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Hugh Jackman Fears Heart Attack from Terrible ‘Wolverine’ Diet

Actor Hugh Jackman knows that his 6,000 calorie a day diet for "Wolverine" isn't doing his body any favors. In fact, he's downright worried it will eventually cause him to have a heart attack. Read More The post Hugh Jackman Fears Heart Attack from Terrible ‘Wolverine’ Diet appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Katherine Webb's 1,120 calories per day diet - Is it dangerous?

Katherine Webb is opening up about her diet in a new interview. However, is it possible the model's caloric intake is too low to maintain health in the long run?

Anne Hathaway Is On A 500 Calorie A Day Diet

Anne Hathaway has recently been ordered to lose 16 pounds for her role as Fantine in an upcoming production of Les Miserables. More » Post from: TheGloss

Fact Or Fiction: Is Anne Hathaway On A 500 Calorie A Day Diet?

Maybe I’m making this a “fact or fiction” because I so much HOPE this is fiction! Anne Hathaway reportedly is on a 500-calorie-a-day diet to prepare for a big scene (I won’t say what kind to avoid spoilers) for the … Continue readin...

Woman on a Mission to Gain 800 pounds

Many women spend a lot of time and money trying to lose weight, but there is one woman who is on a mission to do the exact opposite. Her name is Susanne Essman, and she is consuming a 20,000 calorie a day diet, so that she can become the heaviest woman ever. Susanne claims that the heavier she becomes, the sexier that she feels. Show More Summary

Early Stage Diabetes Reversible With Two Month 600 Calorie Per Day Diet

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, you might be cured if you follow a 600 calorie-per-day diet for two months, and stay diabetes free if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, researchers from Newcastle University, England reported in the journal Diabetologia Diabetes type 2 is a chronic condition caused by too much glucose in the blood. Show More Summary

Afraid I Will Never Eat Above 1000 Calories Again [Forum]

Forum Post: 2 months ago, as soon as I got home from college, I started a 800 - 1000 calorie a day diet, and started doing an intense workout everyday. The good news: I've lost 20 pounds! The bad news: What's next?...

The Top Ten Things That Capitalism Has Done For Michael Moore

Michael Moore proclaims “Capitalism did nothing for me.” You’re wrong, Michael. Dead wrong. Capitalism has done plenty for you, sport. American Capitalism made your 7,500 calorie per day diet cheaper (and tastier) here than anywhere else in the world. That shirt you’re wearing. Show More Summary

Extreme Diet Linked To Changes In Breast Cancer Biomarkers And Reduced Gene Expression

UK researchers observing a small group of women who followed an extreme 900 calorie a day diet found they had reduced expression of a cancer growth gene and changes in blood biomarkers for breast cancer.

Super Slim Me: Part Six

We’ve finally reached the final episode of Super Slim Me, where healthy Dawn Porter finishes her 500 calorie a day diet in an effort to get to the elusive size zero. Will Dawn be able to fit into her glamorous size zero dress at the end of all of this? Dawn’s experience with laxative tea [...]

Limbaugh: U.S. should consume energy like Michael Phelps consumes food.

Yesterday, press reports revealed that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps consumes a 12,000 calorie per day diet, six times the average calorie intake for a 23-year-old man. On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh said that since extra energy helped produce excellence in Phelps, drilling for more oil would do the same for the U.S.: But [...]

Want To Lose Weight? Go Directly To Jail.

It seems that the 3,000 calorie a day diet that the Arkansas jail provides for Broderick Lloyd Laswell isn’t enough for him to maintain his weight. - 300-pound inmate complains Ark. jail doesn’t feed him well Instead of being grateful that he is 100 pounds closer to a healthy weight, he is suing the county. [...]

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