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Trump’s Treasury Pick Steven Mnuchin Ran a Bank Critics Call ‘A Foreclosure Machine’

2 hours agoNews : Newsweek: US

Rose Guidel was in trouble. It was 2009 and the United States was in the grips of the Great Recession. Her brother, who had helped pay the mortgage on her modest home outside of Los Angeles, had been murdered, so she contacted her bank to say her payment would be late. Show More Summary

Make MySQL 8.0 Better Through Better Benchmarking

This blog post discusses how better MySQL 8.0 benchmarks can improve MySQL in general. Like many in MySQL community, I’m very excited about what MySQL 8.0 offers. There are a lot of great features and architecture improvements. Also like many in the MySQL community, I would like to see MySQL 8.0 perform better. Better performance […]

The ethics of ‘Westworld’: Those who fail to heed stories are doomed to recreate them

You can’t escape the player piano, not anywhere in Westworld, not even in the opening credits of this sci-fi HBO series. Plinky-plunk piano plays over swelling strings as robot arms 3-D print muscles onto a human skeleton and a horse canters as if in an Eadweard Muybridge’s motion-study film. Optic white …

The Droid Life Show: Episode 127 – Catching Up on Home

On today’s episode of the Droid Life Show, we’ll catch up on the past couple of weeks of Android news, including our Google Home review, the OnePlus 3T, a big Pixel update, Motorola’s plans for Mods and a new 360, DIRECTV NOW, Nougat updates galore, and even start preparing for CES. Show More Summary

There's an ‘invisible majority’ in America that has been left behind by financial innovation

We’re now hearing it very loudly from political prognosticators, after hearing it from millions of Americans: Government and politics have not served a growing group of Americans. Last month’s surprise election outcome taught us that...Show More Summary

Just In Time For Trump, Jobs Are Back to Where They Were Before the Crash of 2008

3 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede The Matrix is hiring... 20th Century Fox While there was lots of talk about the 1,000 or so jobs that Trump saved with a bunch of promised tax breaks—an approach to job protectionism that if it expands or becomes aShow More Summary

Movie Review: The half-baked horror of Incarnate would have worked better in comic-book form

Incarnate is a comic-book movie in search of a comic book. Perhaps there, in the newsprint-scented safety of those tri-color panels, its cartoon characterizations, hilariously blunt expository dialogue, and broad leaps of logic would find an appreciative audience, accustomed to prioritizing badassery over all. Show More Summary

Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Jon Sudano has built a name for himself by creating a series of videos in which replaces the lyrics to popular songs with those from the Smash Mouth hit All-Star. We can’t decide if we like his RHCP, Foster the People or Radiohead best. He also knows some Nickelback.

If You Still Think Hollywood Treats Men And Women Equally, Read These Two Interviews

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter released its Actor Roundtable interview, featuring Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck, Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dev Patel. As an industry publication, The Hollywood Reporter...Show More Summary

Amazon just unveiled its most impressive tech yet, and it's an actual truck

Amazon latest innovation is... a truck.  The tech company will haul insane amounts of data in its Amazon Snowmobile, a truck that Amazon Web Services unveiled on Wednesday.  If you saw the Snowmobile on the highway, you'd just think it was a regular old truck. Show More Summary

In The Year's Best Movie, Jackie Kennedy Writes Her Own History

3 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Once a theme is implanted into the nebulous zeitgeist of history, it is hard to accept revision. We favor tidy packages and finite answers, no matter how illusory the truth may be. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy is the perfect case study. Show More Summary

I Hung Out with the Champion Boxer Who Inspired 'Bleed for This'

3 hours agoNews : Vice News

You ever broken your neck? It really, really hurts. You ever boxed? It really, really hurts. Vinny Paz did both, within 13 months of each other and won the world championships five times.

Westworld: The Movies, Books, and Video Games That Influenced 'Westworld'

3 hours agoNews : Vice News

Sunday is the season finale, but these movies, books, and video games will help tide you over until season two.

Boing Boing Gift Guide: Toys and more!

3 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Enjoy the third and final part of this year's gift guide: toys! Also included are everything else that doesn't quite fit into our picks among the books and gadgets to enchant and enwonderize us in 2016. What cool and weird objects of...Show More Summary

Martin Shkreli Now Praising Kids Who Made Cheap Drug

A bunch of Aussie schoolkids produced a $2-a-pill version of a super-expensive anti-parasitic drug ($750 per dose), and the man behind the latter drug's huge price hike is now praising their efforts, Reuters reports. In a YouTube video directed toward students at Sydney Grammar School, ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli...

What Trump May Have In Store For Americans’ Health Care

President-elect Donald Trump took aim at the Affordable Care Act on the campaign trail, a platform that appears to be consistent with his pick for health and human services secretary, Tom Price, a Republican U.S. House member from Georgia. But what do we really know about what’s in store for health policy during the Trump […]

The Radetzky March, Johann Strauss I and the Austrian army

I know the Radetzky March and can hum along with the best of Strauss fans. See it performed by the Vienna Philharmonic in 2011. The composer Johann Strauss I had left Vienna in 1833 on the first of his many European tours in 1838. In...Show More Summary

Abortion Survivor: I Feel a Burden to Be a Voice for Those Who Don’t Have One

(  — In 2014, a group of young pro-life advocates produced a stunning video called “Listen to the Beat.” The video demonstrates the impact of abortion on the United States by playing the same number of drumbeats as abortions that occur each day in our nation. As the drums beat, a young man talks about […]

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