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Buddy Michini on commercial drones

Subscribe to the O’Reilly Solid Podcast for insight and analysis about the Internet of Things and the worlds of hardware, software, and manufacturing. In our new episode of the Solid Podcast, we talk with Buddy Michini, CTO of Airware, which …

Four short links: 6 October 2015

Flux: New Approach to System Intuition (LinkedIn) — In general, we assume that if anything is best represented numerically, then we don’t need to visualize it. If the best representation is a numerical one, then a visualization could only obscure …

Making a clay bottle from dirt you find on the ground is messy fun

In continuing his really awesome hand made series, Andy George of How to Make Everything learns how clay pots and bottles are made from the very beginning (dirt!) to the beautiful end (ceramics). In between, you see him show us every...Show More Summary

New Apple Watch ads highlight Maps, Apple Pay, Messaging, and more

Apple has debuted a new set of Apple Watch ads, showing off various ways the wearable can be used over the course of 6 videos. Each video in the set keeps things fairly short at just 15 seconds, highlighting the various little conveniences of the Apple Watch set to a plain background an upbeat music. Show More Summary

Nexus Android 6.0 Marshmallow update downloads and release info

Is your Android 6.0 Marshmallow update taking too long? Some Nexus users may be able to just grab the required files and make a manual install! Click through to learn more.

Watch this: Inside Android's Easter egg tradition

Google loves placing Easter eggs in its products. On Android devices, this has been a tradition since the Gingerbread days, wherein a zombie showed up on the screen after repeatedly tapping a menu's setting. That's still the case now,...Show More Summary

A Drone, a Phone, an Attack Zone: Printer Hack

You might think that working on a secured floor in a 30-story office tower puts you out of reach of Wi-Fi hackers out to steal your confidential documents. But researchers in Singapore have demonstrated how attackers using a drone plus a mobile phone could easily intercept documents sent to a seemingly inaccessible Wi-Fi printer. Show More Summary

Women in Tech Entrepreneurs: Elemoon's Jing Zhou Bridges Fashion and Tech

Mirroring her innovative product, elemoon's Jing Zhou is equal parts style, tech-savvy, and business smarts. She's been making the rounds at award shows, displaying her wares at fashion-forward retailers like Santa Monica's Ron Robinson,...Show More Summary

CSR Racing 2 Finally Soft Launches

We have been hearing about CSR Racing 2 from Zynga studio Naturalmotion for a long time — it’s finally soft launched. Hopefully it’s still on track to release before the end of the year. Here’s 11 minutes of gameplay footage from YouTuber...Show More Summary

A drone above Apple’s new spaceship headquarters got this amazing spy video (AAPL)

Apple's new spaceship campus won't be finished for a little while, but we're already getting an idea of what the finished project will look like. A recently published video captured via drone shows how construction has progressed over the past month or so. Show More Summary

This is What Radiation from a Chunk of Uranium Looks Like

Radiation tends to strike fear in the hearts of the general populace, particularly the ionizing variety produced by X-rays and radioactive elements. But most have no idea what actual radiation looks like. Now a French organization called CloudyLabs has found a way to let us see the process in action using a simple cloud chamber. Read more...

Your Load Generator is Probably Lying to You - Take the Red Pill and Find Out Why

Pretty much all your load generation and monitoring tools do not work correctly. Those charts you thought were full of relevant information about how your system is performing are really just telling you a lie. Your sensory inputs are...Show More Summary

Inside Android’s Easter Egg Tradition

Posted by, Natalie Hammel, ½ of Nat & Lo’s 20% Project A bit more than five years ago, I got my first smartphone. It was the Nexus One. And I didn’t know it at the time, but it was hiding a zombie gingerbread painting inside it. TheShow More Summary

How Humans Could Become 'Our Own Walking Hard Drives'

Futurist Nell Watson believes we are on the brink of a new Cambrian explosion of cyborgs.

These are the 11 most elaborate and quirky ways fans have paid tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs (AAPL)

Steve Jobs’ unwavering commitment to quality and innovation earned him many admirers throughout the world, and when an icon like him passes away, there will naturally be a flood of memorials. Books will be written, films made — in Jobs’ case, at least three. Show More Summary

15 inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs on the fourth anniversary of his death (AAPL)

Steve Jobs passed away four years ago today. The tech visionary, who created both Apple and reimagined Pixar, shaped much of the world we find ourselves in now, certainly as far as the technology we use. Jobs' genius came from a deep...Show More Summary

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