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Al Sharpton on Texas Floods: ‘Climate Control or God’s Rebuke?’

For Reverend Al Sharpton, the floods in Texas are the result of one of two things: “climate control or God’s rebuke.” Yes, you read that correctly. In a tweet from the MSNBC anchor on Wednesday, Sharpton asked his now infamous question...Show More Summary

Fox Guest: Sharpton’s Tweeting About the Weather Because ‘There Are No Riots’

2 days agoNews : Mediaite

Fox guest Kevin Jackson had a theory about Al Sharpton's controversial weather tweet: the Reverend was trying to stay relevant in a news cycle that wasn't primed to his interests.

Sharpton Asks Followers If They Think TX Flooding Is ‘God’s Rebuke’

2 days agoNews : Mediaite

Al Sharpton posed this question to his followers today: does the flooding in Houston have to do with climate change or is it God's rebuke?

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Sues NYC for Twisted Ankle- But Her Social Media Postings May Soon Ruin Her Plan

It seems that Al Sharpton isn’t the only Sharpton who is an outright scumbag. His daughter is suing New York City for $5 million after she sprained her ankle while

Al Sharpton’s Daughters: From Delete Warning To Motivating Dad To Lose 176 Pounds, Dominique And Ashley Earn Attention

Al Sharpton’s daughter has received a warning not to delete photos showing her hiking. The caution comes from New York City lawyers who are responding to Dominique’s lawsuit for $5 million after she allegedly sprained her ankle on uneven pavement, reported the Washington Times. Show More Summary

Rev. Al Sharpton to Travel to Cleveland to Stir the Pot After Brelo Verdict

Rev. Al Sharpton will travel to stir the pot this week following the Brelo verdict. Officer Brelo was cleared on Saturday of manslaughter charges in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. A total of 71 individuals were … Continue reading ?

Fraudy Family: Al Sharpton’s Daughter Posts Hiking Pics After Suing NYC For Spraining Ankle

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Posts Hiking Pics After Suing NYC If you’re going to sue the city of New York for an ankle injury – it’s probably not a good idea to post pictures of yourself hiking on Instagram. Dominique Sharpton

Al Sharpton: Daughter Delete Debate After $5 Million Lawsuit For Sprained Ankle As Sharpton Fat-Shames

Al Sharpton’s daughter has been warned not to delete Instagram photos. The advisory to Dominique Sharpton comes from New York City lawyers, who are following up on the 29-year-old’s lawsuit against the city for $5 million because of a sprained ankle, reported the Daily Mail. Show More Summary

Dominique Sharpton’s Instagram Photos: New York City Orders Al Sharpton’s Daughter Not To Delete Proof That Contradicts Her $5 Million Lawsuit Claims

The Instagram account of Dominique Sharpton is being scrutinized, as reported by the Inquisitr. That’s because the daughter of Al Sharpton is suing New York City for $5 million, blaming the city for causing injuries to her ankle. As noted in that article, several Twitter tweets on Sharpton’s Twitter feed displayed Instagram links. Show More Summary

NYC Orders Al Sharpton’s Swindler Daughter to Save Incriminating Hiking Shots

New York City lawyers have warned Dominique Sharpton, Al Sharpton’s daughter, not to delete incriminating hiking pictures from her social media accounts. Sharpton is suing New York for a sprained ankle she suffered on an uneven city street. She wants … Continue reading ?

Rendell: 'Tough Cookie' Hillary Will 'Put Republicans In Short Pants'

On Al Sharpton's MSNBC show today, former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell dared congressional Republicans to recall Hillary Clinton to testify about Benghazi. Calling Clinton a "tough cookie," Rendell vowed that "Hillary will put them in short pants." Paging Camille Paglia... Show More Summary

Al Sharpton -- Lose Weight, Tubby! Fat-Shames Kenan Thompson

If Kenan Thompson ever wants to host a late night show, Reverend Al Sharpton says he better drop some major poundage because nobody wants to fall asleep to a puffy porker. Our photog asked Sharpton which black…

The TRUTH About Violence in the USA That Al Sharpton and Barack Obama DO NOT Want You To Know

The media and liberal activists (I know, one and the same, right?) are pushing the claim that blacks are the victims in America today, but the truth is that blacks

Al Sharpton’s Idiot Daughter Posts More Hiking Photos While Seeking $5 Million for Sprained Ankle

Hard to believe anyone is this stupid. Then again, consider her genes. She may have to settle for $5,000. The Rev. Al Sharpton’s island-hopping, mountain-hiking daughter — who is suing the city for $5?million after purportedly injuring her ankle on … Continued

Al Sharpton’s daughter, suing NYC from high places

“Dominique Sharpton posted pictures to Instagram showing she completed a difficult mountain climb in Bali, Indonesia — even though her suit says that ‘she still suffers’ debilitating pain after twisting her ankle in a street crack in...Show More Summary

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Gets Tabloid Ridicule Over Lawsuit

A daughter of MSNBC host Al Sharpton is getting the industrial-strength New York tabloid treatment over a lawsuit she filed against the City of New York. The New York Post reports Dominique Sharpton sued for $5 million over a sprained...Show More Summary

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Suing NYC for $5 Million Over Sprained Ankle; Hiked Up Bali Mountain Despite ‘Debilitating Pain’

We figure New York’s clown mayor will settle out of court for $10 million so as to not upset his boss, Al Sharpton. The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter unwittingly proved that her $5 million sprained-ankle suit against the city is … Continued

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Wants $5 Million for a Sprained Ankle

The city of New York is being sued by Dominique Sharpton, the 29-year-old daughter of Reverend Al Sharpton. She wants $5 million to cover the “loss of quality of life, future pain and suffering, future medical bills, [and] future diminution … More » The post Al Sharpton’s Daughter Wants $5 Million for a Sprained Ankle appeared first on EveryJoe.

Sharpton’s Daughter Sues NYC $5 Million for Sprained Ankle As She Posts Hiking Pics From Bali

Like Daddy, Like Daughter– Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique is suing New York City five million dollars for a painful ankle sprain. Meanwhile, she’s posting photos from her mountain hikes in Bali. New York Post reported: She learned at the feet … Continue reading ?

Daddy’s girl helping to pay father’s taxes?: Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique Sharpton, 28, sues city for $5M after spraining ankle

I think that’s a question that’s needs an answer given Al Sharpoton still hasn’t paid his taxing according to published reports. If Harry Reid can make up a stink on

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