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Anita Hill: No more excuses for sexual harassment

Hill, whose testimony in Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas gripped the nation, says we need a cultural reboot.        

Conan O'Brien Reveals Neil Gorsuch Is in for a Punishing Supreme Court Hazing Ritual

The Trump appointee better get ready to pick up Clarence Thomas' dry cleaning. Now that Judge Neil Gorsuch has been sworn in to the Supreme Court, you may be wondering what exactly happens next. Conan O'Brien has a few ideas. "As the...Show More Summary

Of Course: WashPost Turns to Partisan Anita Hill to Call for O’Reilly’s Firing

Who better to opine about the need to “fire” Bill O’Reilly from his Fox News show? According to the liberals at the Washington Post, it’s the partisan Anita Hill, the woman who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment and excused Bill Clinton’s actions. Hill wrote an op-ed on Friday with this headline: “It’s Not Enough for O’Reilly to be Fired.”

Is This the Greatest Judge You've Never Heard Of?

The legal profession is full of lionized legal minds. Most anyone who attended law school could rattle off a quick canon of great jurists: John Marshall, Learned Hand, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Louis Brandeis, Clarence Thomas, etc. But that list may be missing at least one name, the Sixth Circuit's......

A Nation of Law, Not Politics, with Gorsuch

My first experience with Senate confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court justice nominee was in 1991 at the hearings for Clarence Thomas. I came to Washington with several hundred black

Gorsuch Is Not Scalia's Clone, He's Thomas's

I was wrong, dead wrong, about appellate court and Trump SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch. He’s not his oft-stated adored personal and judicial hero Antonin Scalia’s clone. He’s worse. He’s Clarence Thomas’s. As Paleolithic and retrograde...Show More Summary

Gorsuch Would Use 'Originalism' To Affirm Right-Wing Agenda

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch says he’s an “originalist.” The late Justice Antonin Scalia, whom Gorsuch called “a lion of the law,” also championed originalism. Justice Clarence Thomas now stands alone on the high court as a self-proclaimed...Show More Summary

Sexual Harassment Isn’t About Sex, It’s About Power

last monthNews : Huffington Post

It was only 26 years ago that Anita Hill became one of the most talked about women in the country, thanks to her sexual harassment allegations against then-Supreme Court Justice hopeful Clarence Thomas. Just 26 years ago, when we began,...Show More Summary

Essential Reading: 5 Books About Dramatic Supreme Court Nomination Hearings

Full-length accounts of how Senate hearings for Clarence Thomas, Robert H. Bork and others were turned into spectator sport.

The Supreme Court Just Gutted a Gorsuch Opinion — and Made Him Look Extreme

In the midst of the nominee’s confirmation hearing, SCOTUS makes him look more conservative than Clarence Thomas on education rights.

Does Neil Gorsuch Side With Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia on the 14th Amendment, The Slaughter-House Cases, and the Privileges or Immunities Clause?

last monthNews : Reason

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has something in common with both Justice Clarence Thomas and with the late Justice Antonin Scalia. All three jurists are known as proponents of originalism, which is the idea that the ConstitutionShow More Summary

Clarence Thomas questions civil asset forfeiture

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

The Supreme Court declined certiorari for other reasons in the case of Lisa Olivia Leonard v. Texas, but Justice Clarence Thomas in a separate concurrence took the opportunity to challenge whether the Court’s historic toleration of forfeiture...Show More Summary

Clarence Thomas Is Skeptical of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Justice Clarence Thomas yesterday signalled that the abusive practice of civil asset forfeiture is ripe for expanded constitutional scrutiny. The case is Lisa Olivia Leonard v. Texas.  James Leonard (the petitioner’s son) was stopped by police for a traffic infraction in 2013 “along a known drug corridor.”  Police searched Mr. Show More Summary

GREENE: Ben Carson’s a disgrace for calling slaves immigrants

2 months agoNews : NY Daily News

Just when you thought the race could do no worse than Clarence Thomas or Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, up steps Carson.

Clarence Thomas Questions Legality Of Letting Cops Take Innocent People's Stuff

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sent a strong signal on Monday about his feelings toward civil asset forfeiture, a controversial law enforcement tool that allows police to seize cash and property from people who haven’t...Show More Summary

President Trump's address to Congress.

1. Let's watch the big it's-not-a-State-of-the-Union address.2. The Supreme Court Justices who are sitting this out are Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Samuel Alito.3. Some Democratic women are showing their suffragette colors, wearing white. I'm seeing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi in white. But Elizabeth Warren is in purple.

John Roberts Sees Blatantly Racist Nonsense Where Clarence Thomas Doesn’t

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that when it comes to matters of race, Clarence Thomas consistently sides against Black people. His dissent in Buck v. Davis is no different. The post John Roberts Sees Blatantly Racist Nonsense Where Clarence Thomas Doesn’t appeared first on Rewire.

Democrisy! Salon is worried about “impartiality” of Justice Thomas, but fine with political statements of Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg

Salon, which, Alas! gets far more readers than The First Street Journal, swims in hypocrisy: Gini Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, wants to lead a pro-Trump grassroots organization In an email chain, Ginni Thomas...Show More Summary

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