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Gabe Newell Just Gave A Bunch Of Developers A Free HTC Vive And They Went Nuts

In fairness, if I randomly got a free Vive out of nowhere I’d probably lose my shit a little too. More »      

Gabe Newell Turns Into Santa, Gives Out HTC Vives

Video: Gabe Newell is a nice guy. We already know that from reading Portal 2: The Final Hours, a story in which described Newell’s response to a chronically sick employee offering to resign: “Your job is to get better. That is your job...Show More Summary

SteamVR will offer native support for Unity

Valve CEO Gabe Newell announced via a pre-recorded video at Vision Summit 2016 Unity will gain native support for SteamVR, thus allowing developers to signficnatly expand what they’re capable of. “Valve and Unity are both dedicated to creating the highest quality VR experiences possible,” said John Riccitiello, CEO Unity Technologies. Show More Summary

Elite: Dangerous shows you can get sick from a VR game on the HTC Vive

For almost a year, Valve chief executive Gabe Newell and other company representatives have been saying that the HTC Vive won’t make you seasick from motion-sickness, as happens with other virtual reality headsets. I have confirmed that is not true, since I got mild motion sickness while playing a preview demo of the Elite: Dangerous […]

Valve-approved fan-made Half-Life expansion Prospekt dated for February

Last summer Bertie spoke to a young man named Richard Seabrook who sent his game to Valve head honcho Gabe Newell in a nifty briefcase. The fate of the briefcase remains unknown, but the game within - Prospekt, a sequel to the Gearbox-made Half-Life expansion Opposing Force - is now available for pre-order on Steam with an 11th February launch. Show More Summary

Australia Just Banned The Game Made By The Dev Who Threatened Gabe Newell

Mike Maulbeck courted a fair amount of controversy in late 2014 after going on a Twitter tirade that resulted in the unwise posting that he was going to “kill Gabe Newell” after the game his studio worked on, Paranautical Activity, was...Show More Summary

You Have One Last Night To Take Advantage Of The Steam Sales

Steam’s Winter sales — or Christmas sales, really — are finally coming to a close. One day. That’s all you have left to throw your money at Gabe Newell and the gargantuan corporation that is Valve. Many people have decried the lack of flash sales (which can’t return thanks to Steam refunds) and the lack of decent discounts overall. Show More Summary

Gabe Newell Simulator Enters Full Release

From blasting aliens to wearing charming wireframe glasses, Gabe Newell Simulator looks like the most realistic GabeN experience yet.

While You Were Sleeping

Gabe Newell Is In A Cooking Commercial, Gets Coffee Stolen [Insert Half-Life 3 joke here] Why Movie Posters Are Sometimes… Different Cool. Five Things You Might Not Know About Pikachu I’m learning. Steam’s Exploration Sales Started Today, Here’s All The Good Deals Good luck friends. How Counter-Strike’s Bullets Actually Work Let’s talk about video game bullets. More »      

Team Fortress 2 – you can play a Heavy with Gabe Newell’s face

You can now wear Gabe Newell’s face as headgear in Team Fortress 2. The Steam workshop is full of very delightful and sometimes wacky mods that alter the appearance of in-game assets. Team Fortress 2, being one of the early games to adopt the feature, has more than a few Workshop items to its name. […]

Gabe Newell Is In A Cooking Commercial, Gets Coffee Stolen

Ever wonder what Gabe Newell does with all those mountains of Valve money ? Read more...

Gabe Newell invests in bizarre cooking startup, has cameo in ad

Gabe Newell has invested in a new cookery company. Newell was wowed by the Joule kitchen peripheral when its creators offered to come to his house and cook for the Valve boss and his 11-year-old son. So wowed, in fact, that he is now personally helping to fund the venture (Valve is not involved) and has recorded a cameo appearance in its new advert. Read more…

How ChefSteps and Gabe Newell Plan to Transform Sous Vide Cooking

This is the story of how a video game mogul, an airplane engineer, a scientist, a designer, and a bunch of chefs developed a new immersion circulator designed for sous vide cooking. They named it Joule. Kitchen tech is getting more gonzo. Show More Summary

JJ Abrams is making a video game with Chair, the studio behind Shadow Complex.

JJ Abrams is making a video game with Chair, the studio behind Shadow Complex. It’s called “Spyjinx”—lol—and we don’t know anything about it, but here’s the website. Presumably that Abrams/Gabe Newell crossover is never gonna happen. Read more...

Gabe Newell: Valve's Steam machines outperform consoles at same price point

Newell says he wants customers to have more choice; Steam Machines days away from release.

Gabe Newell: Steam Machines Are A Better Bet Than Xbox One Or PS4

The modern console industry is under siege from two fronts. On one, we have the under-powered: mobile and microconsole platforms, making the bet that they can suck more casual players away from the major console platforms by offering perfectly fun, smaller games for a fraction of the price. Then we [...]

Valve Boss Gabe Newell on Steam Machines Killing Off Consoles

Gabe Newell believes that Steam Machines are better than modern consoles.

There's a Gabe Newell Simulator on Steam

There's a Gabe Newell Simulator on Steam Early Access and it costs seven American dollars. The entirety of that sentence should be enough for you to make a purchasing decision, right? For what it's worth, I think a Gabe Newell simulator could absolutely be funny. Show More Summary

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