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Watch These Kids Find A Way To Ease World Hunger In Under 2 Minutes

1 hour agoNews : Huffington Post

If only the world would approach hunger like two kids at a kitchen table. In a social experiment by advocacy group Action Against Hunger, 20 children paired off in groups were told to wait near plates with serving covers over them. A woman told the children she'd be gone for five minutes in order to fetch a tardy photographer. Show More Summary

Man Irritates His Pregnant Wife In Hilarious But Infuriating Video

When British dad Mike Wilson's wife Lou was pregnant with their son Kelan, he developed a habit of playing silly tricks and teasing her -- all "in good humour," he writes on his YouTube page. In this video compilation of Mike's various...Show More Summary

Podcast: Getting More Sleep, Resisting Strong Temptations, and Why It’s OK To Be Boring

I’m very excited to announce the second episode of the new weekly podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” One thing that makes this podcast especially fun is that I’m doing it with my sister the sage, Elizabeth Craft. So what will you...Show More Summary

VOTD: What If Wes Anderson Directed ‘X-Men’?

Wes Anderson parodies are like the cat videos of movie parodies. There are so many. The reason being that Anderson has such a distinct style in every facet of filmmaking – from shot composition, to tone, performance, music, production and costume design – his aesthetic is fairly easy to duplicate, at least on a superficial level. Show More Summary

True Story: I Had An Altercation With A Black Man — And Luckily, Police Weren’t Involved

A video recorded by a citizen journalist, which captured footage of the LAPD shooting and killing an unarmed homeless Black man in broad daylight, has been circulating on the internet this week. The man in the video, nicknamed Africa, was shot several times by police in front of his tent home on Skid Row, after […]

GDC 2015: 'The Deer God' is a Unique Platformer with a Breathtaking Visual Style

One of the coolest-looking upcoming games from Crescent Moon is The Deer God, a randomly generated platformer with RPG elements and a killer pixel art style. You may remember us posting about it last November when it was part of an Android Humble Bundle that allowed you to get early access to the game… if

WWE News: Update On Hulk Hogan — What Will His Role Be At WrestleMania?

Despite his best efforts to convince WWE management that he’s physically able to have a match at WrestleMania, it appears that Hulk Hogan will not be stepping into the ring any time soon, and it’s very likely that he’ll never wrestle again. Show More Summary

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Brandon Stanton, a photographer and creator of Humans of New York, set out in 2010 to document the lives of New Yorkers -- but his interactions with the strangers he photographs doesn't always end with a click of the camera. Early this...Show More Summary

2015 MLS season preview

With the MLS season set to kick off -- assuming the players don't go on strike -- Matt Ufford gets you up to speed on the top teams and storylines to follow. Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Why Are We Surprised When Infringers Lie?

Putting salt in the wound, photographers and other creatives often are even more frustrated when infringers don’t make things right when accused. Such was the case for a Alison Green at when she discovered someone copied her reader’s resume cover letter from Alison’s website. Show More Summary

Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park; Family Loses It

1 hour agoNews : Huffington Post

A family watching lions from the supposed safety of their car at a safari park in South Africa learned you should always lock your door. In a 2014 video that's now gaining attention, a curious female lion opens a passenger door with her mouth, eliciting screams and quick action. The occupants manage to re-shut the door and lock it. Show More Summary

Cookie Monster Unlunchboxing

Sesame Street pokes fun at the all to common internet video trend of walking us through the unboxing of items in ridiculous and unnecessary detail. It still amazes us that a character with such bad grammar is on an educational show.

We Finally Know What That Huge 'American Horror Story' Top Hat Clue Means

Ryan Murphy fooled all of us. "American Horror Story" fans fell deep into a speculating rabbit hole last year when Murphy pointed out a major clue appearing throughout Season 4 of the horror anthology series. The big Season 5 clue was the reappearing image of a top hat. Show More Summary

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer #3

There are two months left until Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters, which may seem like a painfully long time but is really nothing compared to the two years and ten months we’ve already been waiting for it. In the meantime, Marvel...Show More Summary

Rajeshwari Karnan: Mother Claims Burned Son Spontaneously Combusted — And It’s Not The First Time

Rajeshwari Karnan rushed her infant son to the Government Kilpauk Hospital in India to be treated for burns on his feet, claiming that the child had spontaneously combusted while she was taking a bath. The infant boy, only 10 days of...Show More Summary

‘Wolfenstein: The Old Blood’ Coming In May 2015

Few expected much out of 2014’s Wolfenstein installment, the series now a long way from when it was an iconic shooter franchise. But surprisingly, Wolfenstein: The New Order used old-school appeal combined with new-gen tech to become one of the best games of the year. It was a touchstone for how innovation can be overrated, and […]

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