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So, It Looks Like Free Radicals Are to Blame for Acne, Too

If you need a solution to breakouts that actually works, new research shows antioxidants may help acne breakouts.

Researchers discover powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease

ANN ARBOR--Free radicals cause cell damage and death, aging and disease, and scientists have sought new ways to repel them for years. Now, a new University of Michigan study outlines the discovery of a protein that acts as a powerful protectant against free radicals. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Ginger Is a Miracle in Root Form

Ginger is another one of nature's miracles - it can remedy common (yet painful) ailments, help the body eliminate free radicals, and even aid in muscle recovery from exercise. Ready to start adding some ginger to your diet? Check out these healthy, healing benefits! Aids in digestion. Show More Summary

New Clues to COPD Linked to Proteostasis Imbalance Caused by Cigarette Smoke

Free radicals can reach the endoplasmic reticulum, a cellular organelle that is critical in manufacturing and transporting fats, steroids, hormones and various proteins, and alter its function by oxidizing and damaging its most abundant and crucial to protein folding chaperone, Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDI).

How We Soar Swoops onto PlayStation VR in Q4 2016

Hi everybody, my name is Tom Turner, Managing Director at Penny Black Studios -- a small developer from the UK midlands with some very big dreams. Made up of former staff members from teams such as Free Radical Design and Crytek, weShow More Summary

New Star Wars Game Could Be Heading Into Legal Trouble, Get The Details

Frontwire Studios has been receiving a lot of press lately for their take on Star Wars: Battlefront 3. No, it's not an official game, it's an unofficial successor to Free Radical's cancelled project and it's called Galaxy In Turmoil. Some legal experts think it's a recipe for disaster.Click To Continue Reading

Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland, And The Power Of Art That’s From Nowhere

3 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : Vice: Thump

The Second Installment Of Free Radicals Examines The Complicated Sense Of Place In New Records From The Hype Williams Family Tree.

Novel polymeric materials from palm oil derivatives

Palm oil is not a polymer; but through chemical reactions it can be converted to intermediates with different functional groups that could interact with other monomers, either through condensation reactions or free radical additions or a combination of both mechanisms to form novel materials with interesting properties and applications.

Medical News Today: All-out sprints may do more harm than good

Intense exercise training may help you boost your cardiovascular health and lose calories, but starting from scratch can lead to a buildup of unhealthy levels of free radicals.

Star Wars fan project aims to remake Free Radical's Battlefront

It is a period of civil war. Star Wars followers finally have EA's new Battlefront to play, but other fans still long for something else: the cancelled Battlefront project once in development at British studio Free Radical Design. Free...Show More Summary

Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil is a fan made re-make of canned Battlefront 3

Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil is fan made project in the works, based on what Star Wars Battlefront 3 “was meant to be,” according to the creators. The team behind it is determined to remake Free Radical’s Battlefront 3, which was 99% finished before being cancelled by Lucasarts. Over the years, leaked gameplay footage and rumors of its […]

A Crop Of Producers Are Discovering New Emotions Buried In Everyday Sounds

6 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : Vice: Thump

The First Installment Of Free Radicals Looks At Records From Matmos, Wanda Group, And Good Willsmith That Find Joy, Pain, And Transcendence In Musique Concrète Structures

Nanotechnology delivery system offers new approach to skin disease therapies

Researchers have developed a nanotechnology-based delivery system containing a protective cellular pathway inducer that activates the body's natural defense against free radicals efficiently, a development that could control a variety of skin pathologies and disorders.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage emerges from apparent leak

Someone claims to have a working build of Star Wars Battlefront 3, footage of which have found their way online. Footage from Star Wars Battlefront 3, the long-in-development shooter by Free Radical later to be canned by LucasArts, appears online every few months. A chunk of it leaked last year, and the year before. The […]

Looking for the next superfood? When in Europe, search no further than black raspberries

As far as healthy foods go, berries make the top of the list. They contain potent antioxidants, which decrease or reverse the effects of free radicals - natural byproducts of energy production that can play havoc on the body and that are closely linked with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke or respiratory diseases. read more

Free Radicals 2

9 months agoEntertainment / Film : pullquote

OK, Monday. Let's do this. [Do people still watch Warren Miller movies to amp themselves up before ski season? I mean, this music. Am I right?] Someone please explain what's going on at 7:58.

Potentially Dangerous Molecules Detected in E-Cigarette Aerosols

Electronic cigarettes produce highly-reactive free radicals - molecules associated with cell damage and cancer - and may pose a health risk to users, according to researchers at Penn State College of Medicine.

A radical signal to the progeny

A globin protein has been discovered in the roundworm model Caenorhabditis elegans that is able to generate free radical signals. It is very likely that more unexpected globin discoveries will be made in this 1-mm worm as its genome encodes a staggering 33 globins, the majority of which the function is still enigmatic.

A radical signal to the progeny

In biology, free radicals are often regarded as the source of all evil and the major cause of molecular damage and aging. However, free radicals are indispensable as signaling molecules governing important functions in the body. Sasha...Show More Summary

Myths about antioxidant supplements need to die

Research shows antioxidants protect cancer cells from free radicals, too.

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