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Jonah Goldberg’s Smear of Comey

Let me be upfront – I have zero respect for Jonah “momma’s boy” Goldberg and little respect for fellow rightwing toady Hugh Hewitt. So I did not watch their interview but I did watch Hewitt brag about this part of it: HH: Now I want all of the Comey memos, Jonah, and I don’t think it’s a trap. Show More Summary

Can Vice President Mike Pence save America?

To the editor: I agree with Jonah Goldberg: An official in the Republican Party has to control President Trump, and it will have to be someone who can’t be fired, like Vice President Mike Pence. (“Dear Vice President Pence: What are you thinking?” Opinion, May 16) My husband and I just returned...


THE GRAY LADY HAS A FEVAH AND SHE NEEDS MORE COWBELL! COMMUNISM! Last week, Jonah Goldberg explored “The Times’ Postcard for Communism,” noting, “The New York Times has a lengthy, melancholy essay celebrating the role of Communism in American life by Vivian Gornick. It’s getting all of the predictable — and mostly deserved — blowback […]

Prime Time . . . for a Long Time

With regard to Donald Trump bizarrely saying, and possibly even thinking, that he coined the term “prime the pump” with regard to economic growth — ably ridiculed by Jonah Goldberg — I write just to add a fun memory of another time that phrase was used. It was at CPAC in 1983. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is In the Early Stages of Dementia

Jonah Goldberg points out the following Trump timeline: 2016: “Well, sometimes you have to prime the pump,” he says. “So sometimes in order to get jobs going and the country going, because, look, we’re at 1% growth.” Late 2016: "We are also going to lower our business tax rate from 35 percent all the way down to 15 percent. Show More Summary

…Until the Next Thing Jonah Goldberg Writes

  Via alicublog, here’s Jonah Goldberg claiming the real problem with our politics today is…Stephen Colbert’s potty-mouth. Suffice it to say that if you want to condemn a president for his incivility, you squander some credibility when you describe the president of the United States in a lewd act with a foreign dictator. As I […]

Links: NRO Writers Won’t Let Empathy Cloud Their Judgement Edition

The real heroes write the hot takes. — southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) May 8, 2017 Jonah Goldberg on how a liberal says it’s ok for him to not care about Jimmy Kimmel’s baby. “What about Bob? Checkmate, libs!” David French says Jonathan Haidt recommended this column about “identity liberalism,” which is why you shouldn’t read it. […]

JONAH GOLDBERG: The Dangers of Empathy. Empathy is different than sympathy or compassion. Sympath…

JONAH GOLDBERG: The Dangers of Empathy. Empathy is different than sympathy or compassion. Sympathy is when you feel sorry for someone. Compassion is when you do something about it. But empathy is something else. Researchers studying the brain can actually see how the various centers controlling certain feelings light up when we observe or imagine […]

Standards and Free Speech

Jonah Goldberg on what the free speech debate misses. An excerpt:... The free speech argument is downstream of the real dilemma: The people running what should be citadels of civilizational confidence have turned against our civilization. Show More Summary

Conservative columnist offers a brutal assessment on why Trump bombed Syria

last monthNews : The Raw Story

President Donald Trump has been in office for fewer than 100 days, but it already looks like his proposed legislative agenda has completely stalled in Congress. Because of this, conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg writes in the Los Angeles Times, Trump is already behaving like a lame-duck...

This President is This President's Worst Enemy

Jonah Goldberg, National Review: The administration doesn't suffer from a failure of ideas, but a failure of character.... Trump brings the same glandular, impulsive style to meetings and interviews as he does to social media. He blurts out ideas or claims that send staff scrambling to see them implemented or defended. Show More Summary

ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA: Jonah Goldberg’s laptop has seconds to live as he kicks off his latest G-…

ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA: Jonah Goldberg’s laptop has seconds to live as he kicks off his latest G-File: Dear Reader (particularly any of you women who want to have dinner with me alone, but can’t), Turn that frown upside down! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been in a bit of a funk […]

President Trump Awakens On Saturday; Engages In Idiotic Twitter Diplomacy

Last week, Jonah Goldberg of National Review, wrote something very funny about Donald Trump and this thing he has for Saturday morning tweeting. It was in the wake of Trump’s tweets about his phones being tapped and Goldberg wrote: Can...Show More Summary

There's irrational fear, then there's fear of Trump and his Republican enablers

To the editor: Bravo to Jonah Goldberg for overcoming his “healthy” fears of “snakes, sharks, and falling out of an airplane.” Those fears are personal and not especially healthy. (“Faced with fear of a despotic government or apathy, I'll take fear,” Opinion, March 14) Downplaying FDR’s exhortation...

For the sake of the country, Republicans must wise up to the fact that Trump will never be presidential

To the editor: Not often one to agree with Jonah Goldberg, I commend him for voicing thoughts privately held by many fellow conservatives. (“All Trump has to do is sound presidential to get everything he wants. Instead, he logs on to Twitter,” Opinion, March 6) President Trump’s GOP faithful exulted...

There is no Milo Yiannopoulos of the left. Why is that?

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg rightfully skewers Milo Yiannopoulos and his alt-right circus sideshow but then goes on to compare the Conservative Political Action Conference’s infatuation with his bigotry to Democrats supporting Father Coughlin because of his support for FDR’s New Deal. (“What...

Ask Language Log: -ism exceptionalism

Jonah Goldberg, "The Trouble with Nationalism", National Review 2/7/20 But I firmly believe that when we call the sacrifices of American patriots no different from the sacrifices of Spartans — ancient or modern — we are giving short shrift to the glory, majesty, and uniqueness of American patriotism and the American experiment. I’m reminded of […]

Trump will make Russia great again — and Republicans are letting him do it

To the editor: I very seldom agreed with Jonah Goldberg, but I must give him kudos for the several columns he’s written taking President Trump to task. In his latest piece, Goldberg laments how Trump defended Russian President Vladimir Putin by telling Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the United States...

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