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Did Elon Musk Compare The Electric Car Business To A Sinking Ship? (TSLA)

Elon Musk made another appearance on "The Colbert Report" last night and when asked by the host why Tesla had recently given away all its patents, Musk replied with an alarming analogy. "Why are you being the Edward Snowden of you?" Colbert inquired. Show More Summary

A Former Microsoft Employee Shares His Experience Of Getting Fired After 15 Years (MSFT)

Last week Microsoft announced the largest round of layoffs in the company's 39-year history. One employee who found himself on that blacklist turned to YouTube to share his experiences and tell the world what it was like to be fired from Microsoft after 15 years of work. Show More Summary

How Prodea is piecing together tomorrow’s smart home one service at a time | #CubeConversations

Although the smart home market already holds tremendous potential in its current fragmented form, Prodea Systems argues that the connected whole can be worth even more than the sum of its devices given the right catalyst. The eight-year-old company wants … Continue reading ?

Firefly Online for iPhone and iPad snags TV show's cast to handle voice roles

Firefly Online, the upcoming game based on the cult hit sci-fi TV show that was announced a year ago for the iPhone, iPad and other platforms, will be made with the help of the cast of the original series, who will handle the voice over roles of their characters. Show More Summary

Video: Don’t be fooled by this extremely detailed iPhone 6 clone running Android

The iPhone 6 isn’t even out yet and it already has a few clones that mimic its appearance and software very well, with 9to5Google having found a new video hands-on demo of one such device. While the clone is based on the leaked dummy iPhone 6 units that flooded the Internet and is fully working, it’s not actually running iOS 8. Show More Summary

Harvard Students Just Invented Microwavable 'Spray Cake In A Can'

Leave it to the students of the ivy league to fill the void of what we're really missing in life. In this case, it's microwavable cake batter that comes in a spray can. We know, we know. How come you didn't think of that? We're all in the same boat. Show More Summary

A Brief History of Nintendo Handheld Consoles [Video]

A fairly complete animated history of Nintendo handheld consoles, excluding the 2DS. [Dadot]

Four short links: 25 July 2014

What is Public? (Anil Dash) — the most cogent and articulate (and least hyperventilated dramaware) rundown of just what the problem is, that you’re ever likely to find. talon — mailgun’s open sourced library for parsing email signatures. Signals from …

Halo: Nightfall trailer brought to us by Ridley Scott

Halo has been around since November 15, 2001 when its first game ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ was released, since then it has spawned many games which have grossed over $3.4bn.  Back at E3 we were told about a new story coming to the HaloShow More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel parades $20 Casio as the new ‘iTime’ smartwatch

Jimmy Kimmel has pulled an hilarious prank on the streets of Los Angeles this week, With the hotly anticipated iWatch set to be released very soon he bought a $20 Casio watch and stuck an Apple sticker on the back to get some reactions from the people of LA, and some of the reactions are just brilliant. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Told People A $20 Casio Is An Apple Smartwatch, And They Totally Believed Him

Jimmy Kimmel proved this week that if you slap an Apple logo on something, chances are people will think it's really awesome. He sent a crew to Hollywood Boulevard to gauge people's interest in an "Apple smartwatch." But the "smartwatch" was nothing more than a $20 Casio watch. Show More Summary

14 Of The Coolest Video Game Easter Eggs In The World

Just like filmmakers, video game designers sometimes hide little jokes in their games, called Easter eggs. Sometimes it's a secret room. Sometimes it's a whole playable level. Sometimes it's a secret message. The first Easter egg appeared in a video game called "Adventure," which was released in 1979 for the Atari 2600 console. Show More Summary

A New Approach to Robotic Walking Looks More Like Kinetic Art

Here’s a really cool application of 3D printing and robotics by a fellow named [Maundy] – He’s created a very unique kinetic robot which relies on gravity to walk around. All the electronics are housed in the cylinder as shown above....Show More Summary

Apple "Frustrated" that "People Don't Want to Pay Anything" on Mobile, Says 'The Banner Saga' Developer

There's a very interesting interview over on Polygon with Stoic Studios, developers of the hit tactical adventure title The Banner Saga which launched on Steam back in January and is on its way to the iPad. In the interview Stoic touches on what it's like developing a game as a fledgling indie studio, and two

Storm and Polaris Come to 'Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past', Currently On Sale for a Dollar

Historically, movie tie-in games have sucked, but it seems like that trend might ever so slowly be changing. Temple Run has produced a couple of fun movie tie-in spinoffs, the Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game is pretty good, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [$3.99] game seems really promising. Another good example is Glitchsoft's

Hands-on with a functional 4.7-inch iPhone 6 clone, attention to detail is ridiculous (Video)

A functional “Wico6? iPhone 6 clone has made its way into a detailed hands-on video published by YouTuber Danny Winget. This functional clone mimics Apple’s iPhone in almost every way possible, all the way down to the packaging and accessories. So what’s the big deal? Apple clones pop up all of the time. Well, the […]

Doubling down on data governance | #MITIQ

Data is valuable. As the challenge of protecting customer data mounts, more and more businesses are embracing data-governance strategies to manage the information that serves as the lifeblood of the company. Without a doubt, data has become the raw material … Continue reading ?

Is 'Bioshock' Finally Coming to iOS? Well, That's One Way You Could Read These Tea Leaves

Hanging out with our pals from MacRumors and having been involved in the X-Files club in Junior High (No, for real, X-Files just premiered and it was red hot.) might be responsible for grooming me in to reading between any two lines I can possibly find, but try this on for size: 2K's UK account

The 'Angry Birds Transformers' Comic Con Trailer is Pretty Gnarly

Mobile stuff usually isn't that prevalent at Comic Con, short of a few spillover trailers for games that might also be coming to mobile. Rovio, as usual, is the exception here and just released a pretty awesome Angry Birds Transformers trailer: Angry Birds Transformers is still in the "coming soon" camp, with few other details

4 years later : OpenStack milestones and future challenges

It has been four years since OpenStack was officially launched – as the cooperative celebrates, we take a look at the major milestones this open source initiative has accomplished, and what the future holds. In a blog post, Paul Voccio, … Continue reading ?

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