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HILLARY’S VIEW OF EXECUTIVE POWER:  William Jacobson has an oped in the Washington Examiner, asser…

HILLARY’S VIEW OF EXECUTIVE POWER:  William Jacobson has an oped in the Washington Examiner, asserting that an executive branch headed by Hillary Clinton would witness even more egregious, unconstitutional power grabs than the ObamaShow More Summary

Stanford Holds Constitutional Conference On Executive Power

last monthNews : Jonathan Turley

I am at Stanford to speak at a conference at the law school this week. I had the opportunity to walk around this truly magnificent campus today, a renewed pleasure that I would recommend to anyone. I am speaking on Saturday as part of the law school’s conference “The Constitution and the Administrative State: Past, […]

Union Group Presses Obama on ‘Model’ Federal Contractors

A union-backed group is pressing President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to ensure the government gives preference to federal contractors paying more than minimum wage.

Paranoid Anti-Obama Ad Keeps Calling Alarm On Ammo Proposal Even After It’s Withdrawn

Beneath ominous music, the voice of the narrator strikes a strident chord, feverishly warning viewers: “Attention! President Obama is exercising another executive power grab! And this time, he is going directly after your Second Amendment...Show More Summary

Jeb Used Executive Power Aggressively As Governor

As the right explodes about President Obama using executive action to further his agenda, they should get a load of how Jeb Bush conducted himself as governor. …Bush ended Florida’s affirmative action programs in 1999 with a flourish, issuing an executive order that he said would “transcend the tired debate” about racial preferences. Some lawmakers [...]

Which State Just Voted to Ignore ALL Obama’s Executive Orders?

Arizona is leading the charge in smacking down Obama and his ludicrous agenda. Conservative Tribune has details: Barack Obama is not afraid to wield executive power to accomplish his agenda.

Congress Should Decide Whether Trade Agreements Abide the Terms of Trade Promotion Authority

Daniel J. Ikenson Trade Promotion Authority (TPA or Fast-Track Negotiating Authority) is not an executive power grab. It is a compact between the legislative and executive branches, which each have distinct authorities under the Constitution when it comes to conducting trade policy. Show More Summary

Rauner blocks 'fair share' fees from state workers who don't want to be in unions

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday ratcheted up his battle with government employee unions, using his executive power to stop collecting "fair share" fees from workers who opted not to join the union.

Trade Promotion Authority Is not an Executive Power Grab

Daniel J. Ikenson With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations reported to be nearing completion and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks kicking into higher gear, Congress is expected to turn itsShow More Summary

THE HILL: Obama’s ‘Pen and Phone’ Barrage. It’s been the year of the “pen and phone” for P…

THE HILL: Obama’s ‘Pen and Phone’ Barrage. It’s been the year of the “pen and phone” for President Obama. Obama in January declared his intent to use executive power to enact policy changes without Congress, and he has lived up to his promise, making aggressive moves on climate change, immigration, land protections and the minimum […]

Obama Signals Plans for More Executive Actions

President Obama said his decision to act unilaterally on immigration this year is a prime example of how he plans to keep using executive power even as he reaches out to Republicans to try and find agreement on a range of issues.

Truth-telling on executive orders from the 2016 field

Executive orders are not usually big subjects in presidential elections. However, no president has so used and abused executive power to override and modify legislation as President Obama has. Moreover, his decision to circumscribe our own counterterrorism efforts (e.g., ban use of enhanced interrogation, limit circumstances under which drones can be used to kill terrorists) […]

Obama Administration Will 'Authorize As Much Travel As We Can' To Cuba

President Obama will use his administration’s executive power to authorize as much travel to Cuba as possible in lieu of Congress changing the law that restricts travel to that country, according to a senior administration official.Show More Summary

‘You Have the Nuclear Launch Codes, Right?’ Colbert Faces Off with Obama

6 months agoNews : Mediaite

After a comedy bit with the leader of the free world, Stephen Colbert interviewed President Obama and touched on everything from the midterms to Keystone to Obama's 2008 warnings about executive power.

White House Official: Obama Will Use Executive Powers To Meet Climate Goals

"We’re building our game plan around authorities that exist in current law," he said, "not in the need to get a major, massive new climate reduction program put in place by the Congress." The post White House Official: Obama Will Use Executive Powers To Meet Climate Goals appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The CBO Was Created to Provide a Check on Executive Power

6 months agoNews : Reason

An unsigned editorial in The Wall Street Journal today calls for Republicans to better control the institutions of Congress—namely he Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as well as the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT)—ideally by abolishing...Show More Summary

DAVID RIVKIN & ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY: Obama’s Immigration Enablers: The administration’s Offic…

DAVID RIVKIN & ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY: Obama’s Immigration Enablers: The administration’s Office of Legal Counsel endorsed a view of executive power never imagined by the Founders. A few hours before announcing his new immigration policy, President Obama received an opinion blessing its legality from the Office of Legal Counsel. Show More Summary

The Party Of Executive Power?

Julia Azari suspects “strong executive action enjoys more legitimacy when it’s taken by a Republican president than a Democratic one”: Obama’s supporters on the left haven’t really developed a good political story about why governing through enforcement is a good thing. Show More Summary

5 Things You Should At Least Pretend To Know Today - November 21, 2014

6 months agoHumor : Happy Place

1. Republicans: Obama Must Be Punished For Improving Lives Of Four Million Human Beings Congressional Republicans are extremely angry with President Obama for using his executive powers to unilaterally overhaul immigration in the United...Show More Summary

America's Immigration Nightmare Continues

Howard W. Foster Immigration, Domestic Politics, United States I disagree with the president’s use of executive power to protect illegal immigrants who have openly defied our laws for years. But he’s right to say that our immigration policy is “broken” and we have “de facto amnesty.” Neither party wants to deport them. Show More Summary

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