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Want to See 'Cally's Caves 3' Footage? Well, Have All the 'Cally's Caves 3' Footage in the World!

There are some developers who are very protective of pre-release game footage. Sometimes this is for good reason, like protecting simple game ideas from getting exposed and replicated by unscrupulous developers willing to create spurious apps before the authentic ones can come out. But often, this is just misguided silliness – not to name names,

System of a Down’s Pilgrimage to Commemorate the Armenian Genocide

Once they get onstage, wherever they are in the world, metal band System of a Down commits to giving their fans an experience they won’t forget. But their shows this month have been slightly different because they’re steeped in history:...Show More Summary

Hands-On Impressions of EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is a “wrestly, fighty, man-punchy game” (to use AppSpy’s own magnificent words) that recently received a worldwide launch on iOS. If you’re still uncertain about whether or not you want to give the game a download, take a look at AppSpy’s hands-on video. Show More Summary

'Seek' is a Gorgeous Game Jumping From Android to iOS in May

Scotland-based student developers Five Pixels are launching their award-winning mobile game Seek on iOS in a couple of weeks on May 7th. The game has been available on Android for a bit now, but this is the first chance for iPhone and iPad owners to try out this gorgeous exploration game. You use tilt and

This revolutionary discovery could help scientists see black holes for the first time

Of all the bizarre quirks of nature, supermassive black holes are some of the most mysterious because they're completely invisible. But that could soon change. Black holes are deep wells in the fabric of space-time that eternally trap anything that dares too close, and supermassive black holes have the deepest wells of all. Show More Summary

Shoot 'em up 'Plasma Sky' Gets Updated with New Mode and Levels

It's always great to see games that otherwise seem lost to history get updated with new content. Plasma Sky [$0.99] is a fun shoot 'em up from 2013 that's just been updated to version 5.0, bringing some new content to the game. The big new addition is the new Blockade mode, which throws wave after

A New High-Speed MRI Technique Is Fast Enough To Record Someone Singing

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It’s a remarkable technology capable of looking inside a human being, but magnetic resonance imaging—or MRI—machines are finicky and require a patient to remain absolutely still while it does its thing. But researchers at the University of Illinois have found a way to capture up to 100 frames per second on an MRI machine allowing them to record patients in motion. Read more...

What an insane 343x camera zoom would look like zooming in from 3 miles

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

In the future, we might be able to zoom in from an impossible far off distance and see a target like some insane sniper. Daniel Taylor made this simulation that shows what an extreme 343x super ridiculous zoom would look like and it’s crazy to imagine that this could be real. Read more...

Video: iOS 9 concept reimagines one of the iPhone’s most important features

Apple will undoubtedly show off the future of iOS at WWDC in June, but until iOS 9 is unveiled in all its glory, creative designers will likely imagine all sorts of potential features for the upcoming operating system. Such is the case...Show More Summary

The Worst YouTube Comments Ever Were Actually Used to Control Malware

?Sometimes, seemingly spammy nonsense YouTube comments can hide something much more meaningful, and malicious, than it could appear at first glance. The group behind a trojan virus that targets both Windows and Mac computers, known as...Show More Summary

Girl Who Was Paralyzed Surprises Her Nurse By Standing And Walking To Her, The Reaction Is Beautiful [Watch]

Oh those videos. The videos where you attempt to hold back the tears, or you don’t realize you have been smiling the whole time, or you had no chance of holding back the tears and it is a steady stream of the feels. A video of a girl named, Bailey, was uploaded to YouTube a […]

'Heroes and Castles 2' Finally Gets a Release Date

Foursaken Media's got our forums – and some of us on staff here at TA – all in a tizzy with Heroes and Castles 2. The scope of the game is looking absolutely absurd, the visuals are looking impressive, but will it be a good game? Well, you're going to find out soon enough: May

VCF East X: Amigas And Non-Apple Macs

 30 Years of Amiga The Amiga 1000, the original Amiga, was introduced in 1985, making this the 30th anniversary of the Commodore Amiga. Of course this needed to be represented at the Vintage Computer Festival, and [Bill Winters] andShow More Summary

'Sorcery! 3' Review - Live The Mongoose Life In This Amazing Adventure

It's been quite a wait for this third installment in inkle's adaptation of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series of gamebooks. It's kind of funny now to look back at those who were impatient over the six months between the release of the first two chapters. With just about a year and a half passed since the

Review: Dyconn’s i6 Power Case packs a 3,200 mAh battery and features wireless charging (Video)

There are absolutely no shortage of battery case offerings for iPhone 6. Even though we’ve covered the best iPhone battery cases here, it’s sometimes overwhelming sorting through them all. The real winners are the ones with maximum battery capacity and some extra features to spice things up. Recently, I came across Dyconn’s i6 Power Case and was […]

Video: This concept envisions what might be in store for Android 6.0

Google’s Lollipop is the best version of Android to date, one that many users have yet to receive on their Android devices. But there’s already excitement in the air surrounding Google’s upcoming plans for the popular mobile operating system. Show More Summary

'Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be' Goes On Sale For One Day Only

Hello, friends! You know, April 23rd is a pretty special day. It's World Book Day, the day the first game at Wrigley Field was played, the birthday of my childhood crush Joyce DeWitt, and the day Coca-Cola launched the world-beating New Coke in 1985. In the United Kingdom, it's also National Shakespeare Day, possibly because

What Does the 'High Maintenance' Move From the Web to HBO Mean for Cordcutters?

?High Maintenance, the wonderfully weird and poignant web series that follows a weed delivery guy around New York, is moving from Vimeo to HBO. It's a huge move for the series and its creators, but can it tell us anything about the future...Show More Summary

This Lego version of the 'Batman v. Superman' trailer is absolute gold

Final Feature is a 18-year-old animator and director who specializes in Lego remakes. Here's his take on the new "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer. Video courtesy of Final Feature Follow Final Feature: On Facebook and Twitter  Follow BI Video: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

If you're looking for a fresh video game to play this year, you're out of luck (ATVI)

In 2015, everything old in video games is new again. If you liked hit-multiplayer shooter "Borderlands" the first time, good news: There's a re-release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That same statement is applicable to a mess of...Show More Summary

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