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Al Qaeda in Afghanistan Four Years After Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden, the founder of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, was killed four years ago in May, 2011. His hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan was attacked in the middle of the night on May 2nd by the US Navy Seals and other Special Forces Operation Neptune Spear. Show More Summary

Afridi & Pollard – Spy Vs Spy

4 weeks agoHumor / odd : GDay World

The U.S. government is upset about Pakistan’s recent sentencing of Dr Shakil Afridi – the man who helped them run a fake vaccination program in Abbottabad, Pakistan which allegedly led to the capture and summary execution of Osama bin Laden –  to 33 years in prison for  high treason. Show More Summary

Reggie Love: Catching Up With the Guy Who Used to Spend 15 Hours a Day With President Obama

Don’t even bother asking Reggie Love about that infamous card game that he and President Barack Obama reportedly played while Navy SEALs were en route to Abbottabad, Pakistan, with orders to kill Osama bin Laden.

Ex-ISI Chief: Pakistan Probably Knew About Bin Laden

Retired Lt. General Asad Durrani, the former head of Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency, has told Al Jazeera's Head to Head that Pakistan most likely sheltered Osama Bin Laden in the years leading up to the U.S. raid in Abbottabad in May 2011. Pakistan gave up Bin Ladin's location to get money, classified technology and favors from the United States.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: I Own “Part of the Fuselage” of Chopper That Crashed in Osama Bin Laden Raid

Here we go again… NBC anchor Brian Williams said he has contacts in Pentagon and they got him a piece of the fuselage of the chopper shot down in the Bin Laden raid in Abbottabad. Williams says he has one … Continue reading ?

DOD wants to build drones that can buzz into bad guys’ doorways

At some point in the near future, the first clue that an Osama bin Laden might have that he's been tracked down inside his Abbottabad compound might not be the sound of helicopters outside, but the buzzing of a bird-size drone in his bedroom doorway. The Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is asking researchers […]

Bin Laden Shooter's Story Challenged

Former special operations officials, as well as other sources who are familiar with the events of the 2011 raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, accused former Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill -- who claims to be the man who fired the shot that killed Bin Laden -- of misstating key facts and wrongly taking sole credit for killing the world's then-most wanted man.

This Is the Guy Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

6 months agoNews : Mediaite

His name is Rob O'Neill, and he's the Navy SEAL killed Osama bin Laden during a raid on an Abbottabad compound in Pakistan.

Panetta: “I find it difficult to believe” Pakistan’s military didn’t have suspicions about Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound

With 12ft walls, enormous footprint, and conspicuous location, al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s Abottabad compound probably raised suspicions in Pakistan, says former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in an interview with Judy Woodruff. Show More Summary

Did CIA’s Fake Polio Vaccination Program in Pakistan Help Fuel a Global Health Emergency?

12 months agoNews : Truthdig

The increase of polio in Pakistan is being linked to a secret CIA effort to hunt Osama bin Laden, in which the agency set up fake vaccination clinics in the city of Abbottabad in order to get DNA from the bin Laden family. The Taliban subsequently banned immunization efforts and carried out deadly attacks on medical workers.

Osama bin Laden Situation Room Photo: Where Are They Now?

Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by a team of U.S. Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan exactly three years ago. Two dozen special forces operatives entered bin Laden’s hidden compound during the night, executed the most infamous terrorist in modern times and left with his body, destined for the North Arabian Sea. It was…

New York Times: Pakistan probably knew Osama bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad

When Osama bin Laden was discovered to be hiding in a three-story house in the garrison town of Abbottabad, Pakistan — as opposed to the Waziri cave of popular imagination — it was immediately suspected that members of the Pakistani military had been aware of his whereabouts, and had perhaps even helped him evade the U.S.'s wrath. Show More Summary

Pakistan Reportedly Allowed Bin Laden To 'Travel In Plain Sight' For Years

Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency not only knew that Bin Laden had been living in Abbottabad, Pakistan, but actually had a special desk set up dedicated to handling him, according to Carlotta Gall of The New York Times. Show More Summary

Inside Roger Ailes' Fox News Suite (Photos)

The chairman and CEO of cable's top-rated news network opens the doors to his New York office, which includes such personal touches as a brick from Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound and a football helmet signed by Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

Obama Played Cards Amidst Bin Laden Raid [Video]

President Obama apparently played cards during or after the Bin Laden raid according to a close aide. On May 1, 2011 our time, SEAL Team 6 raided Osama bin Laden’s residential compound in in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed the 9/11 mastermind. Show More Summary

Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Embassy (In)Security -- A Diplomatic SOS

Calling Seal Team 7. Al Qaeda's too-long leader Ayman al-Zawahri, who is thought to be still hiding out in another Abbottabad in Pakistan, is up...

Dr. Evil: Terrorism Alert Puts bin Laden’s Successor Back in the Spotlight

For the past the two years, Ayman al-Zawahiri had been lying low. When Navy SEALs paid a visit to Abbottabad, Pakistan, in May 2011, and killed Osama bin Laden, they lethally promoted the Egyptian doctor, then bin Laden’s deputy, into the role of al-Qaeda’s new leader. Show More Summary

Aparna Pande: Pakistan's Disconnect With Reality

The recent leak of the report of the Commission set up to investigate the 2011 raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden (also known as the Abbottabad Commission) has brought to the fore once more the growing radicalization and deepening cleavages within Pakistan.

The Women in Abbottabad: What Pakistan Learned

When Osama bin Laden moved to his hidden-away compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in 2005, “he wore a cowboy hat to avoid detection from above,” according to a newly disclosed report by an independent Pakistani commission. The report continues: He...Show More Summary

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