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Kids, Then Ribs

Thank all the deities in the universe that Fresno resident Robert Wright craved for ribs at 2AM. Wright was busy grilling his food when he saw a fire break out next door. So he carried his kids out, then the ribs, then gave this interview. Gregory Brothers, your move.

Ants Suddenly March In A Circle When An iPhone Rings

17 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Bizarre video of bustling ants suddenly marching in a circle around an iPhone when it rings has the Internet wondering what the heck is going on. Here are some theories: "The electromagnetic wave of an incoming call" keeps them in a circle, according to ViralVideoLab's YouTube description. Show More Summary

The Drugged Out Drag of Miley’s New Divadom

Will anyone else besides Miley Cyrus and the drove of drag divas flanking her every side remain visible in our memories of the 2015 VMAs one, two—20 years down the line? Forget Nicki Minaj’s collaborative attempt at a classic VMA opener...Show More Summary

Fed-up Frank Mir unloads on UFC trolls: Your life sucks and I feel bad for you (Video)

"All you people out there that wanna sit on the computer and be unhappy that your life sucks, so you think everybody else when they go out there and you see them on the side of the road and, you know your personality types - you sit there and you see that guy jogging, who's 40 pounds overweight and you make a joke, like 'yea buddy, nice try'... Show More Summary

Key & Peele Perfectly Spoof Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos

18 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

You ever wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson uses that massive intellect of his to get out of arguments by just confusing people?

Dancing Texas Granny Becomes Unlikely Internet Sensation

18 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

MY granny say hell to tha naw.....wood streeter jammin Posted by Beverly Jenkins on Sunday, August 30, 2015 When we grow up, we hope we're as young at heart as this spunky Texas grandma. A video of 86-year-old Claudine Haggerty has gone...Show More Summary

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Growing Out His Beard and Looks Hotter Than Ever

Here at Lipstick HQ, we have a Jake Gyllenhaal beardwatch going on. Care to join us? While one never needs an excuse to stare at this particular chiseled jawline, what has us fanning ourselves at our laptops right now is the fuller facial hair Jake's sporting at the Venice Film Festival, while promoting Everest. Show More Summary

Trailer for BBC film based on GTA developer Rockstar Games released

Here’s a trailer for The Gamechangers, the BBC’s film based on GTA developer Rockstar Games, starring Daniel Radcliffe as studio co-founder and president Sam Houser. Bill Paxton plays Jack Thompson and it was directed by Owen Harris (Misfits) with a script penned by James Wood. The Gamechangers will air on BBC Two September 15 at […]

Town and Mom of 5-Year-Old Girl With Terminal Cancer Hope to Fulfill One of Her Final Wishes (PHOTO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and my does this sentiment ring so true in the town of Hood River, Oregon. Not only have they made 5-year-old Lila May Schow their unofficial princess, but continue to help her family in any way they can. Show More Summary

Far From the Madding Crowd

I can remember 1967 all too well, at least I can remember various intense portions of it. It was confusing because so much novelty was surrounded by so many apparently unchanging and unyielding things. The film accompanying this recording of...

Garth Brooks recruiting Jason Aldean, FGL for updated ‘Friends in Low Places’

BY MELISSA RUGGIERI Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line are reportedly among the new “friends” recruited by Garth Brooks for a special edition of his classic, “Friends in Low Places.” A source tells Billboard that Brooks...

People were rated on their success by loved ones on a 1-10 scale, like a stress dream come to life.

18 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

How successful do you think you are? WRONG! Like all the best viral videos, this one utilizes multi-layered mind games. A Plus had participants rate their own success on a scale of 1 to 10....Show More Summary


18 hours agoHumor / odd : TYWKIWDBI

An explanation of why%20urls%20are%20so%20weird. "An East Texas man ended up in the hospital after he fired a gun at an armadillo and the bullet bounced off the animal’s back and hit the man in his face..."A grim report on the abysmal quality of water that Olympic athletes in Rio will encounter.Bullfighting in Colombia is on a downward spiral. Show More Summary

Want A Clean-Cut Lawn? A Robot Mower Might Not Be For You

While your inner child might thrill at the idea of having robots do stuff around the home, if you want to save a bunch of money and have a lawn with that clean-cut, green look, you could be better off sticking with a self-propelled lawnmower instead of the robotic kind. Much like one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that cats … [More]

You Can Now Buy the Rolling Droid from 'Star Wars VII'

Images courtesy Sphero Remember when everyone was trying to figure out how BB-8, the little soccer ball-shaped droid pining to be the R2-D2 of Star Wars: The Force Awakens works? Well, some designers here on Earth made a (tiny) app-enabled version of the lovable little ball that you can observe in your living room. Show More Summary

UFC 191: Demetrious Johnson & John Dodson Battle for Soul of Flyweight Division

"I am going to kick him repeatedly. He’s going to try to shoot, and when he shoots I’m going to stop his takedown, and I’m going to hit him more and more and more until somebody pulls me off of his lifeless corpse. I’m going to dribble his head off the canvas like it’s a basketball and I’m playing in the NBA Finals. Show More Summary

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