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The Alarming Regularity of 6 and 7-Sigma Events Illustrates Why a Deep Understanding of Banker-Induced Fraud is a Necessity

In today's SmartKnowledgeU_Vlog_005, we discuss why an intelligent investment strategy is impossible without incorporation of market& banker fraud analysis, something that we have incorporated heavily into our strategies since we launched our company in mid-2007. Show More Summary

Economies of Anti-Scale

Late last month, Mr. Smith reposted a couple of great posts on why Bigger Procurement is Not Always Better Procurement (Part I and Part II) over on SpendMatters UK. While sometimes bigger spend equals bigger discount, this is typically only true for the acquisition of consumables where there is a predictable economy of scale that […]

Q&A: Dating When You’re Fat?

Can you imagine a society where 75 per cent of folks are gay, yet society is still as homophobic as the Duggar clan? That’s pretty much what fat people deal with every day, so we’ve made this far-reaching topic the … Continue readin...

‘Fear The Walking Dead': Sneak Peek Into Episode 3

There will be a hiatus from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead next week due to the Labor day holiday in the U.S. But that doesn’t mean there were no teaser videos were released to tied fans over until September 13 when it returns. WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers in regards to AMC’s Fear The... Show More Summary

John Hardee: Lost Tenor

2 hours agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

For every tenor saxophonist you know, there are a dozens you don't know because they never made it or didn't record enough to be remembered. That's the beauty of jazz. There was so much talent in the 1940s and '50s...        

Music Review: DeJ Loaf - #AndSeeThat’sTheThing

DeJ Loaf #AndSeeThat’sTheThing [Columbia; 2015] by Stefan Wharton Rating: While Detroit trap-rap songstress DeJ Loaf is no doubt best known for “Try Me” — the 2014 single that went viral after garnering attention from Drake, prompting him to quote its lyrics on his Instagram — she has also released a string of mixtapes over the last three years. Show More Summary

Why the Undercover Clinton Video Doesn’t Sting Much

The latest sting video from conservative provocateur James O’Keefe centers on a pretty small get: $75 spent on some Hillary Clinton swag at her campaign launch. In an undercover video by O’Keefe’s sting group Project Veritas, an activist for the conservative organization is seen allegedly playing the role of middleman for a foreign donation to…

The Nice Guy/Girl Dilemma and the Alternative (Guidelines)

We're all looking for supporters and nurturers in our relationships, which is why being nice is never enough to finish first. The post The Nice Guy/Girl Dilemma and the Alternative (Guidelines) appeared first on The Good Men Project...

Man with a dream takes off in a lawn chair powered by 54 propellers

Sometimes you have a dream. And that dream is to one day fly in a giant drone powered by 54 propellers and a controller from Hobby King. Looking every bit the madcap inventor, a man in a helmet and goggles bounces around in a multi-rotor machine that's called "the Swarm," according to the YouTube account where the clip was posted. Show More Summary

Ryan Clark Calls Trent Richardson 'The Worst Running Back of All Time'

"Trent Richardson is the worst running back of all time." Tell us how you really feel, Ryan Clark. During a segment on ESPN's First Take, the retired NFL safety went off on the former No. 3 pick out of Alabama after Richardson was cut by the Oakland Raiders. Show More Summary

Reality Check: Working at an Agency Is a Pretty Good Life

No industry in the world enjoys self-flagellation quite as much as the advertising industry. We criticize the work we create. We condemn the environments in which we create it. We denounce the same award shows whose recognition we covet. Show More Summary

Preparing Users for a Future of Wearables (Part 2)

In part 1 of this 2-part series, Associate Professor Nick Bowman explored the social implications of wearable technologies such as Google Glass. Now, in part 2, Bowman shares results of a study conducted by his communication technology team at West Virginia University’s Interaction Lab. The post Preparing Users for a Future of Wearables (Part 2) appeared first on UX Booth.

The Drake Performance Apple Allegedly Didn’t Want You To See [Video]

While Drake’s Lil’ Weezyana performance wasn’t live-streamed, plenty of Drizzy’s fans thought to record the show, themselves. Does Apple have anything to say? There was rumor that Apple threatened to sue Tidal, if the company would’ve shown Drake’s performance. Show More Summary

‘A Walk In The Woods’ Trailer Released By Robert Redford And Nick Nolte [Watch]

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte have released the trailer for their new film A Walk in the Woods. The duo previously worked together on films Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1968) and The Sting(1973), and decided to team up once again for 1998 Bill Bryson book A Walk In The Woods, according to Deadline.... Show More Summary

MADDEN GLITCH? Invisible Tony Romo throws to Dez Bryant; He drops it

You can’t make these things up.  A Madden glitch had an invisible Tony Romo throw to Dez Bryant who was covered by at least 5 Philadelphia Eagles. Dez catches the ball, but on his way to the ground, he drops it. Shades of the Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. Check this video out: […]

Ronda Rousey: 'So many people live to hate me, but they're going to miss me when I'm gone'

For as many loyal, die-hard fans Ronda Rousey has, she has an equal amount of haters who cringe at the site of more "Rowdy" in the spotlight. An unfortunate fact not lost on the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight...Show More Summary

Slide Down the Shoegaze Rabbit Hole With Cheatahs "Seven Sisters"

Over the past few years there's been a massive resurgence in shoegaze groups. You've got your post-shoegaze acts like Nothing and Whirr, your DIIVs and your Wild Nothings, your Title Fights and your Pinkshinyultrablasts. Then there's Cheatahs, a four piece group who formed in London back in 2009. Show More Summary

'The Special Without Brett Davis' Is the Best Punk Rock Comedy Show on Public Access TV

Photo by John Ambrosio Starting as a walk-on bit for the former The Chris Gethard Show, in a year’s time The Special Without Brett Davis has taken on a life of its own. Despite the constantly changing cast of characters and format, Davis has formulated a distinct brand of off-kilter comedy. Show More Summary

5 Strategies To Help You Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

5 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Several years ago, I was invited to give my first public speech, and I made the mistake of saying yes. I was terrified: as a student, my heart used to race at the mere thought of raising my hand in class. For weeks beforehand, I had nightmares about forgetting my lines, waking up in a cold sweat. Show More Summary

Video: This completely mirrored world is so trippy to see

5 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Sometimes the world in this video by Joe Pease is mirrored horizontally, like a city folding itself on top of itself. Other times, it’s mirrored vertically, like in perfect symmetry. But what makes the video even more mind bending than seeing a world mirrored is seeing how certain people are able to break it and seamlessly transition from one world to the next. Read more...

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