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Obamacare Still Isn't Safe, and Liberals Better Not Forget It

Greg Sargent warns Democrats not to get complacent about Obamacare: House Republicans are still forging ahead with a separate lawsuit against Obama over the law (though it may not be resolved for years). Conservatives like Ted Cruz are still calling for holding spending bills hostage to roll back the ACA. Show More Summary

Blue Islands of Health Care Coverage

Greg Sargent makes a pretty important point today with some help from the Kaiser Family Foundation: there's no particular reason to believe that an adverse SCOTUS decision in the King...

Yeah, Scott Walker Is a Social Troglodyte. This Is News?

Greg Sargent: The other day, Scott Walker declared that if the Supreme Court rules for a Constitutional right to gay marriage, he’d support a Constitutional amendment allowing states to ban it. This stance would not have been surprising coming from Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, or Ted Cruz. Show More Summary

Is HRC's Message Baby Bear's Porridge?

So Greg Sargent puts what should be a final exclamation point on the Great 2015 Debate On HRC's Non-Clintonian strategy, summarizing the rather lopsided results suggesting that's a crock. But...

“Hillary leans hard into the battle over voting”

Greg Sargent: “There’s a good policy reason why Clinton might support universal voting, but there’s also a good political reason,” Rick Hasen, a voting law expert, tells me. “These are issues that motivate the Democratic base. Talking about Republicans suppressing … Continue reading ?

Lunch Buffet

Just another cold, foggy June day here on the Monterey Peninsula. No reason to move here, folks. Here are some warmer, brighter midday news/views treats: Greg Sargent explores arguments--including...

Non Class War in the USA ?

Via Steve Benen and Greg Sargent. The Washington Post/ABC News pollsters asked “Do you think the federal government should or should not pursue policies that try to reduce the gap between wealthy and less well-off Americans?”. 62% of respondents answered yes. This should be very unsurprising as it is roughly the same as the […]

Stakes Just Got Higher in Obamacare Lawsuit

Greg Sargent reports that it’s “increasingly looking like Republicans won’t have any contingency plan in place if the Supreme Court guts subsidies for millions in three dozen federal exchange states.” “New HHS numbers illustrate that the stakes have only grown [...]

Democratic Electability Arguments

Greg Sargent explains something about Martin O'Malley's argument for himself as against Hillary Clinton that is a bit subtle: he's arguing that he can connect better with liberal under-40 voters...

What Happens When the Border Is Secure?

As Greg Sargent notes, there's a very important piece of news reported by WaPo's Jerry Markon last night: the U.S./Mexican border appears to be significantly more "secure," and at any...

Fast Track Really Comes Down to the Filibuster

This thought has been nagging the back of my mind for a while, so I'm glad Greg Sargent has clarified it for me. In a detailed discussion of what will...

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Taking on the TPP

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

We begin APR with Greg Sargent and his interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren about fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement: PLUM LINE: But don’t you get 60 days to review it after the deal is finalized, with the...Show More Summary

What Incentive Do Republicans Have To Do Good Things for the Cities?

Yesterday I briefly mentioned a Greg Sargent post that considered the extraordinarily non-urban nature of the areas Republicans represent in Congress (or at least the House), and raised a perennial...

2016 already bought and paid for

Greg Sargent is pretty sure the Republicans have wrapped up the 2016 election …in dollar bills. The Federal Election Commission has all but given up. Over the weekend, the New York Times published a sobering interview with the head of the Federal Election Commission, who confirmed that she had largely given up on the agency [...]Show More Summary

Will Justice Kennedy Make History?

Greg Sargent notes that in 1986 Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell remarked to a clerk: “I don’t believe I’ve ever met a homosexual.” “Just under 30 years later, Powell’s seat on the Court is occupied by Anthony Kennedy, who is [......

Florida GOPers Want Literally Anything Other Than Obamacare

At the Plum Line Greg Sargent has been closely watching the many-splendored furor of the brouhaha in Florida over health care policy, mostly revolving around Republican arguments for and against...

Day's End and Night Watch

April is flying by, without much in the way of showers. Here are some remains of the day: Greg Sargent argues convincingly that HRC has moved "to the left"...

Safe Change

An awful lot of the argument about HRC's positioning--and her launch, for that matter--involves her relationship to two things, one a person--Obama--and one a concept--change. I think Greg Sargent has...

When it Comes to Congress, Don't Mistake Heat for Light

I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb and disagree with one of my favorite pundits: Greg Sargent. He suggests that there is a big difference between...

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