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North Korean “OICW” Combined Assault Rifle and Automatic Grenade Launcher Revealed During Day of the Sun Parade

North Korea recently celebrated its national holiday, the Day of the Sun, commemorating the birth of the founder of the communist hermit-nation, Kim Il-Sung. In true communist fashion, the holiday was marked by a large military parade...Show More Summary

Trump's confusion extends to the 'gentleman' in North Korea

North Korea has effectively had three leaders: Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un. Donald Trump may not realize these are three different people.

North Korea’s Solid-Fuel Missiles Are Scarier Than Another Nuclear Test

Robert Beckhusen Security, Asia Pyongyang wheeled out faster-firing launchers during Kim Il-sung's birthday bash. North Korea didn’t celebrate Kim Il-sung’s birthday with a nuclear test, although there was never much indication that it would now, and the regime seemed to downplay it. Show More Summary

N.Korea puts 'new ICBM' on show, say analysts

North Korea unveiled what could be a new intercontinental ballistic missile at a giant military parade in Pyongyang on Saturday, analysts said. Nearly 60 missiles rolled through Kim Il-Sung Square at an event to mark the 105th anniversary of the North's founder, in a show of strength as tensions mount over the isolated nation's military ambitions. Show More Summary

North Korea Shows Off New ICBM, Sub-Based Missiles As US Aircraft Carrier Approaches

For all the expectations of a North Korean nuke test, the country's "Day of the sun" celebrations ended up being a relatively subdued affair, with Pyongyang marking the 105th anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military...Show More Summary

North Korea Unveils New, Unexpectedly Advanced Missiles

During the ‘Day of the Sun’ military parade marking the 105th birthday of its founding president Kim Il-Sung, North Korea unveiled what BBC reports “appeared to be new intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.” North Korea was expected to conduct their 6th nuclear test on this significant anniversary. Show More Summary

Brace Yourselves: Retaliation Against North Korea Possible With New Nuclear Test…If South Korea Signs Off

It’s the 105th anniversary of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-sung, which means there will be the usual celebration and bluster from one of the...

High-fives and presidential portraits at Pyongyang Marathon

Hundreds of foreigners lined up in Pyongyang's Kim Il-Sung Stadium on Sunday for the city's annual marathon, the highlight of the tourism calendar in isolated North Korea. The 40,000-plus capacity ground was packed for the event, the...Show More Summary

Juche Tower in Pyongyang, North Korea

The massive Juche Tower was a birthday present from North Korea to its original Great Leader. "Juche" was the ideology Comrade Kim Il-sung structured his empire around, which roughly translates to "self-reliance." In loosest terms, it...Show More Summary

Mansu Hill Grand Monument in Pyongyang, North Korea

On Mansu Hill in North Korea's capital city, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il stand a staggering 20 meters of bronze. This memorial monument allows the Great Leaders—who are immortal in the eyes of the people—to be remembered forever. ItShow More Summary

Fatass Fuhrer’s Proxy Phallus Fails – Redux

Remember about six weeks ago, when North Korea attempted to test-fire their new “Musudan” IRBM in honor of the 104th birthday of North Korea’s “eternal president”, Kim Il-Sung?  Remember that the test was reportedly a failure? Well, it appears that the “fine, stalwart engineers” in NorK-Land’s missile development program gave it another go again yesterday. And, […]

Sorry, North Korea: Kim Jong-un Isn't God

Doug Bandow Politics, North Korea A DPRK newspaper calls Kim Il-sung "the God who rules today's human world." North Korea without doubt is unique. If nothing else, its claimed accomplishments rival the faux Russian achievements cited by Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek. Show More Summary

Billy Graham Called Kim Il-Sung 'God,' North Korea 'Greatest Heaven,' State Media Claims

On the 104th birth anniversary of dictator Kim Il-sung, a North Korean state newspaper claimed that when American evangelist Billy Graham visited Pyongyang, he described the country's late founder as "God who exists in the world of human beings" and who "has created the greatest heaven on earth."

Fatass Fuhrer’s Proxy Phallus Fails

North Korea tested a missile yesterday (our time – the test occurred on 15 April in Korea).  The test was in honor of the 104th birthday of North Korea’s “eternal president”, Kim Il-Sung. The test was reportedly a failure. The missile tested yesterday reportedly used the same engine as the SLBM North Korea tested last […]

N. Korea missile launch fails on founder's birthday

North Korea tried and failed to test-fire a ballistic missile on Friday, as the country celebrated the birthday of founding leader Kim Il-Sung, the South Korean military said. The failed test followed widespread reports that the North...Show More Summary

Object of Intrigue: North Korea's Black-Market Lapel Pins

A worker at Pyongyang Airport wears a lapel pin depicting Kim Il-sung. (Photo: (stephan)/Flickr) February 16 marks the birthday of North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, who would have turned 75 this year had he not succumbed to a heart attack on a train in 2011. Show More Summary

Angela Merkel approaches 10 years in office

last yearNews : Daily Chart

KING Solomon and Emperor Augustus each reigned for four decades, and both enjoyed rather good stretches in their time. By contrast, Kim Il-sung’s rule of more than four decades over North Korea is something no people deserves. If you are a modern leader in a democracy, of course, longevity is harder to achieve—voters have to keep choosing you. Show More Summary

Watch Philippines Vs. North Korea Soccer Live Online: Streaming Video For World Cup Qualifying Match

Fans can watch the Philippines vs. North Korea soccer match live online and see if the Azkals can fend off a North Korean team out to a strong start in World Cup qualifying. The teams will meet Thursday at Kim Il-Sung stadium in Pyongyang, with the match starting at 3:30 p.m. Show More Summary

North Korea's Art Scene Is Just As Mysterious As The Nation Itself

2 years agoNews : Huffington Post

On today's date in 1948, Kim Il-Sung became the leader of a brand-new Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In the decades that followed, the Kim family would establish an iron-fisted rule while closing itself off almost entirely to the Western world.  We don't know a lot about life in North Korea. Show More Summary

Syria names park in capital after N Korea founder

Government inaugurates park in Damascus to honour North Korea's founding father Kim Il-Sung.

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