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John Fogerty: 'Run Through the Jungle' Is Plea for Gun Control

John Fogerty has clarified the meaning behind one of Creedence Clearwater Revival's biggest hits: "Run Through the Jungle" was a statement about gun control. In a new interview with Dan Rather airing Tuesday on the newmsan's AXS show The Big Interview, the singer cleared up the myth that the "jungle"...

Dan Rather is sticking to the 'Truth' of his story about George W. Bush

"We reported a true story," says one of the most illustrious figures in American journalism, "and everybody connected with the story got fired. The process was not perfect but the story was true." Dan Rather, 84, looks hale and distinguished, as if he's just stepped out from behind an anchor desk...

SHOWTIME: Even if [“Truth,” featuring Robert Redford as Dan Rather] bombed at the box office, i…

SHOWTIME: Even if [“Truth,” featuring Robert Redford as Dan Rather] bombed at the box office, it will live on in the database of Netflix (and others) so generations hence may come to believe that Rather and his team of fearless producers and researchers were brought down by powerful forces who were either in the pocket […]

Dan Rather: ISIS Loves Trump

2 months agoNews : The Daily Beast

The veteran newsman and former longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News has some choice words for the finger-pointing GOP darling.

The Dubai Film Fest Diaries 2015: Truth in Journalism, Truth in Life with James Vanderbilt

I have always been a huge fan of the CBS news show 60 Minutes. To this day, there are some indelible segments that have stayed with me, like the Mike Wallace interview with tobacco industry insider Jeffrey Wigand and the Dan Rather expose on George W. Show More Summary

While Hitting Trump, Rather Smears Barry Goldwater as ‘George Wallace’

Disgraced ex-CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather appeared on Wednesday’s Rachel Maddow Show to attack Donald Trump. In the process, the journalist smeared conservative icon Barry Goldwater. Asked about Trump’s policy of banning all Muslims from America, Rather excoriated, “[Trump’s] related to the candidacy of the late George Wallace. Show More Summary

Dan Rather slams Trump and Ted Cruz for ‘confusing the bully pulpit with the BS pulpit’

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather argued on Wednesday that Donald Trump has put Republicans on their heels with his presidential campaign, while also slamming the rhetoric that has taken the mogul to the top of GOP polls. “We need to see clearly what’s happening here,” he told...

Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather: Trump's Statements Are The "Best Propaganda Tool That ISIS Has"

From the December 9 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show: RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): On that point -- and this is sort of a sensitive question -- I tried to address it last night on my show with some historical analogies so as to try to take it out of epithet territory, take it out of insult territory and ground it in basically political science. Show More Summary

Why Is the Media Using Reddit For A Source For Data On Mass Shootings?

It seems as though we've reached the point where the news media is so eaten up with its own biases that it doesn't even bother to check the provenance of the sources it uses. We all remember how the addled Dan Rather was so consumed with hatred of George Bush that he accepted as legitimate documents that survive public scrutiny for about two hours. Show More Summary

Dan Rather: ‘We Are Terrorized Daily by Gun Violence, and Do Nothing’

"It is not enough to point the usual fingers. This is a public health issue on par with an infectious disease, an epidemic."

Dan Rather Urges for Gun Control After San Bernardino Shooting; U.S. ‘Terrorized Daily by Gun Violence’

Since he’s been off of network TV for over a decade, disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather took to Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday to call for the pass of gun control legislation to combat the claim that the U.S. is being “terrorized daily by gun violence” akin to how the U.S. “spend[s] trillions to defend ourselves” from “foreign terrorists.”

Dan Rather has revealing conversation with Quentin Tarantino

Dan Rather asks the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director to describe himself, and Tarantino's responses are both surprising and revealing. Read more of Rather's thoughts on the interview: Read more... More about Movies, Film, Director, Race, and Quentin Tarantino

WHAT HATH DAN RATHER WROUGHT? We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with a look back at “The Evolu…

WHAT HATH DAN RATHER WROUGHT? We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with a look back at “The Evolution of PJ Media” at World Net Daily. While the piece has my byline on it, Roger L. Simon, Stephen Green, Aaron Hanscom, Joan Seavey, and several others from PJM also made large contributions to the piece.

The 'Betches' dish about their social media stardom with Dan Rather

Legendary newsman Dan Rather gets to the bottom of what the "Betch" lifestyle is all about while sipping cocktails with the masterminds behind the popular website and Instagram persona Read more: Read more... More about Social Media, Entertainment, Tv, Videos, and Dan Rather

Dan Rather gets to know the real women behind 'Betches'

I always do my own research before sitting down for an interview with anyone. Sometimes it is copious amounts of reading or watching other interviews. It can take hours, even days to review. But what I’ve learned, in a broader sense,...Show More Summary

'Andy Cohen is the real deal': Dan Rather sits down with the Bravo superstar

Long-time newsman Dan Rather chats with TV producer Andy Cohen about everything from the Real Housewives reality series to LGBT issues. Read more: Read more... More about Television, Andy Cohen, Entertainment, Tv, and Videos

Drinking with Dan: An interview with Dan Rather and Andy Cohen

At my age and stage in life I’ve experienced many “student has surpassed the teacher” moments. So many, in fact, that I now file them under three distinctive rubrics: The kind you like, the kind you would like to forget, and the kind that come out of nowhere and knock you off your rocker The kind you “like” are easy on the mind and ego. Show More Summary

The fiction of ‘Truth’

We live in a weary age of fable. The latest Hollywood mythology is entitled “Truth.” But the film is actually a fictionalized story about how CBS News super-anchor Dan Rather

Dan Rather's 'Truth' Flops at Box Office

In an attempt to validate discredited CBS reporting on President George W. Bush's alleged preferential treatment in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, the new movie "Truth" is flopping at the box office.

Robert Redford Fights Dan Rather's Good Fight

"He didn't try to do a caricature or an impression," Dan Rather told me. "He just tried to capture some of the essence of the person." Rather was sharing his thoughts about Robert Redford's performance in the role of Dan Rather in the movie Truth, which opened in theaters on Oct. Show More Summary

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