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Jawbone’s New Fitness App Ditches The Wristband

Jawbone, one of the leading makers of wearable fitness trackers, just made its own wristband obsolete. The company, which previously said it was working on a new standalone Jawbone UP app, finally launched it on Sunday for iPhones. With the new app, Jawbone’s step-tracking features work using the phone alone, no rubber shackle necessary. Show More Summary

Europe’s best-selling computer magazine Bild gets Apple PR accreditation revoked after #bendgate video

Computer Bild, Europe’s best-selling computer magazine, has had its PR accreditation pulled after posting a video of one of its journalists bending an iPhone 6 Plus. The german PR department of the company reacts in a disturbing way: Instead of answering the questions about why the iPhone 6 Plus is so sensitive, a manager called Computer […]

Opinion: Consumerization boosting user interface quality for all

Since the first commercial computers of the 1950s the user interface (UI) has been the ugly stepchild of corporate software. Always the last component to be designed, UIs are often boring, forms-based, and difficult to use, said Infor Global Solutions … Continue reading ?

What it's like to be on the railroad when a train zooms by at 75mph

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

I'll admit it: I ducked. The combination of the zipping sounds with the light shining in and out twisted my senses all out of whack. I felt the speed of the train even though I was sitting on my chair and I just wanted the video to end because I couldn't handle watching it any more. Read more...

'Ali Spagnola's Power Hour' Makes Playing the "Power Hour" Drinking Game a Snap on iOS and Android

If you fancy yourself something of a sport-drinker, chances are you've played or at least heard of a popular drinking game called Power Hour. The idea is simple: A playlist filled with 60 different songs plays 1-minute snippets of each song. Every time the song changes, you take a shot of beer. By the end

The cute animated history of the van

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Though this animation bit is made by Mercedes Benz and probably goes through a little revisionist history on who invented the van (Benz says it was Benz), it's still a cute take on the history of such an important vehicle in the history of mankind. Yes, the van was and still is important. Read more...

50 ways that Superman could beat Batman in a fight

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Batman may be infinitely cooler than Superman but let's not kid around here, a Batman vs Superman fight isn't even a contest. Pound for pound, power for power, Superman would destroy Batman. So instead of making a full Batman vs Superman movie, they should just show the different ways Superman could kill Batman. Read more...

The trailer for Inherent Vice is the zaniest thing I've seen this year

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

PT Anderson's new movie Inherent Vice looks like it's going to be oodles of fun to watch. The first official trailer is absolutely fantastic and also, absolutely wall the off, shitbat zany. There is so much weird and so much hilariousness and so much awesome that I can't wait to watch it in theaters. Read more...

10 delicious ways countries around the world cook their steaks

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

With my steaks, I prefer the unbeatable seasoning one-two punch of salt and pepper. And well, maybe some garlic if I'm feeling frisky. I just like the taste of red meat too much. But around the world? You'll get steaks seasoned and marinated with orange peel, lime zest, soy sauce, shrimp paste, sugar and much more. Read more...

Shellshock Vulnerability Went Undetected for 25 Years

This awkward discovery affects millions of devices, computers, and servers. It was rated with level 10 severity by the National Vulnerability Database. Just how alarmed should consumers and organizations be? Well, the last major vulnerability of this scale was Heartbleed, and it only received a 5 rating. Show More Summary

'Tactics Maiden' Review - Now It's The Maiden's Turn

Let me cut right to the chase, for once. Tactics Maiden [Free], the latest strategy RPG from Mangobile, is basically the next game in the Kingturn RPG series. It's a new story in a new world, and there are some small differences in the gameplay systems that have a pretty big ripple effect in places,

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Showcase [VIDEO]

From Monika Lee to Volpin Props, this compilation video by MLZ Studios showcases some of the best cosplay from the most recent Dragon Con in Atlanta. [MLZ Studios / via YouTube]

Old Freeverse iOS Games Disappear from App Store and Users' Purchase Histories

Long-time Mac game developer Freeverse was one of the companies who ushered in gaming on the iPhone back in the device's infancy. If you walk the halls of the TouchArcade archives from the 2008-2009 era, practically every other story was featuring some type of Freeverse game. In fact, even before the App Store officially opened

The Latest 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Was Both Insane and Beautiful

Last night’s Simpsons opening couch gag entered a whole other level of strange. Amid speculation over a major character death in the Simpsonverse, the first family of Fox’s animation domination block had its season premiere last night. Show More Summary

11-Year-Old Dancing To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Goes Viral [Watch]

In the middle of September, Laurence Kaiwai posted a video to his YouTube Channel. He is a choreographer at Kore Dance Studio that has a very talented 11-year-old taking his classes. Her name is Taylor Hatala and she can DANCE. Obviously, it goes without saying “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj isn’t the most appropriate song for an […]

In Case of Emergency Use the Solar E Power Cube

2 days agoTechnology : Walyou

Now that green energy is at most people’s fingertips, at least in the developed countries, relying on gasoline-powered electric generators …

Today in “Peter Thiel says things.” Does society really hate tech?

Peter Thiel is very good at saying things. The PayPal founder/Facebook investor/possible-libertarian-supervillain is eloquent and quick-witted, with a penchant for boiling down big concepts into bite-sized truisms. “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters” is his signature line. Show More Summary

Subway Planning is Surprisingly Fun in 'Mini Metro,' Coming to iOS Later This Year

When I was in the eighth grade, a city planner came to my pre-algebra class to talk about the mathematics involved in managing traffic lights. He gave a series of problems and asked us to find ways to shuffle the maximum number of cars through a given intersection quickly and safely. Even the most basic

Kids Fail Miserably at Appreciating Skip-It

This is one of those... '50s toys, right? The Fine Bros asked kids for their thoughts on the legendary toy Skip-It, and we learned a few valuable lessons from their reactions For example: Kids today are not as receptive to corny commercials with lots of "WOW!" and "HEY KIDS BUY THIS!" as they were in the '90s. Show More Summary

Teenagers Film Themselves Bending An Apple iPhone 6 Plus In Apple Store [Watch]

Sigh Yes, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends in people’s pockets and when using enough force, can bend a substantial amount. Something that is referred to as #Bendgate Apparently, being a teenager in 2014 is the pure definition of stupidty. At least for these two teens, Kylie and Danny, who filmed themselves in an actual […]

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