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Rick Santorum announces doomed presidential bid in interview with pretend journalist — Herman Cain (@THEHermanCain) May 28, 2015

Even Herman Cain Thinks Rick Santorum Doesn’t Stand a Chance

last monthNews : Mediaite

ICYMI: Rick Santorum announced his 2016 presidential run yesterday. Also, ICYMI: Santorum is considered among the longest of long-shots. Also, also ICYMI: Santorum's first post-announcement interview was with George Stephanopoulos -- he of previously-undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Herman Cain list warns of Obama-created apocalypse

If you're not worried about the president creating the apocalypse, you must not be on Herman Cain's mailing list.

Finally! It's Tax Fantasyland Season Again!

One of the more entertaining aspects of the 2012 presidential race was keeping track of the ever-expanding array of fanciful tax plans from Republicans. Even after Herman Cain announced his absurd 9-9-9 plan, other plans that would cut taxes even more kept coming down the pike. Show More Summary

GOP’s endless crazy train: Are you ready for Herman Cain 2016?

The 2016 clown car can't get much longer -- but the Republican National Committee can't be bothered

Ben Carson Should Not Be Compared To Herman Cain Just Because They Are Black Republicans Interested In Being President

Ben Carson should not be compared to Herman Cain just because they both are African-American Republicans who campaigned to run for president. Because of Ben Carson’s recent announcement, people might think they are getting another Herman Cain, the last black Republican to campaign for president. Show More Summary

Ben Carson Is No Herman Cain

As Ben Carson begins his run for the 2016 Republican nomination—he officially announced his campaign on Monday at a music hall in Detroit—it’s easy to compare him with Herman Cain, the last black American to play presidential politics in the GOP. Show More Summary

Ohio Gov. John Kasich: I'm Waiting For God To Tell Me To Run For President

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Unlike in 2012 when such claims were made by Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum, so far none of the declared GOP presidential candidates have explicitly said that God told them to run for president. That may soon change. Show More Summary

Herman Cain’s Site Promotes Exorcisms For ‘Demon-Possessed’ Gays

It’s amazing that this is a person who thought he had a chance to become president. Dan Calabrese, the editor-in-chief of Herman Cain’s website CainTV, warned last week that President Obama will keep gay people “in a state of demonic oppression” since he backs efforts to curtail the practice of conversion therapy on minors. Warning [...]

New Yorker Writer: Ben Carson’s ‘Only Moderately Conservative,’ But He’s ‘Radically Paranoid’

Jelani Cobb, who’s also a professor at the University of Connecticut, writes that even though it’s “tempting” to think of Carson as the new Herman Cain, ultimately it’s superficial. He suggests that if you look past skin color, you’ll...Show More Summary

Frank Rich: Ben Carson a ‘Front Man For the GOP’s Movement to Strike at the Heart of Democracy’

The writer-at-large for New York magazine identifies Carson as the latest of the Republican party’s three “Great Black Presidential Hopes,” but argues that Carson is more significant than Alan Keyes or Herman Cain because he’d be running...Show More Summary

Why Walker is the GOP Frontrunner

Steve Kornacki: “Going strictly by the poll numbers, no one is off to a better start than Scott Walker. And yes, it’s easy to dismiss this — it’s so early. There were polls that showed Herman Cain ahead last time! [...] The post Why Walker is the GOP Frontrunner appeared first on Political Wire.

Walker Ready For Prime Time?

The 2012 presidential race featured one GOP contender after another seizing the spotlight and then melting under its glare (Herman Cain anyone?).  Will 2016 be a rerun?  First up, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on ABC’s This Week: While Scott Walker made the case Sunday morning for the importance of putting these new, big and bold [...]

Show me on the doll where God touched you, Ben Carson

7 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Former honest-to-Jeebus brain surgeon and guy we are pretty sure is not Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, has very very exciting news for you. The potential finisher in the bottom third of the pack hankering to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2016 has been getting “feelers” from a very...

NYC Lawyer's Past Racist Tweets Toward Herman Cain, Michael Steele Surface

New York attorney Andrew Barovick, now best known for his racially charged tweet toward former New York Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Christopher Moss, has a history on Twitter when it comes to making such crude statements about black Republicans. Show More Summary

Tim Scott Will Rise Again

Since the beginning of the Obama era, we’ve seen the rise of a group of black Republicans, including figures like Allen West, Herman Cain, and Ben Carson, who defined themselves with extreme politics and outlandish rhetoric. Each was a flash in the pan—popular with conservative audiences but irrelevant to everyone else.

Herman Cain’s Diatribe Against Mustachioed Aliens is Brought to you by a Taco -and Genesis

I’m seriously very busy this morning to say much about this right now, but feel free to comment, share, laugh, etc. Additional h/t: to tweeps Frank Koughan & Julio Varela for sending this:

Herman Cain: Half The Black Voters In Georgia ‘Are Clueless’

This might not be a way to endear yourself in your home state. Fox Business’s Stuart Varney asked what effect Ferguson would have on the black vote in Georgia. Many of my listeners are from Georgia, and I do have a lot of black listeners to my radio show. The good news is, a lot [...]

Herman Cain Tells Stuart Varney That Half The Black Voters In Georgia 'Clueless'

Former grifter presidential candidate turned right wing radio host Herman Cain did his best to piss off minority voters in his state of Georgia this week during an interview with Fox Business' Stuart Varney. This isn't the first time...Show More Summary

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