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SpaceX's 'reusable rocket' just exploded to bits — but the company says it's going to push forward anyway

Despite SpaceX's failure on Sunday morning, the company says it wants to stay on track for manned space flights. On Sunday, SpaceX cargo flight CRS-7 exploded over Florida. The rocket was carrying food, water, equipment and researchShow More Summary

Don Featherstone’s Pink Flamingos Float On

Whether strapped to a yacht, drifting in an infinity pool or supporting a heap of bikini-clad Australians, the pink flamingo has soared from lawn ornament to a global symbol of summertime since it was designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone,...Show More Summary

The Sky's Not Your Lawn: Man Wins Lawsuit After Neighbor Shotgunned His Drone

Comments section tough guys and fictional sitcom characters like Ron Swanson have popularized the idea that it's completely acceptable to shoot a drone out of the sky. As one man in California recently learned, it's not: A judge just awarded a drone pilot $850 in a lawsuit related to the shotgunning of his custom-built drone. Show More Summary

These Are the Dinosaurs Paleontologists Want to See in Movies

Two weekends ago, Jurassic World snagged the biggest box office opening in history, and it has continued to set new commercial records ever since. The people have spoken, and understandably, they demand dinosaurs. With that in mind,Show More Summary

Wizard Of Oz Meets Avengers In Epic Mashup [Video]

The Wizard of Oz is a classic film favorite and Avengers: Age of Ultron has been a box office hit. So, what happens when you take the two cinematic gems and put them together? Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man. The creative mashup is the brainchild of artist, Darren Wallace. Wallace was inspired by […]

Watch a Solar Flare Erupting in Unprecedented Detail

Two years ago today, NASA launched IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph), a solar observatory decked out with a high-resolution ultraviolet telescope. During its short time in space, IRIS has provided an unprecedented glimpseShow More Summary

Tesla's battery swapping plan is a mere shadow of the promise it once showed (TSLA)

In 2013, Elon Musk showed off Tesla's battery swapping technology, which can remove and replace the drained battery pack of a Model S with a fully charged one in just 90 seconds. Two years later, it looks like Tesla's battery swapping plan isn't quite working out. Show More Summary

There's still nothing out there quite like Google Glass

Google's fantastic trip into wearable technology may be on pause right now, but it's still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Three years ago today, Sergey Brin introduced Google Glass with a team of skydivers jumping from aShow More Summary

The Reason SpaceX Keeps Trying to Land Its Rockets

Elon Musk is a seriously cool dude. Not only does he lead Tesla in making some of the coolest EVs on the market, he is also at the helm of SpaceX, and has lots of success…

Sound and Fury: Michael Oren's Anti-Obama Memoir

Michael Oren, a celebrated Middle East historian turned Israeli diplomat, has embarked on a nationwide U.S. book tour to promote his new memoir, which recounts the four years he spent in Washington as the top envoy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Show More Summary

AI tells its creators it isn’t in the mood for a philosophical debate

Engineers from Google have been experimenting with a new approach to natural language processing. Their neural net converses by predicting the next sentence from the previous ones.

How the confederate flag wasn't really the national confederate flag

The confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and it’s nice that it’s going away. But CGP Grey examines in this video explainer how the confederate flag we know and hate wasn’t actually the national flag of the Confederate States of America. They had many national flags but the flag we’re banning was never it. Read more...

Gamergate's Cold War

"Happy to say we live in the same state. I'm looking you up, and when I find you, I'm going to rape you and remove your head." On the latest "Last Week Tonight" segment, John Oliver read aloud this tweet that a man had sent to a writer named Amanda Hess. Show More Summary

How Tumblr and MTV Killed the Neon Anti-Corporate Aesthetic of Vaporwave

Two very weird, seemingly connected things happened on the internet yesterday. First, MTV revealed its Tumblr-tastic rebrand featuring cheesy 1990s computer graphics. And then, Tumblr launched Tumblr TV, a web viewer for GIFs with an explicitly 90s MTV-style visual spin. Show More Summary

How good salt is made the old and simple way

I’m really enjoying Zagat’s short doc series that focuses its camera on something and examines in detail how it is made. This time they take a look at salt to find out where good salt comes from. They visited J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in West Virginia and Jacobsen Salt in Oregon to see how two small salt shops make their salt. Read more...

Hacklet 53 – Quick Tool Hacks

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Have you ever been right in the middle of a project, when you realize that you could hack up a simple tool which would make your current task easier? Maybe it’s a coil winder, or a device to hold.100 headers straight in their holes. Show More Summary

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