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Bill Maher Scolds Black Lives Matter Activists for Picking on Democrats and Not GOP

On his HBO show Real Time on Friday, Bill Maher spoke to ultraliberal black Congresswoman Donna Edwards about Black Lives Matter activists forcing themselves on Democratic presidential candidates. Maher thought that was puzzling at best. "Why...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Explains Support Of PETA: ‘This Country Is Overrun With Conformists. And PETA Has Never Conformed’

Bill Maher is never shy about expressing his opinions, controversial as they may be. The comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher wrote a guest column in The Hollywood Reporter Thursday that explained his support of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an outspoken animal rights organization. Show More Summary

Talib Kweli defends protesters who interrupted Bernie Sanders: ‘The job of activism is not to be liked’

last weekNews : The Raw Story

In a conversation with Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time, hip hop artist and activist Talib Kweli defended the actions of the black women who have interrupted speeches being given by Democratic presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders, saying “The job of activism is not to be liked, not to be...

Maher: I'm Going To Give Hillary Clinton One Million Dollars... Worth Of Advice

Bill Maher isn't ready to fork over a million dollars for Hillary Clinton's campaign, but would like to give her some advice on how to revive it. During this Friday's New Rules segment on HBO's Real Time, Maher told his audience that...Show More Summary

Bill Maher unloads on the 'sick culture of wealth'

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher unloaded on wealthy Americans for creating what he called a "sick culture of wealth" on his HBO show "Real Time" Friday evening. "I'm sure the majority of rich people have always been greedy and selfish, but this crowd today takes it to a whole new level," the left-leaning Maher said. Show More Summary

Fox Aimed Stake At Trump And Missed, Says Bill Maher, While Don Lemon Lobbed Softballs

Painting Donald Trump as some sort of political vampire, Bill Maher Friday said that Fox News “tried to put a stake in him, and I don’t think they” succeeded. Speaking on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, which returned Friday after a...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Unloads on 'Nasty, Boorish, Sexist, Ignorant, Smug' Donald Trump

The 'Real Time' comedian has a field day with the Fox News debate. HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” is back for it’s 13th season just in time to deliver the comedic takedown of this week’s first Republican primary debate that we’veShow More Summary

Bill Maher Rips ‘Sexist’ Donald Trump

3 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

The host of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ ripped into the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidates’ performances during their first televised debate—especially The Donald’s.

HBO’s REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER Launches Season 13!! Friday TV Talkback!!

HBO’s REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER Launches Season 13!! Friday TV Talkback!! Read the full article on AICN Meteorologist Michael Mann is the top-of-show interview guest on tonight’s 13th season premiere of “Real Time Wth Bill Maher.” Social critic Caitlin Flanagan is the mid-show interview guest. Show More Summary

WATCH: Bill Maher Blows Up Donald Trump in Cheesy 1991 Movie

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Long before he was host of HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher was just another comedian trying to make it big in show business. This required that he have his fair share of bad movie roles (and bad '80s hair). Case in point: Pizza Man. Written by the guy behind Pretty Woman, the movie starred Maher as Elmo Bunn, a pizza delivery man notorious for never having been stiffed on an order.

Bill Maher pushes for Congress to kill ‘Citizens United’ through publicly funded elections

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Although his HBO show Real Time is on hiatus until August, Bill Maher took to the show’s blog on Monday to offer some thoughts on the Citizens United ruling, which opened the floodgates for so-called “dark money” in the U.S. election process. “A recent New York Times poll...

Bill Maher on ‘sane’ Megyn Kelly: Everyone else at Fox News is ‘a zombie, a dwarf, or fcking their sister’

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

On HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher gave a backhanded compliment to Fox News host Megyn Kelly, admitting that she is awful, while at the same time lauding her for being the sanest of a bad bunch at Fox that includes Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Addressing  her less than artful...

Bill Maher Pummels Right-Wingers for Their Phony Christian Persecution Complex

The comedian ripped Christians who play the victim card. On HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher ripped into religious fundamentalists of all stripes, from ISIS to evangelical Christians. Beginning  with terrorist group ISIS — which recently...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Pummels right-wing Republicans for their phony Christian persecution complex

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

On HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher ripped into religious fundamentalists of all stripes, from ISIS to evangelical Christians. Beginning  with terrorist group ISIS — which recently banned pigeon breeding and racing out of fear devoted Muslim might see the bird’s private parts as...

Killer Mike Talked Shit About Bill O'Reilly on Bill Maher's HBO Show Last Night, and It Was Glorious

Killer Mike appeared on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher last night alongside Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Heather McGhee, John Waters, Charles Murray, and John Waters (!) and immediately distinguished himself as the perfect talk-show pundit. HeShow More Summary

Killer Mike Talks Racism, Baltimore, Bill O'Reilly on "Real Time With Bill Maher"

Last night, Killer Mike appeared on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" on a panel alongside John Waters, political scientist Charles Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and public policy expert Heather C. McGhee. They discussed racism, the supposed link between hip-hop culture and violence, Baltimore, and Bill O'Reilly. Show More Summary

Gasp! MSNBC Anchor Blames Mental Illness, Not Guns, for Aurora Massacre

How about that, it took MSNBC daytime news anchor Alex Wagner all of nearly three years to see the obvious. Appearing on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday, Wagner and other guests were discussing the ongoing trials of accused Aurora theater gunman James Holmes and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and how terrorism should be combated.

Bill Maher: Obama And W Embody ‘Romper Room’s Do Bee/Don’t Bee

In his weekly New Rule editorial, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher exhumed the old Romper Room "Do Bee/Don't Bee" motif, to illustrate why May 1 should be declared National Do This Not That Day, and the difference between presidents George W. Show More Summary

Bill Maher: If you’re on a safari to kill elephants and the elephant kills you instead… ‘good’

4 months agoNews : The Raw Story

On this week’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher was all about death during his New Rules segment, expressing happiness that a big game hunter was killed by the very elephant he was stalking, to a Republican named Upright who is still campaigning against Hillary Clinton from...

Bill Maher Says 4/20 Should Be A National Holiday On 'Real Time'

Bill Maher wants stoner holiday 4/20 to be officially recognized. On HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" Friday night, the host announced that he'd created a petition calling on Congress to make April 20 a national weed-related holiday. Show More Summary

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