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Libertarian Candidate Tries to Get Mitt Romney to ‘Feel the Johnson’

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson tells CNN that he's in discussion with the 2012 GOP standard-bearer over a possible endorsement.

As Both Parties Are Losing Voters, Gary Johnson Is Winning Them

As far as 3rd parties go, the Libertarian party is poised to be this election season's dark horse. The post As Both Parties Are Losing Voters, Gary Johnson Is Winning Them appeared first on RedState.

'Jill not Hill' — Green Party's Stein seeks Sanders' backers

With voters expressing discontent at both major party nominees, pollsters are watching third-party candidates like Stein and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party's nominee. Stein, who graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1979, promises...Show More Summary

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate for President, Says He Will Protect Atheists’ Rights

Just because I feel obligated to mention it, Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for President, also responded to Dave Silverman's inquiry about what he's doing to earn the atheist vote, not long after Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein did the same.

Utah State Pol Quits GOP, Joins Libertarians

Utah state Sen. Mark Madsen has returned home from the Republican National Convention, where he served as a delegate, and quit the GOP to join the Libertarian Party. "Every decision and inclination I had before was reinforced," Madsen said. Show More Summary

Trump, Bush, Hillary, Barack … Wow. This New Gary Johnson Ad Goes All In!

Gov. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for President, and increasingly he is making waves in the race as the ticket gains higher poll numbers than any prior Libertarian bid. He's also receiving more endorsements from Republicans and former Republicans who are fed up with a corrupt party leadership and a nominee who is... Show More Summary

Libertarian Gary Johnson looks to boost credibility, with a little help from Drew Carey

The email invitation for a Gary Johnson fundraiser hosted by comic Drew Carey called for a “Libertarian comfortable” dress code, which could have been cause for concern. After all, just two months ago, at the Libertarian Party convention, a portly man stripped down to his skivvies and danced onstage...

Gary Johnson Polls: As Libertarian Candidate Nears 15 Percent Mark Needed To Join Debates, New Poll Shows Johnson Could Win In Utah

Gary Johnson has been steadily building support in the polls as an alternative for Republicans weary of Donald Trump, and now the Libertarian Party candidate could be on the verge of doing something no third-party candidate has done in nearly 50 years — actually win a state. Show More Summary

OKC mayor urges Trump to reach out to city mayors to discuss urban issues

Cornett hasn't decided whether to back Trump and didn’t rule out supporting Libertarian Party candidate.        

A Love Supreme

CLEVELAND—I first ran into Mr. Supreme—a perennial presidential candidate, absurdist performance artist, and wearer of a rubber boot on his head—back in May, in Orlando, when he took the Libertarian Party's convention by storm. Supreme...Show More Summary

Gary Johnson and Libertarians as the Sane Centrists in a Mad Election

last weekNews : Reason

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson's overarching strategy seems less about pushing the farthest edges of his Libertarian Party's platform, but presenting himself and his vice presidential running mate, fellow former Republican...Show More Summary

Libertarian Party of California June 2016 Primary Election Results

Libertarian Party of California Chair, Ted Brown, emailed this report to LPC members:The Secretary of State has posted the final statement of vote for the June primary.Libertarian voter registration is 115,189, or 0.64%, down slightly...Show More Summary

Gary Johnson Polls: Many 2016 Voters ‘Feel The Johnson’ After Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton

Gary Johnson’s poll numbers are rising! The Libertarian Party candidate is enjoying unprecedented support for a third-party nominee, and as disappointed Bernie Sanders voters weigh their options now that Sanders has officially put his support behind Hillary Clinton, the former New Mexico governor may attract even more potential voters to his side. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Weighs in on the Remaining 2016 Candidates: ‘I Can’t Vote For Either of Them’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Things are so strange in the 2016 cycle that Jeb Bush even cited the third party rise of Gary Johnson and William Weld in the Libertarian party as a viable option.

Libertarian Party in Maine Needs 5,000 Registered Voters By Tomorrow for Easy Ballot Access

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

After a lawsuit with a tortuous history of setbacks and quasi-victories, the Maine Libertarian Party has just one more day to qualify for petition-less ballot access for the Gary Johnson/William Weld presidential ticket via proving they...Show More Summary

The Libertarian Party Moment: New at Reason

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Matt Welch writes in the latest issue of Reason: There are moments when marginalized movements stumble blinkingly out into the sunlight of the mainstream. Sudden breakthroughs of national acceptance, or at least tolerance, for once-outré ideas can be disorienting to activists who nurtured the lonely flame in the long darkness. Show More Summary

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