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This Week In Techdirt History: April 9th - 15th

2 weeks agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Five Years Ago This week in 2012, Congress (apparently having learned nothing from SOPA) was pushing forward with CISPA, the new cybersecurity bill. In its original form it was really, really bad — then a new draft was released that was slightly better but still full of problems. Show More Summary

China's new cybersecurity bill alarms human rights experts - CNET

6 months agoTechnology : CNET: News

The new measures, set to go into effect on June 1 2017, could make the internet less safe for both users and businesses.

China passes controversial cybersecurity law

China on Monday passed a controversial cybersecurity bill further tightening restrictions on online freedom of speech, raising concerns that it could intensify already wide-ranging Internet censorship.

News: UK drops encryption backdoor requirements from cybersecurity bill due to Apple pressure

11 months agoTechnology / Mobile : iLounge

The U.K. has passed a bill giving its spy agencies wide-reaching powers to hack computer systems and engage in bulk surveillance, but protests from Apple and other technology companies kept out requirements for weakened encryption, Bloomberg reports. Show More Summary

Hack a car in Michigan, get a life sentence?

12 months agoTechnology : ReadWriteWeb

A new cybersecurity bill pushed by Michigan Senators Ken Horn and Mike Kowall will send car hackers to jail for life, if it manages to pass through the Senate. Senate Bill 927 and 928 detail the type of crime, punishment, and felony....Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit round-up: Budget bill adds to domestic spying; missing black Millennials

At The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin writes—Hasty, Fearful Passage of Cybersecurity Bill Recalls Patriot Act: Congress easily passed a thinly disguised surveillance provision — the final version of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing...Show More Summary

A Cybersecurity Bill Loathed By Tech Companies Is Now Law

If you thought the US government’s ability to spy on its citizens had languished of late, think again. Read more...

Want To Know How Ridiculous The Omnibus Bill Is? It Has A Meaningless Porn Filter Clause Four Times

last yearIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Following Congress passing the Omnibus spending bill, it of course did not take long for President Obama to sign the bill, meaning that the fake cybersecurity bill/actual surveillance bill, is now law. Particularly ridiculous is that...Show More Summary

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Makes It Into Omnibus, Will Basically Be Law Any Minute Now

We are rapidly running out of 2015 left to spend, and so the two houses of Congress have been racing to pass an omnibus spending bill that will keep the government funded and the lights on. Because that bill is a must-pass piece of legislation, all kinds of crap has been added, taken away, and snuck back in as we …

White House Supports Privacy Destroying CISA, Despite Past Promises It Would Not

last yearIndustries / Law : Techdirt

In the past, President Obama has threatened to veto any cybersecurity bill that undermines privacy and civil liberties. Of course, people didn't quite believe that was true, and now that we see the final cybersecurity bill, the bastardized...Show More Summary

Congressman Who Supports Undermining Encryption Says We Need CISA (Which Undermines Privacy) To 'Protect Privacy'

last yearIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Representative Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee (the Committee that has most strongly been pushing versions of cybersecurity bills that undermine privacy and provide more surveillance powers) apparently believes that as long as he says day is night and up is down, the world will believe him. Show More Summary

Why The New CISA Is So Bad For Privacy

last yearIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We warned earlier this week that Congress was going to make the cybersecurity bill CISA much worse on privacy, and then shove it into the "must pass" omnibus spending bill, and that's exactly what happened. The 2000+ page bill was only...Show More Summary

Congress Ties Controversial Cybersecurity Bill To Key Spending Package

Buried deep within a 2,009-page congressional document is a cybersecurity bill that could have a major impact on your personal data. Sharp-eyed reporters spotted the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 in a spending bill that was approved Tuesday. Show More Summary

Meet CISA, A De Facto Cyber Patriot Act

The so-called cybersecurity bill, nicknamed a "surveillance bill by another name" by Senator Ron Wyden, turned into a complete surveillance bill with the latest changes made by Congress before it was added it to the "omnibus" budget bill.

Lawmakwers To Vote On Measure Including Controversial Cybersecurity Bill This Week

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The massive year-end spending measure includes a provision that will encourage companies to share cyber threat information with the government. The measure, which represents a culmination of several years of effort...Show More Summary

Privacy Activists Warn Cyber Spying Bill May Pass Congress in Secret

US lawmakers are attempting to secure the passage of a controversial cybersecurity bill by quietly adding it to a must-pass omnibus spending package, digital rights group Fight for the Future announced on Tuesday.

Congress Adds 'CISA' To 'Omnibus' Budget Bill, Up To President Obama To Veto

As Congress included the cybersecurity bill CISA in the budget bill, Fight for the Future called on President Obama to veto the whole bill if CISA remains included.

Paul Ryan trying to resurrect privacy-gutting cybersecurity bill in omnibus spending bill

x Embedded Content People who hang around Congress call ominbus spending bills, like the one Congress is now failing to work out, "Christmas trees." That's because they get a lot of crap hung on them, stuff that hasn't made it through...Show More Summary

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