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How exactly is the WebRTC Revolution Different than VoIP?

There are many parallels between the disruption being caused by WebRTC and what happened in VoIP. During the IP telephony days, Dialogic was one of the key infrastructure providers to carriers, call centers and companies of all sizes. Show More Summary

LIVE: SpaceX will launch a rocket with an important payload for science on Wednesday

SpaceX is scheduled to try, for the third time, launching a Falcon 9 rocket. The launch is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:03 pm ET. SpaceX aborted its launch on Tuesday at 5:55 pm due to strong upper-level winds. The launch was abandoned Monday for similar reasons regarding bad weather. Show More Summary

I Didn't Expect The Twisted Ending In This Brilliant Short Film

Video: I don’t want to spoil this brilliant short film by freelance London director Toby Meakins – starring Josef Altin, Pypar in Game of Thrones — so please watch it and try not to hold your breath. You won’t regret it. More »     ...

Watching This Scale Model Of An Airbus A310 Fly Is Truly Amazing

Martin Müller is a aeroplane modelling genius. He made this perfectly functional Airbus A310-200 at a 1:22 scale and flew it during an indoor airshow in Leipzing, Germany, three years ago. Yes, the video is old, but I’m sure there is people like me who haven’t seen it yet — and that’s inexcusable because it’s great. More »      

'Overkill 3' Goes Worldwide with Giant Robots This Month

Good news for fans of of the Overkill franchise, as Overkill 3 is leaving soft launch this month, with a worldwide release on February 26th. This is actually the fourth Overkill game, with the third game being last year's Overkill Mafia [Free]. The game has been in soft launch since last July, and since then,

Everything you ever wanted to know about Jabba the Hut

Everyone knows that Jabba the Hut, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi's slug-like oligarch, was the real star of that movie. He was more imposing than all the leads, cinematically evil and dies in the first act. He was also a giant puppet...Show More Summary

The Life of Puppeteers Working Inside Jabba the Hutt [Video]

From Jamie Benning: After interviewing puppeteer Toby Philpott at great length over Skype I decided to go a step further and create a mini documentary about his work on Jabba the Hutt for Return of the Jedi. This led me down many paths. Show More Summary

3 Examples of How you Can Use Video to Standout (And How To Shoot Yours)

If you are only focusing on the written aspect of your website, well, you might be missing on a big opportunity. Why? Because you are neglecting video, and video is huge online. Just to give you an idea, the New York Times has around 30 million unique visitors monthly, and YouTube has 1 billion monthly unique visitors. Show More Summary

Get a Free Complete Website Package [GIVEAWAY]

Health and beauty, food, real estate or travel, no matter which field you deal with, ThemeFuse has a theme for you. You can also win an exclusive package which will give you a free domain name and hosting plan for a year. You also get to choose a premium WordPress theme you like most. Show More Summary

? Linked: A tour of Rickshaw Bagworks in SF

via The Bold Italic: Ever get on a congested MUNI train and wish your backpack didn’t take up so much precious personal space? Or looking for the perfect, customized bike commute bag? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, head over to Rickshaw Bagworks, where their selection of bags fit you just right and make […]

The Grammys will get a major dose of YouTube powerhouse Tyler Oakley

LOS ANGELES — "Tyler, Tyler, Tyler," the crowd chanted while staring up at YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley, who's blushing atop the House of Blues balcony at a recent MTV event. With his disarming smile, captivating wit, impact on pop...Show More Summary

Modular 555 Synth is Controlled by MIDI

[Atdiy and Whisker] aka [The Tymkrs] have created a  MIDI controlled 8 note modular synthesizer. (YouTube link). The project was designed to highlight some of the modules they have available at their Tindie Store. Essentially, the synthesizer is 8 classic Atari Punk Console (APC) tone generators. Show More Summary

MUST WATCH Short Film: The Chasm [Video]

This one is an absolute must watch, geeks. It’s the best short film I’ve watched this year so far and I doubt anything will beat it for the rest of 2015. Wow. Just wow. Le Gouffre is the first animated short film produced and directed...Show More Summary

Vietnam Looks Like A Beautiful Country To Get Lost In

Vietnam is where my family is from, and I only just visited the country for the first time a few weeks ago. The food is delicious, the people were kind and it seems like a wonderful place to get lost in and explore and get lost again. Georgy Tarasov and his brother spent 45 days in Vietnam and did just that. More »      

THE TECH 'TITANIC': How Fab, a fast-growing billion-dollar startup, raised $330 million, then went bust

On Friday, Oct. 11, 2013, Fab CEO Jason Goldberg gathered a dozen executives in the eighth-floor conference room of the company's New York City headquarters. When the executives filed in, they were handed a five-page document. Goldberg sat at the head of the table, his expression somber beneath his salt-and-pepper scruff. Show More Summary

Clever Video Shows Artist Painting With Paint Made From Lego Bricks

Video: I love this stop-motion animation video so much. Created by animator Jon Rolph, it shows a painter painting, but instead of using regular ol’ paint, the paint is made of Lego. It’s so clever and so well done, you can see how the lighter brushstrokes use different bricks from the finished painting. More »      

Travelling Away From the Sun at the Speed of Light [Video]

This “enlightening” video will show you how long it takes for a photon of light to travel from the sun toward the outside of our solar system. Since the video is 43 minutes long, don’t hesitate to skip ahead to the important parts marked by the “next celestial object” counter. Show More Summary

This Is What It's Like To See Sound

Synesthesia is a superpower phenomenon whereby a lucky group of people see colour when exposed to stimuli, most commonly sounds. It’s the inspiration behind some famous art and music — but it’s virtually impossible for mere mortals to get their heads around. This visualisation is the best attempt I’ve yet seen. More »      

Clash of Clans for Android: What is it, and why is it so popular?

A top-down primer of one of Android's most popular games You've seen the commercials (especially if you watched the Super Bowl), you've scrolled past the Facebook ads, and you probably have at least one friend or child playing it right now. Show More Summary

'Potatoman Seeks the Troof' Review - Because I'm a Potato

"Well, that was something that happened." That was my reaction after completing Potatoman Seeks the Troof [$1.99], an oddball little platformer from Pixeljam Games that's certainly an experience. It's a brief platformer, with five different levels, which don't take too long to beat, necessarily, but it's as much about the odd story running through it.

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