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Digital Citizenship First: White House Endorses 'HTTPS-everything'

Finally we can start the day with some good news from the White House. Its Office of Management and Budget just launched the "HTTPS-Only Standard" initiative, requiring the use of the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol...Show More Summary

Presenting the 2015 YouTube Music Awards Show #YTMA

Here it is, folks. Today we're dropping a collection of exclusive, new music videos from some of the biggest and emerging artists on YouTube for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards Show, presented by Kia. Produced by VICE and made by someShow More Summary

'Bathroom Simulator' Is a Gross Game

Its 2015, you want to be a rock? Heyyy be a rock, modern technologys got you covered! Want to simulate being on a boat in the middle of the ocean going nowhere? I hope you have an Ouya! Want to simulate playing a simulator? Someone made...Show More Summary

Minecraft Modding Course at Elementary School – Teach Java to Kids

Cross posted from Exactly two years ago, I wrote a blog on Introducing Kids to Java Programming using Minecraft. Since then, Devoxx4Kids has delivered numerous Minecraft Modding workshops all around the world. Show More Summary

Watch: Forget work, procrastination has a magic future

Forget about playing addictive mobile games or stalking your friends on Facebook while you’re supposed to be working. The future of procrastination already looks much better than that, as a new augmented/virtual reality concept video from Magic Leap shows us. Show More Summary

Finding the Most Bigoted Pages on Reddit, a Robot Road Trip, and More… [Tech News Digest]

Also: how Windows XP's persistence is hurting Intel, a sadistic AI weather app, and the Lego-based remake of Jurassic Park you've been waiting for. Read the full article: Finding the Most Bigoted Pages on Reddit, a Robot Road Trip, and More… [Tech News Digest]

Hackaday Prize Worldwide: Makers Asylum

Several weeks before we launched the Hackaday Prize 2015 officially, I was asked to set up a local event in Mumbai to help spread the word about the event to local Makers. Since I also help run a local maker space, Makers’ Asylum, we decided to have a Bring-a-Hack evening on March 21st at the Asylum. It was a packed day at the Asylum. Show More Summary

Heated Slippers keep your Feet Warm, also your House as it Burns to the Ground.

Winter may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that feet are free from being cold. Sure, socks or slippers may help a little, or you can even turn up the heat in your home but none of those options are as fun or as dangerous as [Colin Furze’s] solution. Show More Summary

Selfie Stick Gets Stealthy Alternative With Wireless Sticky Camera

It’s almost like something from a spy movie, only this time it’s just an upgrade to the infamous selfie stick. The product, called Podo, advertises itself as a wireless Bluetooth camera that you can stick to anything to take photos of yourself. Show More Summary

14 Wheel Drive Vehicle Climbs Over Most Things

What do you get when you cross 7 hobby gearboxes with 14 wheels and a LiPo battery? Instead of speculating an answer, we can just check out one of [rctestflight’s] projects. He came across those hobby gearboxes and thought it would be fun to build a 14 wheel drive contraption. Show More Summary

YouTube Autoplay, Enabled by Default

As previously anticipated, YouTube's autoplay feature is no longer an experiment and it's now a regular feature enabled by default. YouTube automatically plays related videos until you pause videos or you disable autoplay. "When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next," explains Google. Show More Summary

Saving a life on the proto-Internet

Doctors on Usenet helped cure Zhu Ling. Can the modern Internet bring her justice?

BeagleBones At MRRF

[Jason Kridner] – the BeagleBone guy – headed out to the Midwest RepRap Festival this weekend. There are a lot of single board computers out there, but the BeagleBoard and Bone are perfectly suited for controlling printers, and motion control systems thanks to the real-time PRUs on board. Show More Summary

Five Nights Away from Freddy’s - 8 Games by Scott Cawthon that Don’t Involve Fazbear’s Pizza

5 days agoMobile / Mobile Apps : 148Apps

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is inarguably popular at this point. Regardless of whether or not you love the atmosphere or think the games are dull, the creepy-looking bear and his - I guess we can call them friends? - are a YouTube...Show More Summary

?The Apple Watch Is the Perfect Wrist Piece for Dystopia

The future app tycoon stands gazing out through the bulletproof glass of his top-floor penthouse suite, awaiting his UberUltra and contemplating his forthcoming evening at the future opera. He decides to augment his appearance with a tasteful accessory. Show More Summary

Journey Alpha: A Highly Entertaining “Non-Interactive” Video Game

Yep, that right: A “non-interactive” video game. That basically means a short film taking place in a video game. Some would argue that “The Order: 1886? is also a non-interactive video game, but that’s not what the subject of this post. Show More Summary

Time Lapse: Paris of the Plains

6 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Visually stunning time-lapse film displays the striking beauty of Kansas City, Missouri. Video courtesy of Tim Lair. See more of Tim's work and follow him on Vimeo. Music track, "The Faint Dotted Line," courtesy of Zane Callister.

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