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Afroman Demonstrates Boost Converters

If you need to regulate your power input down to a reasonable voltage for a project, you reach for a switching regulator, or failing that, an inefficient linear regulator. What if you need to boost the voltage inside a project? It’sShow More Summary

Android One Lands In India, Promising Cheap But Decent Smartphone

While Apple pats itself on the back over its set of bigger, premium smartphones, Android has been sharpening its focus on budget handsets for emerging markets. Now Google has announced that its low-end device, the Android One, launched today in India. Show More Summary

What is Minecraft and why did Microsoft just spend $2.5 billion on it?

Microsoft confirmed Monday that, after days of speculation, it has cut a $2.5 billion deal for Mojang -- the video game studio responsible for the mega-hit, Minecraft. If the only part of that sentence that made sense to you was "Microsoft" and "$2.5 billion," here's a quick primer on Minecraft and why this latest news is such […]

Meet Grace Choi, A Harvard Brainiac Who Is Showing The World How To 3D Print Makeup From Any Home Computer

In May, Grace Choi presented a startup at New York technology conference, TechCrunch Disrupt. Her idea seemed too good to be true. Her product, Mink, promised to help anyone easily 3D print their own makeup from any home computer. All...Show More Summary

Entrepreneur Who Just Became A Billionaire Writes Extraordinary Letter About Leaving His Company To Save His Sanity (MSFT)

Microsoft officially announced its $2.5 billion purchase of Mojang, the Swedish company behind the ultra-popular game Minecraft, on Monday. Mark "Notch" Persson, the game's developer, has mixed emotions about the success of his company. Show More Summary

MIT's Robot Cheetah Now Runs Free Without Cables Or a Leash

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

A lot of robots in development are able to perform amazing feats in a laboratory setting when they've got plenty of tethers and cables keeping them perpetually powered and safe. The real test of their capabilities is when they're forced...Show More Summary

'Duke Dashington' Review - Here and Gone Again

Duke Dashington [$1.99] is the kind of game that exists in a kind of quandary. It's a game built around brevity, and for mobile devices: it's a platformer where players must swipe to get the eponymous Duke to the exit in no more than 10 seconds. It's frequently challenging but failure never leaves the player

Follow This Superstar’s 7-Step Example to Dominate Your Industry

I woke up like this. I woke up like this. Flawless. After listening to “Flawless” five times, Evette went to the mirror, and told herself the lyrics in the Beyoncé song were true. She believed it. She internalized it. She embodied it. Show More Summary

This Sci-Fi Short Will Have You Rooting For A World-Destroying Menace

There’s a mysterious blue goo wreaking havoc on this blob-shaped society. It’s creating panic and terror. Nobody knows how to stop it. And by the end of It’s Payback Time, you’ll realise why that wholesale destruction is the happiest ending you could ever want. More »      

Japan Built An Animatronic Rocket Raccoon Because Of Course

Raccoons(well,tanuki,butcloseenoughforourpurposes)are…interestingcreatures inJapanesefolklore.They’retrickstersfondofgettingdrunk,andwhileJapanesemythologymakesnomentionofrocketlaunchers,RocketlinesupenoughwithtraditionthatsomebodydecidedtopaytributetohimtheonlywaytheJapaneseknowhow.Byturninghimintoarobot.

A Syringe Slingshot Somehow Makes Needles Even More Terrifying

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It might be a common fear, but being afraid of needles is completely understandable. Who in their right mind likes being jabbed with a long, thin metal tube? No one. And while Joerg Sprave's heart might be in the right place with his latest creation, it's hard not to be even more terrified of just the concept of a syringe slingshot, let alone seeing it in action. Read more...

Four short links: 15 September 2014

The Care and Feeding of Weird Machines Found in Executable Metadata (YouTube) — talk from 29th Chaos Communication Congress, on using tricking the ELF linker/loader into arbitrary computation from the metadata supplied. Yes, there’s a brainfuck compiler that turns code …

Hackaday Links, September 14, 2014

Photonicinduction is back! The Brit famous for not setting his attic on fire has built a 20,000 Watt power supply. It connects directly to England’s national grid with huge connectors. Impeccable fabrication and triple servo controlled...Show More Summary

How One Guy Used YouTube To Get Thousands Of Teens To Donate $75,000 To Charity

If you've never heard of Connor Franta, you're living under a rock. Or perhaps, a television. You've never seen Franta in the movies and he hasn't been on your flat-screen TV, but Franta is one of the biggest YouTube stars around. This...Show More Summary

A Race Between a Real-Life Sonic and a TRAM [Video]

A 2-kilometer race between a man dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog and a public tram in Dublin City. Next, I want to see a race between him and a high-speed train. [Emlyn Lewis]

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