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What’s New About the New Space Race?

It’s 2015, and space is cool again. SpaceX has rejuvenated public interest in space, and is already plotting a Mars mission. Forbes is doing profiles on asteroid mining startups. A coalition of private companies are building a spaceport in New Mexico. Show More Summary

How Asteroid Mining Could Pay for Our First Space Colony

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Many of us dream of living on other planets, but are two things we'll need before it can actually happen: money and raw materials. Now some companies say they have a solution to this problem. They'll mine asteroids for valuable metal ores, and for basic resources like water that we'll need once we're far from Earth. Read more...

U Washington Paper: 22% Profit Over 20 Years for Asteroid Mining

Defining a successful commercial asteroid mining programAuthors:Andrews et alAbstract:This paper summarizes a commercial Asteroid Mining Architecture synthesized by the Senior Space Design Class at the University of Washington in Winter/Spring Quarters of 2013. Show More Summary

Betawatch: October 25 - 31, 2014

Elite: Dangerous' beta 3 went live this week with bug fixes and new features like player-driven interdiction, asteroid mining, and philanthropy missions. What else is new in the land of MMO testing? Trove's open beta will launch on November...Show More Summary

Space Property Bill Gets Mixed Reception in Congress

A bill that would grant property rights and other protections for commercial asteroid mining ventures received a mixed reception at a hearing of the House Science space subcommittee Sept. 10.H.R. 5063, the American Space Technology for Exploring Resource Opportunities In Deep Space (ASTEROIDS) Act, would grant U.S. Show More Summary

Congressional Hearing Slams Feasibility Of Commercial Asteroid Mining

7 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Two congressmen recently introduced the ASTEROIDS Act, which would grant property rights to companies seeking to mine the asteroid belt. Yesterday, the House Space Subcommittee held a hearing on the bill, where expert testimony bluntly told Congress the private sector is not up to the task of mining in space. Read more...

NASA’s Swarmie Robots to Mine Asteroids Like Ants

7 months agoTechnology : Walyou

There’s a lot of money in asteroid mining, and James Cameron is not the only one who knows that. NASA …

Scientists' work may lead to mission to find out what's inside asteroids

Future asteroid mining operations and how we deal with an impending strike could be influenced by research on a potential NASA mission.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Space

Asteroid mining, orbital 3-D printing, and--of course--manned spaceflight are all part of the modern-day space race. 1. SpaceX For making rockets reusable, and Mars seem possible. Already the world's most high-profile commercial spaceflight...Show More Summary

Neil deGrasse Tyson And Friends Debate The Commercialization Of Space

Astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson, along with a panel of noted space entrepreneurs and historians, weigh in on space tourism, asteroid mining, and sharing the spoils of space. Space exploration is no longer solely the purview of governments. Show More Summary

Live Streamed Tonight! --The 2014 "Isaac Asimov Debate" Led by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Space exploration is entering a new era. Dozens of aerospace companies have emerged in recent years, all with the goal of commercializing space as never before ranging from Space X to Planetary Resouces the asteroid mining company funded by Google's...

NASA just made moon mining a real possibility

We’ve heard enthusiastic talk of space asteroid mining missions before, but these ambitious plans could be one step closer to becoming a reality after NASA announced that it’s began accepting applications from private enterprises to fund such missions in return … Continue reading ?

Asteroid mining company negotiating with NASA to restore and operate historic airport

last yearTechnology : Gigaom

Planetary Resources, which has close ties to Google, will likely be charged with restoring Hangar One and operating the affiliated airfield.

Asteroid Mining Study Finds Few Worthwhile Space Rocks Near Earth

A Harvard study that suggests only 10 near-Earth asteroids are worth mining has come under fire

'Ah, it's sweet here' — Amazing video of Virgin Galactic test flight

VIDEO We've got space on the brain here at Upstart Business Journal today. If an interview with an asteroid mining nonprofit wasn't enough, here's an amazing video showing Virgin Galactic's recent test flight for its upcoming commercial space flights, set to begin in 2014. Show More Summary

Space Wealth founder: Asteroids are just the beginning

William BC Crandall has an MBA in extraterrestrial resource development (yes, that degree really exists). And he thinks that asteroid mining is the best way to jumpstart private space exploration. Considering news last week that NASA...Show More Summary

6 Start-Ups Joining Forces With Scientists

From health video games to asteroid mining, here's how companies are teaming up with scientists to bring their work out of the lab. Scientists are constantly developing new and exciting technology... but for consumers, advances in the lab aren't enough. Show More Summary

Astronomers identify 12 asteroids we could easily mine for valuable resources

The age of asteroid mining could be close at hand. Researchers discover 12 objects that could be captured with today's technology.

Hadron's Forge features asteroid mining, real elements

Minecraft in space isn't exactly an original idea. StarForge showed up last year with impressive technology to back up that basic conceit and a greater focus on combat. Hadron's Forge starts with some of the same ideas: collect minerals,...Show More Summary

Robot army vs. Carlos Danger

If I told you we're on the brink of a brave new world filled with self-driving cars, memory implants, asteroid mining and government-funded humanoid robots, you'd probably tell me I was hitting the bong and/or the Syfy channel. I can...Show More Summary

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