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Video: How to sharpen your knives

If you have a really nice set of chef knives, you’d know (or should know!) that the blades need to be maintained and sharpened to make life easier for you in the kitchen. Chef knives are meant for chopping food stuff but they’re basically bad ass mini-swords. How To You shows us—in very instructive detail—how to sharpen your knives. Read more...

Final Fantasy VII Mobile: An Extremely In-Depth Video Review

Is Final Fantasy VII for mobile worth your time and money? AppSpy breaks that question down with a very in-depth video review. The post Final Fantasy VII Mobile: An Extremely In-Depth Video Review appeared first on Slide to Play. More about FINAL FANTASY VII » The post Final Fantasy VII Mobile: An Extremely In-Depth Video Review is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

Hey Cool, a Gross Eye Surgery Game

Apple has no problem banning games of a sexual nature from the App Store, but horrifying surgery games? Bring ’em on! Lonnie gets to slicing up lenses and irises in his latest and most disturbing video yet. Check it out above. The post...Show More Summary

How to Unlock the Pac-Man Ghosts in Crossy Road

The Pac-Man ghosts have invaded Crossy Road. Maybe you need instructions on how to round them up and make them your own? AppSpy has you covered. The post How to Unlock the Pac-Man Ghosts in Crossy Road appeared first on Slide to Play. More about Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper » The post How to Unlock the Pac-Man Ghosts in Crossy Road is from Slide To Play via AppSpy.

VR's Proto Awards Gets 'The Meltdown's' Jonah Ray As Host (Interview)

By Noah J. Nelson (@noahjnelson) The nominees are out for the second annual Proto Awards, which "honor the efforts of trailblazers in immersive media." Hosting this year's ceremony in Hollywood is comedian Jonah Ray. Jonah is the co-host...Show More Summary

Microsoft's MobileFusion lets you scan 3D objects via smartphone

The teams at Microsoft Research regularly come up with fascinating approaches to technology innovation — the latest is software that turns your smartphone into a 3D scanner Microsoft's app, called MobileFusion, allows you to point and...Show More Summary

It will take years to count the true human cost of the Ashley Madison hack

It has now been a week since more than 30 million Ashley Madison users' personal data was leaked online — their names, email addresses, physical descriptions and detailed sexual preferences splattered across the Web for all the world to gawk at. Show More Summary

Sony’s New Aerosense Drone Is a Noisy, Tiny Jet Plane

Sony is getting its feet wet in the drone space through its newly-formed Aerosense company, the product of a joint venture with Japanese startup ZMP. Just yesterday, its first jet-like drone prototype has taken flight. If it wasn’t clear,...Show More Summary

This Is What $15.3 Trillion of World Trade Looks Like

World economies can be mind-boggling systems made up of complex chains of supply and demand, buoyed by commodities and fueled by different currencies. Owen Cornec and Romain Vuillemot, data visualization fellows at Harvard Kennedy School, wanted to reimagine the global spread of goods in a new visualisation. Show More Summary

Still Confused About the Blockchain? These Hackathon Apps Show Its Power

We live in a day and age where it only takes 48 hours to program a decentralized horse registry. All it takes is the Ethereum blockchain, also known as the “world computer,” which seeks to use the technology that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to support other applications. Show More Summary

This Guy Rappelled Down the CN Tower For the Launch of Windows 95

Image: Anne Munro/Toronto Star via Getty Images Twenty years ago this week, Microsoft released Windows 95 to the world. It might be hard to imagine now, but the launch of a new operating system was a huge deal back in 1995. When Windows 95 launched, there were parties at midnight where people lined up at stores around the block. Show More Summary

Please Don’t Put the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen in Backwards.

Hey, guy over there with the Galaxy Note 5, please don’t put your S Pen in backwards. If you do, you will probably break something in the phone, like the sensor that recognizes whether or not the S Pen is in or out of the phone. You may not even be able to remove it […] Please Don’t Put the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen in Backwards. is a post from: Droid Life

Thinking Responsively: A Framework for Future Learning

Before the arrival of smartphones and tablets, many of us took a position of blissful ignorance. Believing we could tame the web’s inherent unpredictability, we prescribed requirements for access, prioritizing our own needs above those of users. As our prescriptions grew ever more detailed, responsive web design signaled a way out. Show More Summary

Announcing the 2015 Kickstarter Film Fest!

Not just Brooklyn. Not just L.A. For the first time ever, we’re bringing the annual Kickstarter Film Festival to 32 theaters around the U.S.! It’s our biggest festival yet, and we can’t wait to show you another selection of amazing, independent films that were made with Kickstarter. Show More Summary

Time Slips Away, and Leaves You With Nothing, Mister

Microsoft, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the release of Windows 95: On Aug. 24, 1995, Windows 95 arrived. And if you were around then, you may remember the song that accompanied the commercial introducing it: “Start Me Up” by...Show More Summary

Why Is It So Hard to Breed Giant Pandas?

Over the weekend, giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth to twin cubs at the Smithsonian National Zoo, to the delight of conservationists and keepers (and everyone who loves roly-poly fur balls). Just three days earlier, veterinarians weren’t...Show More Summary

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