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Uranium One, Shep Smith And Jonah Goldberg

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle going on over the accusations of treason against the purveyors of the deal that sent ownership of Uranium to Vladimir Putin.  Jonah Goldberg is up first. My real objection is to the way people on late-night shout shows and talk radio blithely and irresponsibly throw around claims that […]

Jonah's Off Target Again

The N.R.'s Jonah Goldberg is a socially liberal Republican and an urbanite who doesn't fancy the working-class and rural white constituencies that voted for Trump.

"Saving Steve Bannon’s reputation as the leader of some (doomed) movement certainly isn’t worth it, not for the cost to the GOP not to mention your own souls."

That's the last line of Jonah Goldberg's column "Saving Roy Moore Isn’t Worth It."It's hard to talk about the Roy Moore situation without including whatever preexisting bias you had about his impending election to the U.S. Senate.Just...Show More Summary

Saving Roy Moore Just Isn’t Worth It

Jonah Goldberg: “I am one of those naïve fools who actually believed that the conservatives who often talked the loudest about the supreme importance of character were sincere. The last two years disabused me of that.” “But just as a [...]

The Editors: Virginia

Check out the latest episode of The Editors, in which Rich, Charlie, Reihan, and Jonah Goldberg discuss the GOP’s terrible night in Virginia, the Texas church shooting, and more. You can subscribe to The Editors on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can also download this episode here. National Review Podcast -- The Editors: Virginia

The Future of Conservatism (and Other Stuff)

A couple weeks ago, I sat down with Bill Kristol to discuss the state of conservatism and other things. Jonah Goldberg’s “Conversation with Bill Kristol”

How to heal our sick system for managing pain and fighting the opioid epidemic

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg may be correct to assume that complete and unregulated drug legalization could actually increase the number of addicts. (“Do we really want to stack Oxycontin next to the Jim Beam?” Opinion, Oct. 31) Decriminalizing drug use but making drugs available only at treatment...

Be upfront in calling out Roy Moore: His theocratic leanings make him unfit to serve.

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg, like his former mentor William F. Buckley, should admit to finding himself in a bind: He doesn’t want to please people he can’t stand to please. (“Conservatives used to stand up to crackpots like Alabama’s Roy Moore. Now many are defending him,” Opinion, Oct. 24)...

Paul Manafort Spent $1 Million at a Rug Store (and Other Allegations)

Dan McLaughlin and Jonah Goldberg have both made important points about the Paul Manafort indictment, but I’m afraid both are missing the real scandal: This guy allegedly wired nearly a million bucks to an antique-rug store over a two-year period, and then $100,000 more to a “related” business a couple years later. Show More Summary

Roy Moore Will Say And Do Appalling Things As A Senator And It Won't Hurt The GOP At All

Jonah Goldberg disapproves of Roy Moore, in part because he thinks liberals will be able to use Moore's extremism to tar the entire Republican Party: Republican Roy Moore... threatens to provide conservatism’s critics with preciselyShow More Summary


ERICK ERICKSON: I AGREE WITH JONAH GOLDBERG ABOUT ROY MOORE AND I WANT ROY MOORE TO WIN. If Donald Trump is a symptom of a disease, Mitch McConnell is what the virus looks like under the microscope. Much of what ails the GOP right now is because of the repeated betrayals by McConnell and his […]

Ben Sasse: GOP Becoming 'Post-Constitutional'

An interesting bit from Jonah Goldberg's podcast, The Remnant. Goldberg puts [Republican Sen. Ben] Sasse on the spot by asking whether he'll be following the lead of his libertarian-ish colleagues in the Senate -- Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and most recently Ted Cruz -- by endorsing Roy Moore, who's as far from libertarian as a Republican can get. Show More Summary

Don't blame Harvey Weinstein's alleged victims for staying silent for so long

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg is right to call out those who knew of the “open secret” regarding Harvey Weinstein’s behavior toward women but did not say anything publicly. He’s right about Hollywood’s hypocritical indignation after the fact. (“Why Harvey Weinstein was fired (Hint: Exposure mattered...

THE REMNANT: Jonah Goldberg kicks off a new solo podcast series with an interview with Ben Sasse and…

THE REMNANT: Jonah Goldberg kicks off a new solo podcast series with an interview with Ben Sasse and homages to both Albert Jay Nock (check the title) and legendary disk jockey Johnny Caravella Sunshine Fever: Booger.

"It's not a photo."

Said Jonah Goldberg, responding to this: powerful photo. we are fortunate to have a man of God back in the Oval Office — Cassie Brunette (@cassiebrunett) September 30, 2017

National Review's Rich Lowry Takes on Colleagues David French, Jay Nordlinger, and Jonah Goldberg: "If Trump Told You Not to Jump Off a Bridge, Would You Jump Off The Bridge Just to Spite Him?"

It began with David French's insipid, deranged column claiming that while he opposed the anthem protests, well, after Trump said to stop it, it became "understandable." His prissy sidekick Jay Nordlinger then decided to up the ante and claim that...

Yes, Your Dog Loves You.

Writing in National Review, Jonah Goldberg explores a new study. An excerpt: In one test they alternated between giving the pooches hot dogs (the food, not Dachshunds) and offering them praise. Looking at the pleasure centers of theShow More Summary

The story arc of Trump's presidency: Are we headed toward doom or a happy ending?

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s characterization of President Trump as Chauncey Gardiner from 1979’s “Being There” is spot on — he’s Chauncey with a mean streak. (“Trump and his supporters don't care about ideology. They just want to ‘win,’” Opinion, Sept. 12) Goldberg’s observation that Trump...

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