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Mobissue Releases Digital Catalog Software to Entice Mobile Users to Become Mobile Buyers

The idea of shopping on mobile is picking up steam by the week. So are creative ideas to make that easier for marketers. Now Mobissue has created new (and free) digital catalog software that allows businesses to target shoppers via their mobile devices. “Downloaded as an app, customers are treated to an amazing digital catalog […]

New Visa ad campaign for Apple Pay starts today in the UK with ‘anticipation’ theme [Video]

Apple seems to be working hard with its card company partners to promote Apple Pay in the UK. Alongside a MasterCard promo offering free travel in London, Visa Europe is today launching a two-month long ad campaign designed to emphasize the speed, ease and reliability of the service. Featuring a central theme of anticipation, the […]

The virtual reality wars are heating up

Magic Leap, the company behind an as-yet unannounced virtual reality headset that has raised $592 million (£390 million), has poached a key HTC executive behind the Vive headset.  According to LinkedIn, Jeff Gattis, the executive director of marketing for Vive, left HTC in October and started at Magic Leap earlier this month. Show More Summary

Black Friday is Dead: How 3 Brands Have Broken Through the Holiday Retail Clutter

"One of the surest ways to make something less special is to make more of it," said Scott Bedbury, former head of marketing for Starbucks. From JCPenney to Walmart and McDonalds to Starbucks, rapid expansion with an eye toward short-term success kills businesses. Show More Summary

Pouring Cold Water into Your Left Ear Is a Temporary Cure for Insanity

Caloric vestibular stimulation by irrigating a patient's left ear with cold water has got to be one of the oddest psychotherapies that is actually effective.

Obama on ISIS: 'They're a bunch of killers with good social media'

President Barack Obama urged the public on Sunday to not elevate the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, as more powerful than it is in reality. "They're a bunch of killers with good social media," Obama said, speaking at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Show More Summary

Choose a side in Star Wars and Google’s apps will follow your path

If you’re a big fan of the Empire’s policies, if Darth Vader is your personal role model, if you think Stormtroopers are totally underrated, Google now lets you paint your allegiance all over your apps.

Inside the Sony Hack

Every morning, like so many of her colleagues, a television writer would drive from her Hollywood apartment to the Culver City, California, lot of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Greeting her at the gate most days was “this really, really nice woman who said, ‘Happy Monday! Happy Tuesday! Happy Wednesday!’ ” she says. Show More Summary

What Will Happen to the Largest Diamond to Be Found in a Century?

The biggest diamond to crop up in 100 years has made big news—and big money. But where will it end up?

GNU Radio Drives Oscilloscope

These days we are spoiled with a lot of cheap test equipment. However, you can do a lot of measurements with nothing more than an oscilloscope. Add something like a signal generator and you can do even more. One classic technique for frequency measurement, for example, is using a scope to display a Lissajous pattern. Show More Summary

NX1DLP 3D Printer Prints up to 41 Times Faster than Its Competitors: Light Speed

Earlier this year Carbon3D went viral when it previewed its CLIP 3D printing technology, a supposed improvement over DLP printing that allows for incredible printing speeds, in some cases reducing printing time from hours to minutes...

IEnumerable vs IQueryable ? ( .NET Interview question)

Both these interfaces are for.NET collection’s so if you are new to.NET collection please first see this video  before moving ahead with the article.The first important point to remember is “IQueryable” interface inherits from “IEnumerable”, so whatever

‘GTA V’ On A $100,000 Motion Simulator Plus Virtual Reality

What can get more real than experiencing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on a top-of-the-line motion simulator? Add a virtual reality gear on the mix and it’s just crazy. Kotaku reported last week that motion simulator manufacturer Force Dynamics tested out their top-of-the-line 401cr motion simulator with a GTA V game and the results... Show More Summary

Tech execs sometimes say dumb things — just like everybody else

Tinder CEO Sean Rad's bizarre interview on the eve of his parent company's public offering this week almost upstaged the actual IPO. Rad's remarks, which included his now-famous confusion over the word "sodomy" and boasts of his apparently...Show More Summary

Watch This Madman Flaunt the NYPD Hoverboard Ban

The two-wheeled scooters might technically be against NYC law, but Casey Neistat confronted the NYPD on one.

In-N-Out's secret menu deliciously revealed in a video

In-N-Out, the world’s second best fast food burger chain for anyone who eats food regularly, enjoys having good taste, and is considered a trustworthy person, has an infamous ‘secret menu’. It’s not exactly secret because everyone pretty much knows about it. But for those who don’t know, Foodbeast did brave work in cataloging In-N-Out’s secret menu. Read more...

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