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Ecuador, first stop on Pope tour, highlights environment exhortation

QUITO (Reuters) - It is one of the most biodiverse nations on earth, boasting the Amazon rainforest, Andean mountains and the Galapagos Islands, where Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution.

New Ecuadorian Law Threatens the Galapagos Islands, Say Residents

last weekNews : Vice News

Residents of the Galapagos Islands are protesting a law passed earlier this month that gives the Ecuadorian government greater control over land use and wages on the popular tourist destination. Locals say this new law paves the wayShow More Summary

Photos – What Were Carole Radziwill And Bethenny Frankel Doing On A Yacht With Lisa Hochstein?

When Housewives worlds collide it usually involves Bravo – not this time! Lisa Hochstein posted gorgeous photos of her recent Galápagos Islands vacation, when we noticed something funny… during that same time, Carole Radziwill and Bethenny...Show More Summary

Photos: Lisa Hochstein Sells Home Featured On Real Housewives Of Miami; Vacations In Galápagos Islands!

Lisa Hochstein has a lot of changes coming her way! The former Real Housewives Of Miami star will finally fulfill her dream of becoming a mother when she and husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein welcome a son via surrogate later this summer.Show More Summary

Darwin's finches have reached their limits on the Galapagos Islands

The evolution of birds on the Galapagos Islands, the cradle of Darwin's theory of evolution, is a two-speed process. Most bird species are still diversifying, while the famous Darwin's finches have already reached an equilibrium, in which new species can only appear when an existing one becomes extinct. Show More Summary

Deadly Paradise: Sex, Mayhem, and Murder on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are one of the natural wonders of our planet. Isolated for millions of years, they are so populated by such a vast number of unique, endemic species that their name has become synonymous with places where evolution has progressed in geographic solitude. Indeed, it...

Ecuadorian advertising reimagines the Galapagos Islands as underwater creatures

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

These cool illustrations were created by Brazil-based production studio Manipula as part of an advertising campaign for the Tourism Bureau of Ecuador. Read the rest

Highly explosive volcanism at Galapagos

Eight to 16 million years ago, highly explosive volcanism occurred in the area of today's Galapagos Islands. This is shown for the first time by analyses of core samples obtained by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Galapagos volcano sets the night sky ablaze

An eruption this week on the Galapagos islands threatened the region's iconic wildlife – but it now seems to be in the clearincluding the world's only population of pink iguana

Eerie, Mysterious Island Tales

last monthHumor / odd : Neatorama

The beach at North Seymour Island in the Galapagos | Image: David Adam Kess There is a spellbinding story that is part of the history of the Galapagos Islands. The settlers who braved the mostly uninhabited islands during the 1930s were a colorful mix of flamboyant, private and eccentric personalities. Show More Summary

Galapagos' Highest Volcano Erupts For First Time In More Than 30 Years

last monthNews : Huffington Post

The highest volcano in the Galapagos Islands erupted early Monday for the first time in nearly 33 years, the archipelago's national park service reported. Isabela Island's Wolf Volcano sent smoke more than six miles high and glowed orange...Show More Summary

Volcano Erupts On The Galapagos Islands Threatening Eco-System: VIDEO

last monthLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Wolf Volcano on The Galapagos Islands has erupted causing concerns over the islands' precious eco-system. Fortunately, many rare species seem to be safe for the time being, though scientists and conservationists are monitoring the situation. ABC News reports: The volcano,...

Galapagos Volcano Spares Endangered Pink Iguanas, for Now

For the first time in 33 years, the Wolf volcano in the Galapagos Islands erupted, stoking fears that the event might have threatened the lives of many of the unique animals that call the area home. One particular species stands out:...Show More Summary

Wolf Volcano Erupts In Galapagos Islands, Rare Pink Iguanas May Be Threatened

Wolf volcano, located in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, erupted in the early hours of Monday morning, spewing forth smoke and lava and potentially threatening an exceedingly rare species of pink iguanas. The volcano is located on Isabela Island, and stands roughly 1.7-kilometers (1.1-miles) high, according to Yahoo News. Show More Summary

Galapagos Volcano Erupts, Threatens Rare Iguanas

Wolf Volcano on the Galapagos Islands rumbled to life yesterday for the first time in 33 years, sending smoke billowing into the air and lava spewing down onto Isabela Island. As the nearest inhabitants live about 70 miles away from the volcano, there is no risk to humans, reports AFP...

Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands, home to unique pink iguanas

QUITO (Reuters) - A volcano perched atop one of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands erupted in the early hours of Monday, the local authorities said, potentially threatening a unique species of pink iguanas.

Galapagos Islands volcano erupts in spectacular fashion

Wolf volcano, home to the only population of pink iguanas in the world, sends plume of fire and ash into the sky.

Volcano threatens Galapagos Islands ecosystem

A volcano atop one of the Galapagos Islands has erupted for the first time in 33 years, threatening a fragile ecosystem that inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Volcano threatens Galapagos Islands ecosystem

Wolf volcano erupts for first time in 33 years; could threaten park made famous by Charles Darwin

New Eruption Started in the Galapagos Islands

Wolf in the Galapagos Island has erupted for the first time since 1982. The post New Eruption Started in the Galapagos Islands appeared first on WIRED.

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