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Lindsey Graham Uses a Flip Phone and Memorizes Phone Numbers. That's a Great Way to Live.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump gratuitously revealed Sen, Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number to an audience in South Carolina. He did this hours after Graham implored Trump to “stop being a jackass.”; Graham, himself a Republican candidate for president, responded to the campaign-trail doxing by tweeting, “Probably getting a new phone. Show More Summary

Retrotechtacular: Coopering Guinness Barrels by Hand

For almost exactly 200 years, the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland employed extremely skilled craftsmen to shape and construct wooden casks by hand. These men were called coopers, and plying their trade required several years of apprenticeship. Show More Summary

Spread Love and Destruction With a DIY Rainbow-Colored Flamethrower

If sparklers are the most dangerous type of pyrotechnics you’ve ever dabbled with, it’s time to up your game with a homemade flamethrower that brings even more spectacle to your next backyard BBQ with rainbow-colored flames. Read more...

US Authorities Are Investigating A Teen Who Weaponised A Quadcopter

Earlier this month, a 14-second video entitled “Flying Gun” was posted on YouTube. It shows a flying quadcopter outfitted with a handgun firing four shots. Now, it’s become a Federal Aviation Administration investigation. More »    ...

Jean-Marie Le Pen's Grand-Daughter 'Cannot Believe' He Would Run Against Her

Marion Maréchal Le Pen, one of the most prominent members of France's nationalist Front National party, has said she "cannot believe" rumours that her grandfather is about to campaign against her in an upcoming regional election. Marion...Show More Summary

3 Things Your App Needs To Do To Retain New Users

Every Tuesday, UserTesting studies a different topic to share here on the blog. We hope you’ll learn some nifty research techniques and get inspired to run some insightful tests of your own. Enjoy, and check back in next Tuesday! What’s … Read More

MIT's Free Online Poker Class Shows You How to Win All Your Friends' Money

Sign up for Motherboard's newsletter, Motherboard Premium, and get more stories like this daily. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the premier engineering schools in the country, is finally putting math to good use: teaching students how to be better poker players. Show More Summary

The Feds Are Investigating a Teen Who Weaponized a Quadcopter

Earlier this month, a 14-second video entitled “Flying Gun” was posted on YouTube. It shows a flying quadcopter outfitted with a handgun firing four shots. Now, it’s become a Federal Aviation Administration investigation. Read more....

Lexus has created a car with a human heartbeat

Lexus has taken wearable tech to the extreme. The company has hacked a custom RC-F coupe to reflect the heartbeat of its driver so that vehicle glows in sync with every pulse. Lexus describes the concept car as as “The world’s first car with a heartbeat.” There’s lots of behind the scene magic, though, that enables the car to light up. Show More Summary

The Original Net Artists

In 1982, as new wave and queer punk were invading the Toronto music scene, a computer programmer and artist named Bill Perry brought a desk-sized computer to an artist-run video production centre called Trinity Square Video. While the music stuck around, the art created on that computer has been almost completely forgotten. Show More Summary

A Tour of Pornhub's Totally SFW Videos

Sign up for Motherboard's newsletter, Motherboard Premium, and get more stories like this daily. Whether you visit Pornhub regularly or pretend that you don't, you probably know why it's one of the most visited websites on the internet: MILFs, hentai, anal, threesomes—whatever video you want of people fucking, Pornhub probably has it. Show More Summary

Dynamic Drum Trigger Knows Where and How You Hit the Drums: Sensory Percussion

A drum trigger is a device that converts hits on an acoustic drum into electronic signals that activate digital sounds. You can use them to achieve a cleaner sound in live performances or use sound effects…

In Kentucky, Fight for a Gay Marriage Certificate Goes to the Courts

A lawsuit stemming from last month’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage has brought national media attention to Rowan County, home to 24,000 residents in the forested hills of eastern Kentucky. The high court’s ruling was met with jubilation across much of the country. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: The New Zero

If Alice needed to rate her co-workers, on a scale of 1–10, whoever wrote this is a zero. The goal here is to create a new string that is 4096 characters long and contains only zeros. This was the best approach Alice’s co-worker found: string...Show More Summary

Video: Cortana on Android and Cortana Windows 10 Mobile: Compared

A few days ago, Microsoft’s Cortana app for Android leaked out ahead of release, giving the public access to the virtual assistant application. However, the leaked version seems to be in an early build, so there will be obvious differences between this, and the Windows phone build. We compare the differences between the Android application […]

Microsoft Is Using Babies To Sell Windows 10

Microsoft wants to get the world ready for the advent of the Windows 10. Aside from getting the party started with its Upgrade Your World shindig, five new Microsoft Windows 10 ads have been released. And in what might be taken as another...Show More Summary

Check Out These ‘Minecraft’ Survival Games

In his latest video, our favorite YouTuber Lonnie takes on some devious Hunger Games-style survival games in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Check it out if you enjoy fun and things that are fun. The post Check Out These ‘Minecraft’ Survival...Show More Summary

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion Review – Long Title, Lots of Content

According to AppSpy’s review of Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion, this turn-based strategy game has lots of content to back up its meaty name. The post Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion Review – Long Title,...Show More Summary

Exclusive: Kasich Says ‘I’m Older. I’m More Faithful.’

“Early polls and name I.D. don't mean anything,'' then-Congressman John Kasich said on Meet the Press in February 1999, as he launched a soon-to-be-quickly-aborted presidential campaign. “Politics is ever-changing.” The Ohio governor,...Show More Summary

Judging the Presidential Wannabes by the Book

Say what you will about the 2016 presidential race, but the candidates are almost twice as good as those in the 2008 election. This is an objective fact, which I established using the pioneering methodology of essayist Paul Greenberg, who added up the prices of all the 2008 campaign autobiographies and then divided by the total number of pages. Show More Summary

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