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Exposing Hillbama's Big Lie: The Central Issue In The U.S. Presidential Campaign

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Saker, The central issue in the U.S. Presidential campaign can’t even be discussed in U.S. newsmedia, because America’s media have been almost uniformly complicit all along in hiding from the AmericanShow More Summary

‘Stephen Colbert’ is finally dead, but his twin cousin ‘Stephen Colbert’ is just as good

Something incredible happened last week during the Republican National Convention. No, it wasn't when Ben Carson tried to convince America that Hillary Clinton was in league with Lucifer. It also wasn't when "You Can't Always Get What...Show More Summary

‘Suicide Squad’s’ Jai Courtney Self-Harmed, Took Mushrooms To Prepare For Captain Boomerang

Suicide Squad is being touted as one of the most outrageous and colourful mainstream blockbusters of recent memory. Which is unsurprising considering that it features DC’s most iconic villains joining together to try and save the world. Show More Summary

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Return: EveryThing We Know So Far About Newcomer Luciana

San Diego Comic-Con introduced a new character, Luciana, to the Season 2 return of Fear The Walking Dead. The actor who plays the new character, Danay Garcia, was present during the Fear panel. But what do we know already about this new character and how will she affect the storylines for the existing characters when... Show More Summary

Gordon, Bob and Luis Evicted from Sesame Street

Sesame Street, the 46-year-old award-winning children's show retooling for HBO, cut three of its most senior cast members earlier this year: Bob McGrath (who plays Bob), Emilio Delgado (Luis) and Roscoe Orman (Gordon). "They let allShow More Summary

20kW Light Is As Bright As You’d Expect

[Photonicinduction] purchased a very very bright light. This 20,000 Watt half meter tall halogen will just about light the back of a person’s skull with their eyes closed. These are typically used to light film sets. Most people couldn’t even turn such a light on, but [Photonicinduction] is a mad scientist. Show More Summary

Real Life Tarzan Runs Straight up a Tree

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Video Link) This guy is amazing! He doesn't need rope or hooks. He moves so quickly up the enormous tree that his method looks more like running that climbing. And since he's been caught on camera doing it, he'll have to submit to the government in keeping with the Mutant Registration Act. -via Geekologie

UFC 201 'Top 5 Media Day Moments' for Lawler vs Woodley in Atlanta

UFC 201 is set to go down this weekend (Sat., July 30, 2016) inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. For full vs. "Lawler vs. Woodley" event details click here. The event will be headlined by an intriguing welterweight title fight,...Show More Summary

Politics As (Un)usual: Trump and the GOP Burn Hot and Cold in Cleveland

Beaming with pride and flanked by his family, Donald Trump swaggered to the stage of the Republican National Convention to accept the party's nomination for president. "I'm rich. I'm a player. I have successful children. I'm here to protect America from the progressives and immigrants who are ruining it. Show More Summary

Palestinian Human Rights Sign Yanked Out of Washington Delegate's Hand: "This Is Almost Like Racism"

9 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Ansel Herz Look at this: democrats.gif— Matt Bors (@MattBors) July 28, 2016 This happened during the roll call yesterday by the Washington State delegation, as the state's Democratic Party chair, Jaxon Ravens, was speaking. Show More Summary

'Tallulah' -- Little Movie Big Themes And Thank God There's Gravity

Tallulah is a gem - a midsummer gem, an indie gem, a Juno gem-again, a why we love small movies gem. Perfect and glittery and compact in large part because of the pristinely talented women who joined forces to crush this film that premieres...Show More Summary

Jennifer Lawrence: The Hollywood Mockingjay’s Real-Life Choice Between Two Presidents

Jennifer Lawerence is by far the most vocal of Hollywood celebrities who oppose a Donald Trump presidency. As such, she is the epitome of #UnitedAgainstHate, which, according to Breitbart, is an aggrupation of 100 Tinseltown representatives who aim to stop the Republican’s presidential bid dead in its tracks. Show More Summary

Car Ride with Moretoki

YouTuber Moretoki combines carpool karaoke with lip sync battle. His celebrity guest? Himself. Watch him work, work, work it to the latest hits while his unimpressed mom drives him around. This kid should audition for Justice League’s Plastic Man.

Live: Democratic Convention Day 4

Tonight is the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Hillary Clinton will deliver her acceptance speech as the first woman to ever receive a major party's presidential nomination. Her daughter Chelsea will introduce her for the speech, expected to begin at 10 p.m. Eastern.

American Beauty: The Art of Character

Lessons from the Screenplay examines Sam Mendes’ American Beauty. The movie echoes its central theme – finding one’s true self – by having all of the characters reflect its different manifestations. Then it uses dialogue to subtly flesh out these characters.

Last Night at the DNC: Live-Slogging Hillary Clinton's Speech

10 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by The Stranger Hillary Clinton campaigning in Washington state in March. Alex Garland Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic nomination tonight after a week of convention proceedings. Stranger staffers will be live-reacting...Show More Summary

UFO Shot Down By Jet Fighter Over South Africa: Crash Video Surfaces Of Reported Incident

10 hours agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

A bizarre Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) report — complete with an incident-ending “crash” video — out of Johannesburg, South Africa, claims that a South African jet fighter engaged and shot down a UFO over the city. The actual video of the crash of the supposed UFO lasts only seconds (emplaced as it is at the... Show More Summary

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