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Former TSA Head Kip Hawley On The TSA's Misconduct Problems: Fix The Disease, Not The Symptoms

5 years agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Former TSA head Kip Hawley seems to have tons of ideas on how to make the TSA better now that he can no longer make these changes. But it's the thought that counts, I suppose. Hawley's latest op-ed on improving the TSA takes on the latest GAO report that found 1 in 16 TSA employees was investigated for misconduct last year. Show More Summary

Former TSA Chief Is Advocating 'Battle Axes, Machetes' Being Brought On Airplanes

In the wake of TSA policy changes loosening restrictions on small knives, bats, and golf clubs carried onto airplanes, the former head of the security agency is advocating for battle axes and machetes as well. Kip Hawley told CNN: "They ought to let everything on that is sharp and pointy. Show More Summary

Live Online Chat With Former TSA Adminstrator Kip Hawley TONIGHT is hosting a live online chat with former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley tonight. The chat will be at… 9pm Eastern 8pm Central 7pm Mountain 6pm Pacific You can ask your questions live or if you prefer you can also get into the queue in advance since there’s a Milepoint thread to pre-ask questions. I [...]

Kip Hawley Chat Rescheduled: Come Meet (Online) the Former Head of the TSA Wednesday May 9 at 9pm Eastern

Some of you speculated that the chat was being rescheduled for lots of interesting reasons.. For instance, He got scared. And he… …got delayed at the check in because of the need to take off shoes, jacket, throw away liquids that were 4 ounces etc… Well, it turns out the it’s been pushed to the [...]

Kip Hawley Chat Moved to Next Week

Looks like a scheduling issue. This just in from Randy Petersen, “Will advise as soon as we get new confirmation but trying for same everything, just one week later.” Stay tuned and truly apologize for the inconvenience.

Tonight! Live Online Chat with Former TSA Head Kip Hawley

Don’t Forget! Tonight is the live Milepoint frequent flyer community online chat with former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley. The chat will be at… 9pm Eastern 8pm Central 7pm Mountain 6pm Pacific Definitely a can’t miss.

Your Chance to Speak Your Mind on Airport Security

… directly to the guy who gave us much of what we endure today. As noted last week, former TSA administrator Kip Hawley will appear on Laugh In (“Sock it to me!”), err Milepoint at 9pm Eastern tomorrow night. The event page is here, you can also sign up for an email reminder. I call [...]

A Billion Details and No Precedent—An Inside Look at the TSA's Scrambling Start [Tsa]

6 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Building the TSA from scratch in the months following 9/11 seemed an insurmountable task, unrivaled in both scope and size. In Permanent Emergency, former TSA administrator Kip Hawley vividly reconstructs the breakneck pace at which this gargantuan security agency came about and how it came to be an institutional clusterfck. More »

Former TSA Head Kip Hawley to Chat Live on Milepoint, May 2nd at 9pm Eastern

Kip Hawley, former Director of the TSA, will chat live on Milepoint Tuesday, May 2 at 9pm Eastern. Mark your calendars! A couple of weeks ago he dropped a bombshell editorial in the Wall Street Journal where he basically repudiated just about everything that the TSA did under his watch. He protests effectively “sure I [...]

Ex-TSA Boss: Airport Screening Broken

Former TSA boss Kip Hawley writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the TSA screening process is ridiculously broken. "More than a decade after 9/11, it is a national embarrassment that our airport security system remains so hopelessly bureaucratic and disconnected from the people whom it is meant to protect," he writes. Show More Summary

Former TSA Boss Admits Airport Screening Is Broken

6 years agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about noted TSA-critic and security expert (among other things) Bruce Schneier debating former TSA boss Kip Hawley over at the Economist. While that debate was interesting, you might be forgiven for reading a WSJ piece written by Hawley and wondering if Hawley wasn't secretly replaced by Schneier. Show More Summary

The immigration-averse USA

Ann Lee's op-ed on the EB-5 visa program, which is designed to give visas to people who invest at least $500,000 in the country and create at least ten jobs, is worth reading in conjunction with the WSJ excerpt from Kip Hawley's new book, explaining why and how TSA airport security is so broken.

Former TSA Chief Thinks Banned Items List Is Ridiculous, Also Fights Against Baggage Fees

The Transportation Safety Administration has become a bunch of kindergarten teachers to millions of fliers who pass through America’s airports each day, at least that was the message being delivers by former TSA chief Kip Hawley in a piece for the Wall Street Journal. In his argument Hawley explains that passengers should be able to carry [...]Show More Summary

Ending the Ban on Bottled Water

Kip Hawley, former head of the TSA, has some suggestions this weekend for making airport security screening more convenient without lowering safety standards. As it turns out, most of his suggestions would make life modestly easier for passengers, but not wildly so. Show More Summary

Former TSA Chief: Allow Weapons on Planes

In a Wall Street Journal op/ed today, Kip Hawley, former head of the Transportation Security Administration from 2005-2009, has some radical...

Former TSA Chief Says We Should Allow Knives, Lighters And Liquids On Airplanes

Kip Hawley, the TSA director from 2005 to 2009, has an explosive editorial in the WSJ (and a book on the same subject coming soon). Here's the nut: More than a decade after 9/11, it is a national embarrassment that our airport security...Show More Summary

Former TSA Head Slams Agency: 'No More Banned Items'

In a scathing article for the Wall Street Journal, former Transportation Security Administration chair Kip Hawley slammed the agency saying "it is a national embarrassment that our airport security system remains so hopelessly bureaucratic...Show More Summary

Friday Fun Flight Link: TSA Trashed by Bruce Schneier

6 years agoNews : Reason

Reason's favorite security expert Bruce Schneier absolutely destroys the Transportation Security Administration's Kip Hawley in a debate about post-9/11 airline security changes at The Economist.  Schneier's wrap up: Return airport security checkpoints to pre-9/11 levels. Show More Summary

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