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Cheney helps House Republicans cash in

There's a reason Republican officials continue to embrace Dick Cheney as a national party leader, his catastrophic failures in office notwithstanding.

DICK CHENEY: Obama to blame for Islamic State in Iraq, warns against nuclear Iran. Former Vice P…

DICK CHENEY: Obama to blame for Islamic State in Iraq, warns against nuclear Iran. Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday night said President Obama “abandoned” Iraq despite warnings of chaos from Pentagon advisors, and the result is that “now you’ve got [the Islamic State] controlling a third or more of the country.” In a […]

Dick Cheney’s endless lies: Why his Playboy interview may be his most shameless yet

Cheney is full of it when he says he doesn't think about his legacy. Trying to rewrite history is all he has left

Insert the Yiddish Word for Shameless

i watched Bibi give an interview to Andrea Mitchell today, and he is such a brazen liar that the only person I can think of who can sit there and authoritatively lie like that is Dick Cheney and his bionic heart. He is Bibi several days ago: aving previously hinted that he would accept a [Read more...]

Dick Cheney Scolded By Anti-Porn Group: He ‘Does Not Want To Reach Women With His Message’

In the April issue of Playboy, former Vice President Dick Cheney is interviewed by Fox News’ Washington correspondent James Rosen on a variety of political issues. A lot of it has to do with racism and how Cheney feels about the Obama administration. Show More Summary

George W. Bush And Dick Cheney Are Responsible For ISIS, Says Sean Penn

Depending on the political leanings of the speaker, it isn’t uncommon to see either the current White House residents or George W. Bush and Dick Cheney blamed for any number of problems that plague the world. One of the targets of such complaints relates to Islamic extremist group ISIS, which actor Sean Penn recently said George W. Show More Summary

Sean Penn 'Thanks' Dick Cheney for Creating ISIL

Known for his sometimes controversial political opinions, actor Sean Penn didn’t disappoint when he went on television Wednesday night and accused former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush of policies so nefarious that they inspire the creation of terrorist groups.

What if Dick Cheney, Not Hillary Clinton, Deleted 30,000 Emails from a Private Home Server?

The GOP frenzy over Benghazi is primarily a political attack (13 attacks similar to Benghazi took place against U.S. consulates during the Bush years), however it's fair to ask certain questions about anyone who uses personal emails as a public official. Show More Summary

Sean Penn On Cheney: ‘Embittered Bacteria Of Humanity’

There are times when I wish the soft-spoken, restrained Sean Penn would stop holding back and tell us how he really feels: Penn wondered aloud how Dick Cheney kept living, despite serious health problems, while someone as “beautiful” as Harvey Milk was cut down. Penn appeared Wednesday on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, where he heard [...]

Dick Cheney Doesn't Know a War When He Sees It

In a new interview the former vice president insinuates that Barack Obama treats terrorism as a "law-enforcement problem."

Sean Penn: Dick Cheney is still alive because life is unfair

Sean Penn visited Conan and gave a warm shout-out to Dick Cheney for creating ISIS

Cheney: Obama ‘worst president in my lifetime’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says there’s been no president worse than President Obama. At least not in his lifetime. His comments in an interview with Fox News’ James Rosen for Playboy magazine. The 93-year-old Cheney also claims Republican criticism of Obama is not race based. But says the president and Eric Holder do “play […]

Sean Penn ‘thanks’ Dick Cheney — an ‘embittered bacteria of humanity’ — for creating ISIS

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Actor Sean Penn wondered aloud how Dick Cheney kept living, despite serious health problems, while someone as “beautiful” as Harvey Milk was cut down. Penn appeared Wednesday on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, where he heard the host bring up the former vice president during his monologue. “You...

Dick Cheney Tells Playboy That Obama Is Playing The Race Card

Dick Cheney Accuses Obama of Playing The Race Card Another day, another Obama criticism from Dick Cheney. Via CNN: “I think they’re playing the race card, in my view,” he told Playboy in a new interview published this month.

O’Reilly: Cheney Overstates How Bad Obama Is; But Prez ‘Had Nothing to Do’ with Killing bin Laden

last weekNews : Mediaite

According to Bill O'Reilly, former Vice President Dick Cheney may have been a bit hyperbolic in stating that Barack Obama is among the worst presidents.

Vice Squad: Cheney Speaks Out

Former Vice President Dick Cheney tells Playboy magazine that he thinks President Obama and Eric Holder have been “playing the race card.” Zerlina Maxwell,...

Politicians Who Bared All in Playboy

We read it for the political interviews! Dick Cheney is the latest politician to strip down, figuratively, for the publication—here are five more ‘Playboy’ interviews that changed everything.

Journey Into Madness: Playboy Interviews Dick Cheney

The weak light of my sputtering candle guided my descent down the stone steps. In the glow I could read the ancient runes carved in the walls, but of the ancient terrors inscribed there I must not speak.  At the bottom I emerged into a cavern, its dimensions unknowable in the darkness. Show More Summary

The View’s Nicolle Wallace Fires Back at Cheney’s ‘Race Card’ Comments

last weekNews : Mediaite

When the subject of a new Dick Cheney Playboy interview came up during Wednesday's episode of The View, former George W. Bush Administration communications director Nicolle Wallace made no efforts to defend the comments made by her fellow Republican. Show More Summary

Fox News' Ralph Peters Calls President Obama "A Good Little Leftist"

Much like Dick Cheney, Colonel Ralph Peters excoriated President Obama's six years as President. He gives a few reasons why he feels this way, and his assertions become increasingly nutty as he goes along. He begins his tirade, "There's...Show More Summary

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