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Stephen Colbert tells Donald Trump Jr. to ‘fudge himself’ for Skittles tweet

Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. shared an image on Twitter equating the Syrian refugee crisis with a bowl of Skittles. According to the image, "our Syrian refugee problem" is like being handed a bowl of Skittles and being told that only three of them would kill you. Show More Summary

Brushless HDD Motor Driver from 9V and Painter’s Tape

Hard drives work by spinning platters full of magnetized data while a read/write head very quickly harvests or changes bits as needed. Older (or perhaps cheaper) drives spin at 5400 RPM, better drives spin at 7200 RPM, and elite drives (that mortals like you never shell out for) spin in the 10k-15k RPM range. Show More Summary

Oracle has a Mark Zuckerberg problem (ORCL, FB)

In 2013's "Iron Man 3," Tony Stark's digital butler sidekick JARVIS uses the Oracle Cloud to reconstruct a crime scene and track the villainous Mandarin. It was a weird bit of product placement. In 2016, though, when Facebook CEO Mark...Show More Summary

iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7 face off in extensive drop tests

The iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note 7 are the only two phablets making headlines this fall, if for very different reasons. But aside from the fancy cameras and built-in hand warmers, it's good to see the physical robustness of both...Show More Summary

Insane video: Pilot miraculously avoids death in crazy runway collision

Hold on to your hats folks, because the video you’re about to see is positively insane. At the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada this past Sunday – an event where planes race each other thousands of feet up in the air –...Show More Summary

New York City Looks Like A Fake Movie Set In This Trippy Video

New York City basically already looks like a living, breathing movie set in real life but this surreal video transforms the city completely by turning the buildings into fake facades that don’t actually house anything. Claire & Max gave...Show More Summary

The iPhone 7 Plus’s magical cameras have a few hidden catches

The iPhone 7 Plus has an amazing camera, as many pro photographers have already proven. But Apple may have kept some secrets about the way it works, secrets that can affect your photo-taking abilities. DON’T MISS: You can download Google...Show More Summary

#voteIRL: Announcing YouTube’s get out the vote initiative and presidential debate live streams

At YouTube, we believe in giving everyone a voice. So this U.S. elections season, we’re committed to making sure that people--especially young people--use their voice by voting.With November just around the corner, election-related content is exploding. Show More Summary

A major video game developer is defending itself against accusations it 'cloned' Blizzard's 'Overwatch'

"Overwatch" is a new multiplayer shooter made by Blizzard, the game development behemoth behind "World of Warcraft." It came out in May, and has quickly become a prominent player in the gaming world — in just a few short weeks, it sold...Show More Summary

How Building a New Mosquito Could End Malaria

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Malaria is a horrifying disease. It explodes your cells and wears their skins as camouflage so it can more effectively burst more cells. The disease kills over a million people every year—but as Kurzgesagt explains, our best bet to eradicate malaria is by building a new mosquito. Read more...

Threewave: Valve’s lost Half-Life multiplayer mod is now playable

Forget about Overwatch. Today has suddenly become a good time to play the original Half-Life. YouTube Channel Valve News Network has restored a lost mod created by Valve itself for Half-Life, the monumental first-person shooter from 1998. It’s called Threewave, an updated version of one of the oldest FPS mods ever. Threewave was originally released for […]

The UN Needs to Tell Everyone to Eat Less Meat

Climate change and antibiotic resistance are two hot topics, but we’re overlooking a simple solution.

Google enlists YouTube stars for U.S. voting campaign

“#voteIRL” is Google’s latest project to convince young people to vote. The campaign launches today with a promotional video starring YouTube celebrities Bethany Mota, Kingsley, Hank Green, and Hannah Hart. It also features a series of videos that last 1:34 — the time YouTube believes it takes to register to vote in the U.S. — featuring Ryan Seacrest and other […]

9 of the coolest things Google’s new Assistant can do in Allo

Because there weren't enough chat applications in the world already, Google launched a new one this week called Allo. Google actually unveiled Allo (a messaging app) and Duo (a video calling app) at Google I/O in May, but just hoursShow More Summary

Does the iPhone 7’s hissing sound really matter?

There’s a new iPhone in town, which means there will be some issues to deal with, at least for a while. One of them is a hissing sound that can be heard when the larger iPhone's processor is under a heavy load, or when you hold the back of the phone very close to your ear. Show More Summary

Scientists have worked out how this tiny bear-like creature is indestructible — and it could help shield people from radiation

A new protein discovered in tardigrades — or water bears if you want to use their cuter name — helps shield them from harmful radiation, making them virtually indestructible. And researchers hope their new finding could be used to protect...Show More Summary

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