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Expensive Lamborghini tows around some cute goats in a trailer

When you own a car easily worth the cost of an apartment in a major metropolitan city, you'd certainly be looking to show it off as much you can. So why not flaunt your expensive wheels by towing your goats around with it? A Lamborghini...Show More Summary

Joe Biden Brings House Down at DNC With Pure-Adrenaline Speech Highlighted By Use of Word "Malarkey"

Joe Biden! Thanks to some blend of semi-ironic internet appreciation and his own emotional and pugnacious commitment to the goals of the Obama administration, Vice President Biden has become a liberal Democratic icon despite the presence of a few considerably non-liberal positions in his past. Show More Summary

Joe Biden unleashes a glorious trademark burn at Democratic convention

Joe Biden gave the internet a sound bite treasure in 2012 when he called Paul Ryan's stance on the Benghazi attack a "bunch of malarkey." And at the Democratic convention Wednesday night, he took the m-word for another glorious spin. After...Show More Summary

Samsung found a way to turbocharge smartphones without upgrading chips or RAM

“[A] common belief is that phone performance can only be improved in two ways, either using a faster processor or increasing the RAM.” You may think that’s a quote from Apple, perhaps the introduction of an explanation of why the iPhone...Show More Summary

Comic-Con 2016: "Creating Universes" Panel with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Late Saturday morning, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson dominated a cozy panel, "Creating Universes," before an audience of 250 at the Horton Grand Theatre as one of San Diego Comic-Con's off-site ticketed presentations. As "Game of...Show More Summary

Retired Admiral Owns Trump With "You're Not Fit to Polish John McCain's Boots" Burn

11 hours agoNews : Slate: The Slatest

One of the most famously devastating burns in U.S. history was Lloyd Bentsen's dismissal of Dan Quayle in a 1988 vice-presidential debate: "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy." (It's...Show More Summary

Marvel fans show us how ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ really should have ended

Although Batman v Superman stole the negative spotlight this summer, comic book fans weren't all that enthused with X-Men: Apocalypse either. That's not to say that critics and fans alike didn't have anything nice to say about the movie,...Show More Summary

David Bald Eagle, Lakota Chief, Musician, Cowboy And Actor, Dies At 97

11 hours agoNews : The Two-Way

He was also a war hero and a ballroom dancer — Bald Eagle's life is hard to fit in a headline. He parachuted into Normandy, acted in Westerns and starred in his first feature film at the age of 95.

A Cheerful Rendition of the X-Files Theme Played in a Major Key

11 hours agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

As a part of a longer fan-made video wishing The X-Files Chris Carter a happy birthday, musician Ian Gordon transposed the theme song’s key from minor to major, which resulted in a rather cheery tune that was more akin to a video game. Here’s the original theme song (in minor key). via reddit

A Helicopter Crashed This Bride's Photo Shoot And The Pic Is Insane

12 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

This bridal portrait will surely make the album: The pic, taken by photographer CM Leung in Iceland, depicts an Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter flying dangerously close to a bride posing for portraits. According to PetaPixel, the chopper wasn’t a planned part of the shoot; it flew overhead on a mission to rescue a man who had fallen down a cliff. Show More Summary

Make An Educated Vote This Election

Michelle Obama owned the ?#?DemsInPhilly? Convention! Speeches like this give me hope that our country is able to head in the right direction. During her speech, I realized that there's one call-to-action people aren't hearing this election...Show More Summary

Live: Democratic Convention Day 3

The Democrats have convened Wednesday in Philadelphia for the third of four nights in a national convention that has been eventful and sometimes divided. Speakers tonight include Vice President Joe Biden, nominee Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama.

One of the Cinematographers for Beyonce's Lemonade Will be a Judge for This Year's Local Sightings

12 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede 206, are you ready for Khalik Allah? He is coming to town, coming to see what we are made of. Courtesy of Northwest Film Forum Khalik Allah, the photographer and filmmaker who directed the gorgeously hypnotic FieldShow More Summary

What Should We Call Bill Clinton If Hillary Is Elected?

What should we call Bill Clinton if Hillary is elected? First gentleman First gent First husband First dude First mate First consort First laddie Adam First Bubba First lord (FLOTUS) First man to be married to a president of the USA Adjacent...Show More Summary

Watch lightning hit the Empire State Building in spectacular video

An event that reportedly happens an average of 23 times annually has been caught on camera in a dramatic video: lighting zapping the Empire State Building. The short clip— aptly titled “Boom!”--  has racked up over 1.2 million views on YouTube since it was first uploaded on Monday. Show More Summary

Reserve Thanksgiving Weekend for ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

13 hours agoNews : Newsweek: US

It’s been nearly a decade since fans have heard new Lorelai and Rory dialogue. The Gilmore Girls protagonists became known for their unrivaled capacity for fast-paced and wandering chats throughout seven seasons. The only thing that could stem the constant tide of words was the CW and Warner Bros. Show More Summary

The Evolution of Matt Damon

(PG-13 Language) Burger Fiction looks back at the vibrant career of Matt Damon, from his earliest days as a teenager, through his action blockbusters, and diverse roles that required a much more delicate touch than Jason Bourne. And some insane weight gains and losses.

Build a Foam Cutter Right Now

13 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

Cutting foam is difficult with traditional methods. The best way is with a hot wire. If you read Hackaday, it is a good bet you can figure out how to use electricity to make a wire hot without any help. However, there’s something  clever...Show More Summary

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