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Joint Strike Fighter plans stolen in Australia cyber attack

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A hacker stole non-classified information about Australia's Joint Strike Fighter program and other military hardware last year after breaching the network of a defense contractor, the defense industry minister said on Thursday.

Air Force Lifts Flight Restrictions on Luke F-35As

The Air Force is lifting its flight restriction ceiling for F-35A Joint Strike Fighters at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.

Ten missing after US destroyer collides with oil tanker | F-35 nears Block 3F software IOC | RAAF fields PC-21s in Victoria

Americas The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is one more weapons delivery accuracy (WDA) test away from having its initial operating capability (IOC) declared for its Block 3F software. The news comes after a surge by the F-35 Developmental Test team in early August, which saw multiple test events accomplished over the course of a number […]

Argentina pause talks on Kfir deal | Delivery of MQ-4C Triton to US Navy planned for next month | Meteor Aerospace announce new MALE UAV

Americas The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Lockheed Martin a $24.1 million contract modification for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter logistics services for US and foreign military sales customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Lockheed Martin will provide material for depot stand-up and activation, canopy systems and avionics subsystems to the US Air […]

THAAD goes 15 for 15 in latest intercept test | LM gets Interim payment for foreign F-35 orders | Portugal moves forward with KC-390

Americas The US DoD has granted Lockheed Martin a $3.7 billion interim payment for 50 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters that are earmarked for non-US program members. The deal will allow Lockheed to continue production of the F-35 jets while it finalizes the terms of the 11th contract with the Pentagon and includes one F-35B aircraft […]

Almost Ready for War: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Has Flown 100,000 Hours

Dave Majumdar Security, When will it be ready?  The Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet has accumulated over 100,000 flight hours as development of the stealthy new fighter approaches the finish line. Contractor Lockheed Martin expects that it will complete development work on the full Block 3F configuration by the end of the year. Show More Summary

Lockheed receives $5.6b F-35 order | DSCA clears JLTVs for UK | Thailand orders T-50s

Americas Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $5.6 billion contract modification to an existing contract for Lot 11 low-rate acquisition of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The US Navy contract modification provides for the procurement of 74 fiscal 2017 aircraft, comprised of 48 F-35A aircraft for the Air Force, 18 F-35B aircraft for the Marine […]

When Will the F-35 Stop Being Controversial?

Sandra Erwin Security, Will the drama ever end?  It is a question that has nagged the Pentagon for years: At what point will the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter be out of the woods? Developing the world’s most advanced fighter jet has been a hard, expensive slog for the Department of Defense. Show More Summary

Struck by Lightning

For years I’ve watched from a distance as our military services struggled to bring forth a 5th Generation, Joint Strike Fighter. As with all new major weapons developments this one has had plenty of naysayers and numerous setbacks during its creation. Most of the criticism has come from former military pilots who could not envision […]

F-35s Grounded at Luke After Pilots Report Hypoxia-Like Symptoms

The Air Force has grounded all F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operations at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, over hypoxia-related issues.

Japan Just Built Its Very First F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Dave Majumdar Security, Get ready, China and North Korea.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) Komaki South F-35 Final Assembly and Check Out (FACO) facility rolled out the first Japanese-assembled F-35A Joint Strike Fighter earlier today in a ceremony attended by U.S. Show More Summary

What Makes the F-22 and F-35 Stealth

Dave Majumdar Security, Their "skin".  While pilots of advanced fifth-generation fighters like the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor or the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter often claim the spotlight, it is the ground crews who maintain those jets’ pristine surfaces that are often the real heroes. Show More Summary

UPGRADES: Pratt & Whitney pitches souped up version of the F-35 engine. “It’s very attractive…

UPGRADES: Pratt & Whitney pitches souped up version of the F-35 engine. “It’s very attractive to the JSF [joint strike fighter] program for several reasons,” Bromberg told journalists during a media day in West Palm Beach, Florida. “It’s very common, so we could drop this upgrade into any one of the three variants. It would […]

This Is How the Navy Plans to Give More "Range" to F/A-18 Super Hornets and F-35C Joint Strike Fighters

Kris Osborn Security, And avoid Chinese "carrier-killer" missiles.  The Navy is preparing to launch an industry competition for a first-of-its-kind, cyber-hardened unmanned aerial refueling drone for eventual service on an aircraft carrier...Show More Summary

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Soon to Be Armed with AIM-9X Missile and JDAM

Kris Osborn Security, The AIM-9X missile, which can also be fired at surface-to-air and air-to-surface, is currently in use on a number of existing fighter aircraft such as the Air Force’s F-15E and F-16 and the Navy’s F-18 Super Hornet. The...Show More Summary

Air Force Requests 4K More Airmen, 46 F-35s, No Bonus Changes

The Air Force wants to add 4,000 airmen, buy 46 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and keep bonuses relatively unchanged despite a pilot shortage, according to its fiscal 2018 budget request.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Could Have Been Replaced by This Strange Looking Plane

Robert Farley Security, Boeing's X-32.  Chosen in 2001, the F-35 went on to become the largest Pentagon procurement project of all time, and one of the most beset by trouble. The X-32 escaped all of the most significant challenges to the F-35. Show More Summary

The Air Force Still Hasn't Unlesah the Full Potential of the F-35 (Yet)

Dave Majumdar Security, But by the end of the year that will change.  The United States Air Force is currently operating interim Block 3i configuration Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighters with limited capabilities. To unlockShow More Summary

F-35B complete GAU-22 testing | General Atomics to build 36 Reapers | Singapore to buy two more subs

Americas The F-35B Joint Strike Fighter has successfully completed airborne gunfire testing by the US Marine Corps Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons ‘Integrated Test Force’. The GAU-22/A is a four-barrel gun designed for the F-35 and has a rate of fire of 3,300 rounds per minute and an improved accuracy of 1.4 milliradians as compared […]

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