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Hasbro’s new robotic cats are 'companion pets' for the elderly

In the "Old People" episode of Aziz Ansari's new show, Master of None, a grandparent introduces his robotic pet seal to his grandson and then gives the stuffed white animal a kiss on the cheek. "I went to the VA and they gave me this — said I needed a companion. Show More Summary

Crescent Moon Games Heads to Apple TV with 'NeoArcade'

If you're still on the hunt for cool things to do with your new Apple TV (aside from watching TV and movies, anyway) you'll be happy to know that the dudes at Crescent Moon Games have set their sights on their platform. Their first release is called NeoArcade, which features four different classic arcade style

Software is better if made slowly

What if software, like many things, is better if it's made slowly, with care and attention to detail? Truth: It is. Problem: Tech culture says the opposite. Maybe that's why so much software is so shitty. Another truth: The faster you think you're inventing the future, paradoxically the slower you are. Show More Summary

Want to Blog? Get Started Here

So you have this great idea for a blog, huh? You want to get started TODAY, right? Well, before you just jump into blogging, take a step back and make a strategy, a game plan. If you aren’t sure about how to get started, you could spend a lot of time just spinning your wheels, […] The post Want to Blog? Get Started Here appeared first on The Blog Herald.

A Google TV commercial starring fluffy animals has become the most shared ad of all time (GOOGL, GOOG)

A Google commercial dubbed "Friends Furever," which featured cute animals of different species being buddies, was the most shared ad of 2015 — and has become the most shared ad of all time — according to data from video ad tech company Unruly. Show More Summary

TV Going the Distance: Propagation

It has to be hard to be a kid interested in radio these days. When I was a kid, there was a lot of interesting things on shortwave. There wasn’t any cable TV (at least, not where I lived) so it was easy to hack antennas and try to pull in weak TV and broadcast stations. Show More Summary

Real Boxing 2 CREED - Rocky Balboa Coaches You in Real Boxing 2 Creed

Vivid Games has released their much anticipated follow up to the awesome Real Boxing. This time round it is branded with the upcoming Rocky franchise spin off, Creed. The graphics on this game are amazing — partially thanks to the Unreal Engine used. Show More Summary

This company is bringing outsourcing onshore — and it's paying off

For decades, "outsource offshore" has been the cost-cutting refrain of the business world. From managed IT functions to customer service, more and more jobs that used to be done here in the US have been shipped overseas in the name of lower labor costs. Show More Summary

Suspension Bridges of Disbelief

Suspension bridges are far and away the target of choice in America’s action blockbusters. In just the past three years, the Golden Gate Bridge has been destroyed by a Kaiju, Godzilla, a Skynet-initiated nuclear blast, and a tsunami....Show More Summary

There will be no Apple Pencil bendgate: you really have to try hard to break one [Video]

The Apple Pencil may be a very clever piece of technology, but one thing a number of people have been wondering is how vulnerable it might be when charging. At first glance, having it sticking out of the iPad Pro like that doesn’t seem the smartest of ideas. But it appears Apple has thought it […]

How this Google exec is trying to shake-up Hollywood's idea of who an 'engineer' is (GOOG, GOOGL)

Julie Ann Crommett describes her job as a "tech-and-Hollywood hybrid." She's Google's entertainment industry educator-in-chief, striving to banish stereotypes about computer science from mainstream media. Since founding the initiative...Show More Summary

This Congressman Doesn't Understand How the Internet or the First Amendment Work

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) has a plan to stop ISIS today at a Federal Communications Committee hearing: Censor the internet. Read more...

The Gaze-Controlled Wheelchair that Won the Hackaday Prize

The 2015 Hackaday Prize challenged people to build something that matters. Specifically, to solve a problem faced by a lot of people and to make the solution as open as possible. If the average hacker can build it, it puts the power to vastly improve someone’s life in their hands. Show More Summary

Apple's latest videos showcase apps on the Apple TV

Apple has released a new set of videos for the new Apple TV. Each clip is a fifteen-second showcase of one of the apps or games that can now be downloaded from the Apple TV's App Store. There are videos for Netflix, HBO Now, Crossy Road, Disney Infinity, and Asphalt 8. Show More Summary

Apple Shares New Apple TV Ads Highlighting Apps and Games

Apple today shared five new ads for the fourth-generation Apple TV on its YouTube channel, highlighting a handful of notable and popular apps that are available for the new device. These mark some of the first Apple TV ads Apple hasShow More Summary

Microsoft gets serious about security as Apple eyes the enterprise market

In the mid 2000s, Microsoft's security reputation was so bad that Apple parodied it as part of its famous "Get a Mac" commercials. "You okay?" a casually dressed Justin Long, representing a Mac, asked a sneezing, suited PC stand-in John Hodgman in one spot. "No, I'm not okay. I have that virus that's going around," Hodgman […]

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