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New issue of Econ Journal Watch

I cannot easily adjust the indentation, but this is all text from the journal issue, not from me: In this issue (.pdf): Symposium: My Understanding of Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator The mysterious impartial spectator is addressed by...Show More Summary

Brexit: The EEAs(ier) Way Out

In a recent post, I mentioned how fears about Britain’s economic prospects outside the EU were damaging the chances of a Brexit vote on June 23. Channeling EU Referendum’s Richard North and the Adam Smith Institute’s Roland Smith, IShow More Summary

The Evolution of Christian Schools in a Liberal Society

On this blog, I have defended a Darwinian classical liberalism in which social order arises best through a largely spontaneous evolution in which individuals are free to pursue the satisfaction of their natural desires. Adam Smith described...Show More Summary

Despite the rise of Trump, conservatism isn’t dead yet

Sell your Adam Smith ties, everybody, and smash your busts of Ronald Reagan. It’s all over. Why? Because we have entered a new era of “nationalism,” or “patriotism,” or simply

This Is the New Era of Monopoly

For 200 years, there have been two schools of thought about what determines the distribution of income -- and how the economy functions. One, emanating from Adam Smith and nineteenth-century liberal economists, focuses on competitive markets. Show More Summary

How Ideas, Not Capital, Transformed the World: New at Reason

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Contrary to economists from Adam Smith to Karl Marx to Thomas Piketty, our riches cannot be explained by the accumulation of capital, as the misleading word capitalism implies. The Great Enrichment did not come from piling brick on brick, or bachelor's degree on bachelor's degree, or bank balance on bank balance, but from piling idea on idea. Show More Summary

Today's Economic History: Adam Smith: Theory of Moral Sentiments, From Part IV: Of the Sentiment of Approbation

Adam Smith: [Of the Sentiment of Approbation | Library of Economics and Liberty]( >The utility of any object... pleases the master by perpetually suggesting to him the pleasure or conveniency which it is fitted to promote.... Show More Summary

American Power Under Challenge: Masters of Mankind (Part 1)

2 weeks agoNews : Truthdig

By Noam Chomsky / TomDispatch We cannot gain a realistic understanding of who rules the world while ignoring the “masters of mankind,” as Adam Smith called them: in his day, the merchants and manufacturers of England; in ours, multinational conglomerates, huge financial institutions, retail empires, and the like.

The guy behind the popular, Trump-inspired 'Woman Cards' Kickstarter is someone you might already know

Last week, the now-presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump,  accused  Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman's card." That apparently got Adam Smith, the co-creator of the viral-meme sensation Texts from Hillary, thinking: Is...Show More Summary

The Real Adam Smith

(April 30, 2016 01:05 PM, by Emily Skarbek) I have just come across a nice two part documentary on Adam Smith available at Free to Choose TV. The videos give those unfamiliar with Smith's thought a good introduction to his life and work in both the Theory of... (0 COMMENTS)

Automating Ourselves To Unemployment

Submitted by Adam Smith via, Students of Austrian business cycle theory are familiar with the term malinvestment. A malinvestment is any poor use of resources or capital, commonly made in response to bad policy (usually artificially low interest rates and/or unsustainable increases in the monetary supply). Show More Summary

Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Shows Why Washington Needs a Refresher in Business Accounting

Nearly two and a half centuries after Adam Smith vanquished the mercantilists, mercantilism is the beacon of U.S. trade policy.  In descending order of priority, U.S. trade policy is oriented toward three objectives: (1) Accelerating...Show More Summary

Artist J.M.W. Turner To Be Featured On U.K. £20, Ousting Economist Adam Smith

last monthNews : The Two-Way

Following a national nomination process for a visual artist to honor, the U.K. has announced the new face of the £20 bill. He's known for landscapes, seascapes and innovative depiction of light.

The Unconditional Basic Income and the Hayekian Price System

Sam Bowman of the UK’s Adam Smith Institute writes what he calls “a neoliberal case for a basic income.” Despite his loathing for the term neoliberal, Jason Kuznicki embraces this case and builds upon it, with reference to Levy and Hayek.

Weekend Reading: Gavin Kennedy on Adam Smith: "Bound by The World Order in Which He Lived"

Gavin Kennedy: ["Bound by The World Order in Which He Lived:" On Why Adam Smith Was a Realist, Not an Ideologue]( More Summary

Adam Smith on Sincerity and Political Rhetoric

(April 15, 2016 11:58 AM, by Emily Skarbek) Adam Smith argues that political leaders rely on decorum to shape their rhetorical appeals, and that voters look for the fit between speech and character to gauge moral trustworthiness. In other words, the audience of a politician is attracted to... (0 COMMENTS)

This guy sold his last startup to Yahoo for $40 million — now he's trying to make everyone a better programmer

In 2010, Adam Smith stepped aside as CEO of Xobni — a then-hot e-mail management startup he had cofounded in 2006 out of his MIT dorm room. Today, almost six years later, Smith introduces his next venture, Kite: A new tool that makes...Show More Summary

Tyler Beck Goodspeed on Scottish free banking

His new book is titled Legislating Instability: Adam Smith, Free Banking, and the Financial Crisis of 1772.  From Harvard University Press, here is one summary bit: The central argument of my thesis is thus that the salient financial...Show More Summary

Adam Smith: A Theory of Moral Capitalism?

By Scott Dewey British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady" of the UK's local version of the global neoliberal conservative reaction of the late 1970s against the various more liberal social and fiscal policies of the earlier postwar decades, reportedly carried in her purse a copy of Adam Smith's famous book, The Wealth of Nations. Show More Summary

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