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Insult to injury: US workers without paid sick leave suffer from mental distress

(Florida Atlantic University) Only seven states in the US have mandatory paid sick leave laws; yet, 15 states have passed preemptive legislation prohibiting localities from passing sick leave. Paid sick leave is gaining momentum as a social justice issue with important implications for health and wellness. Show More Summary

Placenta-on-a-chip: Microsensor simulates malaria in the womb to develop treatments

(Florida Atlantic University) By combining microbiology with engineering technologies, researchers from Florida Atlantic University are developing a first-of-its-kind 3-D model that uses a single microfluidic sensing chip to study the...Show More Summary

Psychotic disorders and obesity: New report shows big waistlines are to blame

(Florida Atlantic University) A number of factors, including obesity, shorten the lifespan for those with schizophrenia by 20 years and by 10 years for those with bipolar disorder compared to the general population. In the first study...Show More Summary

Ocean exploration uncovers one of Cuba's hidden natural treasures

A research mission led by Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has uncovered details of one of Cuba's hidden natural treasures. After nearly two years of planning, a team of scientists from the United States...Show More Summary

Ocean exploration uncovers one of Cuba's hidden natural treasures

(Florida Atlantic University) After nearly two years of planning, a team of scientists from the US and Cuba has explored never-before-studied mesophotic coral reefs during a month-long circumnavigation of the entire coast of Cuba, spanning about 1,500 miles. Show More Summary

Researchers 'count cars' -- literally -- to find a better way to control heavy traffic

(Florida Atlantic University) There's 'Counting Crows,' counting sheep, counting blessings and now researchers at Florida Atlantic University have their own version of 'counting cars' -- literally -- in an attempt to improve traffic flow on South Florida's and our nation's overcrowded roads. Show More Summary

It's not just what you eat, it's what's eating you

(Florida Atlantic University) Restricting how much you eat without starving has been shown to robustly extend lifespan in more than 20 species of animals including primates. How this works is still unclear. A new study shows that it's not just what or how much you eat that matters. Show More Summary

Sad New Deep Sea Shark Reminds Us We Can't All Be Great Whites

Credit. Florida Atlantic University The tiger shark patrols the seas alone at night, prepared to eat anything from a bird to a dolphin. The goblin shark live in the ocean's canyons and abysses, grabbing prey by surprise with its extendable jaws. A great white shark can grow as large as a Mercedes. More »      

'Sound' research shows slower boats may cause manatees more harm than good

(Florida Atlantic University) Slower boat speeds reduce risks to manatees. Or do they? Not exactly, according to research conducted at Florida Atlantic University. In fact, the very laws enacted to slow down boats in manatee habitats may actually be doing more harm than good. However, an innovative alerting device is proving to deliver a better solution.

Big fish in a small pond?

(Florida Atlantic University) Feel like you're a big fish in a small pond? If you're an employee who perceives you're overqualified for your position, chances are you're unsatisfied with your job, uncommitted to your organization and experience psychological strain, according to a study co-authored by a faculty member from Florida Atlantic University's College of Business.

Study finds 'sexism' in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target

Sexism is alive and well in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target. A new study conducted by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Sam Houston State University debunks a long-standing theory that sexual assault...Show More Summary

Study finds 'sexism' in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target

(Florida Atlantic University) Sexism is alive and well, but this time men are the target. A new study debunks a long-standing theory that sexual assault isn't as emotionally traumatizing for men as it is for women and that it doesn't result in similar emotional impacts, especially depression. Show More Summary

Study illuminates serotonin contributions to cocaine's allure

(Florida Atlantic University) A new study reinforces long-held suspicions that the brain chemical serotonin, a molecule usually associated with mood, appetite and libido, makes a direct contribution to the actions of cocaine. Scientists...Show More Summary

FAU launches new approach to preventing dementia

(Florida Atlantic University) Is it possible to prevent dementia from happening in the first place? That's what a leading FAU neuroscientist plans to prove using an innovative approach that defies the idea that 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to battling Alzheimer's disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson's disease and other related disorders. Show More Summary

Simple tactic results in dramatic water conservation, study shows

(Florida Atlantic University) Rain or shine has new meaning thanks to an innovative, inexpensive and simple tactic developed by researchers at FAU that will really change how people think about watering their lawns. The tactic? A straightforward road sign.

Close failing banks before they cost US billions of dollars, says study

(Florida Atlantic University) Billions of dollars could be saved if Congress revises a law to allow regulators to be more aggressive in reducing losses from insolvent banks, according to a recent study co-authored by a faculty member from FAU's College of Business.

It's a breeze: How to harness the power of the wind

(Chinese Association of Automation) Scientists from the University of Rhode Island, Florida Atlantic University, USA, and Wuhan University, China, teamed up to find a way to optimize wind power for use, even when it's not blowing. To...Show More Summary

Is 'doing good' bad for a company's bottom line? Yes, says FAU study

(Florida Atlantic University) Companies that try to 'do good' are likely to find that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is bad for their bottom lines, according to a new study from Florida Atlantic University's College of Business. Show More Summary

Copaiba: Silver bullet or snake oil?

(Florida Atlantic University) Sales of the essential oil copaiba are increasing, at least in part, because more than 54 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. The conventional way to treat arthritis is using NSAIDs asShow More Summary

Approach tested at FAU first to look at dolphin immune system

(Florida Atlantic University) For humans, there are hundreds of antibodies available on the market today to evaluate immune status in health and diseases. However, for the more than 42 known species of dolphins around the world, commercially available marine-specific antibodies do not exist. Show More Summary

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