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Apple Campus 2 Taking Shape Rapidly as Completion Date Approaches

Apple's "spaceship" second campus is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2016, and with 10 months to go, construction is progressing rapidly on both the main ring-shaped building and several auxiliary buildings, including the underground...Show More Summary

How To Influence Primetime TV Viewers With YouTube

The consumer journey now has many touchpoints -- TV commercials are simply not strong enough to convert customers on their own. When consumers consciously engage with commercials, there's no better broadcast event to take a look at than the Super Bowl. Show More Summary

No Amount of Training Can Prepare Plastic Army Men For a Molten Copper Attack

There’s a reason they call it basic training. Because while the Army can teach new recruits how to march, hold a gun, and do push-ups, it unfortunately couldn’t give this battalion of green plastic army men the know-how to survive a surprise attack from molten copper. Read more...

Watch: New NASA Video Takes Viewers on Simulated Tour of Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA and the select few people who are chosen to work as astronauts have become quite adept in recent years at leveraging the Internet and social media to share images and discoveries with the Earth-bound. Astronauts at the International...Show More Summary

America is angry about Europe's tax investigations

An eyeliner-clad official from the US treasury has traveled to Brussels to scream leave Google alone! at their European counterparts. International tax chief Robert Stack has accused the European Union of unfairly targeting American tech companies in its recent clampdown on tax avoidance. Show More Summary

One of Apple's suppliers is working on a pressure-sensitive windshield that's a lot like the iPhone 6S (aapl, syna)

Apple supplier Synaptics is developing a touchscreen windshield for cars that detects how hard a user is pressing on it, a feature that is very similar to 3D Touch, a banner feature on late-model Macbooks and the latest iPhones. Synaptics is working with Valeo, a major automotive supplier that recently demoed a self-driving autopilot feature. Show More Summary

The Comunicano Communique for Monday February 1st 2016

The Comunicano Communique Last year when asked what I do, I started to describe Comunicano as being in the value creation business for our clients. Some peers initially questioned the terminology, but I continue to contend with forty...Show More Summary

Four short links: 1 February 2016

Curation & Search — (Twitter) All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation.—Benedict Evans. (via Lists are the New Search) Average Developer Tenure (Seattle Times) — The average tenure of a developer in Silicon …

What it feels like to drive a Tesla on Autopilot

I was in the driver’s seat of the Tesla Model S, but I wasn’t really driving. My hands weren’t on the steering wheel. My feet weren’t on the pedals. Software and sensors were doing the real work. I had been reduced to a back-up system. I monitored the city traffic mostly out of habit. I […]

Samsung Will Unveil the Galaxy S7 in Three Weeks

Samsung loves turning a phone launch into a literal song and dance, and it looks like the launch of “The Next Galaxy” will be more of the same. According to a teaser video just published, Samsung’s next phone(s) will be unveiled February 21st in Barcelona. Read more...

Meet Samsung's Galaxy S7 on February 21st

Waiting to see if Samsung can rekindle its smartphone sales streak with Galaxy S number seven? You won't be waiting long: media invites, as well as a tease-next-to-nothing teaser video have both surfaced, with the most salient points...Show More Summary

Entrepreneurs, it’s ok to copy

There’s a tension in our connected world about being the originator. Apparently those who invented it first always win. It is said that the best entrepreneurs are those who change things. It turns out though, those that win reinterpret that which is already here. Here are a few examples of things that weren’t invented by who you think: Some break […]

Twitter: Use the API to drive growth

Steven Max Patterson says that despite what others say Twitter's model is sustainable. I'd like to add this. If you remember dreaming about what the Internet would be able to do 10 years ago, did you imagine a notification system that worked between people spread out everywhere across the world, instantaneously? Reliable. Show More Summary

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