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Pro-Abortion Writer Admits She Thinks Life Begins at Birth

Pro-Abortion author Katie Roiphe admits that abortion kills a life, and people know it: The idea that “life begins at birth” is useful politically, but as many have pointed out, in the age of sonograms, of cloudy little hands and feet coming into focus at nine weeks, how many people actually believe it? Our language […]

‘The Violet Hour,’ by Katie Roiphe

Katie Roiphe looks at the experiences of six writers and artists as their deaths approached.

Books of The Times: Review: In ‘The Violet Hour,’ Great Writers Facing the Inevitable

This Katie Roiphe book becomes a nifty twofer, a meditation on how five authors experienced death both in vivo, so to speak, and in their art.

Death of the Authors: Sontag, Freud, and Updike Write Their Deaths in Katie Roiphe’s ‘The Violet Hour’

For a book about writers at the time of their deaths, Katie Roiphe’s The Violet Hour: Great Writers at the End, is most intense at its birth. The prologue recounts the book’s genesis in the author’s childhood illness. At the age of 12,...Show More Summary

Katie Roiphe the ‘Uncomfortablist’

It is breakfast time at the Bowery Hotel and I am sitting with the writer Katie Roiphe, talking about death. The occasion is the publication of Roiphe's new book, The Violet Hour, which looks at how five writers — Freud, Sontag, Updike, Dylan Thomas, and Maurice Sendak — dealt with... More »

In 'The Violet Hour,' Katie Roiphe looks at five great writers shuffling off this mortal coil

Mortality is hot. Although the act of dying has largely been moved from our homes and daily lives into the sequestered, antiseptic realm of hospitals and hospices, memoirs grappling with impending death have proliferated, bringing mortal knowledge home in a new way. Two doctors, Oliver Sacks and...

KATIE ROIPHE FROM THE LAST WAVE OF COLLEGE “RAPE” HYSTERIA: One in four college women has been t…

KATIE ROIPHE FROM THE LAST WAVE OF COLLEGE “RAPE” HYSTERIA: One in four college women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape. One in four. I remember standing outside the dining hall in college, looking at a purple poster with this statistic written in bold letters. It didn’t seem right. If sexual assault […]

Book News: J.K. Rowling Writes A New 'Harry Potter' Story

3 years agoNews : The Two-Way

Also: A first edition of Marx's Das Kapital has sold for $40,000; Katie Roiphe asks what would have happened if My Struggle were written by a woman.

Productive Paranoia

Katie Roiphe wonders whether we “thrive on anxiety”: Take Joan Didion, the patron saint of the stylishly anxious. She writes in a tone of near-constant neurotic jitteriness, and yet the world she so gorgeously, sensitively apprehends has its own incomparable charisma. She writes, “It will perhaps suggest the mood of those years if I tell you […]

NYU Professor: Marriage Shouldn't Matter So Much

NYU Professor Katie Roiphe idealizes the Dutch feminist culture that considers marriage unimportant and entirely unrelated to...

When Sexual Harassment Is Murky

Katie Roiphe digs into the saga of Colin McGinn, a philosophy professor (and multiple-time Poseur Alert nominee) who resigned this year from his tenured position at the University of Miami after a graduate student filed a report of sexual harassment against him: One of the reasons I think people revel so much in the downfall of […]

Today’s #Slatepitch: Is Sexual Harassment Really Sexual Harassment?

Katie Roiphe has a very lengthy piece on Colin McGinn, which protestations-too-much that she basically supports contemporary sexual harassment policies aside is an apologia. The key problem with her argument is that in questioning whether McGinn was really guilty of sexual harassment she describes behavior as…sexual harassment. In particular, she seems not to understand that [...]

"It is ironic that Austen, the elegant, precise satirist that she was, should provoke this crude and unsophisticated and wild meanness."

"She was no stranger to anger, to simmering resentments and harsh judgments, to taking people down a notch, but her sentences were if anything the opposite of 'a bomb was placed in front of your house.'" Writes Katie Roiphe in Slate,...Show More Summary

In Praise of Messy Katie Roiphe

As a writer who sometimes is accused of propagating unpopular opinions and indulging in contrarianism for the sake of attention and pageviews, it might not be surprising to hear that I quite adore Katie Roiphe, the cultural critic and...Show More Summary

Claire Messud's Interview Highlights Sexism Against Female Authors, Characters, and Actually All Women

4 years agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

Katie Roiphe thinks that some women writers are too quick to call "sexism" in interviews. We're not so sure.

First instinct of her generation

Claire Messud’s impatience with an interviewer from Publishers Weekly who asked it she’d want to be friends with her own main character caused a stir, but nowhere more so than at Slate, where Katie Roiphe attributed Messud’s impatience...Show More Summary

Leave No Strawfeminist Unburned

I guess on one level it’s hard to blame Katie Roiphe for relying on the same tired schtick for decades since it still pays well, but Jesus enough already. Not that “allow me to attack an argument that isn’t being made in order to tell lies about how sexism no longer exists” was even interesting [...]

More Speedboat

Katie Roiphe in Slate actually has a decent review of Speedboat. Though I think this is a bit of a straw man: It might also be worth distinguishing for a moment Adler’s blend of irony from our currently debased, sloppy irony, the kind popular websites traffic in, and the default setting for certain kinds of public discourse. Show More Summary

“Only Ugly Women Become Lawyers”: What Friedan Changed

“We live in a world that’s been so transformed by this book and by the movement that followed it, and it’s hard for those of us born after it came out to imagine those days at all,” Katie Roiphe said Wednesday night, at the New America Foundation’s loftlike event space in SoHo. Show More Summary

Book Review: “Vagina” by Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf is a well-established third-wave feminist known for her book The Beauty Myth. In 2012, she came out with a new biography centered both in and around her lady parts. The book was not well received. Katie Roiphe of Slate said of Vagina that, “I doubt the most brilliant novelist in the world could have created a more skewering satire of Naomi Wolf’s...

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