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'Card Crawl' Update Brings Balance Changes, Card Updates

We loved the card-based dungeon crawler Card Crawl [$1.99] in our review, but some balance and RNG tweaks were still needed to tighten up the experience. Notably, this came in the form of repeatedly getting unplayable opening hands, where the dealer Hoernis would throw out something like two Souleaters and a level 7 Goblin at the start,

'KingsRoad' Online Action-RPG Updated with iPhone Support

KingsRoad [Free], an action-RPG with online multiplayer that made its way from PC to iPad last year, is making another jump, this time from iPad to iPhone. Rumble Entertainment has launched the version 3.0.0 update which makes the previous iPad-only app universal, bringing in iPhone players for the first time. If you don't know what

Man Releases Rat To Get A Free Meal, Plan Backfires [Video]

People will go to great lengths to get something for free. One man is learning the hard way, sometimes you should just pay. Chris Baker was dining at a bistro when he pulled a rat out of his pocket. He then dropped it on the floor and begin yelling. The commotion alerted the other customers, […]

This is what happens when you pretend to be an Apple Store employee and recommend Microsoft products (AAPL)

Apple Store employees are famed for their friendly, helpful demeanour. But if you were in a store at the same time as pranksters from NelkFimz, you might get a very different impression. The YouTubers have released a video showing their...Show More Summary

A flaw in Facebook lets anyone create as many fake 'Likes' as they want without using a bot army (FB)

A research team from McGill University's computer science school has published a research paper that demonstrates a way of creating as many fake "Likes" on Facebook as you want without using a botnet or an army of spammers. The teamShow More Summary

Hands-On Preview of Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage in Meat Land is the latest game from Nitrome. This awesomely-named action game apparently plays like a mix between Retry and the old Nokia game Snake. Take a look at AppSpy’s video footage of the game, and keep an eye out for Silly Sausage’s release this week. The post Hands-On Preview of Silly Sausage in Meat Land is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Congress on Drones: Big Business Wins, Hobbyists Lose

The drones are coming, the drones are coming, the drones are here. But then again, they've always been here. Hobby use of model aircraft predates the Federal Aviation Administration and has never been regulateddon't expect it to last. Show More Summary

A bunch of 6-year-old Girl Scouts charmed President Obama when they asked him if he ever has brainstorming sessions

This is pretty cute. President Obama strolled the floors at the annual White House Science Fair and was stopped by a group of adorable 6-year-old Girl Scouts wearing capes. The girls had designed "a mechanical Lego contraption that can turn pages, to help patients with mobility issues read books," Mother Jones reports. Show More Summary

Impatient? Wear a Virtual Apple Watch Today!

It’s the same thing year in and year out. Everyone gets all excited about what Apple will unveil at an impending event. The announced devices will be praised and criticized. Enthusiasts just can’t wait to get their hands on the new devices. Show More Summary

Prepare for Apple Watch Hard Sell, Facebook Does Timehop, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Apple Watch fashionistas, Facebook On This Day, Google Pony Express, an online drum machine, Catstacam trumps Instagram, and an online relationship with a difference. The Apple Watch is Fashionable If you plan to venture into an Apple Store later this year, you should prepare to be offered fashion advice, at least as far as your choice of watch goes. Show More Summary

AAA road safety campaign shows real videos of teenage car crashes while using smartphones

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has put online video clips from real car crashes caused by 16-19 year old drivers using smartphones while driving. The videos, which show both the view through the windscreen and a view of the driver, are designed to make real the dangers of distracted driving. None of the crashes featured in the […]

Real Life Katamari Ball Tests the Limits of 3D Printing

A 3D printed Katamari already accumulating crap. Image: Noah Hornberger on Thingiverse Katamari Damacy took the gaming world by storm in 2004 with a simple concept. You roll a ball into objects that stick to it and make the ball bigger, which then allows you to roll into and gather bigger objects, making the ball even bigger, and so on. Show More Summary

Good Afternoon, New York

Video: There have been countless movies and time lapses and short videos made about New York and yet I can watch new ones about the city forever because they somehow never get old. Here’s one that I like by Tucker Prescott which shows New York City around the turn of the New Year. Show More Summary

'BioShock', 'XCOM: Enemy Within', and More 2K Games are on Sale

[Editor's Note: We accidentally jumped the gun posting these sales about 12 hours too early, but the price changes are now reflected in the US App Store so we bumped this bad boy up to the top so everybody can get a crack at these awesome sales!] 2K Games has just put several of their

Lifeguard Drones Deliver Help to Drowning Victims in 30 Seconds

Lifeguards have a tough job. They have to stay focused at all times and be ready to go from sitting to swimming hard in a matter of seconds. It's especially challenging because drowning doesn't always look like drowning. But no matter how fast lifeguards swim, they still need time to reach drowning victims. Show More Summary

Twitter and Autoplay: How one move can assuage Wall Street, boost neglected Vine, and finally shut up power users

“And don’t say that I have changed / ‘Cause man, of course I have” – Of Montreal, “Cato as a Pun” There’s a cottage industry of Twitter truthers out there — some of whom skulk with dark-eyed hatred in the deepest recesses of trolldom,...Show More Summary

Out Now: Escape From the Pyramid

Do you like auto-running platformers? Do you like Ancient Egyptian art? If so, you’ll want to check out this cool-looking game. It kind of looks like the recent PlayStation 4 game Apotheon, but Egyptian rather than Greek, and auto-running rather than directly controlled. Show More Summary

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