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UFO Hunters Cry Coverup: Astronaut Hand ‘Hides Evidence’ As UFOs Pass International Space Station [Video]

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) research, alien hunting, and conspiracy theories are often unavoidably intertwined (even though they are not always mutually inclusive) and a recently posted video showing what appears to be an astronaut...Show More Summary

Video: Cody Garbrandt wants to defend title, but open to Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor fights

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. After Cody Garbrandt dethroned Dominick Cruz from the top of the Bantamweight mountain at UFC 207 last month (see it), he offered "The Dominator" an instant rematch, to which he declined. That said, "No Love" is ready to take on anyone UFC throws at him. Show More Summary

Sacchan, Who Does as He Pleases

YouTuber funny japan shares this hilarious segment from a Japanese talk show in 1994. A housewife asked the show to find out how her free-spirited dog Sacchan got so fat. What follows is investigative reporting at its finest.

When 13 masked soldiers break into a Palestinian house at night, grandparents wake the children

Shafiqa Juma'a, 80, sleeps with her grand-daughters in house in occupied Kafr Qaddum, Palestine. When masked Israeli soldiers raid in the middle of the night to prevent demonstrations by the village, Juma'a must wake her grandchildren, so that the guns don't. A staggering report by Amira Hass.

DIY Metro: Last Light Air Rifle

YouTuber Rulof Maker built a deadly functioning replica of the Tihar, a pneumatic rifle from Metro: Last Light. True to the game’s setting, Rulof used only spare parts to make the gun, with the exception of a tire pump for refilling on the go.

Democrats Lead Nationwide Day Of Rallies In Defense Of Obamacare

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act gathered to protest the health care law’s repeal in rallies across the country on Sunday. The demonstrations were in response to an appeal by Democratic leaders in Congress for a day of action against...Show More Summary

The Original Slasher Film

(PG-13) Frame by Frame pays homage to filmmaker Bob Clark and his 1974 cult classic Black Christmas. Way ahead of its time, the film featured the main components of slasher films, including titillation, the holiday setting, the anonymous killer and even the phone gag.

Video: Joe Rogan breaks down BJ Penn’s ‘Ultimate 8’ UFC moments

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight and Lightweight champion BJ Penn has accumulated many memorable moments inside the Octagon during his 16-year run with the promotion, so it’d be pretty hard to rank the top eight. Nevertheless,...Show More Summary

Ryan Gosling was a Dancer

(PG-13) It turns out the Driver had rad moves back in the day. The Graham Norton Show dug up footage of Ryan Gosling dancing when he was a child, but not before the La La Land star told a story about competing in a talent search.

A Beautiful Cello Cover of The Legend of Zelda Theme [Video]

Check out this beautiful video featuring cellist Tina Guo performing a fantastic cover of The Legend of Zelda theme! Enjoy! [Tina Guo] The post A Beautiful Cello Cover of The Legend of Zelda Theme [Video] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

I Am Going To Throw My Christmas Tree Into The Ocean

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

There are no hard and fast rules regarding when it's appropriate to dispose of your Christmas tree and when it's too late, so our trees often end up hanging around our homes well into January. Some people figure out a mischievous way to dispose of their tree, others toss it to the curb and hope somebody hauls it away. Show More Summary

Prada FW17

Location: Milan, Italy The Vibe: ’70s ski-lodge vibes, with a hefty dose of Wes Anderson, unsurprising given that he designed a space in the Fondaziona Prada museum and directed a video for the house a while back. Color-wise, it’s a symphony of brown. Key Pieces: Hairy belts, hairy shoes, hairy coats, hairy hats (for the girls). The […]

‘Cowboy Fans’ is the anthem you didn’t know you needed this playoffs season

Go Cowboys! We have the perfect video for today’s Cowboys-Packers playoff game. Please watch it. It’s called “Cowboy Fans” by Texas-based R&B artist and barber RnB Dre. He’s also created another song called “We Them Cowboys.” Dre self-describes...Show More Summary

Crisis, what NHS crisis? Theresa May must stop this denial | Jan Filochowski

I’ve turned around three failing hospitals, and I believe the NHS will keel over unless ministers start to address its problems and stop blaming GPs and patients A few months into my first job in the NHS, some 38 years ago, I watched...Show More Summary

Horizon Zero Dawn (Trailer 2)

The latest trailer for post-historic adventure RPG Horizon Zero Dawn is a collection of cinematic clips from the game. An outcast since birth, heroine Aloy learned to hunt the Machines, but she will soon find out that these creatures are much more than meets the eye.

This Smart-Bed Lets You "Go to the Movies" Without Leaving Your Bedroom

If you've ever wanted to bring the movie theater experience directly to your bedroom, this new iNyx smart bed aims to grant your wish. Described as the "world's most comfortable and advanced bed," by its parent company, Nyx, the genius...Show More Summary

Low-Poly Papercraft Sculptures by Oxygami

There’s something about art made with rudimentary low-polygon count forms that I find very appealing. I think it’s because it harkens back to early 1990s video games like Virtua Fighter and the original Tomb Raider. If…

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