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"I Wonder What's Going On With the 'Transformers' Franchi--Wait, What the FCK"

10 hours agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Quick question: How do you think the Transformers franchise is going? Aside from "What the fuck, Rebecca, it's Transformers, I don't care." Is your general attitude towards future installations in the Michael Bay Does Baysplosions with Giant Robots series "Eh,...

How Sonia Manzano Changed The Way Latinos Were Portrayed On 'Sesame Street'

For 44 years, Sonia Manzano lived where the sun always shines and the air is sweet. The Emmy award-winning writer and actress, known to children everywhere as Maria from “Sesame Street,” retired from the show in 2015. Here, she tells...Show More Summary

The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters

This election, I’ve been trying an experiment, judging journalism from a different perspective, from the outside, as a member of a community and a partisan. I don’t like what I’m learning about my profession. We journalists tend to separate ourselves from the public we serve. We call ourselves objective, to distinguish us from the opinionated […]

When to use the Foreign Tax Credit

The US is the only developed country in the world that taxes foreign-sourced income of non-residents. This means that US citizens (including so-called 'Accidental Americans') who meet certain minimum income thresholds still have to file a US federal income tax return to declare their worldwide income if they live or earn abroad. Show More Summary

House Conservatives Plot Coup Against Speaker Paul Ryan

12 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ? House Speaker Paul Ryan’s re-election to his leadership post in January is fast turning into a potential showdown between establishment Republicans and conservatives looking to weaken the speaker and win changes to House rules. Conservatives don’t have enough votes to oust Ryan (R-Wis.). Show More Summary

14 Wildly Successful College Drop-Outs Who Will Make You Reevaluate Starting School This Fall

While you spent all of high school trying to be Tumblr famous, David Karp spent all of high school creating Tumblr.

Casting Lots and the Sovereignty of God

This is approximately the first one-third of an article by Leighton Flowers at Soteriology 101. Click the title below to read in full. The article was originally posted in April and now has over 250 comments. Casting Lots To Find God’s Will: Proverbs 16:33 “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from […]

Seth Meyers Hilariously Explores Clinton And Trump's Debate Preparations

Seth Meyers took a hilarious look at how the presidential candidates are preparing for the upcoming debates on Monday. The “Late Night” host explored in amusing detail how Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald...Show More Summary

Lewis & Links

Today’s installment of my “Salzburg Journal” — Part II — begins with Bernard Lewis. Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal begins his column with Lewis too. Bret first: Bernard Lewis once made the point that there are two basic ways in which people and nations respond to adversity and decline. Show More Summary

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Bear encounters are less like singing “The Bare Necessities” and more like “oh crap, I hope there aren’t any bear cubs around.” Here’s what you should do if you run into a bear in the wild who isn’t as friendly as Baloo. Read more.....

Erik Kramer Put a Bullet Through His Head. This Is What Happened Next...

The Erik Kramer story should be a tragedy. Former NFL quarterback is gripped by depression. He packs a pistol, checks into a hotel room, lies down on the bed and then the calm Southern California night is pierced by a gunshot. He literally...Show More Summary

Ariana Grande Slammed Over Doughnut Licking Scandal During VMAs Interview [Video]

Ariana Grande found herself feeling the heat over that infamous doughnut licking scandal at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. More than a year has passed since Ariana hit the headlines after surveillance video leaked of herself and then boyfriend Ricky Alvarez licking doughnuts on display in a bakery, but it looks like the world... Show More Summary

How the Political Revolution Failed Tim Canova

Bernie Sanders never showed up, and former staffers at Our Revolution believe the organization's 501(c)(4) status hurt Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary challenger.

10 Free On-Demand Webinars Every Marketer Should Check Out

Everything in the digital marketing world seems to move at light speed. And like most things in life, just when you think you have it all figured out, everything changes. As a result, we marketers need to stay sharp, flexible and inspired. We need to make a concerted effort to stay on top of industry [...]Show More Summary

This amazing tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit

In a magical marriage of art and nature, artist Sam Van Aken has created a living fairytale tree that blooms in multiple colors and produces 40 different kinds of fruit. The Syracuse University professor created the hybridized fruitShow More Summary

Tinashe Shocks Us With a Spot-on Britney Spears Impression

Some singers like to channel Julie Andrews and use the standard Do-Re-Mi scale to warm up their vocal chords. Tinashe, apparently prefers a different technique. While being interviewed on the VMA white carpet, the singer admitted she’s partial to a Britney Spears vocal. Show More Summary

TIDAL Downloads Made By Possible by Teenage Coder

Subscribers of TIDAL usually need the platform to listen to their favorite tracks on repeat, but a teenager from Germany has other ideas. Coder and recent high-school student Lordmau5 has just debuted TiDown, a piece of software that...Show More Summary

Tekken 7’s Katsuhiro Harada talks eSports ambitions, balance and fan feedback

Tekken’s boss goes deep on balancing Akuma, becoming an eSport and dealing with fan feedback. After a successful stint in Japanese arcades Tekken 7 is bulking up for its console outing. The big news out of E3 was the addition of a cinematic story mode in the game that seamlessly transitions from story sequence to […]

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