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Shade Court: Lena's Wig, Miley Cyrus, and Jeopardy Ruins Everything

17 minutes agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Let's jump right into things. In this week's Shade Court, Jeopardy makes my brain explode, somebody at ABC is not a Lena Dunham fan and business doesn't have to be cool. Read more...

Getting Gout Could Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

19 minutes agoNews : The Inquisitr - News

It turns out that coming down with a common form of inflammatory arthritis could help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease. While gout is a painful and debilitating disease on its own, few would argue that it’s worse than a degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer’s, which takes your mind before it takes your life. Show More Summary

CPRIT Awards Faculty $11.5 Million for Recruitment and Research in Brain and Bone Cancer, Biology, and Immunotherapy

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) has awarded UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers more than $7.5 million in research grants

MSMR Analysis Examines TBI and PTSD Diagnoses among Service Members from Active War Service and Increased Detection Capabilities

SILVER SPRING, MD, March 9, 2015 - If Department of Defense expansion of military programs and resources for diagnoses and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) continues, incidence rates for both diseases in the post-war period will be much higher than in the pre-war period, according to a newly released health surveillance report.

RIP: Kurt “Mellow Cat” Ledterman

We knew him best from Ted Richards serialized comic Mellow Cat which appeared in Skateboarder Magazine from 1978 to 1981, but those who knew Kurt Ledterman as the editor at Surfer Magazine (and brains behind Skateboarder) remember a charming, kind, intelligent man, according to a remembrance from legendary photographer Jeff Devine on He treated […]

A Simple Way to Overcome Spending Temptations

Marketing professionals know exactly how to cultivate a sense of scarcity, which we’re hard-wired to respond to by spending money. Here’s how to get your brain back.

Truth in numbers

4 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : BlueNC

Okay, so I have way too much time on my hands while I keep my phalanges cozy and warm as the ice age continues to loom just outside my window. But, give a computer-geek, who battles the threat of brain atrophy brought on by early retirement,...Show More Summary

High-normal thyroid hormone level in pregnancy may affect fetal brain development

A new study finds that not only low but also high maternal thyroid hormone levels during early pregnancy may significantly lower the infant's IQ later in childhood. The study results suggest that the common practice of treating pregnant women who have mild thyroid hormone deficiency may pose unexpected risks to the developing baby's brain.

New findings on 'key players' in brain inflammation

Inflammatory processes occur in the brain in conjunction with stroke and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have presented new findings about some of the ‘key players’ in inflammation. In the long term, these findings could lead to new treatments.

This Porsche 356 Is Messing With My Brain

6 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Yes, the car you're looking at above is a Porsche. Not a Volvo, not a Nash, not a Volkswagen, not an Aston Martin, and not a Fiat: a Porsche. It's undermining everything I thought to be true in this world. Read more...

Tomorrow's tomography today: Simultaneous 3D imaging of vascular and neuronal networks in mouse spinal cord tissue

(—Given that blood supply to the brain and spinal cord is fundamental to central nervous system (CNS) physiology and pathology, it's not surprising that trauma and disease in spinal cord blood vessels and neurons lead to a range of neurodegenerative pathologies and other serious consequences. Show More Summary

Brain treats real and imaginary objects in the same way

The human brain can select relevant objects from a flood of information and edit out what is irrelevant. It also knows which parts belong to a whole. If, for example, we direct our attention to the doors of a house, the brain will preferentially process its windows, but not the neighbouring houses. Show More Summary

Autism detection improved by multimodal neuroimaging

Combined measurements of brain anatomy, connectivity and neurochemistry distinguish autism spectrum disorder subjects from controls, scientists say. This multimodal approach is distinct from many previous studies that have used a single neuroimaging measure. Show More Summary

Scientists Can Now Read Your Memories

8 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Researchers have mapped rats’ memories, and humans could be next. Scientists may have cracked the code of memories by successfully tracing how they are imprinted on the brain. An experiment charted the nerve cell changes that occurred within rats’ brains as they made decisions—a process that could prove life changing if replicated in humans.

Cancer Survivors, Keep Your Brain in Shape

Cancer survivors, keep your brain in shape Cancer treatment can cause brain fog or chemo brain. Use these tips to help keep your mind organized. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is an effective way to treat many types of cancer, but there are possible side effects. See what you can do to prepare. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Along […]

Brains in Pain – Apps to the Rescue?

It’s a simplification to argue that technology removes us from the concerns of the physical world. Many technological applications are geared specifically to orient us in the world, and none bring us more clearly full circle back to ourselves than mobile apps which focus on our physical and mental health. One of the lesser known […]

Autism Detection Improved by Multimodal Neuroimaging

Combined measurements of brain anatomy, connectivity and neurochemistry distinguish autism spectrum disorder subjects from controls

This is Your Brain on Love and This is Your Brain on Lust

Lust is primal; love is romantic. People who have been both in love and lust can often distinguish between the two more clearly than those who haven’t. The post This is Your Brain on Love and This is Your Brain on Lust appeared first on The Good Men Project.

'American Crime' might have a brain, but it lacks a heart

The amount of fictional murders on broadcast TV during a normal week is astronomical — Naval crimes alone have run rampant in L.A. and New Orleans. So the fact that ABC's newest show is simply titled American Crime and kicks off with...Show More Summary

TV Club: Fortitude: “Episode 7”

So much of horror, particularly psychological horror, deals in the realm of the unseen. This is because the human brain is an incomparable house of horrors, versatile and hyper-specialized to individual interpretation. If a show suggests...Show More Summary

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