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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Skewers Trump's Deranged Time Magazine Interview

"'I'm president, and you're not.' I mean, who says that?" Between a record-low approval rating, a dead-on-arrival health care bill, and his own FBI director testifying against him, it's safe to say Donald Trump is having a rough week. Show More Summary

Patton Oswalt’s Stand-Up Routine Jimmy Kimmel Live Is All Mike Huckabee Tweets

Some of the best comics never write their jokes down. Instead, they figure out what works in front of a live audience, reading the room’s energy, editing and revising in real time. The greats, however, invariably test their best in front of the largest audience of all: the world. While ... More »

Newswire: Patton Oswalt can’t punch up Mike Huckabee’s shitty jokes

Mike Huckabee is the right wing’s most prominent purveyor of hateful and godawful Twitter jokes. So in an effort to see whether anyone could make these even mildly funny, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted Patton Oswalt to give them the stand-up treatment. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel and Patton Oswalt Investigate the Shockingly Terrible Comedy of Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee’s Twitter “comedy” has been an object of fascination for liberals recently, if only for one unfortunate reason: His jokes are really, really terrible. So terrible, in fact, that his tweets could reasonably be construedShow More Summary

Patton Oswalt performs Mike Huckabee’s Twitter jokes on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel sets up this bit rather nicely. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose daughter serves as a propaganda officer for President Trump, keeps writing horribly unfunny jokes on Twitter. Huckabee fashions himself to be a comedian — and I’ve even seen him in a comedy club before, way back in the day when Comix […]

Jimmy Kimmel Montage Proves Donald Trump Is A Mover, Not A Shaker

President Donald Trump may have vowed to shake up the political system during his 2016 election campaign. But as this amusing montage on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” shows, the commander in chief is actually more of a mover. “I don’t...Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Montage Proves Donald Trump Is A Mover, Not A Shaker

President Donald Trump may have vowed to shake up the political system during his 2016 election campaign. But as this amusing montage on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” shows, the commander in chief is actually more of a mover. “I don’t...Show More Summary

Bill Hader Talks Playing Alpha 5 In 'Power Rangers' - Watch Here!

Bill Hader has opened up about playing robot Alpha 5 in the much anticipated Power Rangers movie, hitting theaters everywhere on Friday (March 24)! While making an appearance to promote the flick on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (March 23), the 38-year-old dished about all the voices he tried out for the role and working [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Nails Donald Trump On Severity Of Paul Manafort's Russian Ties

Jimmy Kimmel just had a field day over a report that Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, once received $10 million a year from a Russian businessman to allegedly promote Vladimir Putin’s government. White House press...Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Mulls Donald Trump’s Campaign Chairman’s Ties To Russia

“There's so much crazy stuff going on, and this whole Trump and Russia thing isn't going away anytime soon,” Jimmy Kimmel forecast at the top of his ABC late-night show. “According to a big story by the Associated Press, Trump's former...Show More Summary

Here’s the Insane Amount of Money the Cast of Big Bang Theory Will Have Made by the End of Season 12

In an interview last year with Jimmy Kimmel, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco told the late-night host that the possibility of doing an 11 season was “a very expensive question.” But according to Deadline, CBS was willing to give the cast of its crown-jewel series the very expensive answer ... More »

Jimmy Kimmel thinks he knows the real reason behind Ivanka Trump's White House office

President Donald Trump has found a way to make his daughter Ivanka Trump's presence felt in the White House. She will have an office in the West Wing, despite not having an official government role. "She's getting an office at the White...Show More Summary

Why Dave Chappelle says he made 2 new Netflix specials: 'Money'

On Tuesday's “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” comedian Dave Chappelle opened up about why he made not just one, but two new comedy specials for Netflix. The specials are his first in 13 years, and they made their exclusive Netflix debut on Tuesday. "Dave...Show More Summary

Best of Late Night: Dave Chappelle Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why He Made 2 Specials

2 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

“Money,” the comedian explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He also talked about dealing with sensitive subjects like the legacy of Bill Cosby.

Jimmy Kimmel lampoons Mr. T's performance on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Mr. T's performance on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" premiere and called the South Side native the standout of the season. "Do you think Mr. T knows what show he's on? I feel like he might not," Kimmel said on Tuesday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Mr. T wore bedazzled...

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Why Ivanka Trump Just Got A Plum White House Job

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday tried to make sense of Ivanka Trump’s new job in the White House, where she’ll get security clearance for a West Wing office near her father, President Donald Trump. But her qualifications escaped the talk show host. Show More Summary

Dave Chappelle Got Candid With Jimmy Kimmel on Hecklers, O.J., and the Element of Surprise

Dave Chappelle fans can continue to enjoy his return to the spotlight as the beloved comic is making the rounds on the press circuit to promote his new Netflix special. On Monday, he appeared on CBS This Morning for a revealing and introspective interview, and on Tuesday night, he joined Jimmy Kimmel to chat about hecklers, O.J. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Real Reason Ivanka Trump Is Getting White House Office

Jimmy Kimmel has a theory about Ivanka Trump. WaPo reported Tuesday that the First Daughter will be an unsalaried daddy-adviser with an office in the West Wing; she is seeking top-level security clearance. Ivanka plans to serve as her...Show More Summary

Anne Frank Center Asks Tim Allen to Apologize for Comparing Hollywood to ‘30s Germany: “Tim, Have You Lost Your Mind?”

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday, Tim Allen poked fun at Hollywood’s current political climate, joking in part, “This town. I’m not kidding. You gotta be real careful around here or you get beat up. If you don’t believe what everybody believes, this is like ‘30s Germany.” ... More »

'Have You Lost Your Mind?' Anne Frank Center Demands Apology After Tim Allen Compares Conservatives In Hollywood To Jews In 1930s Germany!

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is demanding an apology from Tim Allen following his controversial comment about Nazi Germany. ICYMI, the comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday night, where he compared being a conservative...Show More Summary

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