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Dan Rather has revealing conversation with Quentin Tarantino

Dan Rather asks the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director to describe himself, and Tarantino's responses are both surprising and revealing. Read more of Rather's thoughts on the interview: Read more... More about Movies, Film, Director, Race, and Quentin Tarantino

WHAT HATH DAN RATHER WROUGHT? We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with a look back at “The Evolu…

WHAT HATH DAN RATHER WROUGHT? We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with a look back at “The Evolution of PJ Media” at World Net Daily. While the piece has my byline on it, Roger L. Simon, Stephen Green, Aaron Hanscom, Joan Seavey, and several others from PJM also made large contributions to the piece.

The 'Betches' dish about their social media stardom with Dan Rather

Legendary newsman Dan Rather gets to the bottom of what the "Betch" lifestyle is all about while sipping cocktails with the masterminds behind the popular website and Instagram persona Read more: Read more... More about Social Media, Entertainment, Tv, Videos, and Dan Rather

Dan Rather gets to know the real women behind 'Betches'

I always do my own research before sitting down for an interview with anyone. Sometimes it is copious amounts of reading or watching other interviews. It can take hours, even days to review. But what I’ve learned, in a broader sense,...Show More Summary

'Andy Cohen is the real deal': Dan Rather sits down with the Bravo superstar

Long-time newsman Dan Rather chats with TV producer Andy Cohen about everything from the Real Housewives reality series to LGBT issues. Read more: Read more... More about Television, Andy Cohen, Entertainment, Tv, and Videos

Drinking with Dan: An interview with Dan Rather and Andy Cohen

At my age and stage in life I’ve experienced many “student has surpassed the teacher” moments. So many, in fact, that I now file them under three distinctive rubrics: The kind you like, the kind you would like to forget, and the kind that come out of nowhere and knock you off your rocker The kind you “like” are easy on the mind and ego. Show More Summary

The fiction of ‘Truth’

We live in a weary age of fable. The latest Hollywood mythology is entitled “Truth.” But the film is actually a fictionalized story about how CBS News super-anchor Dan Rather

Dan Rather's 'Truth' Flops at Box Office

In an attempt to validate discredited CBS reporting on President George W. Bush's alleged preferential treatment in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, the new movie "Truth" is flopping at the box office.

Robert Redford Fights Dan Rather's Good Fight

"He didn't try to do a caricature or an impression," Dan Rather told me. "He just tried to capture some of the essence of the person." Rather was sharing his thoughts about Robert Redford's performance in the role of Dan Rather in the movie Truth, which opened in theaters on Oct. Show More Summary

Rather Not

Never was a movie more ironically titled than the new rewriting of history called “Truth.” It attempts to make martyrs of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes. Head shaking all around. On Need to Know this week, Jay and I welcome Scott Johnson of the Show More Summary

Dan Rather Doubles Down on “Truth” Movie: “We Got the Facts” [Video]

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, whose career at the network came to an end after he erroneously reported on President George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard, stood firm in an interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter on Sunday in his claim that he was correct: We reported the […]

MSNBC's Matthews Treats Robert Redford to Fawning Interview Plugging 'Truth'

Chris Matthews the politics and news junkie certainly knows better than to buy the melarkey that is the Dan Rather Memogate story as told in the new box-office dud Truth. But Chris Matthews the star-struck cinemaphile won out last night as the Hardball host treated guest Robert Redford with fawning adulation.

Robert Redford: Gap between Dan Rather, Woodward and Bernstein cases shows corporate media influence

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Actor Robert Redford drew a parallel on Monday between the journalist he played in the classic All The President’s Men with former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, who he portrays in his latest film, Truth. “With [Bob] Woodward and [Carl] Bernstein, they were going after the truth. They were...

Robert Redford on playing Dan Rather

Actor Robert Redford discusses playing anchor Dan Rather in the new film,

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Testimony, Plus Ben Carson is Winning in Iowa Somehow

Today's topics include: Blogger Charles Johnson Joins Us to Discuss Benghazi, Chuck C. Johnson and Dan Rather; Hillary Clinton Testifies at Trey Gowdy's Ridiculous Benghazi Committee; Fox and Friends Blames Hillary for the Hearings;Show More Summary

No One Seems To Care About That Dan Rather Movie

I do wonder why people would not want to go see a movie that tries to make heroes of journalists who straight-up lied in order to tank a political campaign. Sony Pictures Classics "Truth," which recounts CBS' reporting on President George W. Show More Summary

Dan Rather Deflects Criticism of CNBC Debate, Blames GOP Instead

During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday, disgraced CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather did his best to excuse the criticism of CNBC’s Republican presidential debate and instead chose to blame Republicans for fueling such hatred towards the press. Show More Summary

CNN Documentary Looks Back At Bush vs. Gore: The Endless Election

"What the doc tells, from Bernie Shaw and Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw, is the chaos they, and all the players, were living that night."

Hollywood’s Attempt to Rehab Dan Rather

Hollywood Attempt to Rehab Rather FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Spencer Irvine (202) 364-4401 ext. 103 Washington, D.C. — Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, who has spent much of the past 10 years trying to restore his reputation after leaving the network in disgrace, is getting a big boost from Hollywood with the […]

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