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11 of the most dangerous and incredible selfies ever taken

June 21 marks "National Selfie Day," but the ubiquitous photo style isn't as harmless as it may seem. Incredible and sometimes dangerous events can unfold during the moment of inattention when people turn a camera on themselves. There...Show More Summary

The octopus from 'Finding Dory' is real and it's blowing our minds

One of the breakout characters of "Finding Dory," Pixar's latest movie, is Hank an octopus that lost a tentacle (technically making him a septopus). In the film, Hank can change colors to blend in with his surroundings. He's based off of a real creature, the mimic octopus, and it’s even more awesome in real life. Show More Summary

OnePlus 3 vs. Galaxy S7 edge speed test, round 2: What happens when 6GB of RAM is unleashed?

The OnePlus 3 might be one of the best smartphones you can buy without parting with too much cash, but it’s not necessarily the fastest one. Recent real-life speed tests showed that the OnePlus flagship lags behind the Galaxy S7 edge and the iPhone 6s even though it has an outrageous amount of RAM. Show More Summary

How to Be 'Huge on YouTube', According to Canada's Top First Nations Gamer

Austin Pamajewon, who grew up on the Shawanaga First Nation, on why we need to close the digital divide.

Why the Humble Notebook Is Flourishing in the iPhone Era

I have never had a healthy relationship with notebooks. I hoard them by the dozens, I spend hours filling them, I have them shipped across the Atlantic Ocean by the German company Fantasticpaper. I’ve even been known to lie to them:Show More Summary

Watch the new trailer for Tim Burton’s peculiar ‘X-Men’ movie

In this new movie, we’ve got a house that offers shelter to humans with special powers, a mysterious professor type of character and a bunch of evil things happening all around. Add to that some of Tim Burton’s well-known darkness and creepiness, and you end up with a movie that seems to be Burton’s weird take on the X-Men. Show More Summary

Watch this video of the most insane sport you’ve never heard of

The odds are very good that you've never heard of F1 sidecar racing before, but we promise that you won't soon forget it. This crazy sport began in the late 1940s and racers used rigs much like the ones you might envision when you think of a motorcycle and a sidecar. Show More Summary

Network Security Theatre

Summer is nearly here, and with that comes the preparations for the largest gathering of security researchers on the planet. In early August, researchers, geeks, nerds, and other extremely cool people will descend upon the high desert...Show More Summary

Microsoft helps you create links to your phone apps

You know the problem -- you want to go back to something you saw in a mobile app, but you either forgot to save your place or couldn't save it at all. What to do? If Microsoft Research has its way, you'll never be left scrambling again. Show More Summary

Elon Musk isn’t lying: Watch Tesla’s Model S float and steer through water like a boat

Over the past several years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become infamous for saying ridiculous things in public forums, but even if you don't think we're all living in a computer simulation, you can't dismiss everything he says. For example,...Show More Summary

One simple change can increase your laptop’s battery life by 50%

It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating the release of Opera's power saving mode, but on Monday, Microsoft decided to prove to everyone that its own proprietary browser might be the best in the market for your battery. In a new blog...Show More Summary

[Clinton] Builds A Better Handgun

A few months ago, we caught wind of someone doing something remarkable. [Clinton Westwood] built a pistol from plans he found on the Internet. You can find plans to build anything on the web, from houses to four-stroke engines to perpetual motion machines. Show More Summary

Toyota is creating 'sophisticated' robots to take care of elderly people

At a time where Google is pulling back from its robotic efforts, Toyota is going full throttle with its robotic development. During a talk with journalists in Tokyo last week, Gill Pratt, the CEO of the Toyota Research Institute, said...Show More Summary

Apple’s smart photo app will be way behind Google’s — here’s why (AAPL)

This fall, Apple's Photos app will add a feature that reveals the company's increasing expertise in computer vision technology. Apple Photos will be able to sort your snapshots by face, activity, and even the facial expression you or...Show More Summary

Apple Pulls Ad Agency's Fake Refugee Boat-Spotting App That Doesn't Actually Spot Refugee Boats

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

“I Sea” billed itself as an app that would “empower the billions of us with smart devices” to do something about the thousands of migrants that have already drowned in the Mediterranean. For the last few days, Mashable, Reuters, Wired...Show More Summary

Most IoT developers aren’t in it for the money

Developers aren’t necessarily like you and me. You may choose to spend your free time making bird houses or watching Friends reruns. Developers, meanwhile, are trying to get Windows 95 to run on an Apple Watch (and succeeding). This need to tinker is especially pronounced within the IoT developer set. Show More Summary

At Pandoland, Max Levchin responds to Peter Thiel's support of Donald Trump

Back in 2014, the night before our first ever annual conference kicked off in Nashville Tennessee, Sarah and I were kicking around last minute ideas for on-stage interview questions. One of the questions we debated: Should Sarah askShow More Summary

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