were Lenovo employees. Show More Summary

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For May 29th, 2015

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Just imagine. 0-100 mph in 1.2 seconds. Astronaut's view from the Dragon spacecraft. $850B: mobile web market in 2018; 107: unicorns; 3.2 billion: # of people on the Internet; 10^82: atoms in the observable...Show More Summary

'Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions' Review - Finally on Mobile, and I Couldn't be Happier

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's what Activision's Sierra imprint and Lucid Games have done with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions [$4.99]. They iterated and tweaked upon a winning formula without rocking the boat too much. The game is this: it's the base modes of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, which formed the base

Why Are Paper Maps Still A Thing?

In 2007, Miss Teen USA contestant Caitlin Upton was asked why, according to a recent poll, 20 percent of Americans were unable to locate the United States on a map of the world. Much to the internet’s delight, she delivered a rambling, incoherent explanation that amounted to: because not enough Americans own maps. Show More Summary

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