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Bernie Sanders Ad Rallies LGBT People To Transform America — Feelin’ It?

2 minutes agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Whether or not you’re feeling the full-bern, the partial-bern, or perhaps the no-bern, the language coming out of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is some of the most refreshing of the current political landscape. Does that make him the right man for the job? Well, there’s room to go round and round on that. But one is [...]

All the Ways That Food Has Nearly or Actually Ruined Our Relationships

The MUNCHIES staff shares memories of when their love un-blossomed because a date drank milk with a fancy dinner or put hot dogs in their spaghetti. Sorry, but sometimes, what you eat or don't eat can be a dealbreaker.

MOST ASTUTE TAKEAWAY FROM DEM DEBATE: Black Lives Don’t Matter to Clinton and Sanders–Only Black Vo…

MOST ASTUTE TAKEAWAY FROM DEM DEBATE: Black Lives Don’t Matter to Clinton and Sanders–Only Black Votes. The self-proclaimed “Conservative Black Chick,” Crystal Wright, has an oped in The Telegraph that documents the vomit-inducing racial...Show More Summary

Linked: “CES 2008 – Microsoft Keynote – Bill Gates”

via Youtube: Yeah, I know! Every couple of years, I’ll spend a day watching Bill Gates interviews while he was still full-time at Microsoft. He was a genius and despite the flack he gets for a lot of things, no one can deny is foresight and utter genius in predicting the future. Execution is everything... ?

62 Pet Names Your Honeycake Deserves To Hear On Valentine's Day

12 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

Sweetie pie. Honey. Babydoll. Pumpkin. What could be more normal, more unremarkable than the common endearments English-speaking Americans use to address their romantic counterparts? That is, they seem relatively normal, since we're so used to them. Show More Summary

Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Church leader hold historic meeting in Cuba

Pope Francis arrived in Havana on Friday to meet the head of the Russian Orthodox Church nearly 1,000 years after Eastern Orthodoxy split with Rome, marking the first encounter in history between a Roman Catholic pope and a Russian Orthodox...Show More Summary

The pope and Russian Orthodox leader meet for first time in 1,000 years

Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, met with Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, in Havana, Cuba, on Friday. Their meeting was the first between the leaders of their respective churches, the...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: It’s Valentine’s Day, so might as well reenact romantic movies with dogs

All the lonely people, where do they all belong? Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that can be rough on the Eleanor Rigbys of the world who don’t have a spouse or significant other to keep them company. What’s left to do on February...Show More Summary

Infuriated and Inspired, Youth Voices Are Ready to Be Heard

Credit: Aldolfo Lujan By Karolina Chorvath I'll never forget running along a student protest under the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona last year, as chants against the Spanish government's new rules for university students echoed off the buildings. Show More Summary

The Art of Dissidence and Diplomacy

The position of the body is the same. The figure is prone on the beach, near the water’s edge. The head is face down in the sand, and the face is just visible. One arm is close to the body, palm upward. The knees are bent, the feet together. Show More Summary

CNN’s Byers TMZ-Esque Report on Scarborough’s Trump Resort Stay Flimsy as it is Feeble (UPDATED)

16 minutes agoNews : Mediaite

There are nothingburgers in this business served up as yuge entrees of behind-the-scenes insight. And then there the crapatastic bowl of nothing...

Impromptu Tortoise Sex Is The Real Star Of New York Fashion Week

16 minutes agoNews : Huffington Post

What do you have planned this Valentine’s Day -- dinner, some lame flowers, sub-par chocolate? What about totally stealing the show during New York Fashion Week with an expression of your love? Sorry, these tortoises have already been there, done that, bought the shell shirt. Show More Summary

Teenage Hackers Promise More Government Hacks After Alleged Leader’s Arrest

Hackers involved with the hacking group called “Crackas With Attitude” react to the arrest of their alleged leader.

You'll Never Guess What Song Ryan Reynolds Played While Blake Lively Gave Birth

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had their first baby, James, just over a year ago, and the two have been adjusting to parenthood like champs. Ryan appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and dished about what it was like in the labor room. Show More Summary

Why Are George Soros-Linked Financiers Giving Big Bucks to Support John Kasich?

Two Wall Street titans who helped financier George Soros make his billions have channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars into John Kasich's presidential bid. According to Federal Election Commission records, Scott Bessent, who wasShow More Summary

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