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Sunday Talk: If you build it (all by yourself), he will come

24 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

It's been nearly two years since America's sweetheart, Mitt Romney, got sk[r]ewed out of the presidency (#ThanksOsama), and Republicans are still working through the stages of grief. First came the denial, which quickly—too quickly for...Show More Summary

Jorge and the Running of the Sheep

1 hour agoOdd : Neatorama

(YouTube link) Jorge lives in Australia, and has always dreamed of running with the bulls in Pamplona. But that’s in Spain, far, far away. Then one day he heard about an event called the Running of the Sheep at a local festival in the Australian town of Boorowa. Show More Summary

How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today

I’ve been visibly online since approximately 2004 or so, in varied media and communities online. Earlier if you count much more nerdy things. One thing has never changed: balancing what you share and with whom on the web is a delicate dance, and one that has no hard and fast rules. So, disclaimer: these aren’t rules either. It’s just how I […]

This Video Of An Unmanned F-16 Fighter Dodging A Missile Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of Aerial Warfare

The military plane of the future is not likely to have anyone actually inside the aircraft, and a new video released from Boeing gives us a glimpse into what that could look like. Boeing and the U.S. Air Force have been working on converting...Show More Summary

“Winged Warnings” Sounds the Avian Alarm

When birds go from Least Concern to Near-Threatened to Vulnerable to Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature...

20,000 Pakistan Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets As Protesters Breach PM's Residence, 230 Injured

UPDATE: POLICE, PROTESTERS CLASH IN ISLAMABAD; AT LEAST 230 HURT: AFP Against the background we initialliy explained here, and the escalation we discussed here, Imran Khan's "Pakistan Spring" has grown dramatically. The former cricketing-legend...Show More Summary

Game Of Thrones Gets An Old School Video Game Sound Makeover

6 hours agoOdd : Neatorama

Despite the various CGI enhancements used during the creation of Game of Thrones the creators tries to stay true to the source material by maintaining the show's classical aesthetic, but sometimes two classic flavors taste kinda strange together. Show More Summary

Derrick Rose Drives to Rim, Throws Down Two-Handed Dunk vs. Finland

Derrick Rose and the rest of Team USA may not be playing against top-tier talent on Saturday in their game against Finland, but it's nice to see the Chicago Bulls star show off his explosiveness once again. During the game, Rose crossed over the Finnish defender on his way to the basket, then threw down the two-handed slam dunk. Show More Summary

Man Who Defrauded EPA Calls EPA “Fraudulent” on FOX

If you’re John Stossel and you want to host a segment to rail against the US Environmental Protection Agency, who ought you to call? It turns out, a convicted man who was sentenced to six months in prison for defrauding the EPA!

If Christopher Nolan Directed The Incredibles

We’ve seen what would happen if Michael Bay directed Up. Now we have a glimpse of a much darker pairing: YouTube user Bobby Burns has created a hypothetical trailer for Christopher Nolan’s version of The Incredibles. Turns out The Dark Knight director would be a perfect fit for Pixar’s superhero film. Show More Summary

Panda Triplets Turn One Month Old

These little pandas turned one-month old this week! The newborn bears live in a Chinese zoo, where they are believed to be the world’s only set of panda triplets. Sure, they aren’t much to look at yet and anyway, upon their birth, zookeepers told the New York Post not to get excited until they pass their [...]

Awesome Stuff: Lock It Up

9 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

This week's awesome stuff is all about security, but not of the "cyber" variety. No, we're taking a look at some brand new takes on good old fashioned locks. Lock Your Mail! Though technology has drastically changed the role of snail mail in the world, that doesn't mean the latter can't benefit from the former. Show More Summary

Arizona Cops Seize $455,000 from Medical Marijuana Patient

9 hours agoNews : Reason

"Over $455,000 Seized from Medical Marijuana Patient Slapped with Civil Forfeiture," produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Approximately 6 minutes. Original release date was August 25, 2014. The original writeup is below. In March 2013, Steve Oates' home in Goodyear, Ariz. Show More Summary

Black Coffee: Somebody Is Knocking at the Door, But It’s Not Domino’s

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Let’s get right to it this week … Credits and Debits Credit: Wanna getaway — in style? A […]

Acorns Investing App for iOS

Acorns links your checking account and invests spare change from purchases through that account. Your portfolio is diversified and transparent, and you can deposit or withdraw at any time. Android and web versions coming soon.

Sen. Harry Reid’s name gets yanked from center building at his alma mater Southern Utah University

Sen. Harry Reid who disgraced himself and his office by scandalously claiming Mitt Romneydidn’t pay income taxes, has suffered an embarrassing setback. Fox News reports Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s

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