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Sarah Palin Says Donald Trump Is Jesus, Basically

12 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

We already know Donald Trump makes Sarah Palin so moist in her granny panty g-string, because of how he is a hero, a gen-u-ine hero just like John McCain, only without the going to war. And we know that Donald Trump thinks Sarah is “tough...Show More Summary

A top GOP pollster tried to find out why people love Donald Trump — and left with his legs 'shaking'

When Donald Trump insulted John McCain and questioned his status as a "war hero," some analysts dubbed it the turning point of the Trump campaign. But some of his most ardent supporters have proven why, more than a month later, Trump...Show More Summary

The Breathtaking Hypocrisy Of The Republican Freak Out About John McCain, In One Letter

Never forget. The post The Breathtaking Hypocrisy Of The Republican Freak Out About John McCain, In One Letter appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Obama Isn’t Sorry for Calling His Opponents ‘Crazies’

Earlier this summer, the word "crazies" prompted Donald Trump to question whether Senator John McCain is really a war hero, and now President Obama's use of the relatively innocuous term has sparked another controversy. During a fundraiser in Las Vegas on Monday night, Obama said that while riding to the... More »

‘Extraordinaire’ Is Right

I saw a headline (though I did not read the article ): “Donald Trump: Warrior Male Extraordinaire.” And I couldn’t help thinking of John McCain, and Trump’s denigration of him. Let me do just a little Wikipedia quoting: McCain’s capture and subsequent imprisonment began on October 26, 1967. Show More Summary

Trump's Big Mouth/Big Money Campaign Is All Too Emblematic of the Era

Donald Trump keeps on saying stupid, hateful things. About Mexicans, women, John McCain, Megyn Kelly... And he keeps on leading the Republican presidential race. Gosh, could there be a correlation? If anything, Trump has consolidated a sizable lead in the Republican race since the big debate earlier this month, as the new CNN poll demonstrates. Show More Summary

VIDEO=> Navajo Indians Chase John McCain Off Reservation – Flip the Bird

Navajo Indian activists chased Sen. John McCain off the Navajo Nation on Friday. A group of Animus activists chased McCain’s... The post VIDEO=> Navajo Indians Chase John McCain Off Reservation – Flip the Bird appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Trump Generator

last weekHumor / odd : The Presurfer

No presidential candidate in history has mocked people quite like Donald Trump. John McCain's a 'dummy', John Kasich is 'desperate', Rick Perry 'needs new glasses', Rand Paul is 'weird', etc. Now look what Donald Trump tweeted about me. Well, not really. It was done with the Trump Generator. Now you too can generate personalized insulting tweets. (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

Caught On Tape: Native Americans Chase John McCain Off Navajo Land

Submitted by Derrick Broze via, On Friday, August 14, Arizona Senator John McCain was confronted several times by Native activists and elders while visiting the Navajo Nation. McCain and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey were...Show More Summary

McCain Harassed by Navajo Activists During Visit to Reservation

US Sen. John McCain was loudly harassed by a group of activists irritated over the federal government indifference to the Gold King Mine spill during his official visit to Navajo reservation land, local media reported.

‘Get off our land!': John McCain chased off reservation by angry Navajo Nation activists

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was chased off of Navajo land by a group of activists who are angry over the Gold King Mine spill, which has contaminated river water in the Animas and San Juan Rivers. According to Native News Online, a delegation including McCain and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) was...

What If Trump Were Elected President? 'US Will Annex Mexico in 2020'

Love him or hate him, the Donald seems to be truly unsinkable. The offensive remarks on Mexican immigrants, controversial comments about a Fox News host and the attack on John McCain's war record would have destroyed any politician vying for America's top job, but Trump is not just afloat but a leading Republican hopeful.

Planned Parenthood’s “Good” Services Can Never Outweigh the Bad

I cringed as I read what Donald Trump said in the media this week. No, it wasn’t about blood or Megyn Kelly or John McCain. He said that we need to look at the good that Planned Parenthood does for women because that definitely needs to be funded. Abortion rightly should not be funded by […]

Clinton E-Mails Reveal "Top Secret Drone Talk" As She Hands Over "Blank" Server To Feds

At this point it’s probably safe to say that Hillary Clinton wishes she had taken a page out of John McCain’s book and simply refused to use e-mail. Bowing to pressure from GOP lawmakers, the former First Lady and, until recently anyway, presumed Democratic nominee, turned over her personal e-mail server to the FBI earlier this week. Show More Summary

McCain's Sellout

It was sad to see Senator John McCain, R-Ariz. in a recent floor speech publically shed the last vestiges of his pro-environmental maverick identity. It was an identity that reached its apex two decades ago, when he was frequently bucking...Show More Summary

Trump’s Alpha-Male Appeal

After every loutish performance, political analysts pronounce Donald Trump’s presidential bid finally dead. Surely he cannot recover, they insist, from libeling all Mexicans, denigrating the military heroism of Sen. John McCain, or making crude insinuations about the popular Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Show More Summary

Pundits and Trump-Mania

Gage Skidmore/Flickr There were quite a few pundits who had to walk back their claims that Donald Trump would be toast with Republicans after he dissed John McCain. What happened...

Harold Ford Junior Denies Labeling Trump A 'Mockery'

On July 20, 2015 Harold Ford Junior weighed in on the controversy of Donald Trump's offensive comments about John McCain's POW status. He said, '... I think Donald Trump is making a mockery in perhaps the most important exercise in American...Show More Summary

Rick Perry’s Guide to Getting Back in the Race

Rick Perry running out of money is not fatal to his chances for 2016. It happened to [mc_name name='Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)' chamber='senate' mcid='M000303' ] in 2007, prior to him accepting the GOP's Presidential nomination in 2008....Show More Summary

Possible Donald Trump-Owned Acura NSX Found On eBay

Donald Trump is having a grand old time bloviating across the country about how Mexican immigrants are problematic, women he doesn't like are dogs and pigs, and John McCain isn't a war hero. It's all part of a calculated marketing effort known as his presidential campaign. It may have the unintended effect of holding the Republican party hostage...

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