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"One of the leading voices of the Trump resistance is not some black-masked radical or a marching young woman with a pink knit hat but a man with gray hair, a name you know and a neatly knotted tie."

It's Dan Rather — the subject of a Politico article titled "Dan Rather’s Second Coming/With millions of Facebook fans and the freedom to speak his mind, the 85-year-old journalist is back in the arena—facing the opponent he’s been waiting for his entire life."Yes, Dan Rather is back, and he's on... Facebook.

Politico Gushes: ‘Moral Authority’ Rather Here to ‘Battle’ ‘Hitler’-esque Trump

After running a great piece yesterday about how polarized journalism has become, Politico took a left turn Wednesday writing a lengthy puff piece on disgraced CBS News anchor Dan Rather’s return to the spotlight or as Politico put it,...Show More Summary

BITCH ABOUT FAKE NEWS. RESURRECT DAN RATHER. PICK ONE. People Magazine Boosts ‘Dan Rather’s Unexpect…

BITCH ABOUT FAKE NEWS. RESURRECT DAN RATHER. PICK ONE. People Magazine Boosts ‘Dan Rather’s Unexpected Comeback.’

Desperate Rehab: People Magazine Boosts 'Dan Rather's Unexpected Comeback'

People magazine is no stranger to being used to rehabilitate liberals -- even when it sounds hopeless. (Case in point: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weiner). In the May 1 People they try to rehabilitate disgraced CBS anchorman Dan Rather, now hailed by liberals as an anti-Trump crusader. Show More Summary

Dan Rather: Don't Be So Quick to Praise Trump's Military Action, Journalists Should 'Fight Against' Patriotic Sentiment

Most Americans approve of President Trump's aggressive response to the Syrian chemical attack last month. The Bash al-Assad regime is expected of...

CNN Quoted Dan Rather Criticizing Media Coverage of Trump’s Use of Airstrikes

Dan Rather is somehow relevant today? The former CBS newsman criticized President Donald Trump for his use of bombs in Syria and Afghanistan to deal with terrorists. Rather said that dropping bombs “doesn’t make one presidential.” CNN’s article did not mention Rather’s past, where his report on George W. Bush and his time in the National […]

A Lack of Courage: Why the Fourth Estate is Rather Intimidated by Trump

Remember when the right-wing noise machine wouldn’t stop celebrating its role in the departure of Dan Rather from CBS News? “Rathergate,” as the wingnuts called it, is still regarded as a moment of glory for the right. In a 2004 Boston Phoenix piece, Dan Kennedy explained the history behind the right’s lust for Rather’s scalp:... Read more »

Dan Rather scolds pundits for fawning over Trump: ‘Dropping bombs is easy’ — but it’s not presidential

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Veteran newscaster Dan Rather over the weekend reminded his colleagues in the media that dropping bombs is “easy” for Donald Trump but keeping the peace is “what makes a person presidential.” While speaking with CNN host Brian Stelter on Sunday, Rather said that he was...

Dan Rather: ‘Way Too Early’ for People to Praise Trump as Presidential for Dropping Bombs

last weekNews : Mediaite

Dan Rather said on CNN's Reliable Sources this morning that people are being too quick to praise Donald Trump as presidential for dropping bombs.

Some misreading Trump confusion as evolution: Dan Rather

Dan Rather, host of The Big Interview on AXS Tv, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump's actions are being perceived by Americans and around the...

Dan Rather: Trump’s reckless foreign policy is exactly what Russia wants — ‘Putin loves this’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Veteran newsman Dan Rather cautioned President Donald Trump against spreading himself too thin by thinking he can simply go to war with everyone. Rather told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that North Korea is “a powder keg with a short fuse and the fuse is burning.” He believes that...

‘Bombs are not a strategy’: Dan Rather crushes Trump’s foreign policy to ‘bomb the sht out of them’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Veteran newsman Dan Rather doesn’t think President Donald Trump’s previous assertion that he’s going to bomb his way to peace in the Middle East is a valid foreign policy strategy. Trump notoriously said during the 2016 campaign that he would “bomb the sht out of...

NY Times Magazine Honors Disgraced Dan Rather as Caretaker of Facts, Savvy New-Media Genius

Disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather is being honored by the “legacy” media again, in an interview with Ana Marie Cox for this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. Cox can’t describe what actually brought Rather his disgrace, only that he was an “early target of internet fact-finding.” As if George W. Show More Summary

Talk: Dan Rather Thinks We Need Patriotism, Not Nationalism

The former news anchor on new media, quality journalism and “Friday Night Lights.”

‘There can be no joy in such incompetence’: Dan Rather hammers Sean Spicer’s ‘unhinged’ Hitler comments

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Legendary journalist Dan Rather absolutely unloaded on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday afternoon, bluntly calling him “incompetent.” Writing on Facebook, Rather was as stunned as the rest of the country about Spicer’s claim that Syrian President Assad was worse...

Dan Rather: The Press Lauding Trump for Missile Launch Is ‘Concerning’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Remember yesterday when people like Fareed Zakaria praised Donald Trump for launching missiles at Syria?

Dan Rather: The number of press praising Trump's Syria air strikes “as 'presidential' is concerning”

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Veteran American journalist Dan Rather says he is “concerned” by how many in the U.S. press are praising Donald Trump's whimsical missile assault last night on Syria as “presidential.” Dan Rather is not the only one alarmed by this attitude. (more…)

Dan Rather slams Trump on Syria: ‘It is a whole lot easier starting wars than finishing them’

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Veteran reporter and former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather on Friday criticized fellow journalists who are “lauding” Donald Trump’s unilateral strike on a Syrian airfield, noting, “It is a whole lot easier starting wars than finishing them.” In a Facebook post, Rather pointed out...

Another Dan Rather Scandal 

So how did Rather get his hands on his photo, especially when he failed to graduate back in 1954?

Dan Rather; the phony Marine

Our friends at Military Corruption called last night to tell us about their latest post. It seems that iconic news reader, Dan Rather, put the above picture in his book, Rather Outspoken; My Life in the News. If you do an image search on Google, it’s pretty much everywhere, for example it’s posted at The […]

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