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New round of Mega Man 30th anniversary merch available in Japan

Want a Mega Man calendar? How about some special acrylic art, or maybe even a Thermos! Capcom has you covered with their line of Mega Man 30th anniversary merch. No plans for this to come stateside, but perhaps some import retailers will pick a few items up. Check out more pics here.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Limited Edition - Soundtrack sample video

Yet another goody we don't get here in the states, but at least we got the game this time around. I guess beggars can't be choosers, especially when it comes to Capcom. They only throw us a bone every once in awhile, and it seems begging has been kind of useless!

Capcom on Mega Man being important to them, potential for new X/Legends/Battle Network and Mega Man 12

The following tidbits come from a Game Informer interview with Mega Man 11 dev team members... On Mega Man still mattering to Capcom Mega Man 11 director Koji Oda: “I still feel like Mega Man is one of the important pillars of the company. Show More Summary

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition details new Extra Battle mode, costumes, and changes to Fight Money

Capcom's coming back to Street Fighter V in a major way soon, adding things fans of the series had wanted for a long time, so this extra mode could go far for getting into players' good graces again. There will be an "Extra Battle" mode with a specialty guest costume to buy at the the end of a four-week long challenge. Show More Summary

Devil May Cry HD Collection won’t support 4K resolutions

Don’t count on the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection to support your shiny new PS4 Pro, or Xbox One X. The Devil May Cry HD Collection, which Capcom announced last week, is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in March. Most new releases feature support for PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X, whether […]

Capcom Revealed Street Fighter V's Season 3 Characters

Capcom promised to keep the new content flowing and rolling for Street Fighter V. The game got off to an awful start, but the new seasonal DLC has helped bring some modicum of respect from the gaming community. Well, things got a lot more exciting recently when Capcom revealed all of the...

How Okami's Amaterasu Could End Up In Dota 2

Valve's Dota 2 has a large collection of playable heroes and villains in the game, some of which come from popular lore and mythology. Well, when talking about mythology Capcom's Okami definitely fits into the picture due to its story revolving around Japanese folklore, which in...

Devil May Cry Is Getting An HD Collection

If you missed out on the first three Devil May Cry Games, or perhaps you just want to play them again, then Capcom is about to make things a lot easier on you. Get ready to dive into the Devil May Cry HD Collection next year.

Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC: How to Get Started

Resident Evil 7 arrived earlier this year and brought the luster back to Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise. It successfully managed to take the series in a fresh direction while retaining the strong points that made it a hit with players worldwide. Show More Summary

Koei Tecmo partially wins legal battle against Capcom

Awhile back, we talked about Koei Tecmo filing a lawsuit against Capcom, stating that Capcom infringed upon some of their patents. The patents included the Kingdom Warriors and Samurai Warriors series, as well as the Fatal Frame series. Show More Summary

Mega Man 11 - Everything known about the Robot Masters at this point

- 8 Robot Masters, which can be chosen from freely - the Robot Master shown above was originally called Renga Man, which translates into Brick Man - Brick Man isn't his official name, as that will be revealed later - Capcom also said that out of all the robot masters, Renga Man was the most energetic and adored by Dr. Show More Summary

EVO 2018 organisers suggest that they are "torn" on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's inclusion

Alongside last weekend's Capcom Cup, which saw the best on the world throw down on Street Fighter V, there was also a tournament held on Capcom's crossover title, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.The "Battle for the Stones" tourney had a great trophy and some wacky rules, meant to represent the chaos of the Infinity Gems. Show More Summary

Capcom releases Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, final expansions

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition content is available now on Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4. The launch of the Gold Edition coincides with the debut of the remaining expansions for the game called Not a Hero and End of Zoe. Show More Summary

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International heading to Japan

Japanese Switch owners are getting another does of Street Fighter, just like those of us in NA/EU are. Capcom has confirmed Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Japanese release, and the game's title is seeing a slight update. In Japan, the game will be called Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International, and it releases Spring 2018.

Monster Hunter World – here’s some more details on Bounties and Research quests

Capcom has provided more information on the Bounty system and Research quests in Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World features three types of Bounties and Research quests which players can pick up. As we previously told you, players can carry six Bounties at a time in Monster Hunter World and the conditions which need to […]

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition PSX 2017 Preview: Quarter Up

After Capcom Cup 2017 ended, Capcom offered a glimpse into the future of Street Fighter V. That future centers around the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which is set to arrive in a matter of weeks. Shacknews was as surprised as the rest of the gaming world to see the Season 3 roster. Show More Summary

Trailer Announces ‘Resident Evil VII Gold Edition’, New DLC

It’s been a wild year for Resident Evil VII, and if you haven’t picked it up by now, Capcom’s got a new trailer and DLC for you to change your mind. As is now the norm in the industry, the Gold Edition of Resident Evil VII is now available, and along with it, all of […]

Capcom CEO wants to bring ports of games to Switch that have never been on a Nintendo console

I remember how shocking it was that Capcom made that deal with Nintendo for multiple GameCube games. After being a partner with Nintendo for years on the NES and SNES, they kind of abandoned ship for the Nintendo 64 and moved over to the PlayStation. Show More Summary

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Is Everything You Want From Street Fighter, Literally

Capcom decided to finally give fans exactly what they've always wanted: an anthology pack for Street Fighter. This isn't just any old compilation pack, this is the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and it comes jam packed with 12 fully playable games.

SFV new trailers, 30th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom announced Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection that gathers 12 titles for PC, PS4, One and Switch with a May 2018 release date. The publisher also shared the cinematic...Show More Summary

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