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Recent Serious Unemployment as Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Sees Full Employment 'In Sight'

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's editorial in The Wall Street Journal on October 5, 2015 had headlines: "How the Fed Saved the Economy" and "Full employment without inflation is in sight. The central bank did its job".Show More Summary

Bernanke warns on emerging risks

Former Fed chairman sees potential emerging market risks as US prepares to increase rates.

Ben Bernanke Cautions on Emerging Markets

In a talk in London, the former Fed chairman also expressed concern over the monetary firepower of central banks.

Chancellor: Bernanke’s courage hides bigger error

The Fed chairman did what was necessary to hold the financial system together after the 2008 Lehman bust. Yet his memoirs reveal that he still doesn’t understand the dangers posed by low interest rates, or the difficulties of escaping from his extraordinary monetary remedies.

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Skirts Questions About That Time Bernie Sanders Kicked His A

The former Fed chairman is out promoting his new memoir. Appearing in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was confronted with comments in his new book comparing Democratic presidential nominee...Show More Summary

Book-hawking Bernanke thinks everyone forgot about that time Bernie Sanders kicked his a

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Appearing in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was confronted with comments in his new book comparing Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders to a conspiracy theorist for believing that the world is at the mercy of “a vast conspiracy...

Quote of the Day: "The Republican Party Left Me"

From former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, in his new memoir, The Courage To Act: [I] lost patience with Republicans’ susceptibility to the know-nothing-ism of the far right. I didn’t leave the Republican Party. I felt that the party left me. This is, of course, a deliberate echo of Ronald Reagan's famous line about the Democratic Party leaving him. Show More Summary

Bush's Fed chairman gives up on the GOP

"I didn’t leave the Republican Party," Ben Bernanke wrote. "I felt that the party left me."

Bernanke says ‘not obvious' economy can handle interest rates at 1%

``Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday that he was not sure the economy could handle four quarter-point rate hikes... That argument assumes the Fed can raise rates 100 basis points and it wouldn't hurt anything, Bernanke said. Show More Summary

Wall St execs 'should have been jailed'

Former Fed chairman says some execs should have gone to jail for their roles in the GFC.

And Scene: Ben Bernanke Says More People Should Have Gone To Jail For Causing The Great Recession

For those who may be unfamiliar - which would mean roughly 90% of the US population who believe the Federal Reserve is a national park - Ben Bernanke was Fed chairman from 2006 until 2014. He is better known as the Fed chairman who never launched a tightening cycle during his tenure. Show More Summary

We’ve Seen This Picture Before—–Global Markets Down $13 Trillion Already

The US stock market has been inflating almost continuously since Black Monday in October 1987 when the newly arrived Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, panicked and opened up the money spigots. ^SPX data by YCharts In fact, the S&P 500 had...Show More Summary

?Q&A: Ben Bernanke

The former Fed Chairman talks income inequality, bank bailouts, and the recent financial crisis he's called the "worst in human history"

Fed officials pushing for rate hike unfazed by market turmoil

The Fed chairman, Janet Yellen, has also said she expects an increase this year – if economic indicators stay strong. The European Central Bank governing council meets in Frankfurt on 3 September, while the Fed’s policy-setting committee gathers on 16-17 September. The vice chairman assured attendees that the Fed is reasonably confident that inflation will

Bernanke: ‘No Reason’ for ‘Draconian Steps’ on Deficit Reduction

Government is "basically an insurance company with an army," says former Fed chairman.

Huge Defense Spending Piles on Debt and Drains Other Sectors of US Economy

Commenting on former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's recent comments that the US economy is dependent on maintaining a colossal defense budget, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Michael O'Hanlon clarified that Bernanke also meant that spending must be kept within certain rational limits, lest it simply add to the debt and become a resource drain.

Ben Bernanke Wants to Dump Jackson, Keep Hamilton on U.S. Bills

Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is the latest to weigh in on the move to put a woman's face on the $10 bill. He's sticking up for Alexander Hamilton.

Bernanke: Keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill

Former Fed chairman favors dumping another historical figure to make room for a woman on U.S. currency

Volcker Sounds Alarm Over States' Budget Gimmicks, Pension Assumptions

The Volcker Alliance, founded by former Fed chairman Paul Volcker has sounded an alarm over budget gimmicks. The alliance seeks Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting. In the report, the Volcker Alliance examines in detail the budgeting...Show More Summary

The Warren Buffet Economy, Part 1: Why Its Days Are Numbered

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, During the 27 years after Alan Greenspan became Fed chairman in August 1987, the balance sheet of the Fed exploded from $200 billion to $4.5 trillion. Call it 23X. Let’s see what else happened over that 27 year span. Show More Summary

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