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Retro Time Tech: [Fran] and Pocket Watches

Whether you own a pocket watch, want to own one, or just plain think they’re cool, [Fran's] video on setting and regulating pocket watches provides a comprehensive overview on these beautiful works of mechanical art. After addressing...Show More Summary

Bungee jumping in a F1 car seems like a crazy thing to do

Here's video from Top Gear showing the Stig making a 300 foot bungee jump while strapped inside a F1 car. It's exhilarating and completely nuts but must have been so ridiculously fun to do. Sometimes, just bungee jumping or just driving an F1 car isn't enough. You gotta do both at the same time. Read more...

Achievement Unlocked: Throwing Out 1st Pitch at an A's Game

Over the last 25 years, I've attended hundreds of +Oakland Athletics games. From 2005 to 2008, +Kristine Gray and I had season tickets that saw us attending as many as 40 games a season. We've seen dramatic home runs, 20-2 blowouts and plenty of controversial calls and tough losses. Show More Summary

'Daddy Long Legs' Coming to iOS 'Soon,' Bringing Physics-based Hilarity With It

Here's your delightful weirdness for the day: Daddy Long Legs, the newest project by Danish outfit Set Snail, is about moving a set of spindly, angular legs forward as far as you can before physics, gravity, and momentum conspire to topple the fuzzy-faced body attached to them. I suppose it's technically some sort of "endless

Though It Sounds Cruel, The Salmon Cannon Will Melt Your Heart

Salmons travel hundreds of miles when they are migrating. They have been doing so for thousands of years. But during his relentless pursuit of industrializing the world, mankind has built multiple roadblocks and hurdles in the path of this species. Now environment agency workers in the United States have come up with an ingenious way

New Pixely Shoot 'em Up 'Supermassive' is Shooting for A Fall Release

I haven't, admittedly, played too many shoot-'em-ups on iOS, but most of them have been kind of dinky, for lack of a better word: they're usually a little slow and a little simple, if only to contend with the strictures and realities of touch-friendly action. Maybe I'm not playing the right ones. That said, what

Lactate Sensor Can Also Generate Electricity from Sweat: 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

When robots rise up and rule humanity, they could add insult to injury by using us for physical labor and as a power source at the same time. A group of researchers at the University of…

Taylor Swift Gets Real Nerdy On The Tonight Show [Watch]

Okay. First things first (I’m the realest), Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon are hilarious together. On The Tonight Show Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon did another sketch of his segment “Ew!” and had guest Taylor Swift come on and showcase her nerdy skills. Sara with no ‘h’ because ew, played by Fallon, welcomed Taylor Swift who […]

Move Over 'Call of Duty: Heroes', 'Tiny Troopers' is Also Getting the 'Clash of Clans' Treatment with 'Tiny Troopers: Alliance'

One of my favorite series on iOS, and a fairly underrated one, is Tiny Troopers [Free] from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Chillingo. The first Tiny Troopers hit in June of 2012 and had you leading a squad of soldiers through many levels of battle, real-time strategy style but without all that base building.

Ew, Taylor Swift Plays 'Show and Tell' With Jimmy Fallon

A geeked-out Taylor Swift fulfilled one of her dreams and starred in Jimmy Fallon's reoccurring "Ew!" skit on The Tonight Show Wednesday. After ditching her braces and triple-pigtail-hairdo, Swift sat down with Fallon to talk about her...Show More Summary

Adorable dog balances 100 different fruits and vegetables on its head

This is so ridiculous that it's kind of fun. Maymo, the lemon beagle in the video, is so great at balancing things on his head that he can wear 100 different kinds of fruits and vegetables as hats. The more color, the better. Read more...

Samsung Is Shaming The iPhone With Ads Next To Airport Power Outlets (AAPL)

The iPhone's battery is its Achilles heel, and rival Samsung is reminding travelers with new ads in airports across the country. The ads flaunt the battery life of Samsung's phones with the message: "So you have the power to be anywhere...Show More Summary

Humans Need Not Apply [Video]

CGP Grey, who has some great YouTube clips explaining often complex subjects, has put together a new video discussing the pros and cons of automation for human society. At 15 minutes it’s longer than his usual work, but this allows him to go into more depth and it’s certainly thought-provoking. Be sure to check out […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge Hit The Tech CEO Crowd

The Ice Bucket Challenge has made its way from Facebook Newsfeeds to the Today Show. In the name of ALS research, the challenge has racked up $2.3 million since it began at the end of July, Time reports. That means this viral trend is raising money at nearly 50 times the ALS Association's usual pace, according to the Washington Post. Show More Summary

This video clearly explains how robots have already taken over our world

If you think it's just a joke that robots are going to replace humans, it's not. It's going to happen. In fact, CGP Grey explains in 'Humans Need Not Apply' how it's already happening around us right now. You might not notice it but you will after you watch how we're following historical patterns towards obscurity. Read more...

Incredible Video Imagines A World Without Workers

YouTube user CGPGrey makes interesting mini-documentaries, and the latest one addresses a topic we've touched on a number of times in the past: How will human labor and employment be affected as robotic technologies ramp up to become...Show More Summary

Motorola, Nokia, and Nintendo Are All Suffering From 'Last Blockbuster Syndrome'

The surest way to kill a company might be a massive success. BGR writer Tero Kuittinen calls it Last Blockbuster Syndrome : Often at the start of a massive trend shift in consumer electronics, dominant dinosaurs get one massive hit built on a nearly obsolete paradigm, and that allows them to be lulled into a comfy trip to the grave. Show More Summary

This Awesome Commercial Is The First TV Ad Made Entirely Out Of Vines

Savvy social media stars on YouTube, Instagram, and Vine have figured out how to capitalize on their huge followings by incorporating branding or ads into their creations. But now, rather than developing traditional TV ads and pushing them out to an online audience, some brands are going the other way and thinking about social first. Show More Summary

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