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One Million Moms Have Their Pitchforks Out for the Gay Campbell’s Soup Dads

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

The questionably powerful American Family Association subgroup One Million Moms are up in arms over the adorable ad we featured recently from Campbell’s Soup, featuring two real-life gay dads and their son. Clutch your most evil Christian pearl… The post One Million Moms Have Their Pitchforks Out for the Gay Campbell’s Soup Dads appeared first on Towleroad.

One Million Moms Makes Bank Off Outrage

2 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

The online arm of the American Family Association is making crazy money--and paying no taxes--off of their campaigns against Chobani, the Muppets and rainbow Doritos.

One Million Moms Boycotting ‘The Muppets’ New TV Show Due to Adult Humor

You know that grunt-like scream that Miss Piggy makes when she’s really made and frustrated? That’s pretty much what the American Family Association offshoot One Million Moms is doing right now as they boycott ABC’s The Muppets TV show premiering this Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Quick Update Last January, Bryan Fischer was allegedly fired as a mouthpiece for the conservative American Family Association. Don’t believe it. He kept his AFA radio show, which continues to be the primary means of communication for that organization. Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer: Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis is the Only One Obeying the Law

last monthLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Right-wing-nut Bryan Fishcer, of the American Family Association, took to his radio show today to spout off about anti-gay Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis. Fischer was asked on Facebook whether he supports Davis’ defiance of the courts and refu… The post Bryan Fischer: Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis is the Only One Obeying the Law appeared first on Towleroad.

Bryan Fischer: We Must Screen Every Thought We Have to Make Sure God’s Okay With It

On his radio show yesterday, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer began by talking about how we all need to be on the lookout for Satan at all times (0:30 mark):

Ted Cruz Appears With Anti-Gay Hate Group American Family Association, Openly Advocates Theocracy

SoundCloud People sometimes ask me why I bother paying attention to the extreme right wing American Family Association and their insane caveman spokesman Bryan Fischer. Aren't they just a fringe group with no real influence? No, they're not a fringe group at all. In fact, they're highly connected politically and it's not...

Christian broadcaster clarifies for listener that Obama is actually ‘an atheist with Muslim sympathies’

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

On her morning radio show,  American Family Association’s Sandy Rios engaged a caller in conversation about Thursday night’s Fox GOP debate before having to explain that President Obama is not a Muslim, but is instead an atheist with “Muslim sympathies.” In an audio captured by...

Bryan Fischer Blasts John Kasich: Attending a Gay Wedding Like Going to A Crack House ‘Grand Opening’

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Former American Family Association spokeshater Bryan Fisher was none too pleased with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s rather forward-thinking (for GOP standards) response to a gay marriage question at last night’s debate. Said Kasich: Well, look,… The post Bryan Fischer Blasts John Kasich: Attending a Gay Wedding Like Going to A Crack House ‘Grand Opening’ appeared first on Towleroad.

Video: America cannot wait—to purchase American Family Association radio equipment? Huh?!

3 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

I see Bryan Fischer's wife among this collection of southern-accented actors: America Cannot Wait from American Family Studios on Vimeo. Join our campaign today! Visit Um, AFA, I'm pretty sure that your ability to make yourselves heard is a...

Indiana Reporters Can’t Understand Why Local Groups Are on Christian Right’s “Bigotry Map”

By now, you're all familiar with the American Family Association's "Bigotry Map" -- which is supposed to be a visual reminder of groups that are anti-Christian, but is really a collection of groups that simply aren't Christians. Same thing, to them. Show More Summary

American Family Association Spokesman Bryan Fischer Tweets Link to White Supremacist Site

Since the Charleston church shootings and the subsequent exposure of the alleged killer as a far right white supremacist, conservative pundits and bloggers have been frantically trying to spin away the connections between white supremacism and the mainstream right. Some of them are even absurdly arguing that alleged killer Dylann...

Bryan Fischer Calls For Russian-Style Anti-Gay ‘Propaganda’ Laws To Prevent Kids From ‘Choosing’ Homosexuality: VIDEO

3 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

He’s not going away quite yet. Anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-everything American Family Association mouthpiece Bryan Fischer has called for the introduction of Russian-style anti-gay propaganda laws, reports Right Wing Watch. Arguing that...Show More Summary

Cliff Kincaid: Impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg & "Known Lesbian" Elena Kagan

3 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"Our media didn’t treat it as a big deal, but Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had both officiated at gay weddings. Groups such as the National Organization for Marriage, the American Family Association, the Coalition of African American Pastors, and the Foundation for Moral Law had called for Kagan and Ginsburg to withdraw from the case. Show More Summary

Schools That “Teach Homosexuality” Should Be Held Responsible For STDs, Lawmaker Says

4 months agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Meet Gary Glenn. He’s a Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives, Dr. Seuss fanatic, and advocate for all things antigay. The former head of the American Family Association’s Michigan chapter appears in a documentary...Show More Summary

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer on the TPP: "A Major Tool to Export Sexual Deviancy to the World"

YouTube You've probably heard that the House of Representatives (led by Democrats this time) rejected President Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal today. I think it's a big mistake for the Democratic Party, but that's not what this article is about. This time I'd like to draw your attention to someone else who's...

AFA Launches Wells Fargo Boycott

4 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

From the American Family Association: In 2003, AFA warned that Wells Fargo was beginning to show public support for homosexuality. They were one of the first companies in America to do so. In 2005, Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family...Show More Summary

AFA talk show host admits what we've always known: They see church/state and one/same

4 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Bryan Fischer, writing for the American Family Association: One of the enduring myths both inside the church and outside the church is that civil government is a secular institution. It most decidedly is not. Regardless of what we may think...

Evangelical Leaders Join MRC, FRC, and AFA in National Campaign to Shut Down New Disney ABC Show Based on Life of Hateful Bigot

As fury spreads, Evangelical leaders have joined a growing chorus that includes Catholic leaders, the Media Research Center (MRC), the Family Research Council (FRC), and the American Family Association (AFA) in a national campaign to pressur e Disney ABC to cancel the sitcom pilot based on the life of anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage.

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