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This 3D Printer Can Print 10 Materials at Once

As 3D printing advances from its plastic roots, we’re seeing more and more materials passing through its nozzles. Metal, glass, random gunk—each new filament opens the door to new manufacturing applications. Now researchers have made a printer they claim can use up to ten different materials at once. Show More Summary

BlackBerry Passport sports Android in demo video

An Android-powered slider may not be the only phone BlackBerry has pegged for Google's mobile OS. Following the leaks of a device codenamed "Venice" that's said to be offered in both Android and BB10 versions, a video of the recently announced Passport Silver Edition surfaced. Show More Summary

Pluto became a dwarf planet 9 years ago today — but that's 'bulls---,' according to a leading NASA scientist

On Aug. 24, 2006, nine years ago today, the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet — a move that sparked protests and split the space-science community. Some in the community, including leading Pluto researchers, are still upset at the decision. Show More Summary

Robots Are Coming For Our Jobs. Just Not All of Them.

There is a lot to be said for replacing certain kinds of jobs with robots. Most people would agree that replacing physical human labor with automation is a good thing. It’s especially good to automate the dangerous kinds of labor like some facets of factory work. Show More Summary

7 Android facts that you may not have known

Android has been available to consumers for almost seven years and boy has it accomplished a lot. Here are seven things about Google's thriving operating system that you may not have known.

Multi-user Wireless Virtual Reality System: Real Virtuality

A couple of years ago we checked out a VRcade, a virtual reality arcade that freed players to move and translated their movements in the game with the help of motion capture systems. Artanim’s Real Virtuality…

Here’s a Montage of NASA Deliberately Crashing Spaceships

On July 20, 1969, over half a billion people tuned in to watch Apollo 11’s historic landing on the Moon, setting a new record for live television. But what viewers didn’t see that day were all of the test landings conducted at NASA’s Lunar Landing Research Facility (LLRF), which had made that final “giant leap” such a resounding success. Show More Summary

Hackaday Links: August 23, 2015

Dutch security conference! It’s called, it’ll be in The Hauge during the last week of September, and they have the CTO of Silent Circle/Blackphone giving the keynote. Baltimore’s awesome despite what the majority of the population says, and they have a few hackerspaces. Show More Summary

Griffon: Webfont Icons on Desktop apps? You betcha!

There are many options out there to make an application to look better. Icons are one of these options. As good looking icons may be there is a drawback if they are image based: the amount of memory used to load data and render them....Show More Summary

Hilarious DARPA Robots Falling Video

If you’re worried about Skynet, take a quick gander at the outtakes reel (YouTube, inlined below the break) from the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) and you’ll feel a lot better. The IEEE Spectrum reporters assigned to the DRC took aShow More Summary

How Those Hackers Took Complete Control of That Jeep

It was an overcast day with temperatures in the mid seventies – a perfect day to take your brand new Jeep Cherokee for a nice relaxing drive. You and your partner buckle in and find yourselves merging onto the freeway just a few minutes...Show More Summary

She's Changing the Way Our Kids Surf the Web

The Internet is a behemoth, and it's growing every day. So how is a child to make sense of it all? How can she find what she needs as she writes, say, a school report on the solar system? Dr. Eleni Miltsakaki is trying to help. Her company,...Show More Summary

Programmable DC Backup Power Supply

The uninterruptible power supply was once a standard fixture in the small office/home office as a hedge against losing work when the electrons stop flowing from your AC outlet. Somewhat in decline as computing hardware shifts away from...Show More Summary

We attempted to recreate famous tech sounds and failed miserably

Can you recreate the sweet, nostalgia-inducing sounds of AOL dialing up using just your voice? Can you even remember what it sounds like? Don't worry, neither could we. But that hasn't stopped us before. Spider-Man impersonator at Times...Show More Summary

Hilarious Video Shows All The Weird And Random Weapons Used In Movies

Here’s something fun and super silly: Burger Fiction created this supercut of a bunch of weird weapons used in movies. We’re talking guitar case flamethrowers, guitar case rocket launchers, ladders, fork fingers, carrots, vinyl records, paintbrushes and so much more. It’s great because there are both serious movies and totally campy flicks in the mix. More »      

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