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A radical approach to methane oxidation into methanol

Free radicals don't get the best press. However, while they are known as harmful oxidants in the body, these ultra-reactive chemicals are indispensable in the lab. Radical reactions play a role in key technologies such as pollutant removal and water-splitting.

5 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Hangover

You may feel bad after drinking because alcohol introduces toxins and increases free radical activity within your body. The post 5 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Hangover appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Battlefront 2's Final Battle Is A Glimpse Into What Could Have Been

As time has passed, the internet has slowly learned more about Free Radical's cancelled Battlefront 3 project. The idea was to expand upon Battlefront 2's grand battles, allowing a seamless transition from space dogfighting to ground combat. Free Radical's efforts were eventually canned though, after a change in LucasArts leadership. Show More Summary

MIPT scientists enlist lichens to monitor air pollution

(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) Russian researchers have shown free radical concentrations in lichens to be directly related to air pollution. By showing that atmospheric air quality determines the concentration of radicals in lichens, we prove that electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used for environmental monitoring in cities.

Sulfur respiration in mammals and antioxidant activity

Researchers have gained new insight into the formation of a group of compounds found in almost all organisms, which are reportedly shown to be a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage by free radicals. They found that these...Show More Summary

Elta MD Renew Eye Gel Review (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Elta MD Renew Eye Gel is a daily eye solution aimed at erasing the visible signs of aging with use. This product was made to stimulate collagen production, minimize wrinkles and fine lines and protect skin from free radical damage. … Continue reading ?

Medical News Today: Free radicals: How do they affect the body?

What are free radicals, and what impact do they have on the body? In this article, we look at the free radicals and how antioxidants interact with them.

Cable TV upheaval prompts a wave of media merger talks

Cable television mogul John Malone for years predicted rapid consolidation in media, adding that there was an opportunity for small independent companies — so-called free radicals — to be swept together to create a more formidable media company. Charter Communications, which is backed by Malone’s...

Multi-antioxidant nanoparticles to treat sepsis

(Institute for Basic Science) From the energy sector to biology, ceria-zirconia nanoparticles remove free radicals and improve survival in animal models.

Scientists develop molecular code for melanin-like materials

Scientists have long known that melanin—the pigments that give color to skin, hair and eyes—has numerous useful qualities, including providing protection from cancer-causing UV radiation and free radicals, but also electronic conductance, adhesiveness and the capacity to store energy.

Probing into the molecular requirements for antioxidant activity

(Bentham Science Publishers) Free radicals are derived either from normal essential metabolic processes in the human body or from external sources such as exposure to environmental xenobiotics. A balance between free radicals and antioxidants is essential for proper physiological function.

How to measure potentially damaging free radicals in cigarette smoke

(American Chemical Society) Smoking cigarettes can lead to illness and death. Free radicals, which are atoms or groups of atoms with unpaired electrons, in inhaled smoke are thought to be partly responsible for making smokers sick. Now...Show More Summary

TimeSplitters Rewind now targeting a 2017 release

A fan-made, Crytek-approved TimeSplitters project is the stuff of dreams. That's what we're meant to get with TimeSplitters Rewind, the long-talked-about multiplayer-only mashup of Free Radical's zany first-person shooter series. Yep,...Show More Summary

Biossance Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? Biossance is a skin care product that is designed to increase moisture levels in the skin, smooth out skin tone, and combat the free radicals that can damage the skin. Its Revitalizer serum accelerates cell turnover and … Continue reading ?

How Does Oxidative Stress Affect Multiple Sclerosis?

Oxidative stress is the result of an imbalance in the body of free radicals. These free radicals damage proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, which in turn causes inflammation. The inflammation results in demyelination of the central nervous system and has a bearing on how severe a patient’s multiple sclerosis is. Show More Summary

Fresh Sounds 22nd January 2017

Another blast of freshly minted sounds to liven up your eardrums and soundtrack the week ahead... Chick Quest - Down In A Crypt The Free Radical - Wings Circles/Waves - Rosewood Kiss Avery - U, I & WeKidsmoke - WavesTyto Alba - The Worst In You The Deer Tracks - GossipBig Cloud - Shineosaur Orange Drink - Silverfox City

13 Ways to Get More Antioxidants—and Why You Need To

Click here for reuse options! Our food choices can help reduce stress by reducing the number of free radicals in our cells. With the holiday season over, now comes the time for all kinds of food resolutions, mainly focused on dieting. Show More Summary

Skin Essentials Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? Skin Essentials is a moisturizer and skin protector designed to help fight free radicals and other forms of damage. Their advertising says that their antioxidant-rich blend helps protect the cells from free radicals while also moisturizing the … Continue reading ?

Firmalogic Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? Firmalogic is an anti-aging cream made to brighten and firm skin. Other benefits include noticeably youthful skin with reduced dark circles, reduction of wrinkles, prevention of free radical damage, as well as livelier and less dull skin. … Continue reading ?

13 ways to keep free radicals away, and why it's so important

By Manal Elfakhani, Georgia State University The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes time for family celebration while gathering around tables full of delicious foods with seasonal spices! But it can also be a stressful...Show More Summary

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